Supreme Uprising Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Giving An Explanation

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As soon as he won the silver base, Luo Yunyang breathed easier. Although he didnt think that the other party would have paid 50 billion, if they had really done so, the only thing that Luo Yunyang could have done was back off.

"Brother Luo, isnt paying 50 billion star coins a little too much? If you had negotiated this slowly, perhaps you wouldnt have had to spend so much!" Xue Qingcheng couldnt help saying after some hesitation.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Xue Qingcheng and smiled faintly. "One has to be decisive to get what they want. Deliberating for too long can result in spending even more."

Luo Yunyangs explanation rendered Xue Qingcheng unable to object. Deep down, he thought to himself, "Havent I taken a fancy to you? How should I be decisive about it?"

"What you said makes sense, Brother Luo. Based on that, I want to know what one should do if they like a person"

Luo Yunyangs eyes twinkled slightly when he heard Xue Qingchengs astute question. He realized that he had fallen in her crafty snare. Luo Yunyang suddenly felt that he had to hide further away from Xue Qingcheng.

When she saw Luo Yunyangs clumsy attempts to avoid answering, Xue Qingcheng felt a little disappointed. Her expression turned slightly colder and she sighed silently.

The auction went on. Perhaps the confrontation between Luo Yunyang and the mysterious other bidder had quickly livened it up.

However, very few of the following items interested Luo Yunyang.

After about an hour, some information appeared in Luo Yunyangs hand. The information included a name and a three-page introduction.

"Miro Fedor is the first-born son of the Demigod Tribes Miro Family. His cultivation base is at the Nebula 6-Grade. He is one of the most promising members of the Demigod Tribes youngest generation, who is adept in the Vast Cosmo Sword and ranks 10th on the Qianlong Register."

This was a member of the Demigod Tribe? Luo Yunyang frowned. He had already guessed that someone who would dare go head-to-head with him would be no small fry. However, he had never imagined that it would actually be a top divine disciple of the Demigod Tribe.

This ranking seemed a little deceptive. He ranked 9th, while Miro Fedor actually ranked 10th.

If the Extreme Mysterious Realm component had landed in the hands of that divine disciple, it would have been awful.

While Luo Yunyang was browsing through this information, Miro Fedor was also looking through some information about Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyangs information was simple. Besides his origins and cultivation base, there was an introduction on his position on the Qianlong Register and his recent accomplishments.

When he read the notes about the Divine Martial Hall and saw that Luo Yunyang had extorted a huge fortune from the Thunder Ray Tribe, Miro Fedor couldnt help but curse. "No wonder he dared raise the bid so high. He was using all the money he extorted, so he didnt feel pain in losing it."

The Demigod Tribe Elder standing beside Miro Fedor coughed lightly and said, "Luo Yunyang is someone the Celestial World Supremacy regards highly. It is best that you forget about this matter, Young Master!"

A hint of coldness flashed across Miro Fedors eyes. He could confirm that the metal base was part of a treasure he had come across by chance.

Although Miro Fedor hadnt fully studied and understood what this thing was, he was certain that it definitely wasnt something simple.

He believed that he hadnt been able to fully understand only because that thing had been missing a component.

Now that he had found this component, how could he just let it go?

"Contact the Human Tribe and tell them about this. Say that I am very displeased over this matter! The Miro Family is very displeased, so they should just behave themselves," Miro Fedor told the elder as a number of thoughts popped up in his head.

The elder froze. He had already explained to the young man how much support Luo Yunyang had, yet Miro Fedor had actually ignored him.

Didnt he know that Luo Yunyang held the Celestial World Supremacys seal?

"I do not know how Luo Yunyang obtained the Celestial World Supremacys seal. However, the Celestial World Supremacy definitely wont be protecting the Human Tribe all the time. The Human Tribe might rely on that seal to make the Thunder Ray Tribe lower their heads, but this is the Demigod Tribe."

"Our tribe includes three unparalleled Supremacies. The entire Divine Union relies on us!"

"I believe the Human Tribe wouldnt have a fight with the Miro Family over certain things. Of course, there are incentives and penalties for some matters. You can tell the Human Tribe to give the Miro Family a satisfactory answer if they want to be friends with us."

Miro Fedor then lazed down languidly on his throne, feeling self-contented.

Although the elder thought that Miro Fedors arrangement was a little inappropriate, after thinking it through, he decided that it wasnt out of the question.

A second-grade tribe would do a lot of things to gain the friendship of a large Demigod Family.

Even if Luo Yunyang wasnt happy about it, the decision-makers of the Human Tribe would also explain clearly what the entire tribe stood to gain and get him to obediently hand the item over.

The auction went on for 10 days and 10 nights. However, the participants thought that it was over in the blink of an eye.

