Supreme Uprising Chapter 516

Chapter 516 The Two Layered Chaotic Hole

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10th Day, 3rd Month, Year 1,463,291 of the Demigod calendar, Luo Yunyang slew the Bewildering Divine Marquis of the Bug Race in the Bloody Space River.

21st Day, 3rd Month, Year 1,463,291 of the Demigod calendar, Luo Yunyang killed the Soaring Divine Marquis of the Machine Empire in the Bloody Space River.

30th Day, 3rd Month, Year 1,463,291 of the Demigod calendar, Luo Yunyang executed the Blood Lion Divine Marquis of the Purgatory in the Bloody Space River…

News kept coming in incessantly and was constantly being announced. The Divine Union was shocked. The Bug Race, the Machine Empire, and the Purgatory were shaking in fear!

Luo Yunyang had become a piece of delicious juicy meat in everyone’s eyes when the Primeval Underworld Monarch had made a promise about improving his own cultivation.

The people tempted by this pledge weren’t limited to acclaimed monarchs or marquises, but also included average martialists from different tribes. They all wanted to track down Luo Yunyang in order to get a share of the pie.

However, when Luo Yunyang massacred more than 70 Divine Marquises in just a span of three months, his brilliant accomplishment really changed things.

Many martialists who had come over to search for Divine Sky Sources were afraid of getting involved in the pursuit of Luo Yunyang. Thus, they all maintained a distant attitude towards anything related to Luo Yunyang.

They wouldn’t listen to, mention, or say anything about Luo Yunyang!

What had seemed like an omnipresent, inescapable net now seemed to be riddled with holes after Luo Yunyang’s counter-attack.

However, the top Monarch-Level entities didn’t give up. They were still frantically gathering information about Luo Yunyang.

While the Primeval Underworld Monarch was suppressing the Ninth Successive Galaxy, he divided himself into nine clones to search all over the place for Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang was sitting in a lotus position on a planet that had been completely abandoned due to the search for Divine Sky Source.

The moment the Primeval Underworld Monarch had issued that killing order, Luo Yunyang had realized that he would need to give an immediate response.

Otherwise, things would get increasingly dangerous as more and more people tried to kill him.

Eventually, he might not have any place to hide, even in the farthest reaches of this system.

Therefore, even though Luo Yunyang was aware of the danger, he still decided to cruelly massacre anyone who searched for his whereabouts and the Divine Marquises that were moving about solo.

Despite Luo Yunyang’s astonishing results, there had also been times when the situation had been so dangerous that he had been left with lingering fear.

Luckily, his World-Engulfing Finger and Universe-Breaking Snap techniques were very versatile. He also had his attribute regulator, which could target the weaknesses of these Divine Marquises and ensure the success of each of his attempts.

Of course, there were several times when he had encountered Monarch-Level elites and found himself in perilous situations. However, even when he had fought the Blaze Titan Monarch and lost an arm, Luo Yunyang still hadn’t used the silver tower.

Not because he didn’t want to use it, but because it wasn’t time yet.

Considering this current crisis, Luo Yunyang’s priority was to improve his strength.

After killing quite a number of Divine Marquises, his combat awareness and overall energy had improved significantly.

However, this still wasn’t enough for him to duke it out with a Monarch-Level fighter.

If Luo Yunyang wanted to defeat a monarch, he only had two choices. The first was to ascend to the Galaxy Grade.

If his cultivation base ascended to the Galaxy Grade, he would definitely compare to a Monarch-Level existence. However, he wouldn’t be facing the wrath of the Primeval Underworld Monarch then, but the wrath of the Celestial World Supremacy.

Luo Yunyang had to assume that certain consequences would accompany the convenience afforded by the Celestial World Supremacy.

If the Celestial World Supremacy needed something in the Divine Martial Hall, Luo Yunyang had to absolutely find it.

His second choice would be to cultivate his Great Chaotic Hole Path until the Consummate Boundary.

According to Luo Yunyang’s estimation, reaching the Consummate Boundary would be akin to attaining a double black hole.

After forming the first black hole, Luo Yunyang had understood a little. The black hole wasn’t just made of a single layer. Thus, when the second layer was formed, even though there had been no significant increase in power, his World-Engulfing Finger and Universe-Breaking Snap would increase in power hundredfold.

However, it was extremely difficult to comprehend and form the two-layered black hole.

No one should be disturbing him in the next 10 days. Hence, it was time for Luo Yunyang to try out the Divine Sky Source.

After retrieving the Purple Divine Sky Source from his storage bracelet, Luo Yunyang infused it directly into his body.

He felt pain spread in his body the moment he came into contact with the Divine Sky Source.

Although this kind of pain was very uncomfortable, Luo Yunyang also felt a peculiar sense of intimacy with the world around him.

Some things that had been indistinct became very clear now.

However, when Luo Yunyang tried to examine this mystery further, the strange pain vanished completely.

