Supreme Uprising Chapter 510

Chapter 510 Accidents And Luck Are Closely Related

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Compared to the noise in the outside world, in the camp 250 kilometers east, three martialists who were leisurely having a couple of drinks inside a golden hall were making considerably louder noise.

"That is right. The speed is right, the strength is right, but most importantly, his cultivation path is more inclined towards strength. He has nearly obtained the Major Boundary."

The man speaking had a small built, and his body was entirely glossy and metallic. His two companions also had a kind of golden luster.

Although his head was small, the voice projected from him was as loud as thunder.

"Do you think highly of him, Golden Bat Monarch?" asked a short man sitting opposite of him who was about 60 centimeters tall. The man had dragon scales all over his body, and his head looked like a dragons.

He also had a deafening voice that made anyone who heard him uncomfortable.

"Why not? Do you think otherwise, Green Scale Monarch? I bet you that if he survives, he will certainly become the next Monarch in the following 100 years!"

The Gold Bat Monarch craned his neck and told the person beside him, "Why dont you bear witness to our wager, Autumn Water Monarch? I bet 100,000 merit points!"

The Green Scale Monarch laughed. "Ha ha! Only 100,000 merit points? I have a million merit points here right now. Why dont we just take things to the next level and wager that amount?"

"Alright, you are on. I am only afraid that you might back out!" the Gold Bat Monarch said confidently.

The person the other two addressed as Autumn Water Monarch was a fair, tall, slender and sweet-tempered lady. Her eyes were like lipid autumn waters that were extremely captivating.

However, beneath the white dress of the Autumn Water Monarch was a three-meter-long snakes tail. As she looked at the two men, who were arguing like kids, she said, "The two of you just love to squabble all the time!"

"I think that you should focus on how to break into the Extreme Boundary. Although we may be Monarchs, if we are unable to break into the Extreme Boundary, we still wont be able to use much power when we return to our individual tribes."

The ladys words made the Gold Bat Monarch and the Green Scale Monarch calm down. It was obvious that her words resonated deeply in their hearts.

"We have very little use for the Heaven-Grade Divine Sky Source right now. If we want to improve ourselves even further, the only way is to acquire even higher grades of the Divine Sky Source."

The Green Scale Monarch sighed and said, "Thats right, although we have been striving diligently all these years, deep down I knew that it would get harder and harder for me to improve myself further."

"Alright, lets not get discouraged by this. Lets talk about that chap instead. Are we still having this wager?"

"Of course, why wouldnt we?" the Gold Bat King said enthusiastically. "Lets go ahead and bet one million merit points!"

Luo Yunyang had no idea about the wager made by these people. After he had defeated the Divine Breaker Marquis, nobody else had charged towards him. Instead, everyone had watched him with fear written all over their faces.

"Mr. Luo Yunyang, please come over here and register your name," said a gentle-looking male from the Demigod Tribe. Although he was at the Galaxy-Grade, he was still extremely respectful to Luo Yunyang.

"I am the logistics official in this camp area. My name is Luoerfeilin. Its a pleasure to meet you." The Demigod smiled.

The registration process was very simple. In just a moment, the whole process was complete.

The man handed a token of identification, a star map, and a communication device to Luo Yunyang so that he could communicate internally with the base.

After completing this process, Luoerfeilin smiled and said, "Mr. Luo, you might have extraordinary prowess. You defeated the Divine Breaker Marquis after all. However, I still have to warn you that surviving in this expanse of space isnt easy!"

Luo Yunyang met Luoerfeilins gaze and nodded, accepting the kind-hearted words of the logistics officer.

As Luo Yunyang walked out of Luoerfeilins room, about 1,000 people rushed over.

When he saw this, his first thought was that he hadnt used sufficient strength earlier, so there were still some people who wanted to challenge him.

However, as he readied himself for combat, one of the martialists from the Thunder Ray Tribe boomed, "Divine Marquis Luo, please join the Thunder Combat Team. We promise to give you 30 percent of the merit points!"

"Dont listen to him, Divine Marquis Luo. The Demigod Combat Team is the strongest. If you are willing to join us, our yearly harvests will definitely yield no less than 10,000 merit points!"

"Divine Marquis Luo, the Fiery Combat Team specializes in combat assaults. This is where you truly belong. We are willing to give you half our share of merit points."

"60 percent, Divine Marquis Luo! You can have 60 percent of our merit points!"

