Supreme Uprising Chapter 506

Chapter 506 Equal To The Galaxy Grade But Not Yet A Ruler

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Although he had seen Nalanqingyuns image many times, Luo Yunyang had only one thought when he saw his opponent: the First Senior Assembly Statesman was a very pure martialist.

As he held the long blade in his hand, he stood as proud as a dragon!

Nalanqingyun stared coldly at Luo Yunyang. The killing intent between them had begun brewing the moment their gazes had met.

Nalanqingyun, who had attained the peak Galaxy-Grade, seemed to be above the entire Human Tribe in the Milky Way. A crippling aura was unleashed by the Galaxy-Grade martialist in an instant.

Blade-lights immediately began gathering into circular blades behind him. These countless circular blades eventually sealed the surrounding 3,000 miles of space between him and Luo Yunyang.

Galaxy-Grade martialists were not known as rulers just because of their ability to break through the Galaxy-Grade, but also because their individual cultivation paths could allow them to replace different Origin Source Laws in space.

In the presence of a Galaxy-Grade Ruler, any ordinary Nebula-Grade martialist would not even stand a chance of resisting.

By sealing a total area of 3,000 miles and limiting the space around him, Nalanqingyun could effectively destroy anything within that space.

However, Luo Yunyang appeared calm in the face of this mounting pressure. In fact, he did not move one bit. This fellow was just a little too flashy. As he stood still, the hundreds of circular blade-lights approaching him simply evaporated.

"This is indeed a battle between the strongest martialists in existence. They are not even exchanging blows, yet you can already feel the tension in the air!"

"Indeed, he has dominated 3,000 miles around him in one move. Damn, even a higher-tier spacecraft entering this region would be destroyed by this massive aura!"

"Luo Yunyang seems to be doing pretty well as well. Most Nebula-Grade martialists would not even have been able to react in the face of a Galaxy-Grade martialist."

"Thats right, there has been almost no reaction from him. Nalanqingyun seems to be in the midst of creating something big!"

"I think that Luo Yunyang is confident this time. He will definitely be able to deal with three blows."

The battle with Nalanqingyun had aroused many peoples curiosity. Since the Sky Books of the Nine Paths did not prohibit any footage regarding this duel, the forum of the virtual world was filled with images of Luo Yunyang going up against Nalanqingyun.

Amongst the spectators, only a handful of top martialists were really able to see what sort of techniques were being employed.

Miro Fedor, as well as the youngest generation of elite martialists from the Thunder Ray Tribe and the Electric Awn Tribe, were among them. Most of them had a Galaxy-Grade cultivation base, and their names were in the Qianlong Register. Most importantly, a lot of these elites had combat experience against Galaxy-Grade opponents.

Therefore, they could easily see what was going on.

Miro Fedor was an elite from the Demigod Tribe with a grand disposition. That was why many geniuses from other tribes had gathered around him.

They seemed to crowd around the person they respected as a leader. Miro Fedor was their leader. Thus, he was in the center of the crowd.

Only the Miro Family knew that Luo Yunyang had been to their residence and forcefully taken the silver component.

Luo Yunyang would definitely not announce such a tyrannical act. Likewise, the members of the Miro Family would not leak this matter in order to save themselves from embarrassment.

"This Nalanqingyun chap from the Human Tribe isnt too bad. Although he is not a major Galaxy-Grade powerhouse, he isnt far from becoming one," said a martialist from the Electric Awn Tribe who was looking at Nalanqingyun with heartfelt admiration and respect.

After all, attaining a major boundary was part of his goal as well.

In the Divine Union, there was a strict differentiation between the cultivation level of martialists all the way from the Planet Grade to the Universe Grade. Similarly, there was also a differentiation when comparing a cultivation base and the understanding of path cultivation.

Between the Minor Boundary and the Extreme Boundary were five general subdivisions in the Divine Union: Minor, Major, Complete, Consummate and Extreme Boundary!

It was considered normal for a Galaxy-Grade martialist to have a Minor Boundary understanding of their own path cultivation. In fact, if one wished to progress into being a Galaxy-Grade martialist, one had to have at least a Minor Boundary understanding of their own path cultivation.

It was so rare for one to be able to attain the Major Boundary of understanding that only one in about 100 Galaxy-Grade martialists would eventually make it to that level of understanding.

Out of 10 such people, only one would make it to the Celestial Domain-Grade!

The Complete Boundary was considered even rarer. Among 1,000 Galaxy-Grades, it was already rare if one had a Major Boundary, let alone a Complete Boundary.

As long as one reached the Complete Boundary, advancing to the Celestial Domain-Grade would follow naturally.

Meanwhile, the Consummate and Extreme Boundary were considered Celestial Domain-Grade categories. However, under certain circumstances, some Galaxy-Grade martialists had also attained the understanding of the last two stages.

Anyone who managed to attain the Extreme Boundary of understanding enjoyed a special status in the Divine Union.

By relying on some of the treasures handed down the Miro Family, as well as his level of cultivation, Miro Fedor had smugly attained the Major Boundary of his cultivation path.

