Supreme Uprising Chapter 515

Chapter 515 Slaughtering Thousands Under The Demonic Sky

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This was crazy!

The huge Bloody Space River was now in a frenzy. This wasn’t because the Primeval Underworld Monarch had raised his cultivation Dao to the Extreme Boundary while he was at the Galaxy-Grade.

It was because of a promise made by the Primeval Underworld Monarch.

To a Galaxy-Grade powerhouse, the gap to becoming a Celestial Domain-Grade was a pit that was very difficult to cross.

However, for the Primeval Underworld Monarch, this pit didn’t exist. His Dao had already achieved perfection. As long as he was willing, he could ascend beyond the Galaxy-Grade and gain a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base.

How could such a person promise this kind of undertaking? This proposition was just too tempting for most martialists!

After all, even the absolute strongest existences within the Galaxy-Grade would encounter problems that couldn’t be solved. A promise by a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse was really important to them.

Of course, getting a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse to do something was very difficult. How could anyone acquire this sort of qualifications? Still, a Celestial Domain powerhouse had actually publicly made a promise.

In a short while, Luo Yunyang’s name made countless people go crazy.

Powerhouses from the Bug Tribe and the Mechanical Tribe of the Bloody Space River moved out right away. Even though some people’s cultivation bases were far from allowing them to be called powerhouses, even though they were considered powerless, they still rushed madly to join the search parties.

They might not be able to slay Luo Yunyang, but they could search for his tracks. Perhaps they might also obtain some rewards by showing any clues they discovered to the experts.

Amongst these people were also humans.

Half a year went by in a flash. Lots of news about Luo Yunyang appeared and many people fell while trying to track down and slay Luo Yunyang.

A Divine Union spacecraft zipped through the void. On board were five Divine Union Martialists, each one preparing items that they would need in combat.

These martialists included three Demigod Tribe Galaxy-Grade entities, a Giant Slab Tribe Galaxy-Grade entity, and an Evergreen Tribe Galaxy-Grade entity.

The combat prowess of their team was extremely strong. Generally speaking, they should be able to deal with most dangers.

“Damn it, just a bit more and that Green Sacred Sky Fluid would have been mine!” The Demigod martialist seated to the left punched the air bitterly.

His grumbling made the others look up. The Giant Slab martialist snorted. “Our strength was considerably weaker. Even if we had obtained the Green Sacred Sky Fluid, I think that we wouldn’t have been able to hold on to it.”

“You” The Demigod martialist groaned. This comrade’s EQ was really low. He had just been feeling dejected. Why did he have to rub f*cking salt all over his wounds? What was the meaning of that?

Just as he was about to flip out from irritation, the martialist who seemed to be the captain spoke up. “Alright, alright What is the point of wasting your breath here? Both of you stop talking!”

As he said that, he waved his hands dismissively and quickly changed their spacecraft’s settings to receive communication.

“What’s wrong, Boss?” the irritated martialist that had been grumbling asked when he noticed their leader’s suddenly solemn expression.

“Something happened. We can’t pass through the Ninth Successive Galaxy anymore.” Then, the Demigod captain added, “We can’t return to camp right now.”

The other Demigod Tribesmen turned towards their captain with inquiring gazes when they heard this.

“The Primeval Underworld Monarch has blocked the entire Ninth Successive Galaxy. The eight Galaxy Monarchs joined forces, but the Primeval Underworld Monarch seriously injured two of them.”

“How can that be?”

The Divine Union martialists that had just exchanged information were all dumbfounded. They just didn’t know what to say.

A short while later, that Demigod martialist grumbled. “Why doesn’t Sir make a move? Normally, someone of Sir’s caliber would safeguard and maintain the order of the Bloody Space River.”

“How can Sir remained unconcerned after being pushed around this much?”

He wanted to complain more, but the captain stopped him. “Shut up! When was it ever up to you to criticize Sir’s decisions?”

The Giant Slab martialist then said, “Luo Yunyang actually survived an attack by three Monarch-Level existences. How impressive!”

“When did the Human Tribe produce such an individual?”

The martialists that had been complaining non-stop jested. “What do you mean? Isn’t he being chased to his wit’s end? I even heard that one of his arms was incinerated by the Blaze Titan.”

“Plus, look at how much trouble he’s caused us. We are unable to return thanks to him!”

“You better shut your trap!” The Demigod captain berated them furiously. “Luo Yunyang is a member of the Divine Union. Even if he has caused us trouble, this is also the Divine Union’s problem. If you keep talking rubbish, don’t blame me if I forsake our brotherhood!”

After a round of berating, just as he was about to continue speaking, the Demigod captain suddenly exclaimed, “Careful! Enemies ahead! Prepare for battle!”

