Supreme Uprising Chapter 503

Chapter 503 Its Not Right To Hope For What Is Not Yours

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Aofeitianluo was the only son of two of the youngest Senior Statesmen in the State Assembly. His current status aside, he was also the disciple of the First Senior Statesman in the State Assembly!

Breaking through to the Nebula-Grade in three years had made him very prideful. His prestigious status, in combination with the solid support he received from the Senior Statesman, had allowed him to become a member of the State Assembly at this young age.

Furthermore, some people openly expressed that, in about 3,000 years, Aofetianluo would definitely be in charge of the State Assembly and the Human Tribe.

When Aofeitianluo had first heard of Luo Yunyang, he had immediately felt a sense of wastefulness.

It was a waste that Luo Yunyang was using something as precious as the Extreme Mystic Token. However, what had been done could not be undone. He had no other choice but to accept this.

Following Luo Yunyang’s swift rise, especially after he was accepted as a disciple by the Celestial World Supremacy, he had started feeling an even stronger sense of jealousy.

How should he try to suppress this fella? This thought was like a small spark. If it accidentally touched something, a real blaze could start.

However, since Luo Yunyang had made such a big contribution to the Human Tribe, he could only suppress his thoughts.

Still, should the opportunity to provoke Luo Yunyang come about, Aofetianyang was definitely not going to let it slip. He had to show Luo Yunyang that the State Assembly had rules that had to be remembered. He could not behave in any way he wanted.

He would never have expected that the State Assembly, whom he revered and respected so much, would actually mean nothing to Luo Yunyang.

Hearing Luo Yunyang’s arrogant rebuttal felt like seeing a lightning bolt out of the blue!

All Aofetianyang was thinking about now were Luo Yunyang’s words. “Are you sure about this?”

If anybody else had said this, he would definitely have lost his temper and said, “Your behavior is completely out of control! This is blasphemy against the State Assembly! You are going to be punished harshly by the State Assembly, you lunatic!”

However, Aofeitianyang did not dare mess around with this chap. He suddenly felt extremely foolish for trying to provoke such a person.

“I I” stammered Aofeitianyang for a while, not sure what to say. His body had begun trembling in fear.

“If you do not say anything, I will think that the State Assembly is issuing an open challenge!” said Luo Yunyang as he looked at Aofeitianyang. Suddenly, he flipped out violently and said, “If the State Assembly does not take responsibility for its actions in three hours, I am going to destroy it! Now get out of my sight!”

In the past, Aofetianyang, had never backed down from an argument when someone had stood up to him. However, as Luo Yunyang scolded him, Aofeitianyang had no choice but to back off.

In fact, as he was leaving the main hall, he actually bumped into the gates.

Once Aofeitianyang left, Luo Yunyang turned around to look at the Bloody Massacre Path Master and asked, “Why does the Human Tribe still have a Senior State Assembly? What kind of joke is this?”

The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the Masters of the other Nine Paths were not happy with Aofetianyang and the Senior State Assembly.

“Yunyang, the Senior State Assembly was actually created by some of the elders of the Nine Paths. Its purpose was to help resolve some of the small conflicts between the Nine Paths, as well as help equalize most of the standings across the paths. It also helped serve as a last pillar of strength at times when the Human Tribe was going through a crisis.”

Then, the Bloody Massacre Path Master said solemnly, “However, there have been some changes to the Senior State Assembly lately.”

When he heard these words, Luo Yunyang smiled at the Path Master and said, “Since the Human Tribe is being run by the Nine Path Masters, there should not be too many discrepancies between the Nine Paths. Otherwise, if everyone only focused on their own goals, wouldn’t the whole tribe become divided? Furthermore, some people always get arrogant during such times!”

At first, Luo Yunyang had not wanted to meddle into the affairs of the Human Tribe. However, Aofeitianluo’s appearance had made him feel a stinging, uneasy sensation in his heart.

He believed that if he got in trouble one day, Aofeitianluo would definitely take full advantage of the situation. He would most likely even do something against his own family.

Although the Human Tribe might not have had an easy time after his failure to complete the Divine Martial Hall, Luo Yunyang still hoped that there would not be such a toxic creature in his life. It was always better to stay guarded against something one was unsure of rather than end up getting bit by something one had been sure of.

Furthermore, through this incident, Luo Yunyang had also realized that there were certain matters that couldn’t be allowed to fester, as people would still haunt him even if said matters were avoided. Some people would even try to aggravate the situation.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the other Nine Path Masters’ expressions changed. Although they disliked the Senior State Assembly, they had never thought about destroying it. In the face of this open challenge from Luo Yunyang, they all seemed helpless.

Luo Yunyang looked at their lifeless expressions and rapped his knuckles against the table. “If nobody wants to help, I can do it myself!”

Although his current strength would not really be able to destroy the Senior State Assembly, the Celestial World Supremacy’s seal that he held made the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others feel a little uneasy.

The Nine Path Masters exchanged quick glances with each other before reaching a consensus. They found it difficult to decide whether they should proceed or not. It felt as though they were the rulers of the Senior State Assembly, so they did not feel comfortable with proceeding.

