Supreme Uprising Chapter 509

Chapter 509 The Disposition Of A King

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The scent of blood got thicker and thicker as they made their way towards the center of the Bloody Space River. As the scent got stronger, Luo Yunyang also felt an increasing strength return to his body.

On top of this, he felt an incredible sense of frenzy mounting in his heart.

However, this feeling was heavily suppressed by his Mind Power, so it did not affect him too much.

Langben was extremely honest about everything. Throughout the flight, he kept stealing glances at Luo Yunyang, as if he had something to say to him.

"Spit out what you have to say. Are you still my son? Or do you want me to claw out your skin?" Luo Yunyang said fiercely, without even a glance at Langben.

"Boss, dont Ill speak!" Langben was completely afraid of Luo Yunyang. Thus, under Luo Yunyangs close scrutiny, he started trembling slightly and said, "This spiritual influence drives people crazy easily. I I was just afraid that you would beat me!"

Luo Yunyang glanced at the 30-meter tall Langben silently. Three hours later, the bloody scent around Luo Yunyangs surroundings began to thicken. Under the circumstances, any normal human would have immediately realized that they were no longer in the void, but in the midst of an ocean of blood.

"Boss Luo, this is the base of the Divine Union. Every newcomer has to report to the logistics camp." Langben pointed to the camp ahead, which was as tall as a mountain. There was still a slight tremor in his voice as he spoke.

Despite his tremor, which was caused by fear, Luo Yunyang thought that this chap actually was slightly excited.

That was right, he was slightly excited.

As he studied the tall surroundings around the planet and all the ancient-looking camps, Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up.

This vast area gave him a feeling of restlessness. He felt restless to vent his frustration on something.

The fact that he was able to feel such frustration in a blood-scented area just went to show what kind of people lived in this simple-looking camp.

However, Luo Yunyang started feeling increasingly relaxed in this place. He glanced at Langben before his face broke into a smile and he said, "Lets follow the local rules!"

Langben followed Luo Yunyang from about a kilometer away and shouted, "Luo Yunyang from the Human Tribe is here to report!"

Instantly, over 1,000 people rushed out of the blood-red camps and began gathering around each other, forming a majestic pressure that surged towards Luo Yunyang.

Despite this surging pressure, Luo Yunyang remained as calm as still water. Meanwhile, his mouth curled into a faint smile.

"You shall not pass!" said a 66-meter tall man with four arms and two heads. He used his coarse fingers to point in another direction as he said, "You may go the other way."

He was pointing in the direction of a small door that was quickly shrinking.

By the time Luo Yunyang saw the door, it had already shrunk so much that he would have to tense up slightly before being able to get through.

Luo Yunyang, who knew what this meant, began heading in Langbens direction. Eventually, he flew past Langben and his comrade and headed towards the tall man who was about 66 meters tall.

"Ha ha! Do you guys see that? He is forcing his way through!" the big man from the Giant Slab Tribe shouted. "Please do not fight with me, Brothers. This weak chicken is mine!"

He raised his fists as he spoke. Instantly, four majestic blood-red dragons filled the skies and charged towards Luo Yunyang.

This Giant Slab Tribesman was at the first tier of the Galaxy Grade. However, the amount of strength and power he possessed wasnt inferior to Nalanqingyuns in any way.

Luo Yunyang did not cower in the face of the approaching blood-red dragons. Instead, he also began charging in their direction.

Just as the blood-red dragon appeared before him, Luo Yunyang raised his fists and delivered a heavy blow.

The blood-red dragon was smashed with one blow.

Although the Giant Slab Tribe was superior in terms of strength, Luo Yunyang had already used his Nebula-Grade Black Hole to instantly destroy the blood-red dragon.

While the big chap from the Giant Slab Tribe was taken aback by Luo Yunyangs strength, Luo Yunyang appeared before him and delivered yet another heavy blow.

This mountain-breaking strike was Luo Yunyangs most ordinary move. However, this punch was different as it landed quickly on the giant martialists body. In an instant, the martialist from the Giant Slab Tribe was sent flying away.

The expressions of the martialists who had initially been rooting for the Giant Slab Tribe immediately changed. They had congregated together to display their strength, yet their leader had been beaten right off the bat.

If one of their own was unable to return to the battle right now, then they would become a laughing stock in the future.

