Supreme Uprising Chapter 504

Chapter 504 A Heaven And Earth Toss

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The Senior State Assembly was going to be disbanded!

When Aofeitianluo heard this news, he was completely stupefied. In his opinion, the Assembly had always been invincible. However, this so-called invincible organization was about to be disbanded. How was this even possible?

Based on the seriousness in his fathers expression, Aofeitianluo could tell that this definitely wasnt a joke. The Senior State Assembly on which he had always relied was really going to be gone!

Aofeitianluo shuddered as he thought about what would happen after the Assembly was disbanded. Although both his parents were Senior Statesmen, they did not belong to any of the Nine Paths. Just based on their family alone, they would definitely suffer huge losses in terms of status.

"Father, will the master agree to this?" asked Aofeitianluo bitterly.

Aofeitianluos father, Wujingtianluo, looked almost like his brother. However, his expression was quite dejected.

"As this trend goes on, things will have to change accordingly. It isnt quite up to the master to decide right now," Wujingtianluo said. "Although this matter was partly a result of the displeasure the Nine Paths harbored for us, this actually happened because of you. You were the fuse that lit and blew up this dynamite! Why the hell did you provoke Luo Yunyang?"

Aofeitianluo felt increasingly remorseful as he listened to his father. Besides discomfort and remorse, he also felt a certain mounting anger in his heart.

He felt as though he had swallowed a fish bone without consuming the fish. As he subconsciously tapped his head, he felt extremely depressed.

"I shall go look for the master!" Aofeitianluo shouted as he charged out of the main hall of the family mansion.

Meanwhile, an attractive lady slowly walked in from outside. She took a glance at Wujingtianluo and said solemnly, "Aofei has already suffered a heavy setback. Why do you still continue to blame him?"

"Is he considered too young, or has he not suffered enough hardships to understand? I just wish that he could be a little more mature! Thanks to his carelessness, my efforts and careful planning during the past few years have now gone to waste!"

Suddenly, Wujintianluos eyes filled with anger.

"Everything is fated!" replied the lady as she looked at Wujingtianluo with sympathy.

He was a self-centered man. All his plans were centered around his own dreams. However, his sons willfulness had thwarted his plans and sent them down the drain.

It felt like the sky was falling down on them. They simply didnt have any strength to resist.

Wujingtianluo eyed the large hall before breaking into a smile and saying, "I may not be able to change things much, but there is one person I know who will definitely not take things lying down! He He will definitely do something!"

As Wujingtianluo spoke, his communication device began ringing. A pop-up window appeared automatically as he picked it up.

The window was full of red words!

"The rise of a tribe eventually depends on its own strength. Luo Yunyang, you used your status as a disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy to destroy the Senior State Assembly. I do not accept this!"

"In three days, under the moons of the first solar month, I challenge you to take on three of my moves! You are an outstanding member of the Human Tribe. Therefore, I will not go all out for the kill!"

It was the First Senior Statesman of the Senior State Assembly, Nalanqingyun!

One could feel his unhappiness and anger just by looking at this message. His anger would send shivers through anyone reading the message.

The attractive ladys communication device rang as well and a pop-up window with the same content appeared.

The lady stared blankly at the communication device for a while before turning to Wujingtianluo and saying, "This is a mass-sent message. I think that the entire Milky Way must have received the challenge of the First Senior Statesman!"

"Ha ha ha! The First Senior Statesman never disappoints indeed. This is a good challenge!" Wujingtianluo chortled heartily.

"The First Senior Statesman is at the pinnacle of the Galaxy-Grade. He doesnt really want a complete victory, he just wants Luo Yunyang to take three blows from him!"

"Although these three moves wont endanger Luo Yunyangs life, he is trying to show us that Luo Yunyang isnt completely invincible. Good, good, good"

Wujingtianluo uttered the word good three times consecutively. His mood, which had initially been dull and gloomy, instantly improved.

The lady looked at the ecstatic Wujingtianluo and said solemnly, "In this case, can we re-establish the Senior State Assembly?"

"It would be hard. After all, the Nine Paths have something against the Senior State Assembly. Without someone who can suppress the unhappiness on both sides, it would just be impossible to establish the Senior State Assembly once again." Then, Wujingtianluo added with a tinge of hatred, "Even so, I am sure that we have destroyed Luo Yunyangs reputation!"

"He will become a laughing stock among the Human Tribe if he does not respond to the challenge. However, even if he accepts the challenge and falls at the hands of the First Senior Statesman, his reputation will surely take a big hit!"

When Wujingtianluo had received this message, the people of the Bloody Massacre Path had received it as well. Everyone had actually received this message first-hand at the same time.