What he lacked right now was accumulated experience. Once he accumulated enough of it, in combination with the power of his household, he would definitely be able to easily advance to the Galaxy-Grade.

However, he still did not feel confident in his own abilities to oppose Nalanqingyun. There was just too great a difference between their strengths.

However, if he could not do so, then Luo Yunyang would have a worse fate.

Three moves? If Nalanqingyun wielded his sword, he was pretty sure that Luo Yunyang would not be able to handle three moves.

After all, this was a Galaxy-Grade martialist on the verge of reaching the Major Boundary.

"Based on your reputation, Luo Yunyang, you are stronger than me. However, I cannot judge your strength just based on your reputation!" Nalanqingyun said, his gaze firmly fixed on Luo Yunyang. His voice was calm and contained some degree of admiration. "When I was at your cultivation level, I definitely did not have your current ability."

"However, I still have to teach you today that it pays to be cautious and prudent, young man. Take this!" said Nalanqingyun as he drew his long white sword.

Then, he made a swift slashing motion with his blade.

The circular blades that had dispersed within 3,000 miles of Nalanqingyun began rushing back towards him and gathering under the wave of his sword.

In an instant, the skies and the earth within 3,000 miles of him were covered by the wave of his blade.

Although the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others had already retrieved their best weapons, their faces were still aghast with terror and shock as they watched the technique Nalanqingyun used.

Even though they believed that they could deal with this technique, what about Luo Yunyang? If he could not even deal with this technique, how would he keep holding out?

Besides, if he couldnt even deal with this move, he would definitely lose his current reputation.

How would he face the entire Human Tribe in the future?

Even though Luo Yunyang was the Celestial World Supremacys disciple and did not care about the small issues that concerned the Human Tribe, he was destined to lose his reputation.

Just as everyone was fretting over Luo Yunyangs inability to deal with these attacks, they noticed an even more disturbing fact. Luo Yunyang was not even moving, even though he was surrounded by blade-lights in a 3,000-mile radius!

If Luo Yunyang had been a Galaxy-Grade martialist, then people would have thought that he was extremely confident about facing this technique head-on. However, he was merely at the initial stages of the Nebula Grade.

Given his cultivation base, there was only one possible reason why he was standing there instead of choosing to run.

He had already been crippled by fear

Although this was something that couldnt possibly happen, most people assumed that this was exactly what was going on. Miro Fedor also thought so.

He hoped that Luo Yunyang would drop out of the ninth place on the Qianlong Register after this battle.

Then, Miro Fedor himself would be able to relinquish his initial position.

Just as someone in the crowd shouted for Luo Yunyang, he suddenly began moving. He pointed his finger in the direction of himself and tapped lightly.

Although this tap wasnt fast, it contained enormous might. As the blade-lights spread over 1,000 miles began descending, several black rays began emanating from Luo Yunyangs body.

These black rays, which were dense and tightly packed, rushed towards the descending blade-lights. Although they were quickly destroyed when they came into contact with the blade-lights, the rays seemed endless. It seemed as though they were able to absorb an unlimited amount of blade-lights.

Due to the repetitive layers of black rays, the blade-lights, which were like thunder waves, kept dispersing into the void.

When the blade-lights came into contact with Luo Yunyangs finger, the area they covered shrank from 3,000 miles to only a few hundred meters. However, these several hundred blade-lights still contained a large amount of power.

There were no sounds or any unusual reactions when the finger came into contact with the blade-lights. However, the turbulent blade-lights disappeared without a trace.

This disappearance was likened to the mouth of a beast, as any blade-lights that came into contact with it were swallowed immediately.

Miro Fedor was stunned by what he was seeing. He could not believe that Luo Yunyang was having such an easy time handling this technique. Even the other Galaxy-Grade martialists present were equally stunned.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master made eye contact with the Deep Earth Path Master. Based on their expressions, they could see that they were equally surprised.

"What kind of move is Luo Yunyang using? Is this still the Great Chaotic Hole Path?" asked the Deep Earth Path Master.

As the best martialist in the Bloody Massacre Path, the Bloody Massacre Path Master naturally knew a lot about the Great Chaotic Hole Path. After pondering this question for a bit, he replied, "It should be the Great Chaotic Hole Path. However, there seems to be some form of modification to his Great Chaotic Hole Path Technique."

The Fiery Sun Path Master, who had already retrieved the treasure of his own path and was now standing next to them, said, "Right now, Luo Yunyang is as powerful as a Galaxy-Grade martialist. However, he isnt a ruler yet!"

The Bloody Massacre Path nodded his head in agreement. Although only one move had been used, Luo Yunyangs performance had already stupefied them.

"Then take this!" Nalanqingyun said as he moved his blade instantly. Luo Yunyang moved and appeared right in front of Nalanqingyun in the blink of an eye.

Following Luo Yunyangs sudden appearance, the black rays on his body immediately enveloped Nalanqingyun.

Nalanqingyun suddenly felt as though he had entered a quagmire. Actually, it felt more like he had entered a massive whirlpool that was furiously absorbing his strength.

He wanted to retreat and hide, but was unable to.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang tapped his finger once more!