Supreme Uprising Chapter 511

Chapter 511 The Purgatorys War Devils

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Luo Yunyang sat in a lotus position aboard an ordinary flying spaceship. A small white gemstone the size of a finger was before him.

This was just the lowest form of the Divine Sky Source!

Luo Yunyang had already infused a piece of Divine Sky Source just the day before, yet it was no longer of any use after its incorporation.

According to Linlong, anyone who hadn’t used the Divine Sky Treasure before would experience an almost 100 percent boost to their constitution once they did.

Although the infusion would occasionally fail, most first-timers would successfully incorporate it on their first try.

Luo Yunyang thought about this miserably. He had never expected that the second scenario would actually happen to him!

That piece of Divine Sky Source was the first that Linlong’s small team had seen in the past three months. However, it had been given to Luo Yunyang generously by Captain Xindelu.

Although Luo Yunyang hadn’t contributed much this time, most team members didn’t oppose Xindelu’s decision to give him the Divine Sky Source.

The presence of an elite existence like Luo Yunyang was extremely important for this small team. Although he had not actually gotten down to fight this time around, his presence alone had filled them with the confidence and assurance they needed so much during a battle.

“Yunyang, we will be entering the Chaos District soon. We might face some hunting teams from the other three factions there. This is no place of trainees. Do not slip up!” Linlong said solemnly.

Luo Yunyang nodded. Just as he was about to speak, a great ominous feeling filled his heart.

“Attention! That is the Obliteration Sound Wave of the Bug Race. Retreat immediately!” said Captain Xindelu. At once, Luo Yunyang felt a rippling force surround the area and surge over.

The magnitude of this force was so great that it destroyed everything in the void. Its actual target was the spaceship Luo Yunyang and the others were in!

“Escape quickly!” Linlong said as beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead. He reacted quickly, getting ready to soar out.

However, he soon realized that he hadn’t seen Luo Yunyang.

Although the situation was dangerous and his many years of experience had caused Linlong to be very egoistic, he still could not help but look in the direction of the spaceship.

The spaceship remained unharmed despite the ripple of sound waves that came into contact with it. Linlong glanced over and saw Luo Yunyang standing before the spaceship while black rays emanated from his body.

The Obliteration Sound wave had disappeared completely thanks to this black glow.

The bugs before them occupied a large portion of the horizon. Amid these worms stood a lady with a pair of wings and a seductive figure.

It was the Bug Race and the queen who controlled all these bugs!

The queen seemed alarmed when she saw Luo Yunyang. The six wings on her back beat rapidly as she took to the air and flew in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, all the other bug men around her charged over at Luo Yunyang and his team.

They would break an arm for the sake of survival!

Just as Linlong and the rest heaved a sigh of relief, they saw Luo Yunyang charge straight ahead.

A bunch of bugs kept falling wherever he went. When Linlong and the others saw Luo Yunyang fly back, his arm had a black bracelet around it.

The bugs that had been charging towards them had started fighting among themselves. Some worms had even begun cannibalizing each other.

“The queen is dead!” Xindelu said with a shaky voice.

The Bug Race had been the tribe he had least wished to encounter in this vast expanse of space. That was because the queen of the Bug Race had massive amounts of subordinates to back her up and many sorts of offensive methods up her sleeve.

Prior to this, they would have thanked their lucky stars if just one member of their group had been able to escape alive from an encounter with this queen.

However, Luo Yunyang had lent them his strength and killed the queen instantly.

“This is the bounty from the battle.” Luo Yunyang calmly handed the black bracelet over to Xindelu.

When he saw the spoils obtained from the battle against the worms, Xindelu exclaimed loudly, “Great, great, great!”

10 months later, the spaceship appeared even more worn and tattered than before. However, there was a joyous atmosphere throughout it now.

“Ha ha! I managed to kill 37 enemies from the other tribes this time. I have earned about 3,000 merit points from that alone. I also managed to get a green Divine Sky Source. If I were to turn it in, it would be worth about 5,000 merit points!” Xindelu said excitedly as he held up the green Divine Sky Source. “We have only been able to achieve such results thanks to Luo Yunyang!”

Luo Yunyang held a glass of blood-red wine and silently stared into the distance while Xindelu and the others celebrated. He felt really distant from the things Xindelu and the others were celebrating about.

He had decided to leave Xindelu and the rest of the team once this mission was over. He had already familiarized himself with the environment, so staying on the team wasn’t going to help him earn one billion merit points.

