Supreme Uprising Chapter 502

Chapter 502 The Senior State Assembly

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As he looked at the silver pagoda, which was the size of a finger, Luo Yunyang asked, "What are your offensive capabilities like?"

"It is getting harder to cultivate in the training center because the power module is quickly losing its abilities. Right now, the strongest attack has only one-tenth of the strength of the Obliteration Cannon!"

Obliteration Cannon? This name sounded pretty good. What exactly was its offensive might?

"According to the classification of martialists like you, one shot from the Obliteration Cannon is the equivalent of an attack from a Universe-Grade Martialist."

An attack from a Universe-Grade Martialist?

There was a glimmer of joy in Luo Yunyangs eyes when he heard this. Even though he did not understand the terrors of an all-out attack by a Universe-Grade Martialist, he knew one thing for sure: these individuals possessed intimidating powers.

This definitely was an important means to preserve his own life.

"If the Respected Honorable Emperor was able to find any other power modules, then surely the strength of the Obliteration Cannon would increase even more. If we were able to collect 10 power modules, or even more, we would be able to activate the Space-Time Cannon!"

These sweet words continued to resonate in Luo Yunyangs ears, enticing him to go and search for even more power modules.

"Will I be able to participate in some kind of higher-level training?" asked Luo Yunyang. This was the most pressing question on his mind.

"My deepest apologies, Respected Honorable Emperor. Even though you have a good base, due to the huge difference in standards, it would be difficult for you to participate in any form of higher-level training," the sweet voice said with a tinge of regret.

Although Luo Yunyang was very disappointed by this reply, he had no alternative solution. After all, he had yet to fully master the cultivation system in this profound theoretic scope.

"Respected Honorable Emperor, the base can now voluntarily uproot and find other places. Thus, it will now follow you out of this space."

"Without the base to support it, this space will crumble within the next half hour. Respected Honorable Emperor, please leave as soon as possible."

Luo Yunyang looked at the large space right before his eyes. The thought of it crumbling in such a short period of time made him reluctant to part with it.

However, in comparison to this space on the Extreme Mysterious Realm, being able to take away a silver pagoda, which equaled one-tenth of the strength of a Universe-Grade Martialist, would be of great help to Luo Yunyang.

"Is the training center able to groom another martialist right now?" Luo Yunyang asked as he thought about his younger sister and everyone else.

"According to the first order of the training center, its not possible. The base is in restoration right now, so it is unable to ensure its own safety. That is why it can only serve the Respected Honorable Emperor." The sweet-sounding voice declined.

Safety Only serve one person Alright, that was also acceptable.

Although the rewards reaped in the Extreme Mysterious Realm had disappointed Luo Yunyang slightly this time, carrying the Giant Silver Pagoda was akin to having another bodyguard with him, which gave him a great sense of relief.

As Luo Yunyang left the Extreme Mysterious Realm, the silver pagoda transformed into a small locket and hung on his body. No matter how hard he tried to use his Mind Power to probe it, the small silver pagoda remained indifferent.

Three days later, Luo Yunyang returned to the Blood Spirit Sky.

As Luo Yunyangs spaceship entered the Blood Spirit Sky, over 100 other spaceships flew out like countless magnificent rays to welcome him. These spaceships lit up the entire sky of the Blood Spirit Sky.

"Your Highness Yunyang, the human race will never forget your contribution to our tribe!" As Luo Yunyang exited the spaceship, the Sky Books of the Nine Paths were lined up and opened in a row at the command of the Supremacy. Everyone looked excitedly at Luo Yunyang as the Bloody Massacre Path Ruler spoke.

Although the Bloody Massacre Path had not ranked high among the Nine Paths, the emergence of Luo Yunyang had changed everything. That was why the Bloody Massacre Path Ruler was so proud this time.

Thanks to Luo Yunyangs strength, the Human Tribe was now classified as a second-grade tribe.

Without Luo Yunyang, they would not have had the large territory they had now. They actually might also have had a hard time remaining a second-tier tribe.

Hence, upon receiving news of Luo Yunyangs return, various powerful martialists from the Human Tribe had gathered at the same point without any prior arrangements.

The Bloody Massacre Path Ruler and everyone else had also done prior research on how they should address Luo Yunyang. Although there had been various suggestions to give him titles that sounded even more respectable, the Bloody Massacre Path Ruler and the others had eventually decided to follow the disciple-naming rule set by the Celestial World Supremacy.

Although Luo Yunyang had spent a long time with the Bloody Massacre Path Ruler, he would never forget the support he had received from the Bloody Massacre Path Master. After all, the ruler had given Yunyang a much-wanted sense of belonging.

"I only did what should have already been done, Path Master!"

The grand welcome party had clearly exceeded Luo Yunyangs expectations. At some point, Luo Yunyang realized that he did enjoy the attention he was getting from everyone else.

Fortunately, he had seen all the aspects of many different people, so he was quickly able to accept the attention he was receiving from everyone present. He made a point to nod his head in acknowledgment at the other rulers from the various paths, while also continuing his conversation with the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

Although Luo Yunyang was currently at the Nebula-Grade, his training experience from the Divine Martial Hall and the Extreme Mysterious Realm, as well as his self-created Black Hole Technique, meant that he wasnt any weaker than the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others.

