Supreme Uprising Chapter 508

Chapter 508 The Bloody Space River

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“Your Highness Yunyang, the Bloody Space River is just up ahead. You can go there to report to the Divine Union Territory,” said a large man respectfully as he pointed towards the starry region in the distance.

Luo Yunyang looked at the boundless sea of red space as he stood atop the spaceship.

“Thank you, Mr. Molin,” said Luo Yunyang.

The large man nodded his head respectfully and bade farewell to Yunyang before disappearing into the boundless space along with his spaceship.

Luo Yunyang watched his disappearing silhouette, feeling sort of relieved.

Even though Molin had been extremely polite and respectful to him, Luo Yunyang could not help but feel uneasy having a Celestial Domain-Grade martialist escorting him.

During the last 30 years, Luo Yunyang had spent a large portion of his time cultivating under the ancient tree of the Evergreen Tribe. Although his rank had only advanced from the first tier of the Nebula-Grade to the second tier of the Nebula-Grade, thanks to his mastery of the Great Chaotic Hole Path, he had still managed to reap great rewards in terms of his understanding of the four types of Origin Source Laws.

Over time, the results of his cultivation had decreased. During the past 10 days, Mr. Molin had actually brought an order from his own Master, the Celestial World Supremacy. Luo Yunyang was supposed to go to the Bloody Space River and obtain one billion merit points in the span of 100 years.

Molin hadn’t explained how he would receive these merit points. He had only been instructed to lead Luo Yunyang to the Bloody Space River and take back the Celestial World Supremacy’s seal, which had helped Luo Yunyang tremendously.

According to Molin, even though Luo Yunyang was a disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy, the seal had to be taken away because it wouldn’t be useful there. This was because nothing was important there besides one’s strength!

Although Yunyang had tried to search for information on the Bloody Space River, he had only managed to find one piece of information about it. He had learned that this place was like a cross junction where people of the Divine Union, the Purgatory, the Machine Empire, and the Beast Sky Union congregated.

These four powers often engaged in battles in this boundless expanse of space. The purpose of these fights was to get their hands on resources.

This area was not marked on the Galaxy Star Map, neither was it on the Galaxy Map of the different tribes or the Galaxy Taboo List.

All Luo Yunyang could find was the legend of how the Bloody Space River had gotten its name.

The reason behind its name was that too much blood had been shed during these close scuffles. This also explained the aura of blood that existed in the air.

“Who is there?” Just as Luo Yunyang was thinking about this, a pair of silhouettes emerged from one of the Blood Red Planets nearby.

The two shadows, which were about 33 and 23 meters tall, were both wearing scarlet armor. There were also two spaceships, one for each of them, which were both made out of gold.

The person who had spoken was the 30-meter tall man, who was also swinging his giant axe.

Luo Yunyang could sense the cultivation bases of the two men from the moment he met them. One of them was at the peak Nebula-Grade, while the other was at the eighth tier of the Nebula-Grade.

If the two of them had been in the Milky Way, they would definitely have been commanders of a few other Nebula-Graders. However, judging by the look of their possessions, they were most likely on patrol duty in this region.

“I am Luo Yunyang from the Human Tribe and I come here humbly under orders!” said Luo Yunyang as he threw over a token that Molin had given him.

After all, there was about a 300-meter gap between the two parties. If Luo Yunyang got closer, he might be accused of wanting to start a fight.

The tall man inspected the token presented by Luo Yunyang before shooting him a look of contempt.

“Damn, those old men in the Divine Union must have their brains growing in their bums. They clearly want more Divine Sky Source, but are not willing to give us the capable manpower for it.”

The tall man scanned Luo Yunyang from head to toe before saying, “A Nebula-Grade martialist from a small third-grade tribe And a second-tier Nebula-Grade martialist at that! This is rubbish!”

“No, it is trash upon trash! This is a fighter collected from a heap of trash!”

Luo Yunyang couldn’t remember the last time someone had called him trash. Hearing this insult made him extremely agitated.

“Hey, even though you do not have much ability, you sure do have a temper. What are you so unhappy about? Damn it, let me tell you something There aren’t many rules around here!”

“We also wouldn’t care much about your background, even if you were from the Demigod Tribe. If your cultivation base isn’t up to scratch, you are still going to get beaten to a pulp!”

“The one who punches the hardest is the boss!” said the 30-meter tall man. Although it was not clear which tribe he was actually from, he laughed and said, “Come on, if you have the ability, go ahead and hit me! It will be in vain!”

“How may I address you?” Luo Yunyang said while looking at the man in a peculiar manner.