Nalanqingyun, the First Senior Statesman of the Senior State Assembly, who was a pinnacle standard Galaxy-Grade martialist equal to the Path Masters of the Nine Paths, had actually challenged Luo Yunyang.

This challenge was not meant to determine a winner, but to make Luo Yunyang take three of his moves.

"How repulsive!" the Bloody Massacre Path Master said mercilessly. He would never have thought that the First Senior Statesman would come up with such a despicable move to use against Luo Yunyang.

"Is there any way to get them to retract this challenge?" the Blood Sky Ruler suggested as he looked at the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master shook his head and said, "Yunyang has helped us reach the second-tier tribe rank. His fame has already propelled throughout the whole tribe."

"If he does not even dare accept this three-move challenge, he will definitely lose whatever reputation he has in the Human Tribe."

"We cant retract the message. Anyone who owns a communication device must have already heard the news. How would retracting this message help in any way?"

The Blood Sky Ruler had a bitter expression on his face. He knew that things had gotten out of hand this time.

Retracting the message would be akin to concealing the problem. In fact, it would lead others to think that Luo Yunyang was afraid to take on the challenge and his reputation would definitely suffer a massive hit as a result.

However, even if Luo Yunyang accepted the challenge, despite Nalanqingyuns promise not to kill or heavily wound him, he would still put Yunyang in a difficult situation.

"What should we do then?"

The Bloody Massacre Path Master shook his head and said, "I feel just as helpless. We will have to let Luo Yunyang handle this matter on his own."

As the two men conversed, over 10 invitations were sent via communication device to the Bloody Massacre Path Master, asking the Bloody Massacre Path Master to enter the virtual realm.

Amongst the people who sent the invitations were the other rulers of the Nine Paths, as well as some top-graded representatives of the Human Tribe. The Bloody Massacre Path Master shook his head and said, "Inviting me over is useless. I have no way of solving this problem."

Despite his words, the Bloody Massacre Path Master still hurriedly entered the Virtual Realm.

As the top representatives of the Human Tribe were discussing this matter, many humans across the Milky Way had already received the message.

"I have never heard of the First Senior Statesman, but do you guys think Luo Yunyang will accept his challenge?" A young martialist began a discussion the moment he saw the news.

"Why would Luo Yunyang be afraid? Its just the First Senior Statesman, right? Although his name sounds impressive, how could he even hold a candle to Luo Yunyang?"

"He he Its hard to say. I checked the data for Nalanqingyun, and he is a pinnacle standard Galaxy-Grade martialist who practices the Raging Blaze cultivation path. Isnt it just like the strong to bully the weak?"

"However, he has already said that he is only going to show Luo Yunyang three of his moves. Plus, he has already emphasized that he will not harm Yunyang. I will be really disappointed if Yunyang is too afraid to accept such a challenge!"

All sorts of discussions were buzzing on the forums of the virtual world of the Human Tribe. The discussions, which were related to the Senior State Assembly, to Luo Yunyang and to the disbanding of the Assembly, included many participants.

Some people even tried investigating whether Luo Yunyang had accepted the challenge, or whether he would even dare accept it!

As the spectators were buzzing with speculation, Luo Yunyang also received the message.

While he had been trying to help Yunxi absorb the potion made from the Thousand Sun Roses, he had switched off his communication device. He only heard the news when he turned it on once again.

He would have to take three moves from Nalanqingyun?

Upon seeing the challenge issued by Nalanqingyun, Luo Yunyang immediately knew what he was up to. Besides looking to vent some of his anger, Nalanqingyun also wanted to ruin his reputation.

Luo Yunyang would definitely become a laughing stock if he didnt dare accept the challenge. Even if he accepted it and was unable to take the three moves, he would eventually become a subject of mockery amongst strong, established martialists.

Most importantly, Nalanqingyuns motive for spreading this message was to prevent Yunyang from declining the challenge.

"Yunyang, the Nine Paths have had a discussion. We might be able to find some methods to help you in a situation like this," the Bloody Massacre Path Master said gloomily through the communication device.

The Human Tribe considered Luo Yunyang a hero. Of course, they would give him their unwavering support.

Nalanqingyun was way behind Luo Yunyang in terms of popularity.

However, if the Nine Paths employed their own techniques, this match would surely be considered despicable by everyone else.

"No need, Path Master!" Luo Yunyang said solemnly, "I may not have sparred against Galaxy-Grade martialists, but given my current abilities, I think that I will not lose," Luo Yunyang said confidently.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master hung up. Although Luo Yunyang may have surprised him with his abilities, he still believed that he might be slightly overconfident this time.

He didnt want to just take three moves. He actually wanted to win!

As soon as the Bloody Massacre Path Master hung up on Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang sent a reply to the First Senior Statesman.

"I look forward to the challenge!"