Supreme Uprising Chapter 512

Chapter 512 The Primeval Underworld Monarch

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Compared to the World-Engulfing Finger, the Universe-Breaking Snap was an even more oppressive, unrivaled technique. Even Nalanqingyun, let alone some unknown Devil Generals, would have to unwillingly surrender to this power.

Two Devil Generals had already been slain with two moves.

This sort of might was akin to a godly entity under the nine heavens. Anyone who saw it would feel fear and trepidation.

Xindelu and the others had expressions of deep respect on their faces. They had never dreamed that such a scenario would occur.

"Ha ha ha! I knew that he wouldnt lie." Linlong burst out laughing ecstatically.

Meanwhile, Xindelu patted Linlong and said, "Looks like the Human Tribe has hope!"

While the two of them were conversing, the giant white bone saber had already been cut into many layers of Chaotic Hole Light Waves.

At the moment, the Chaotic Hole Light Waves rippled in the void like a giant net. As they shook, the giant white bone saber quickly disappeared. Eventually, only the original white bone sword was left.

There was a look of utter disbelief on the face of the young martialist, who was from a royal family in the Purgatory.

He clearly hadnt expected such an outcome.

The bodies of the two remaining Devil Generals began to rapidly combust with loud shrieks.

Indeed, a rising dark fire covered the bodies of the two remaining Devil Generals. The initial Chaotic Hole Light Waves, which kept continuously pulling them in, now weakened gradually due to the presence of the fierce flames.

"Young Master, run!" the two Devil Generals shouted as the dark flames consumed them entirely.

As they hollered, surging underworld flames converged into two dark suns that rose in the void and flew over at Luo Yunyang.

These two suns were so blinding that their dense light rays replaced all the Origin Source Laws in the surrounding area. Instantly, everything around them started vibrating uncontrollably.

There was a slightly crazed look on the face of the man with the white bone sword when he saw the two suns.

However, he ultimately still chose to take flight and flee.

"Luo Yunyang, my name is Balansi and I will always remember this vendetta!" the Purgatory Royal said through gritted teeth.

Luo Yunyang did not hesitate even as he moved up against the might of these two suns of massive power. His body flickered and the Chaotic Light Hole Waves, which seemed to have disappeared initially, now reappeared thousands of miles away.

They appeared right in front of Balansi!

Objectively speaking, Balansi was much stronger than the average Devil General. However, he was a far cry from their level of proficient killing techniques.

He would never have expected that the chap who had stupefied him in combat would continue to pursue him so relentlessly. Why had he pursued him this far? He froze in place when he saw Luo Yunyang.

Balansi was only stunned for a moment, as he was no ordinary martialist either. He quickly drew the white bone sword and stabbed fiercely forward. A shadow-like projection of a white bone throne appeared behind his back.

However, this projection wasnt stable, so it nearly fused with its surroundings.

Luo Yunyang immediately retaliated with his Universe-Breaking Snap.

In an instant, the surroundings that had fused with the white bone sword were completely shattered along with Balansi.

Balansi had a look of utter disbelief on his face as his body was destroyed. Given his cultivation base, he could be cut up into 100 pieces and still eventually reassemble his body quickly. However, it seemed like his secret to immortality was not working well this time.

Even his consciousness was fading

However, he still had several methods he could use. He had some live preservation items, as well as a list of unaccomplished dreams

"Luo Yunyang, you wont get to live for killing me either Ha ha ha!"

The hatred in his voice resonated throughout the void and eventually dissipated when his body was completely destroyed.

Thousands of War Devils watched as these events unfolded right before their very eyes. They tried their very best to struggle out of Luo Yunyangs Chaotic Light Hole Waves, but the difference in cultivation base was just too great.

"Luo Yuyang, you are going to pay for killing Balansi!" one of the War Devils shrieked as his body fell apart.

Many people were grimly killed at once.

Based on Luo Yunyangs understanding of how things worked in the Purgatory, this sort of sight wasnt common.

It seemed like Balansi had enjoyed a considerable status Luo Yunyang thought to himself as he grabbed the white bone sword.

This was a valuable asset. In fact, this weapon was far more valuable than any of the assets he owned currently. If he were to sell this white bone sword at the 1,000-Star Auction, it would fetch at least a billion star dollars.

As Luo Yunyang felt delighted deep down, the two furiously-combusting dark suns also started to vanish from the void.

However, the two suns broke into a smile just as they were about to disappear.

This strange smile made Luo Yunyang feel uncomfortable!

As absurd as it was, this strange feeling continued to linger in his heart.

Luo Yunyang immediately sensed that the whole issue was not over yet. Although he did not think too much about slaying Balansi, he still felt that there was more to this than met the eye.