In the end, 100 rare items were auctioned off, including many top-quality items.

Luo Yunyang saw some items that he liked. For example, a magical bracelet that could increase mind power tenfold. However, he found the price of the bracelet too high for his liking.

It had been sold for 56 billion star dollars. After Luo Yunyang had won the silver base, he no longer had much money left.

However, what had made most people frantic was the last offer, which was a spot to cultivate for 10 years on the Origin Source Grounds. Luo Yunyang had never even heard of the Origin Source Grounds, yet people had immediately started bidding for this spot.

Unlike the other things that had been put up for auction, the starting price for this spot was actually zero.

This meant that if nobody fought for this spot, it could be bought with just one star dollar.

However, anyone who harbored such thoughts would only be dreaming. The first person who upped the bid already raised it to a price that no ordinary person could even dream of competing against.

100 Primal Chaotic Source Stones!

This was the equivalent of one trillion star dollars. With this sort of financial muscle, one could purchase a third-grade tribe and still have plenty of money to spare.

However, this bid had just appeared when it was immediately doubled. In the end, the bids starting spiraling towards 1,000 Primal Chaotic Source Stones.

"What are the Origin Source Grounds?" Luo Yunyang asked Xue Qingcheng.

Xue Qingcheng stared at him with a perplexed look in her beautiful eyes. She clearly hadnt heard of the Origin Source Grounds before either.

After over 100 rounds of bidding, the spot to cultivate for 10 years on the Origin Source Grounds was finally won by a bid of 1,005 Primal Chaotic Source Stones.

This had been an extremely arduous process, as the last bids had been raising the price by one Primal Chaotic Source Stone at a time.

Luo Yunyang could only watch this intense bidding war. The star dollars he had could make no difference in this case.

"Do you know where the encampment of the Miro Family is?" Luo Yunyang asked Xue Qingcheng as they were leaving.

Xue Qingcheng, who hadnt seen the information Luo Yunyang had received from the 1,000-Star Auction, nodded and said, "The Miro Family isnt too far away from where we are. Whats up, Brother Luo?"

"The Miro Family made me waste a large amount of my fortune. I definitely must get an explanation," Luo Yunyang said with the same expression.

Xue Qingcheng was astonished. As one of the top clans of the Demigod Tribe, the Miro Family definitely wasnt someone the Human Tribe could afford to offend.

However, Luo Yunyang had just said defiantly that the Miro Family had made him waste a large amount of his fortune and thus owed him an explanation.

This This was really

As thoughts started running wild in Xue Qingchengs mind, Xue Tiannan came walking over quickly and told Luo Yunyang, "Yunyang, why did you start a dispute with the Miro Family? The Miro Family has already asked the Human Tribe for an explanation!"

Although Xue Tiannans expression seemed rather ordinary, there was a slightly panicked look in his eyes. After all, this wasnt the first time he had experienced such a thing.

The Demigod Tribe had always led the Divine Union like a god high above that the second-grade and third-grade tribes could only gaze at.

Every top subordinate tribe beneath them was no weaker than a Primary Tribe. Furthermore, they still had three Supreme-Level existences behind them.

Although a Primary Tribe could be offended, the Demigod Tribe absolutely couldnt be offended.

Anyone that offended the Demigod Tribe, regardless of whether they were an individual or a whole tribe, would have no place in the Divine Union.

Xue Tiannan, who was the Human Tribes special envoy, had received this news right away. When he had read this message, he had immediately felt dizzy.

Luo Yunyang had only been on the Shenyuan Planet for a while. How could he already be at odds with the Demigod Tribe? Besides, the clan asking for an explanation was one of the top clans of the Demigod Tribe.

Luo Yunyang wasnt flustered at all. As soon as he had obtained Miro Fedors information, he had guessed that his own information wouldnt be kept confidential either.

However, what Luo Yunyang hadnt calculated was that the Miro Fedor would actually put pressure on the Human Tribe, even though Luo Yunyang himself hadnt said anything.

"Yunyang, the strong clans of the Demigod Tribe are really frightening. Lets solve this crisis as soon as possible," Xue Tiannan said hurriedly.

"Alright. It just so happens that I was about to have a chat with the Miro Family for causing me to squander 50 billion star dollars. If they dont give me an explanation, I wont let go of this matter!"

Luo Yunyang had already made up his mind. Offending a strong family from the Demigod Tribe seemed terrifying. However, what he needed was to increase his own power.

As long as he survived, nothing would pose a problem. After all, the Celestial World Supremacy had already promised him that if he obtained the item he wanted, he could become his disciple.

On the contrary, if he died, there would be nothing left for him.

"Once I get the item, we can visit the Miro Family!"