Although the Celestial World Supremacy had said that he needed Luo Yunyang, there was no need for Luo Yunyang to comply with anything the Celestial World Supremacy hadn’t said.

As Luo Yunyang pondered over his own future course of action, the detector on the spaceship blared loudly.

“Enemies!” Xindelu said calmly. Having Luo Yunyang on their side made them feel like overlords of this chaotic region.

Thus, sometimes he didn’t fear any enemies. He occasionally even hoped for enemies to appear.

However, the excitement on his face soon faded away when he looked at the display showing the situation outside. There was a figure over 30 meters tall with a piercing gaze clad in the blood-colored armor of the Purgatory’s War Devils.

In the Purgatory, only Galaxy-Grade martialists were given the title of War Devils. Right now, there were over 1,000 War Devils surrounding the ship.

There was also a throne seemingly made out of a heap of white bones in the center of this mass of War Devils. On the throne sat a person who appeared to be in his twenties. His face seemed no different from a human’s.

He had snow-white fingers, a set of snow-white armor and helmet, as well as a snow-white bone sword.

There were a total of nine major royal tribes in the Purgatory. Every one of the royal tribes that appeared in the Bloody Space River wielded massive power.

Furthermore, flanking the throne were four tall, big War Devils in the purple-red body armor of the Devil Generals!

In the Divine Union, Divine Marquises were below the Monarch Level. Meanwhile, in the Purgatory, Devil Generals were a grade below the King Level. The cultivation base of Devil Generals was the equivalent of Divine Marquises in the Divine Union.

“How is that possible? We are in the Chaos District, not the Frenzied War District. How can we have met a royal tribe from the Purgatory?” Xindelu said fearfully.

Even though Luo Yunyang, who was a Divine Marquis, was there, the four fully-abled Devil Generals and the royal from the Purgatory terrified Xindelu.

This gulf in power was just too substantial.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the fearful expression on Linlong and everyone else’s faces and waved his hands dismissively. “Everyone take care of yourselves! Let me handle this. They are dead!”

As soon as he said that, Luo Yunyang soared into the void. There was a mild look of surprise on the face of the Purgatory Royal sitting on the throne.

“Ha ha ha! He really is insane. Kill him! I want to claim a bounty on him!” the Purgatory Royalty said as he drew the white bone sword. Meanwhile, the four Devil Generals blazed with a ferocious killing intent.

The four Devil Generals charged immediately.

Huge shadow projections of hell appeared behind each of the Purgatory’s Devil Generals. These shadows were made of lava, white piles of bones, and layers of death…

The shadow projections merged with the projection of the person on the White Bone Throne and formed a complete purgatory.

Although the thousands of War Devils were unable to take their full form, their might and power seemed to increase tenfold as they bathed in the white bone mist that appeared.

“They are transforming the void into the Purgatory. This… This is a technique of the top Devil Generals,” Xindelu said as he, Linlong and the others trembled in fear.

Although this expanse of the Purgatory hadn’t reached them yet, they could already feel themselves losing their morale and combat ability.

If they’d still had any confidence in Luo Yunyang before this, there was now nothing but a deadly stillness in their hearts.

Luo Yunyang’s face broke into a faint smile.

The being atop the throne had a strange glint in his eyes as he saw that smile. Instantly, the four Devil Generals rushed towards Luo Yunyang.

Their bodies seemed to get increasingly larger in the Purgatory, while the sky seemed to congregate closer with each and every step they took.

However, when they got within a 10-kilometer radius of Luo Yunyang, a black glow appeared around him.

The light waves that surrounded him were black and boundless. The shadow projections of the Purgatory that came close to these light waves vanished completely in an instant.

Even though the shadow projections vanished, the light waves continued to be emitted. In just a moment, these dark light waves had already formed a cage around the four charging Purgatory Devil Generals.

The Devil Generals, who had initially been confident, immediately slowed down as their bodies started crumbling.

The four Devil Generals had a bad feeling. The being atop the white throne was also staring forward with wide eyes.

This was not good!

Just as the royal being was about to draw his bone-white sword, Luo Yunyang appeared beside the first Devil General and gave him a light tap.

“World-Engulfing Finger!”

The Devil General was sucked into a black hole and vanished!

While the first Devil General disappeared, the being with the bone-white sword transformed his sword into a giant white-bone saber that seemed to contain immeasurable power. The giant bone saber was now flying towards the black light waves released by Luo Yunyang.

This strike contained great power!

However, as the being moved along with his saber, Luo Yunyang had already reappeared beside the second Devil General and used yet another Universe-Breaking Snap!