There were even a few Path Masters who felt a tinge of fear as they looked at Luo Yunyang.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others escorted Luo Yunyang into the main hall of the Blood Spirit Sky. They wanted Yunyang to take the main seat. However, given Yunyangs personality and his continually changing thoughts, it was better that he did not take it. He was just happy that they had suggested this!

Eventually, it was the Bloody Massacre Path Master who took the main seat, while Luo Yunyang sat right next to him.

As everyone gathered and took a seat, they discussed the changes caused by the Human Tribes ascension. Suddenly, someone said, "Your Highness Yunyang, the Senior State Assembly agrees and fully consents to your contribution in helping the Human Tribe attain its second-tier placing."

The person who was speaking was a handsome young man in a long white robe. He had gold hair and blue eyes and spoke with prestige.

Senior State Assembly? Luo Yunyang had never heard of this before. This guys words made him furrow his eyebrows and ponder quietly.

Was he trying to imply something else by saying this?

The Bloody Massacre Path Ruler and the rulers of the other Nine Paths had similar expressions on their faces. The Deep Earth Path Master even went as far as to curl his lips in disapproval.

"As a reward for your contribution to the Human Tribe, we have decided to confer unto you the position of an Honored Senior Statesman."

Luo Yunyang couldnt care less about the title bestowed unto him. Thus, he just smiled slightly and declined to comment.

He did not want to be a part of the internal strife between the humans. His priority right now was to find a way to break through the four halls of stage two of the Divine Martial Hall.

"Wait a moment. Based on our discussion with the Senior State Assembly, His Highness Luo Yunyang was supposed to take on the role of an Emeritus Senior Statesman. How did he suddenly become an ordinary Senior Statesman?" The Bloody Massacre Path Master interrupted before the handsome guy could complete his sentence.

The Deep Earth Path Master agreed and added, "Did you mention making a mistake earlier? In that case, the Senior State Assembly should send someone who can speak more clearly."

The handsome young man did no show any fear, despite the questions of the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the Deep Earth Path Master. Instead, he smiled and said, "I am not entirely sure about this, but I was indeed ordered to confer the title of an Honored Senior Statesman."

At this point, he took a quick glance at the Bloody Massacre Path Master and said with a hint of provocation in his voice, "Path Master, if there is anything that you are unclear about, you can always clarify things with the First Senior Statesman."

The Bloody Massacre Path Master had always decided swiftly when it came to making a kill. However, even though he possessed the cold intent to do so, he eventually suppressed that feeling.

"Respectable Senior Statesman Luo Yunyang, the First Senior Statesman should have actually announced this instead. However, since Ive had the chance to meet you, I decided to take the opportunity to let you know first."

The dashing young man continued to look at Luo Yunyang as he said solemnly, "Senior Statesman Luo Yunyang, although you are a Senior Statesman only in title and cannot participate in the activities of the Senior State Assembly, your actions cannot go against the rules of the Assembly."

"For example, Ive heard that you actually used 50 billion star dollars to buy some garbage at one of the star auctions."

"These 50 billion star dollars might have been the compensation given to you by the Thunder Ray Tribe. However, you must remember that these star dollars do not belong only to you. They are considered part of the assets of the whole Human Tribe."

"Even if you wanted to use that amount, you should have been supervised by the Senior State Assembly"

The Bloody Massacre Path Master had an extremely sullen expression on his face. He would never have expected that someone would say such a thing at Luo Yunyangs welcome party.

This was beyond stupid!

Did the Senior State Assembly actually think that they could rule over the entire Human Tribe?

Luo Yunyang already had a cold look on his face. However, when he thought about it, he decided that this handsome man was going to be gone sooner or later. Hence, he smiled and said, "Are you done talking? Thirsty? Would you like to have some water?"

The young lad, who was muddled by Luo Yunyangs kindness, shook his head and said, "Thank you, Senior Statesman Luo, but I shall pass."

"If you are not drinking, you can scram back to wherever you came from. While you are at it, remember to pass on a message to the Senior State Assembly. If they do not stop nagging me, I am going to destroy the assembly! Leave right now!" said Luo Yunyang unpleasantly as he pointed towards the gate of the main hall.

The dashing young man looked extremely uncomfortable. The purpose of his trip had not just been to welcome Luo Yunyang as an Honorable Senior Statesman, but also to provoke him slightly and represent some of the Senior Statesmens thoughts. They all hoped to gain the greatest rights in the Human Tribe through the tribes advancement. However, they were unable to surpass Luo Yunyang in the process.

They did not only hope to have Luo Yunyang by their side. They also wanted him to know that the Senior State Assembly was supporting the Human Tribe.

"You You just openly challenged the Senior State Assembly!" said the dashing young man. He was the most outstanding candidate groomed by the Senior State Assembly. Therefore, he looked condescendingly at the other members of the Nine Paths.

He was already jealous of Luo Yunyang for being able to become so successful at such a young age. Meeting him in real life and seeing his slightly arrogant style had only made him feel uncomfortable.

Furthermore, he had thought that he had found Luo Yunyangs Achilles heel by pointing out the 50 billion star dollars.

Even though he had been unsuccessful, he had at least expected Luo Yunyang to lower his head in embarrassment. He had never imagined that Yunyang would retort in such an unconventional manner.

"You want an open challenge? Are you sure about that?"