Supreme Uprising Chapter 500

Chapter 500 A Voluntary Visit

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In the skies above a huge mountain floated an unending pavilion that reached into the sky. A substantial amount of sixth factor that seemed almost corporeal gave the pavilion a slightly misty image.

This was a hallowed ground, so the people that resided there naturally weren’t ordinary. Practically the entire Shen’yuan Planet knew that this territory belonged to the Miro Family.

When Miro Fedor returned home, the Miro Family’s housekeeper welcomed him back. “Young Master, you have returned. What did you acquire this time?”

Miro Fedor didn’t like this flattering, opportunistic fellow. Besides being indifferent, Miro Fedor was also too lazy to speak to him. When he saw him coming over, he replied nonchalantly, “Nothing much. You go ahead and do whatever you were doing!”

Although he was treated this way, the housekeeper didn’t seem to mind. This was the Young Master after all. The housekeeper had observed Miro Fedor’s every move and action. When the Young Master came back from outside, the housekeeper could tell that he was tired. Thus, he immediately said, “Your health is precious. The Diyang Fruit in the family’s domain have already been ripe for two days. Young Master is tired, so I will get someone to deliver a few for you to try.”

The Diyang Fruit was a high-tier soul fruit. Miro Fedor, who did enjoy this treatment, waved for the housekeeper to do so.

Just as Miro Fedor was about to go to his own room, the housekeeper’s communication device rang. “Sir, someone from the Human Tribe wishes to see the household head!”

The Human Tribe? These words immediately caught Miro Fedor’s attention. After all, he had just had a dispute with Luo Yunyang and gotten his subordinates to demand an explanation from the Human Tribe.

Now, the humans had come!

“I shall tell them the head doesn’t have the time to see them,” the housekeeper said icily with a frown.

The Miro Family was a great family of the Demigod Tribe, so the family head was a lofty existence comparable to the tribe heads of the 18 Primary Tribes. So what if the third-grade Human Tribe wanted to see the family head? How could anyone expect to see the family head when they wished?

However, before the housekeeper was done speaking, Miro Fedor said, “They came to find me. Let them come.”

“Alright, I’ll let them come over for a bit,” the housekeeper replied hastily.

In just a moment, Miro Fedor watched a small craft fly over from the distance. He snickered slightly when he saw this tiny craft.

Even the poorest clans of the Demigod Tribe were no longer using this sort of outdated spacecraft. Only a third-grade tribe, or rather a recently promoted second-grade tribe, would treat this sort of spaceship as a treasure. These fellows were really poor!

Miro Fedor’s expression became slightly haughtier at the thought.

When the doors of the spacecraft opened, Luo Yunyang, Xue Tiannan and the others walked out. Xue Tiannan was still a little fearful of the Miro Family.

On the spacecraft, he had advised Luo Yunyang for quite some time. However, Luo Yunyang simply wouldn’t listen.

“Have you all come to see our Young Master? Come with me!” the housekeeper said with a quick glance at Xue Tiannan and the others.

Although he was only the housekeeper of the Miro Family, his Galaxy-Grade cultivation base spoke for itself.

Just as Xue Tiannan was about to speak, Luo Yunyang said frostily, “Bring your family head out!”

These words immediately made the housekeeper stiffen up. As he stared at Luo Yunyang, he only had one thought—this fellow was crazy!

How could he have said this otherwise? His bossy, arrogant manner made it seem like he wanted the family head to be the one welcoming him!

Who did he think he was? He was just a young man with a Nebula-Grade cultivation base. Even the Human Tribe’s chief decision-makers didn’t have such a right!

Just as he was about to seize this insane man, Luo Yunyang said, “What’s wrong? Does the Miro Family have an issue with the honorable Celestial World Supremacy?”

The Miro Family’s housekeeper was stunned. He had never seen the Celestial World Supremacy. However, he definitely knew about this lofty existence, who was like a god.

He was one of the five Great Supremacies, the strongest existences in the entire Divine Union. Even this family wouldn’t dare have an argument with the Supremacy.

“Don’t… Don’t shoot your mouth off here! How could we dare have any issue with His Supremacy?” Beads of sweat had already started forming on the housekeeper’s forehead.

“Then why haven’t you gotten the family head to welcome me now that I’m here?” Although Luo Yunyang had already seen Miro Fedor, he didn’t seem bothered in the slightest.

He had already received Miro Fedor’s information from the 1,000-Star Auction, so he knew that Miro Fedor’s level was the same as his.

Of course, Miro Fedor had also recognized Luo Yunyang.

“Luo Yunyang, the Miro Family’s home isn’t a place where you can casually behave atrociously.” Miro Fedor glared at the housekeeper, who had turned all stiff, and walked over impatiently.

“Hey, speaking of that, aren’t you the fella who made me waste 50 billion star dollars?” Luo Yunyang asked haughtily as he eyed Miro Fedor.

The anger in Miro Fedor’s heart was ignited. He glared at Luo Yunyang as he said icily, “You can either crawl out of here as fast as you can or die!”