“Remember my name. I am Langben from the Giant Soul Tribe!” the huge man said while waving his massive hands. However, just as he was saying his own name, the human laughed and interrupted him. “I am going to beat you up now, Brother Langben!”

Langben was stunned for a moment. He almost could not believe his ears. That weakling from the Human Tribe had actually said that he was going to give him a beating!

However, as he was questioning his own hearing, Luo Yunyang’s body appeared strangely within 30 meters of him.

That wasn’t all. There were also layers of black whirlpool-like rays coming from his body.

These rays were like layers of marsh that bound Langben, making it extremely difficult for him to move.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

In just a few moments, Langben was sent rolling down from various hits. Although he struggled to retaliate, the layers of whirlpool rays just continued to bind him, leaving him unable to even stand up.

“What an interesting chap! If you can, try to kill me!”

“You human scumbag! If you aren’t able to kill daddy, then I will be your son!”

“Daddy, stop hitting! I am your son!”

When he could not take this beating anymore, Langben finally conceded. He had already given up on whatever dignity he had and started bawling and asking for forgiveness.

As he looked at Luo Yunyang, who wasn’t holding back his punches, he felt as though he had just made eye contact with the devil.

Not only did his comrade not join the fight, but he actually kept a fair bit of distance from both Langben and Luo Yunyang. It was obvious that he did not want to be part of the brawl between them.

“Can you tell me about the current situation here at the Bloody Space River, old pal?” Luo Yunyang asked Langben.

His attacks were not meant to harm or hurt Langben, but to inflict pain. The parts that Yunyang hit would be corroded by the power of the Black Hole and cause grievous pain on the victim.

“Bo Boss, the Bloody Space River has been explored in every direction by us. During all these years and bloodsheds, we have also been after the Divine Sky Source. Besides slaying opposing forces, we also want to accumulate Divine Sky Source.”

Although Luo Yunyang did not know what the Divine Sky Source was, when he saw Langben’s serious expression, he asked immediately, “Tell me how I can obtain merit points then.”

He had to get one billion merit points, over the course of 100 years. This thought was haunting Luo Yunyang. Although he wasn’t sure whether the one billion points would be easy to obtain, he knew that any mission given by the Celestial World Supremacy would be a big deal.

“Boss, merit points are the currency used around the Bloody Space River. If you kill any of the Nebula-Grade martialists from the other three factions, you will be given one merit point. If you find a Divine Sky Source, then you are going to get 10 merit points.”

Slaying one Nebula-Grade martialist was only worth one merit point?

One billion merit points meant killing one billion Nebula-Grade Martialists. Luo Yunyang wanted to shout 1,000 expletives at the thought.

Damn it, Nebula-Grade martialists weren’t pigs. Even if there were a billion pigs in the area, it would not be an easy task to conduct a complete, clean slaughter.

“Oh, I forgot. What is the highest cultivation level over here?” asked Luo Yunyang.

“In the Bloody Space River, most of the stronger fighters do not fight against each other. The ones who fight are usually lower in rank.”

Then, Langben said emphatically, “Right now, the strongest people in the Bloody Space River should be at the Monarch Level of the Galaxy Grade.”

Langben then stole a quick glance at Luo Yunyang. When he saw a suspicious look in Yunyang’s eyes, he immediately added, “The so-called Monarch-Level Martialists are actually martialists who have obtained the Consummate Boundary.”

Luo Yunyang’s eyes lit up upon hearing these words. Martialists who had attained the Consummate Boundary?

All these years, his ongoing goal had been to attain the Consummate Boundary of understanding on the Giant Chaotic Hole Path.

In order to achieve his goal, he had sat under the ancient tree for 30 years. Although he had improved quite a bit in terms of cultivation, he had still been unable to obtain the Consummate Boundary.

“The Consummate Boundary!” a voice as massive as a force said before dissipating in every direction.

This massive force caused both Langben and the martialist who had come with him to shudder in fear.

“How many Galaxy-Grade Monarchs do we actually have?” Luo Yunyang asked Langben after pondering this for a bit.

“Eight. There are eight Galaxy Monarchs from the Divine Union!” said the martialist who had come along with Langben.

Luo Yunyang nodded his head and said, “Then what you say about this place must be true. Is the strongest really the king?”

Langben hated himself for saying the wrong things. He had just been taught a lesson. However, he still replied honestly, “That should be true.”

“Alright, in that case, let’s get going. I cannot wait any longer,” said Luo Yunyang. He wasn’t lying. He felt a tingling feeling in his heart when he thought about the one billion points he needed to obtain.

Although Langben had been beaten up, he still automatically activated his spaceship and led Yunyang in the direction of the boundless Bloody Space River.