Supreme Uprising Chapter 501

Chapter 501 Thick Skinned People Get The Meat

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The Miro Family Head was a powerful person. However, this power depended on who he was facing.

Of course, he was high and mighty when he faced tribes smaller than him. However, in the face of Luo Yunyang, who represented the Celestial World Supremacy, this sort of power was a joke.

He looked at the seal in Luo Yunyangs hand and ultimately decided to inform the familys patriarch about it. With a thought, he arrived at the virtual space where the familys patriarch resided.

Although this was a virtual world, the place where the patriarch lived was extremely luxurious. The virtual sixth factor felt like liquid, while breathing it in gave one a sense of satisfaction.

"Is anything the matter?" It just so happened that the familys patriarch had left a trace of his consciousness in that virtual space at the time.

"Patriarch, the Celestial World Supremacys so-called disciple Luo Yunyang came to our home, asking for an explanation."

Then, Miro Kenyuan recounted the whole matter to the patriarch.

Although the Miro Family Patriarch appeared to be in his thirties, he had lived for way more years than Miro Kenyuan. After hearing Miro Kenyuans report, he asked calmly, "Do you know how to use that item?"

"I dont know. Fedor obtained it during a chance encounter. It should probably be a component of something!" Miro Kenyuan replied.

"Give it to him!" the Miro Patriarch said decisively after pondering the situation for a bit.

Miro Kenyuan then said, "Patriarch, Fedor tried out all sorts of methods but couldnt even scratch it in the slightest. It is highly probable that this item is a treasure from ancient times. If we give it away just like that, then"

"It will be a pity? If we knew how to use this item, we definitely wouldnt allow it to be given away so easily," the Miro Family Patriarch responded. "However, you do not know how to use this item. Besides, it isnt complete."

"If we dont hand it over, are you willing to let Luo Yunyang use the Celestial World Supremacys seal?"

"You do not know anything about Luo Yunyang. Let me enlighten you a little. Right now, he is related to an object that the Celestial World Supremacy views highly. The Supremacy did indeed give him that seal."

At this point, the Miro Family Patriarch snorted. "If Luo Yunyang really used this seal, I wouldnt be able to protect the Miro Family. Got it?"

Naturally, Miro Kenyuan understood what the patriarch meant. However, he felt bitter at the thought of the patriarch being unable to protect the Miro Family.

If the patriarch couldnt defy the seal in Luo Yunyangs possession either, then what else could they do? If they resisted forcefully, they would be overestimating their capabilities, which would be laughable! Plus, the patriarch was right. Handing out that item of unknown origins to Luo Yunyang was less important compared to safeguarding the Miro Family.

After making a decision, Miro Kenyuan told the Miro Family Patriarch respectfully, "I understand, sir."

Then, Miro Kenyuan retracted his trace of consciousness, met Luo Yunyangs gaze and said, "Mr. Luo, this isnt the right place to talk. Please come with me inside."

Then, he told the housekeeper, "Prepare some of the Thunder Essence sent over by the Thunder Ray Tribe a few days ago for Mr. Luo to sample."

Miro Fedor, who had been plotting on how to make Luo Yunyang suffer, had never imagined that his serious, dignified father would actually have a complete change of attitude so fast.

Was he seeking forgiveness? No, no, no His father actually seemed to be trying to flatter Luo Yunyang. What exactly was his father doing?

As he was feeling extremely sullen deep down, he heard his father rebuke him. "Bring out the item that you obtained immediately. Dont say anything else. This is a family order!"

A clan order was something no one in the Miro Family could defy. Daring to go against a clan order would result only in death.

Although Miro Fedor was extremely displeased deep down, he had no other choice but to obey his fathers order.

As Luo Yunyang was led to the luxurious hall, Miro Kenyuan treated him warmly.

"Mr. Luo, my sons lack of sensibility has caused you to sustain a loss. Please accept these items as our familys way of apologizing."

When Miro Kenyuan waved his hands, a bunch of objects were brought in under the directions of the housekeeper.

Among these objects were all sorts of treasured fruits and various ores. However, there was also an empty tray.

When Miro Kenyuan saw the empty tray, he turned to glare at his son.

Although Miro Fedor was so unhappy that he was about to go berserk, he still didnt dare defy his fathers order in any way.

Thus, he clenched his teeth and set a bracelet-like object onto the empty tray.

Luo Yunyang, who knew right away what Miro Fedor had placed down, moved his hand. The bracelet flew over to Luo Yunyangs hand right away.

The space inside the bracelet was huge. In this spatial bracelet was a massive silver cylindrical object.

This object had a radius that was thousands of miles wide. Luo Yunyang simply wasnt able to discern what exactly it was.

If he had to describe it, he would say that it was some sort of massive silver ingot.

