Supreme Uprising Chapter 50

Chapter 50: The Nine Grades Of Source Cores

"251 kilos!"

Luo Yunyang stepped on the weighing scale in his room. His face turned darker when he saw the figure displayed on it.

He could be considered slender now, yet his weight had increased rapidly while he hadn't been paying attention.

There were many reasonable explanations for this increase. One of them was a post that stated that humanity's strongest fighter, Martial God Luo Kai, had actually weighed 50,000 kilos!

When Luo Yunyang had first seen that post, he had considered it a joke. However, now that he saw his own weight reach the standards of a fat person, all he could do was shake his head.

Suddenly, a light knocking sound was heard. Luo Yunyang's Mind Attribute had already reached 3, so the sound felt extremely loud to him.

It was three martialists, including Chen Yong.

"Come on in! The door is unlocked!"

Chen Yong, Qin Feifei and Sun Miaomiao walked in.

Luo Yunyang didn't find it strange that Chen Yong and Qin Feifei were there, but Sun Miaomiao's appearance was somewhat unexpected.

Sun Miaomiao wasn't a member of the Ardent Sun Group after all.

"Big Brother Yunyang, Sister Sun says that she wishes to join the Ardent Sun Group." Qin Feifei was beaming as she spoke.

Welcoming new members to the Ardent Sun Group was a common occurrence for Qin Feifei and the others, especially after Luo Yunyang had defeated a member of the upper class and expanded the influence of the Ardent Sun Group.

Sun Miaomiao was different, though. She was publicly acknowledged as a martialist only inferior to Luo Yunyang.

In the past, many people had approached her and invited her to join the Ardent Sun Group, but Sun Miaomiao had declined politely.

It was a surprise that she had now volunteered to join the group without an invitation. This was already considered a huge upgrade for the entire Ardent Sun Group.

"Welcome!" Luo Yunyang glanced at her quickly before he extended his hand.

Sun Miaomiao met his gaze and nodded. "Please guide me along in the future, Big Brother Yunyang."

"Big Brother Yunyang, this is Old Yang's medicine list!" Chen Yong handed Luo Yunyang a list as he spoke. "When Old Yang was beaten up, you stepped forward and fought for him, although this was already difficult enough. We have discussed this and we feel that we cannot let you fork out your points after everything you have already done. Thus, we will all pay for his medical bills."

When he saw the solemn look on Chen Yong's face, Luo Yunyang nodded. "Alright then. Let's have it your way."

"Big Brother Yunyang, I would like to remind you to prepare yourself mentally. Lin Changjian is not someone to mess with. He was the previous elite group's second in rank. Plus, I heard that the source core he awakened was a grade-three dark source core!" Sun Miaomiao added in a grave tone.

Luo Yunyang froze momentarily. This was the first time he had heard about source core grades.

"According to the Da Alliance's Science Institution, the source cores awakened by martialists can be divided in nine grades. The power contained within each different source core is not the same, and the rate at which they can be cultivated is also different."

Sun Miaomiao explained everything meticulously. "Grade-one, grade-two and grade-three source cores are considered upper-grade. There are very few of these source cores in the world, though."

"I've heard that the cultivation rate of the three upper-grade source cores is twice as fast as that of grade-four, grade-five and grade-six source cores and three times faster than grade-seven, grade-eight and grade-nine source cores!"

"There are no more than four or five individuals with upper-grade source cores in Base 7."

Sun Miaomiao had a determined expression in her eyes. "I only entered Base 7 to obtain an upper-grade source core."

"If you are able to awake a grade-two source core, perhaps you might be able to match Lin Changjian's power three months from now. If you only awake a grade-three source core, then you might end up being humiliated."

Sun Miaomiao's words made Chen Yong and Qin Feifei feel uncomfortable. The two of them had felt really uneasy under Lin Changjian's gaze. Lin Changjian was like a huge mountain crushing their spirit.

How could anyone actually be that powerful?

"The stronger a person's body is, the stronger the source core they awaken will be!" Sun Miaomiao added. "A source fluid is even more important than a strong constitution."

"The Rising Dragon Army allocates one vial of A-grade source fluid, 10 vials of B-grade source fluid, and 30 vials of C-grade source fluid. All the remaining martialists get D-grade source fluid."

"The higher the grade of the source fluid is, the stronger the awakened source core will be."

As soon as she said this, Sun Miaomiao left. Qin Feifei and Chen Yong wanted to share Luo Yunyang's worries, but they didn't know what to say.

As Luo Yunyang pondered his past week in the elite class, he felt that he should be the one to receive the A-grade source fluid. Would he be able to awaken a grade-two source core, though?

He knew that his strength wasn't weak, but how strong was he compared to other strong young martialists that could cultivate Martial God Luo Kai's Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques?

He had to improve his cultivation base without delay!

Luo Yunyang was sitting cross-legged before the table as he pondered his strategy. During this period of cultivation, he had slowly come to realize that the most effective way to improve his cultivation base would be by cultivating techniques with all sorts of medicine.

"Grade-three body-forging medicine costs 100 million points!" Luo Yunyang couldn't help but shake his head when he saw the astronomical figure.

He used his shabby computer to browse the web and search for a purple-gold ginseng. The effectiveness of the purple-gold ginseng wasn't bad.

"1.3 million points?"

It seemed like what Bai Yushui had said was true. Although the sum was much less than 100 million points, 1.3 million points wasn't a small sum either.

Even if Luo Yunyang sold himself, he still wouldn't be able to obtain 1.3 million points.

However, if Bai Yushui and the others could gather it, then he could too!

With this idea in mind, Luo Yunyang performed a quick search on the web and found a map with instructions on these sort of goods.

It was a precise map that identified herbs full of the sixth factor.

"The Black Fleeceflower Root is a grade-nine power herb valued at 100,000 points. Guardian: Black Star Ape. Gathering it is not advised, unless the search party contains at least three martial masters."

"The Gold Bodhi is a grade-six power herb valued at 1,000,000 points. Guardian: White-Jade Gem Elephant. You can try to steal it if you think you are quick enough as long as you don't get discovered."

"The Purple-Gold Ginseng is a grade-six power herb valued at 1,000,000 points. Guardian: Purple-Gold Dragon Python. Although the Purple-Gold Dragon Python's domain is underground and there is plenty of Purple-Gold Ginseng, the probability of one losing their life is 50%..."

Luo Yunyang was dazzled by the number of power herbs. Among them was a grade-three power herb called Nine-Leaved Phoenix Grass, which was worth about 200 million points.

Its Guardian and means of escape were unknown, as was everything else about it. According to the person who had made this map, basically everyone who had tried to obtain it had died.

The map cost 3,000 points, which was rather cheap. This was an item that could be reused after all.

Luo Yunyang went online and purchased it without hesitation. In an hour, the map had already been delivered.