Supreme Uprising Chapter 505

Chapter 505 10000 Slashes In One

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In the Miro Family Residence, Miro Fedor had been in terrible spirits over the past few days. Besides the fact that he felt unhappy, what made him feel even worse was the sullen feeling of an opportunity being stolen from him.

This feeling was sullen indeed.

All these years, Miro Fedor had never had to put up with such petty annoyances. However, he had not only just given up his ranking, but he had even been taken advantage of in his own home!

If there was a chance to avoid it, Miro Fedor definitely would want to have a scuffle with Luo Yunyang.

“Young Master, this is the latest news from Luo Yunyang,” an attendant said respectfully.

In the Miro Household, there were strict rules regarding the announcement of news. Although it was actually faster to make use of the Virtual Realm to get the latest news, the Miro Household always wanted to have someone come and pass the information to them when there was important news.

This was the safest method after all.

Miro Fedor couldn’t care less about the challenge of the pinnacle Galaxy-Grade martialist. To him, the name Nalanqingyun was not even worth remembering.

“Luo Yunyang must be the only person in the Qianlong Register who has not had a go against me,” Miro Fedor mumbled to himself.

“Yes, Young Master. You are absolutely right!” the attendant said respectfully.

This attendant was very quick-witted and good at assessing situations. Although he had initially been gifted with the gift of the gab, he was very careful when it came to speaking with Miro Fedor. In this world, there were too many people who talked a lot, but too few who knew when to remain silent.

There was a glint in Miro Fedor’s eyes as he said in a serious tone, “Is it possible for me to spectate the match?”

“Young Master, it is at best a 10-day ride from here all the way to the Milky Way. I am worried that the battle might have already ended by the time we get there.”

The attendant realized that he had made a grave mistake as soon as he spoke. The Young Master hated it when people ranted on incessantly. Eventually, he concluded that he had to quickly get straight to the point.

He subconsciously raised his head to take a look at his Young Master. He was right indeed. Miro Fedor had a sullen expression on his face. Therefore, the attendant said quickly, “Young Master, there is always a way out. Please do not worry too much. If you used the wormhole transportation, you would be able to rush to the Milky Way within a day.”

“I think it’d be better to use the wormhole transportation. Although it costs quite a bit more, I am sure we can afford it,” Miro Fedor told the attendant.

The attendant nodded in agreement before excusing himself to make the necessary arrangements. Meanwhile, Miro Fedor looked at the resources he had at hand before laughing sinisterly.

“Luo Yunyang, this time, I want to see for myself if your skills are as great as described in the Qianlong Register.”

There were many people out there who thought like Miro Fedor and wanted to see for themselves Luo Yunyang’s actual cultivation level. Many of them were also from tribes that harbored intense hatred for Luo Yunyang.

Meanwhile, on the boundless thunder aggregation, a young teen was taking a bath in the rolling thunder sea. Countless massive thunder waves charged towards the 18-meter-tall teen from the Thunder Ray Tribe, creating a metallic luster around him.

“The battle between Luo Yunyang and the pinnacle Galaxy-Grade martialist isn’t that significant!” the teen said as he opened his eyes. There was impatience in his voice.

However, when an unknown message was sent to him via communication device, he eventually relented. As he stood up, a massive wormhole opened up across the thunder sea.

The moment one of his feet entered the wormhole, the teen disappeared without a trace.

The younger generation of martialists from the Electric Awn Tribe, the Evergreen Tribe, the Giant Slab Tribe, as well as the 18 other Primary Tribes, and the majority of martialists from the Qianlong Register had all used different methods to reach the Milky Way and the Third Moon Space.

Their purpose for coming was simply to watch Luo Yunyang and Nalanqingyun duke it out.

“Brother, this is the data I’ve managed to gather regarding Nalanqingyun,” Luo Dong’er said as she came running and handed over some resources to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang had already acquired a copy of those resources earlier. However, when he saw his sister’s eagerness to help, he took the documents from her and said, “You have definitely helped your brother a lot this time around, Dong’er!”

“You are only mocking me. Don’t think that I do not know that you likely have more materials already!” Luo Dong’er told Luo Yunyang before adding, “I have performed an analysis on Nalanqingyun. Please review it.”

With that, Luo Dong’er turned and left.

Luo Yunyang could care less about going up against Nalanqingyun. However, he did not want to ignore his sister’s analysis.

After all, he could actually deduce his sister’s standards in combat ability, as well as many other things, through this analysis.

Although Nalanqingyun cultivated the Raging Inferno Path, his best Origin Source Law skills were Wind, Metal, and Spatial Dimension Origin Source Law.

