Supreme Uprising Chapter 513

Chapter 513 A Sky Of Stars Filled With Bones

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As the mangled ash-gray bone spun, the massive heap of white bones and the sea of blood that covered the entire planet rapidly flew towards the ash-gray bone.

In just a moment, the white bones that got close to the rotting gray bone all became spots of bright white light and entered the gray bone. Even the sea of blood that enveloped the entire ocean transformed into red light spots and entered the rotting gray bone.

The rotting gray bone spun continuously and became bigger with each spin. The rotations of the rotting bone got quicker, until it eventually transformed into a three-meter tall body in a suit of armor made out of white bone. This body had four pairs of bony outgrowths instead of arms and legs.

Its set of ash-gray eyes had a deadly gaze. That planet, which no longer had any bloody oceans, had already shrunk to one-tenth of its size.

"Come!" A stiff voice reverberated through the atmosphere of the planet. Following this call, a long white bone sword flew out of the depths of the planet.

With a flash of sword-light, that decrepit planet was turned instantly into hundreds of crushed rocks.

These crushed rocks showed no sign of life or metal.

The sound of the sword strikes made the void shake. Following these sounds, cracks appeared in the void all around that white bone figure.

As those cracks appeared, the image of Balansi being slain by Luo Yunyang was displayed clearly.

"He he he You killed my younger brother. Very good! Absolute slaughter is meaningless. Without life, there is no extermination. Only death and silence!" As that stiff voice resonated in the void, the man gently waved his sword.

This cut spanned half a galaxy!

As the sword-light traveled, stars turned dark. Even some stars that didnt seem extinguishable had fallen silent due to this sword cut.

"Divine Marquis Luo from the Divine Union, thank you for allowing me to step into the Extreme Boundary of the Extinguishing Path. Now, it is time for you to act!"

As he spoke in this sinister voice, the figure clad entirely in white bone swung his long sword. In an instant, a long crack appeared in the void. The white bone figure then stepped through the crack.

Several light-years away, a golden spacecraft was speeding in the Bloody Space River. It could be said that it was charging and bashing straight ahead.

This spacecraft belonged to the Machine Empire. Within this spaceship, two mechanical beings with dull gold bodies were sitting in a lotus position.

Their bodies were made out of the finest sacred gold, and all sorts of highly-advanced intelligent systems had been installed in them. This allowed them to detect even the slightest bit of activity within a 10,000-mile radius around them.

Thus, the two beings from the Machine Tribe were extremely confident.

By now, they had already located the target of their hunt and prepared a battle plan. The only thing they were worried about was how they would split the spoils.

Just as the two mechanical beings were arguing over their own interests, the sensor suddenly gave them a warning.

"Someones ahead. They are from the Purgatory. Damn it, lets get rid of them and split the loot properly!" a 60-meter tall mechanical robot with countless whip-like devices on his arms shouted delightedly.

For a robot like him, who was a Divine Marquis, any life forms that appeared in this area were prey.

His comrade chuckled. "Sure, but its your turn to take action this time."

As the two were debating about who would be sent out, the sensor equipment displayed the image of a figure in white bones.

A blue tinge flashed across the eyes of the robot that had been speaking when he saw the image.

This blue tinge represented extreme fear.

"Whats wrong?" his comrade asked suspiciously. After all, if the two of them joined forces, they would have a decent chance of escaping, even if they encountered a Monarch-Level being.

Anything that could elicit this sort of fear in his comrade definitely couldnt be ordinary. This was intense fear. This was a huge

By the time he asked what was wrong, his comrade had already growled in fright, "Run Hurry up and flee! Its Its the Primeval Underworld Monarch!"

Who was that? That robot didnt even get the chance to ask anything before the figure on the screen stabbed lightly in their direction.

His sword was made of white bone.

There were no dazzling lights, aura or might. However, when that sword stabbed forward, the two Divine Marquis Level robots from the Machine Empire and their spacecraft no longer showed any signs of life.

They were dead. Although they had both been high-level exponents of the Machine Tribe that could have escaped even if their source cores had been severed, they had just been exterminated with one sword technique.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch sheathed his sword. His deadly expression hadnt changed in the slightest. To him, killing these two members of the Machine Tribe wasnt any different from squishing two bugs.

However, just as it appeared like he was getting his bearings, the void was ripped open and a spaceship thousands of meters long suddenly appeared beside the smaller spaceship that was filled with death.

"Who was it? Who dared kill my servants? I am the Sacred Magnet Monarch and I will fight the culprit to my last breath!" A thunderous voice was heard from the spaceship.