Power: 4,915

Mind: 1,002

Speed: 1,107

Constitution: 1,850

Origin Source Law: 2,541 (Wind: 602, Earth: 596, Fire: 810, Water: 455)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1 (Space-Time Eye: 1)

The numbers on the attribute regulator appeared swiftly in Luo Yunyang’s mind. Luo Yunyang was delighted when he saw the changes.

His four basic attributes, Power, Mind, Speed and Constitution, had all increased by a golden digit. Meanwhile, his Wind, Earth, Fire and Water Origin Source Laws had improved by three golden digits.

Although this increase wasn’t that large, all his attributes had improved.

Without hesitation, Luo Yunyang went ahead and fused the second Purple Divine Sky Source with his body.

Then, the third, the fourth, the fifth…

Luo Yunyang had accumulated more than 400 pieces of Divine Sky Source after killing so many Divine Marquises. If he exchanged this Divine Sky Source with merit points, he would receive plenty in return. However, his priority was to improve his own strength.

When Luo Yunyang was done swallowing the 203rd Divine Sky Source, he decided to stop.

Not because he wasn’t willing to use them, but because the Purple Divine Sky Sources were no longer useful to him for now.

Power: 4,985

Mind: 1,081

Speed: 1,211

Constitution: 1,924

Origin Source Law: 2,914 (Wind: 705, Earth: 693, Fire: 901, Water: 512)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1.1 (Space-Time Eye: 1.1)

The more than 200 Purple Divine Sky Sources had not been wasted. Luo Yunyang had made great progress both in terms of his physical condition and Origin Source Law comprehension. Now that the Purple Divine Sky Source was useless, Luo Yunyang was ready to try the Golden Divine Sky Source.

However, he had to leave this place now.

There hadn’t been any trouble during the past three days. Although Luo Yunyang knew that the chances of him being discovered were too low, he still decided to play it safe and change his position.

Instead of using a spaceship, he continued to cross the void with his own strength, traveling like a ghost that accelerated constantly.

A day later, he reached a deserted planet. This planet had an aura of vitality, so it was obviously a deserted land that had already had its Divine Sky Source harvested.

Before Luo Yunyang entered the planet, he observed it in detail. He would be using the Golden Divine Sky Source this time, so he was extra careful.

While Luo Yunyang was drawing out the Golden Divine Sky Source, he ordered the silver tower that he carried to help him escape if he was in a dangerous situation, no matter what.

Luo Yunyang only had half a piece of Golden Divine Sky Source.

He had obtained this piece from Balansi. If had not been for him, Luo Yunyang wouldn’t have been constantly pursued wherever he went.

However, he didn’t regret cutting down Balansi. When Balansi had appeared, killing him had been the most obvious decision. There was no path of retreat for Luo Yunyang when he had to face such a person.

When he fused the Golden Divine Sky Source with his body, a sharp pain attacked his nerves. This pain filled both Luo Yunyang’s heart and mind. However, the moment the Golden Divine Sky Source entered his body, Luo Yunyang felt his mind transcend beyond this void.

He saw a Primordial Chaos, the division of Heaven and Earth, the collapse of the sky, and the birth of various elements…

Luo Yunyang got addicted to this. He felt as if he was in a rolling, irreversible river!

It was no wonder that the four factions slaughtered each other over the Divine Sky Source. Its value was astronomical!

After an indefinite amount of time, when Luo Yunyang realized that he had found a path to creating a second black hole, the intoxicating world he was in cracked apart in the void.

Luo Yunyang opened his eyes but did not immediately check for any changes in his body. Instead, he used his mind to sense the changes that had just occurred. However, even though he was extremely attentive, what had appeared in his mind began to slowly become blurry.

After exhaling deeply, Luo Yunyang turned on his attribute regulator. He wanted to see the changes that the Golden Divine Sky Source had made.

Power: 5,102

Mind: 1,213

Speed: 1,321

Constitution: 2,001

Origin Source Law: 3,451 (Wind: 815, Earth: 800, Fire: 1,000, Water: 710)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1.3 (Space-Time Eye: 1.3)

Luo Yunyang was overjoyed by these massive changes. Although he still had some difficulty incorporating a two-layered black hole to his finger, he had found another way that allowed him to match up to a Monarch-Level entity.

As he thought about this, a pair of precious rings appeared in Luo Yunyang’s hands. These rings were the black and white Pole Yin Yang Rings.

Luo Yunyang rarely used this pair of Cosmic Rings that he had gotten from the Electric Awn Tribe, as they had limited his progress in the past.

However, this pair of treasure rings had become a weapon in his hands now that he had comprehended what had happened in his mind.

Luo Yunyang felt more and more confident as he fiddled with the rings. When he turned on his communication device, he saw over 100 figures tied to star pillars.

Although not many of them were from the Human Tribe, most of the figures shared a prominent trait: they were all from the Divine Union.

“Luo Yunyang, I will kill one person for each day you don’t show!” the Blaze Titan Monarch bellowed madly through the video…