Many different voices rang out all around. Compared to the earlier reek of blood, Luo Yunyang now felt as though he had just entered a market.

Suddenly, a torn and tattered spaceship appeared from afar. About seven to eight martialists in torn garments disembarked from the ship. Although their garments were in a bad state, one could tell that they had had a good harvest during their expedition.

"What the f*ck? What is this for? Dont tell me that the old men at the headquarters of the Divine Union have actually sent us some exceptional beauties?" a handsome middle-aged man jested.

Although he was joking, the mans hand continued to rest firmly upon his blade, as though he was ready to draw blood at any moment.

"He he Its Linlong. Damn, this is someone even more attractive than any exceptional beauty!" said an extremely lazy-looking martialist. He looked pretty much like a human, except he had a pair of wings that resembled bat wings on his back.

"Divine Marquis, did you know this? A Divine Marquis has come!" the man said loudly. "Plus, this chap defeated the Divine Breaker Marquis!"

"The new Divine Marquis is a king among Divine Marquises. Most importantly, he has yet to join a single combat team!"

Linlongs eyes had already lit up before that sentence was completed. Linlong hurriedly shouted to his captain, "Boss, quick! Come up! There is a Divine Marquis here!"

The person everyone called captain was a tribesman from the same tribe as the Green Scale Monarch. He scrambled forward like mad and said, "Divine Marquis Luo, please join us. We can offer you 70 percent of our merit points from every raid!"

"Boss must be crazy! 70 percent?" one of the winged tribesmen standing beside Linlong said with dissatisfaction.

After all, the bounty was normally split between seven to eight people, based on each persons contribution during the raid.

If Luo Yunyang got 70 percent, the rest would essentially be getting almost nothing.

"What do you know, you fool? If a Divine Marquis joined us, we would be able to venture into more dangerous areas and get even more merit points."

"It may even be possible to reap 10 to 100 times our original rewards!" Linlong rapped his comrades head as he chided him. "Do you have mush for brains? If he joins us, then our foes will run away as soon as they see us!"

Linlong then lamented, "It is really every man for himself in this place. Were there even any teams here that welcomed us and asked us to join them when we first arrived?"

"Now that you mention it, we spent many days begging before finally forming our current team with people who were willing to contribute."

Many eyes were on Linlong as he lamented. Just as he started feeling slightly suspicious over what was happening, someone asked, "Are you Linlong from the Bloody Massacre Path?"

The Bloody Massacre Path? Linlong hadnt heard those three words in a long time. He immediately froze.

When he glanced in the direction of the speaker, he saw a young man watching him.

Several thoughts ran quickly through Linlongs mind when he saw this young man. Based on his appearance, he believed that this was a human that had been sent over recently.

However, this young man had been sent over at just the Nebula-Grade. That must have been

As he recalled how difficult things were for a newcomer, Linlong decided to lend a helping hand. However, before he could say anything, the young man said, "I will join your team temporarily until I get used to the environment!"

Why was this young man so ignorant? Didnt he know that many things werent decided by insignificant people like him?

How could he dwell temporarily in their team until he familiarized himself with the environment? Did he think that he could just decide this? He should at least have given him a chance to discuss this with his teammates before making a decision!

As he was about to voice his dissatisfaction, he saw his captain, who was a Green Scale King Tribesman, dart forward like an arrow. The captain was smiling wide as he said, "Divine Marquis Luo, welcome to our team!"

Divine Marquis Luo? This name

Linlong watched the brilliant smile on his captains face before silently chiding himself.My goodness! So this is the Divine Marquis who defeated countless people during the recent battle.

How could that be possible? How could there even be a Divine Marquis in the Human Tribe? Furthermore, he was a Divine Marquis even though he was only at the Nebula-Grade.

As Luo Yunyang joined the team, a metal robot hidden on a star for over 100 light years picked up a message.

After carefully studying the contents of the message, the robot quickly transferred them in its mechanical brain.

The news was instantly absorbed at an explosive rate.

As the robot stood up, the contents of the message were quickly placed away into a file. Although the content was small, its degree of importance wasnt low by any means.

"Luo Yunyang from the Divine Union Human Tribe, who is a second-tier Nebula-Grader and a Divine Marquis, possesses the potential to be a Monarch. He currently ranks third on the kill list. Anyone who slays him will be rewarded one million source points."

"Filing complete. Message is now being sent to all assassins!"