"My brothers, as long as we do not kill anybody, its okay!" shouted a martialist from the Moxia Tribe. Following his cry, about 40-50 men immediately charged towards Luo Yunyang.

They used fist strikes, palm seals, finger lights

In an instant, all sorts of different attacks that seemed to overwhelm everyone present were used. Under this barrage of attacks, Luo Yunyang quickly moved his body and began using moves based on the style of attacks thrown his way.

It was a massive battle!

Luo Yunyang was fighting alone against a group of them. He began feeling excited, so he decided not to use his Chaotic Hole Light Wave Move or his Great Chaotic Hole Path.

Instead, he decided to use the most fundamental hand-to-hand combat techniques. These techniques had been infused with his many years of training in the Divine Martial Hall. One could say that, given his years of training, he could now execute every move to perfection.

"Kill, kill, kill!"

People flew away everywhere as fists met. Many martialists from the other tribes had also started falling to the ground. Under the barrage of incoming attacks, Luo Yunyang was like a bird that flitted about and disappeared without a trace.

"Hes here! Do not let him escape!"

"Damn, his fists sure are hard! I must have broken a bone!"

"Incredible! He sneaked an attack on me so quickly Theres no way I could catch up!"

About several hundred fighters had already fallen in the void amid exclamations and cries.

Although Luo Yunyang controlled his strength while he attacked, there were still some serious injuries inflicted.

Unlike the battle in the void, people kept emerging from the Human Tribes base camp. These new people did the same thing as the previous people and also tried to move against Luo Yunyang.

Although some of the new people were initially extremely brave, they were eventually flogged in a similar manner until they burst into tears. They had actually experienced such a situation before. However, this battle was still going on.

"The whole first team is going to be annihilated soon!" a Demigod Tribesman said coldly as he watched the battle raging in the void.

Around the martialist from the Demigod Tribe were martialists from other tribes. Although they all came from different backgrounds, they felt a deep sense of respect for this Demigod Tribe martialist.

This respect only stemmed from his power.

"This newcomer is not weak. Although he might only be a Nebula-Grade martialist, his strength is no weaker than that of a Galaxy-Grade entity. Martialists like that are rare!"

"What is rarer is his battle sense. Did you all notice that he was fighting 10 people simultaneously and still sneakily attacking others at the same time?"

"Despite multiple attacks from over 10 people in one go, he was still able to perfectly dodge every attack without using any techniques against them."

"Dont say that this is because he is very fast. Thats completely unrelated. His main strength is his battle sense," said the man from the Demigod Tribe. Upon seeing dozens of men getting beaten by Luo Yunyang in the void, he shouted, "Everyone get out of the way! Let me have a go!"

After hollering, the man from the Demigod Tribe immediately soared high into the air and quickly delivered a heavy strike.

This blow made the surrounding area shrink rapidly, while everything along that path began congregating towards that blow.

"Its the Divine Breaker Marquis!" said some people as they hastily retreated in both fright and surprise.

Although Luo Yunyang had no idea who the Divine Breaker Marquis was, he could tell that this move was different. He felt as though there was a limit to what he was doing in the shrinking void.

Of course, it wasnt hard for Luo Yunyang to rip through the void and whatever was limiting him. However, he felt a sense of carefreeness at that point in time. How could he hide and keep the peace when he felt like this? He didnt hesitate at all before raising his finger and executing the Universe-Breaking Snap!

The martialist from the Demigod Tribe had a bad premonition as soon as he saw Luo Yunyang execute this move. However, before he could retreat, his blow came into contact with Luo Yunyangs and he found out that their blows were equal in strength!

A forceful whirlpool appeared in front of the Divine Breaker Marquis. Unfortunately, although he was fast, Luo Yunyangs finger had already touched his palm.

In an instant, that destructive sucking power broke the martialists hand and immediately turned it into ashes.

Meanwhile, the Divine Breaker Marquis was sent flying.

The martialists who had retreated in every direction were all afraid of Luo Yunyang, who appeared calm and relaxed once again.

"Anyone else?" Luo Yunyang asked with a slightly sinister smile while scanning the fearful martialists, who did not dare advance a step further.

Nobody made a single sound. Some people even retreated hastily, while others just fought as they kept still quickly falling from the void.

In a short while, Luo Yunyang was the only person left standing in the void!