“Let us do it instead!” said the Acute Metal Path Master eventually. “It’s time for some people to calm down already.”

Luo Yunyang looked at the Nine Path Masters and smiled gently, “I have always felt a sense of belonging among the Human Tribe. Especially after the incident with the Thunder Ray Tribe. I will always remember the support that I have received from everyone and be grateful for it! Therefore, I do not want this gratitude to eventually fade away.”

What was supposed to be a happy reunion had ended up getting ruined by Aofeitianluo. The Nine Path Masters were very unhappy about this. As Luo Yunyang left the scene, the Bloody Massacre Path Master said, “Everyone, let’s take action. Let’s gather all the Senior Assembly Statesmen of the Nine Paths. It is time for a big meeting to be held!”

Luo Yunyang had no objections to having a meeting between the Senior Assembly Statesmen. The Bloody Massacre Path Master accompanied him as he began walking towards his home.

Luo Yunyang had a small family. Besides his mother, Shen Yunying, he only had a sister, Luo Dong’er. Shen Yunying was now anxiously waiting for the return of her son. Compared to the past, her appearance had not undergone any major changes.

She looked fairly similar to the way she had when Luo Yunyang had left Donglu Town. However, thanks to the influence of a huge amount of potions and supplements, her cultivation level was now at the Planet-Grade.

Of course, despite having such a cultivation base, her combat strength wasn’t great.

Standing next to Shen Yuying was Yunxi, who was also waiting for Luo Yunyang. Around them were also a few other close friends and family members from the Da Alliance Legislative Assembly, such as Lu Qubing, the Flame Emperor, and the Eagle King.

After meeting his family and having a rather long chat with his mother about recent events, Luo Yunyang then individually asked Lu Qubing, the Flame Emperor, Yunxi and everyone else to have a private conversation with him.

In an instant, Luo Yunyang’s mind power had already fully locked and sealed the hall.

Lu Qubing, the Flame Emperor and everyone else did not notice his actions. The only one who noticed was Yunxi, who looked at Luo Yunyang in confusion.

“What is the matter?” she asked worriedly.

Luo Yunyang had to give it to Yunxi. She was sensitive, smart and slightly reserved. He gently patted her shoulder and smiled. “I hadn’t planned on doing this initially.”

“However, you all saw the situation today at my welcome party. Things change, whether you want it or not. Although the Nine Paths have been really good to me, the strength we need still belongs to other powers. We cannot rely on them forever, or we will eventually become their subordinates. No matter where we go, it is impossible to hope that other people’s children will treat us like their parents.”

Then, Luo Yunyang added, “As long as I am around, there won’t be a problem. However, what if something happens to me someday? Then”

“Stop that nonsense, Yunyang! Why would anything happen to you?” Yunxi asked bitterly.

Luo Yunyang laughed and said, “Yes, nothing will happen to me for now, but some things are unpredictable. It’s always good to prepare for the future. That is why I intend to establish our own powers within the Da Alliance Legislative Assembly. What do you all think of this?”

Establishing their own powers was indeed an exciting thought for Lu Qubing, the Flame Emperor and everyone else, who had always been outstanding figures within the Da Alliance Legislative Assembly. Although the people in the Blood Spirit Sky treated them nicely, they still felt like their subordinates at the end of the day.

This disparity made them feel uncomfortable deep in their hearts. However, their Planet-Grade skills limited them greatly in the Human Tribe.

Even if the Blood Spirit Sky gave them some resources, they would still be unable to help them accelerate their cultivation speed.

“Yunyang, our cultivation levels” said Lu Qubing hesitantly while glancing at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang waved his hand and said, “I do not have the ability to help you all break through to the Galaxy-Grade. However, it should not be too much of a challenge to train you guys to the pinnacle of the Star-Grade.”

His last words made Lu Qubing and everyone else’s eyes light up.

If the Planet-Grade was considered insignificant in the Milky Way, then the Star-Grade was considered a mid-tier in terms of strength.

However, 10 Star-Grade individuals and one Nebula-Grade individual would be sufficient to form a clan.

“Alright, if you do not abandon us, Yunyang, we will all be part of the Luo Family!” Lu Qubing said with resolve.

Luo Yunyang waved his hands and said, “Let’s not call it the Luo Family. Instead, let’s find a common name to call it.”

“Let’s stick to this name to have more cohesiveness, Yunyang!” Lu Qubing said solemnly. “Otherwise, we would feel embarrassed to use your resources.”

The Flame Emperor and the Eagle King felt a shift in their attitude. After entering this space and having their cultivation levels increase thanks to Luo Yunyang, they finally felt the large difference between their standards. These factors caused them to change their attitude towards Luo Yunyang.

Lu Qubing had a very good point. Even if one did not respect Luo Yunyang’s current status, one had to revere his cultivation base.

Luo Yunyang’s attitude towards others didn’t change. His personality was always the same. However, everyone would have to remember to play their individual part.

After Lu Qubing and the others left, Luo Yunyang took out the 10 Thousand Sun Star Roses and told Yunxi, “These 10 Thousand Sun Star Roses will not only help you fully recover your cultivation base, but also let you advance directly from the Star-Grade to the Nebula-Grade!”