“You really look like a yawning toad. You sure talk big! Perhaps you are still too young. Do you know what this is?” As Luo Yunyang spoke, he fished out the Celestial World Supremacy’s seal.

Although Miro Fedor knew what that seal represented, he wasn’t willing to yield. However, the housekeeper was even more aware of what this seal meant.

When he saw Luo Yunyang take out the seal, the housekeeper could no longer wipe away the perspiration on his forehead. Whatever the case, this was the Celestial World Supremacy’s seal. Regardless of whether Luo Yunyang was just trying to intimidate them by using his powerful connections, he couldn’t stand idly and watch the Young Master get in trouble.

“Young Master, please do not talk!” The housekeeper no longer cared about fostering a good relationship with the Young Master. He didn’t care if Miro Fedor would take offense either. He just ordered the Young Master to refrain from speaking.

Then, he quickly informed the family head in less than a minute. “Mr. Luo, our family head will arrive in three minutes to welcome you. Please wait a bit!”

Xue Qingcheng and Xue Qingcheng felt apprehensive deep down as they watched Luo Yunyang display the seal. Although this seemed efficient, wasn’t Luo Yunyang afraid of getting into trouble in the future by doing this?

However, not everybody was willing to be a pushover. After all, this was an illustrious family.

Luo Yunyang scanned Miro Fedor before standing aside arrogantly.

Actually, he hadn’t wished to use this method. Unfortunately, he’d had no other choice. This was the only hope he had of getting the item that belonged to Miro Fedor.

He wouldn’t be able to obtain the component of the Extreme Mysterious Realm’s massive tower just by relying on his own power.

In just a minute, a tall and large Demigod Elder covered in a mystical glow walked over unhurriedly. Although the elder’s speed wasn’t fast, the laws surrounding him seemed like a crushing ocean as he walked over to Luo Yunyang.

The presence of this immense power made Xue Qingcheng and the others feel an impulse to prostrate themselves on the ground.

Luo Yunyang sensed that the area all around them was already under the control of this elder. His own body was currently experiencing several tons of gravity.

Actually, he felt as though he was being suppressed by heaven and earth.

Was this person at the Celestial Domain-Grade? Luo Yunyang felt an overwhelming, frantic origin source power all around him. Although he could still lift a hand, the suppression of this power was a little difficult to endure.

Using strength to resist it would be hard. Thus, Luo Yunyang revealed the seal once again.

The Demigod Elder’s expression stiffened before he retracted his aura. However, he was still as unperturbed as ever.

“Does Mr. Luo have anything to say to the Miro Family?” the Demigod Elder asked bluntly.

Even though he had said this politely, his rigid accent indicated that he wasn’t too welcoming.

Luo Yunyang’s expression remained unchanged, yet Miro Fedor’s expression became ugly.

He was all too familiar with his father’s temperament. Whenever he faced the other tribes of the Divine Union, his father had a high and mighty attitude. Thus, this polite greeting was really unexpected.

“Nothing much, I’m just seeking justice.” Luo Yunyang flashed the seal in his hand and added, “Your son tangled with me over nothing, so I took issue with that. Does he perhaps have an issue with the honorable Celestial World Supremacy?”

When he said this, the Miro Family Head’s expression turned ugly. Even though he was bolder, he dared not take any issue with the Celestial World Supremacy either.

After all, the Miro Family’s greatest supporter was also the disciple of a Supremacy. If he dared have a beef with the Celestial World Supremacy, he would be killed with just one slap.

“Mr. Luo, our family harbors nothing but respect for the Celestial World Supremacy. We dare not take any issue with him.”

After saying that, the Miro Family Head shot Miro Fedor a grave warning look.

Although Miro Fedor felt wronged, when he tried to explain, his own father gave him an admonishing look.

“Does that mean that your family has an issue with me?” Luo Yunyang asked in an overbearing manner.

As the Miro Family Head looked at the thoroughly-displeased Luo Yunyang, he felt all kinds of murderous impulses. An issue with him? Was this young man even worth having an issue with? If he was willing, he…

As he looked at the seal in Luo Yunyang’s hand, the Miro Family Head ultimately said, “The Miro Family doesn’t have any issue with Mr. Luo either.”

“Then why did your son keep increasing the bid when I wanted to buy that item? The 50 billion I made great efforts to amass was spent in a moment. Shouldn’t your family give us an explanation?”

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang took a step forward. “Or perhaps you should all give the Celestial World Supremacy an explanation.”

The Miro Family Head eyed his son, who explained quickly what had happened. Then, he said, “Father, that silver tower component was definitely no ordinary item. I think that we should force Luo Yunyang to hand it over.”

The Miro Family Head glanced at his son and before turning to Luo Yunyang. “How about this… The Miro Family will compensate you with 100 billion star dollars if you give us the item.”

Luo Yunyang stared at the Miro Family Head without saying anything. However, he kept fiddling with the Celestial World Supremacy’s seal in his hand.

Beads of sweat slowly formed on the forehead of the Miro Family Head…