Upon hearing these words, any discontent between the five men vanished right away. Practically in an instant, the five of them rushed out of the spacecraft.

This spacecraft wasn’t a top-tier craft, so it was easy for it to be targeted by other spacecrafts.

When they rushed out, they discovered a number of metallic strongholds. Each of these strongholds, which floated in the void, was around the size of a moon.

The Demigod captain’s expression turned extremely sour when he saw this.

“The Divine Union and the Mechanical Tribe have always minded their own business. What is the meaning of all this?” The Demigod captain took a deep breath as he shouted sternly.

“We are minding our own business! I am not interested in small fries like you!” said a tall, large robot at least 90 meters tall that seemed to be made out of black metal.

“Disclose Luo Yunyang’s whereabouts and you shall pass. If you guys aren’t tactful enough, then you can all go meet your maker!”

The faces of the five Divine Union Martialists filled with fear when they heard this ear-splitting voice. However, what made them afraid was that, even though this was the first time they were seeing this person, they weren’t unfamiliar with his reputation.

This was the Mechanical Tribe’s Tyrannical Divine Marquis, a subordinate of the Blaze Titan Emperor and a Divine Marquis Level entity. He was someone who possessed many methods of massacring people and had slain countless enemies.

“We just entered this area. We do not know where Luo Yunyang is. Getting information about Luo Yunyang from us is pointless”

The Tyrannical Divine Marquis smirked coldly and said in a machine-like voice, “Either you get used, or you are useless. If you do not know anything, then you have no use!”

As he spoke, the Tyrannical Divine Marquis’s massive palms moved and countless cannons were raised up, immediately locking on to the five men.

Even though they had been through countless life-and-death situations, they all believed that they were going to die at the moment.

However, anyone who fought for the Bloody Space River never held their hands up in surrender. Even if they had to die, they would go down fighting.

As they were prepared to go all out, they suddenly noticed a blue flash in the eyes of the Tyrannical Divine Marquis.

A blue glint had appeared, betraying his fear.

What was this? What was going on with the Tyrannical Divine Marquis?

As these thoughts popped into their minds, they saw a silhouette appear beside the Tyrannical Divine Marquis.

When that silhouette moved, a finger came into contact with the body of the Tyrannical Divine Marquis, which was made from some unknown metal. In an instant, the Tyrannical Divine Marquis’ body crumbled in the void.

A ray of light as bright as day shone from within the body of the Tyrannical Divine Marquis. It obviously wanted to flee towards the stars.

Unfortunately, it hadn’t gone far when that figure rushed ahead of the bright ray of light.

“Luo Yunyang, if you kill me, the Blaze Guardian Emperor won’t let you get away!” the Tyrannical Divine Marquis’ voice shrieked from within the sacred source that looked like white light. However, he had barely spoken when Luo Yunyang destroyed this sacred source with one finger.

Instantly, the sacred source vanished within Luo Yunyang’s black hole.

“Go quickly!” Luo Yunyang told the five men before ripping through the void and vanishing without a trace.

Although this situation was a little puzzling, the Demigod captain still decided to retreat rapidly. Their spacecraft was like a streak of light traversing many miles in an instant.

“I’m afraid the spacecraft is going to break apart,” the martialist from the Giant Slab Tribe said with a pained expression.

Due to their rapid escape, the spacecraft’s efficiency had been set to the max. Now, the hull of the craft was starting to come apart.

“We still have three more ships. We can just move to another,” the Demigod captain said. “Evacuate immediately!”

The martialists evacuated the spacecraft very quickly. After moving to another spacecraft, they quickly turned on their communication devices.

“The Tyrannical Divine Marquis is dead. This is the 13th Seraphic Marquis slain by Luo Yunyang. In just a day, he has slain 13 Seraphic Marquis’ from the Bug Tribe, the Mechanic Tribe, and the Purgatory!”

The Demigod captain froze when he read the information on his device. At first, they had been astonished when Luo Yunyang had slain the Tyrannical Divine Marquis. Never in their wildest dreams had they imagined that Luo Yunyang, who was a target of many people, had actually slain 13 Divine Marquises.

Although there was an insurmountable gap between Divine Marquis and Monarch Level entities, each Divine Marquis was of great value to their respective tribes in the galaxy.

Losing 13 Divine Marquises in such a short time infuriated the three tribes terribly.

“Luo Yunyang, I will kill you!” A massive roar reverberated through this expanse of space.

“Quick, run! It’s the Blaze Titan Emperor!” the Demigod captain said gravely. “Although he is a great distance away, it still wouldn’t be wise to get in the way of his frenzy.”

The spacecraft flew quickly, only slowing down after a day of speeding. However, as it came to a stop, yet another furious roar reverberated throughout the void.

Another King was roaring!