Besides the white bone sword, Balansi had also left behind a flawless black ring that gave off a slightly hallowed vibe and had a continuous glossy shine.

"We won! Ha ha ha! Yunyang, you managed to kill the Devil Generals and a Purgatory Royal. That feat alone is worth at least 100,000 merit points!" Xindelu said as he quickly looted the void before adding, "The items left behind by these Devil Generals are very valuable."

Luo Yunyang was extremely generous during the distribution of these assets. As Xindelu gathered and assembled all the loot, all Luo Yunyang took were the rings of the four Devil Generals. He generously gave the rest of the items to Xindelu.

These items werent of great importance to him. However, to Xindelu and the others, every item looted from the Devil Generals equaled decades of hard-earned wealth from their previous expeditions.

"Yunyang, we did not contribute much in this situation. By right, anyone who did not contribute does not deserve any rewards. You see" Xindelu said with hopeful eyes. However, he was only trying to turn down the rewards given to him for the sake of honor.

The reason he was doing so was because of the unspoken rules and Luo Yunyangs strength.

"Keep it all. You wouldnt follow me in vain. However, I will be setting out on my own once this expedition is over!"

Luo Yunyangs meticulous management of this situation had allowed him to handle things correctly. Although his eventual aim was not to stay in this team, winning over the hearts of his team members would still give him an advantage.

Xindelu had already expected this news. After all, their base was way too small for a Divine Marquis like Luo Yunyang.

"Ha ha That is how it should be. Should you have any other requests, please let us know, Yunyang. Even though our strength might be small and insignificant, we are still very familiar with the routes around here. We will be truly happy to serve you if necessary!"

As they reboarded the spaceship, Xindelu began distributing the loot among all the team members. Luo Yuyang, who showed no sign of interest, returned to his room and took the four rings that had belonged to the four Devil Generals that had served Balansi.

The four Devil Generals had left behind a bunch of strange, scary-looking treasures. Among all these treasures, the items with the highest value were four Divine Sky Source gems that flickered with purple lights.

Every Divine Sky Source had a different value. Out of these four, the most valuable one was the blood-red Crystal Divine Sky Source.

It was said that such a Divine Sky Source hadnt appeared in 10,000 years. An object of an even higher value than the blood-red Crystal Divine Sky Source was the Gold Divine Sky Source. If this treasure was sold, it would be worth at least one million merit points.

Right beneath the Gold Divine Sky Source was the Purple Divine Sky Source. Although this Divine Sky Source was far less valuable than the Gold Divine Sky Source, it was still worth 30,000 per piece in the Divine Union.

30,000 merit points

These four Divine Sky Sources were worth the hard work of killing four Devil Generals. However, compared to the four Purple Divine Sky Sources, the loot left behind by Balansi was worth far more.

He had left behind 12 Purple Divine Sky Sources, as well as half a Gold Divine Sky Source.

The value of the half Gold Divine Sky Source was undoubtedly the highest. After storing away each of the Divine Sky Sources, Luo Yunyangs gaze fell on a giant book that was a shade of bronze.

Its title was Blood-Bone Annihilation Scripture. Luo Yunyangs eyes turned serious as he flipped through it gently.

The contents of the Blood Bone Destruction Scripture made Luo Yuyang think that his suspicions had been right. Someone as wealthy as Balansi couldnt be an ordinary person.

As Luo Yuyang was deeply engrossed in this book, two figures began slowly descending upon the edge of the Bloody Space River, onto a planet covered by a sea of blood and piles of bones.

Although they were also two Devil Generals, they were completely different from the two Devil Generals that had been slain by Luo Yunyang earlier. They were larger, and their body armor and helmets were ash-brown.

The cultivation base of an ash-brown armored Devil General was far higher than the Devil Generals slain by Luo Yunyang.

These Devil Generals were also known as Kings-In-Waiting!

However, these two had turned pale and their three eyes had widened in fear.

As they gently recited an incantation, the initially quiet bones and bloody ocean started brewing.

Countless white bones formed a huge mountain in the sea of blood. At the top of the huge mountain was a mangled, rotten gray bone.

The instant that bone appeared, a deadly voice reverberated throughout the void. "Why have I been disturbed?"

"Primeval Underworld Monarch, Balansi is dead!" the two Devil Generals said with quavering voices as they exchanged fearful glances.

When they had said their piece, they carefully lowered their heads.

There was no sound or explosive fury. As a glimmer of hope welled in their hearts, they looked up. However, they were shocked to find out that they had started to disappear from the void.

"If hes dead, why arent you two also dead?" These were the last words the peak Devil Generals ever heard