By combining them, he had named his cultivation path Long Dragon-Beheading River Path. Legend had it that its strongest move was the 10,000 Slashes In One.

One of the three moves he was going to use would definitely be the 10,000 Slashes In One. It was imperative that Luo Yunyang did not hide, but instead kept up a tight defense around him…

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly while reading Luo Dong’er’s analysis. Although this analysis was juvenile and not thorough enough for Luo Yunyang, there was a clear and logical flow regarding her analysis of the moves.

Luo Yunyang set the documents aside after reading them. The reason he had agreed to a battle this time hadn’t been Nalanqingyun’s provocation.

If he wanted to establish the Luo Family, he would have to use this opportunity to let the entire Human Tribe get to know him.

He also wanted to show other people that, even if he did not rely on the seal of the Celestial World Supremacy, he could still stand up against pinnacle Galaxy-Grade martialists in the galaxy.

A period of three days passed in the blink of an eye.

The Third Moon Space was huge and covered billions of miles. However, most people believed that the Third Moon Space was generally referred to as the Third Moon Star.

Although the area wasn’t too large, it was filled with the full heat coming from the star.

Both Luo Yunyang and Nalanqingyun had a wide reputation in the Human Tribe. That was why this battle had aroused the interest of so many people.

Just a day before the duel, countless spaceships arrived from every direction.

On these spaceships were the best martialists from the Nine Paths, as well as members of the Senior State Assembly. There were also some people who had just gone there to spectate the match.

The forums of the virtual realms were full of speculations on the fighting styles of both parties. Many strong martialists from the Human Tribe also gave special interviews about their thoughts on the battle.

Among them were some martialists from the Senior State Assembly.

“Do you think that Luo Yunyang will be able to handle three moves from Senior State Assemblyman Lanqingyun?” a beautiful lady asked a muscular, fierce man on the flashing screen.

Although the man on the screen looked like someone in his forties, he had actually already been alive for several thousand years. He laughed when he heard the lady’s words. “Don’t you think that this question is a little ridiculous? I think that it will be a miracle if he can even deal with one move!”

“Luo Yunyang has just entered the Nebula-Grade, so he is considered a member of the youngest generation. Are you aware of the cultivation base of the First Senior Statesman? He is at the peak Galaxy-Grade!”

“Let me put it this way… This cannot even be considered a duel. It is more of a lecture! Understand? This is basically a senior teaching a junior that, although a martialist might have great support, they will still eventually have to rely on their own abilities!”

The middle-aged man took a sip of tea before saying, “You will slowly understand the thoughts of the First Senior Statesman.”

Many people were watching the interview, as the person being interviewed was an elite Senior Assembly Statesman. Even though he had lost the Senior State Assembly’s support and a large part of his influence, his current analysis of the battle still managed to earn most of the audience’s approval.

After all, there was just too great a difference between someone who had just advanced to the Nebula-Grade and someone who was at the peak Galaxy-Grade. Even though Luo Yunyang was innately talented and had been able to stand up to this challenge, there was still too great a difference in standards between the two martialists.

Some people even suggested that, if Luo Yunyang was really confident, he should actually make a wager with Nalanqingyun on certain issues, such as maybe agreeing to the reconstruction of the Senior State Assembly if he lost.

All sorts of news filled the Milky Way. As many people anticipated the battle eagerly, the time and date of the battle finally came.

Many people had heard of Nalanqingyun’s name, but very few had actually seen him in person.

Just 10 minutes before the match began, a silver spaceship flew in from afar. After it halted and stabilized itself in the sky, a man in his mid-thirties walked out in a white robe.

His walk was calm and lacked any sense of urgency. However, as he walked out, many people who were there to spectate the match began to feel a huge mounting pressure in their hearts. This pressure was so intense that they suddenly felt a little breathless.

However, what really attracted people’s attention was not how big this man was, but the sword he was holding in his hands.

He was holding a long white sword!

It was actually a white scabbard with a white hilt. The expression of the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the other people anticipating the match changed when they saw the matching colors of the man’s sword and robe.

This long sword was no ordinary weapon. It could be considered as valuable as the Sky-Breaking Sword. Although the Sky-Breaking Sword was not as good as the sword passed down between the Nine Paths, which could supposedly suppress a whole tribe, it was more or less just as rare.

While it was sheathed, it looked very much like an ordinary sword. However, once it was unsheathed, its power was enough to double the might of the wielder.

This kind of treasure was only used by people in an emergency.

However, Nalanqingyun was wielding this sword right now.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master and everyone else looked at Nalanqingyun in shock. Some people even returned to their sects to summon their own treasures.

Just as they were getting ready, Luo Yunyang arrived in another flying spaceship!