The Sacred Magnet Monarch was one of the three monarchs with the greatest strength in the Machine Empire of the Bloody Space River. There were very few people that would dare hold a grudge against the Sacred Magnet Monarch until he died.

However, the Primeval Underworld Monarch paid no heed to the other monarchs bellows. His white bone sword was raised gently.

"You You are the Primeval Underworld. Werent you in seclusion? I thought that you would never come to the Bloody Space River unless you advanced! Why are you back here?"

There was a slight quiver in the Sacred Magnet Monarchs voice as he spoke.

Indeed, the existence bestowed with the title of the Monarch of the Machine Tribe was trembling as he spoke.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch stopped his sword and said indifferently, "Do you have any objections to my return?"

"How could I? How could I dare have any objections? You are the Primeval Underworld Monarch, the supreme Monarch that dared challenge countless seniors!"

By this point, the Sacred Magnet Monarch seemed to have regained part of his composure. "If my subordinates are dead, so be it. This was just their luck."

"Scram!" the Primeval Underworld Monarch spat out icily. Then, he turned his head and the white bone sword in his hand stabbed at the void again.

When he realized that the Primeval Underworld Monarch was about to leave, the Sacred Magnet King asked curiously, "What are you trying to do?"

"I want to kill someone from the Divine Union. He slayed my younger brother!" As soon as he said that, the Primeval Underworld Monarch stepped through the crack in the void.

The Sacred Magnet Monarch only relaxed when the crack was sealed. Then, he lamented, "That lunatic seems to have become even more impressive. I have to stay far away if I encounter him in the future. To think that the Divine Union actually killed his younger brother! Ha ha ha! This will be exciting to watch!"

Luo Yunyang naturally didnt know that he had incited the wrath of the Primeval Underworld Monarch. While the Primeval Underworld Monarch and the Sacred Magnet Monarch had met, Luo Yunyang was on his way back to the Divine Unions base.

However, the nagging ominous feeling in his heart got so intense that he sensed an extreme danger.

Although Luo Yunyang couldnt pinpoint the source of this danger, he knew that a massive crisis was drawing closer.

"Change course!" he instructed Xindelu without any hesitation.

Although Xindelu didnt know what Luo Yunyang was up to, he still didnt object. He just followed Luo Yunyangs instructions.

In just a moment, the spacecraft changed directions and jump points.

There werent really any big worm holes in the Bloody Space River. However, there was a considerable number of space jump nodes. Every jump covered a distance of millions of miles.

After changing their course three times, Xindelu and the others felt some sense of fear.

Although they didnt know what had happened, they could tell by Luo Yunyangs manner that this was a big deal.

Luo Yunyang didnt know who his foe was, but his gut feeling told him that this enemy was really terrifying.

He hadnt come into contact with the sensation of death for quite some time now. However, he sensed this feeling at the moment.

"Yunyang, lets perform another space jump and continue to pass the Ninth Successive Galaxy. That is the route we have to take to return to the base."

Xindelu didnt let Linlong speak. Instead, he spoke directly to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, who understood Xindelus intentions, pondered this shortly and waved his hands. "Pass through the Ninth Successive Galaxy as fast as you can."

Any spaceship would need a month to pass through the Ninth Successive Galaxy, even at a speed higher than the speed of light. Upon hearing Luo Yunyangs order, Xindelu instructed the spacecraft to travel through the Ninth Successive Galaxy as fast as possible.

A day later, they approached the Ninth Successive Galaxy. However, just as the spacecraft was about to enter the Ninth Successive Galaxy, a deadly silent, extremely boundless aura emerged from within.

Seas of blood started to appear in the originally vast, boundless void. Amidst these surging seas, a faintly discernible white bone started to appear.

The blazing main star that overlooked the entire Ninth Successive Galaxy dimmed severely. However, by using various instruments, some powerhouses could see a massive throne above that star.

It was a white bone throne that could actually cover the star.

"Leave immediately!" By now, Luo Yunyang had finally determined where that sense of unease had been coming from. He didnt even have to think before he told Xindelu, "Retreat! Hurry up and escape!"

"You murdered my brother! Now, you will die!"

An icy voice resonated through the boundless void before a sword-light filled with a vast deathly power ripped through the void and shot towards the spaceship that Luo Yunyang and the others were on.

When the sword-light passed, the void solidified.

Luo Yunyangs ominous feeling felt the strongest in the face of this sword strike. He knew that if he couldnt come up with a response, Linlong, Xindelu and the others would all die here.

Thus, he soared out and raised a finger towards the onrushing sword-light.

"World-Engulfing Finger!"