However, as he studied the object, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that it was definitely a part of the massive pagoda in the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

"Ha ha Its fine. Dont take this to heart. The Human Tribe has always been magnanimous. Furthermore, you havent defended Miro Fedor. You are actually very broad-minded. Thus, I wont bicker with the Young Master anymore either!"

After speaking in a pompous fashion, Luo Yunyang placed the bracelet into his own inter-spatial bracelet.

Although Miro Fedors heart was aching, he knew that all he could do was endure this.

Even his own father had lowered his head. If he impulsively rushed up and gave this thick-skinned fellow a slap, he would be committing suicide. Furthermore, he knew very well that he wasnt the only successor within the family.

After a few cups of tea and some perfunctory small talk, Luo Yunyang took the Miro Familys compensation and bade them farewell.

Miro Kenyuan watched until the spaceship Luo Yunyang was on had flown away into the distance before retracting his gaze. Then, his eyes turned gloomy and cold.

"Father, I cant accept this. He is just someone from a small tribe" Miro Fedor could finally speak his mind again.

However, before he could finish his sentence, a resounding slap had landed on his face.

"You cant accept this? Let me tell you something. There is no room for negotiation in this matter. Our family cannot stand up against that seal!"

Miro Kenyuan felt his heart ache a little as he stared at his outstanding son. However, he still said coldly, "When you meet a power too difficult to resist, your only option is to lower your head."

"You better listen to this carefully. It takes power to raise your head, but courage to lower it. Daring to concede is a great wisdom. Furthermore, we didnt lower our heads to Luo Yunyang, but to His Supremacy. Our family also has to lower its head before that unparalleled supremacy."

"Besides, that object is of little value to us. If I had allowed our familys foundation to be ruined over that useless object, I would have betrayed the entire family!"

Miro Fedor didnt make a single noise as he listened to his fathers lecture. However, the hatred in his eyes intensified.

On the journey back to the Human Tribes encampment. Xue Qingcheng and Xue Tiannan were both very silent. Luo Yunyang wasnt interested in speaking either.

His thoughts were on the two components he had just acquired. He didnt know whether these two components belonged to the massive silver pagoda in the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

If he could repair it and cultivate there, then beating the Divine Martial Hall wouldnt be a problem. He was just worried that the components would be ineffective.

A short while later, Luo Yunyang and the others arrived back at the Human Tribes encampment. Luo Yunyang wasnt willing to dally on the Shenyuan Planet. Thus, after a simple chat with Xue Qingcheng and Xue Tiannan, he set off towards the Human Tribes territory.

Xue Qingcheng had a slightly dull, sad look on her face as she watched Luo Yunyang leave. "Qingcheng, he isnt right for you. Just based on his words and actions this time, he is too"

Although Xue Tiannan didnt finish his sentence, Xue Qingcheng understood what her brother was trying to say. Embarrassed, she said hastily, "I will go get some rest now."

Luo Yunyang didnt care about what the two Xues were thinking. The spaceship he was on belonged to the Celestial World Supremacy, so Luo Yunyang was able to quickly send an express passage to the Human Tribes territory after leaving the Shenyuan Planet.

20 days later, Luo Yunyang entered the Milky Way. However, he didnt head to the Blood Spirit Sky immediately. Instead, after flying for another day, he put the ship in his inter-spatial ring and took out the token he had acquired inside the silver tower of the Extreme Mysterious Realm.

With just a thought, layers of light surrounded Luo Yunyang, who once again entered the Extreme Mysterious Realm in the blink of an eye.

"Welcome, Respected Honorary Emperor. Your arrival" The gentle mechanical voice stopped halfway before exclaiming loudly, "This is the number nine tower base and and power system. It Its real"

Before Luo Yunyang could even take out the two components inside his spatial bracelet, the tower base and the silver metal piece came flying out of the crumbling spatial bracelet.

The massive tower base flew towards the bottom of the pagoda, while the silver cylinder flew towards the top.

Luo Yunyang had great expectations for these two components. As he watched the two components fly towards the pagoda, he said, "Now that these two components are back, does this mean that the advanced training system can be enabled?"

"The system is being reconstructed. Reconstruction underway!" The gentle voice had once again become extremely mechanical. However, it was what the voice said that made Luo Yunyang feel slightly uncomfortable.

There were no earthshaking changes or light rays spilling forward. In just a short moment, that sweet voice was heard once again.

"Reconstruction successful. Thanks to the tower base and power module, the pagoda can now shrink automatically," the sweet voice said as the massive silver pagoda started to shrink.

Meanwhile, the voice of the pagoda said in Luo Yunyangs ear, "Respected Honorary Emperor, because of your contribution, you possess the authority to use the training center for an attack once. Please use it prudently."