Supreme Uprising Chapter 517

Chapter 517 A Staggering Blow

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Unlike the Divine Union, which was made up of a multi-racial alliance, the Machine Empire was made up of families of different sizes.

According to the distribution method of the Machine Empire, each powerhouse could recruit up to 100 subordinates to form a family. These subordinates could also recruit 100 subordinates to form their own small families.

The branching of the bigger families into smaller families had formed the present Machine Empire.

The relationship between the subordinates of the Mechanical Empire and the head of the family could be described as extremely strict. In many cases, if the head of the family was in danger, the subordinates would desperately sacrifice themselves on their behalf without any consideration.

The Blaze Titan Monarch had risen from the Bloody Space River, so his subordinates were mostly in the Bloody Space River. In his bid to pursue Luo Yunyang, six of his subordinates had perished.

At first, the Blaze Titan Monarch had had more than 20 Divine Marquises. Losing six of them in such a short space of time was extremely infuriating for him.

He wanted to grab hold of Luo Yunyang, crush him into pieces and grind his bones into ashes.

However, Luo Yunyang was like a slippery loach. He disappeared shortly after making an appearance, always causing the Blaze Titan Monarch to return empty-handed.

Out of desperation, the Blaze Titan Monarch decided to use the most primitive method available, which was also the method that would help quell his rage.

He would kill the explorers of the Divine Union.

In the past, he wouldnt even have cared about the life and death of these normal Galaxy-Grade martialists. However, all he wanted now was to vent his anger.

Tall star pillars were towering in the sky. Each pillar was made entirely out of G-fire steel and was engulfed by a blazing flame.

"Damn you, Blaze Titan Monarch! Youll suffer a fate worse than death!" a Demigod Tribe elite roared while writhing in the purple flames.

The Demigod Tribesmen were famous for their extremely tough physical bodies. However, the True Star Flame broke down the beings body rapidly.

Even though the Demigod elite was a tough man, watching his own limbs get turned to ashes by the flame was more than enough to terrify him.

This was only the beginning. Eventually, the flame would turn his body and soul into ashes.

"Blaze Titan Monarch, please let me go! My father is an important member of the Thunder Ray Tribe. If you release me, I will My arm! My arm!"

"Luo Yunyang, you damn b*stard! Why are we facing the wrath of the enemies that you provoked?"

"Die, die die!"

These miserable wails and screams were like music to the Blaze Titan Monarchs ears. The man laughed heartily and told the Thunder Ray Tribe martialist, "Yes, blame him! Blame him some more! If you please me, Ill let you live a day longer! Ha ha ha!"

When the Blaze Titan Monarch surveyed his prison-like surroundings, he felt much better. However, this method might not always work.

As a Monarch, the Blaze Titan Monarch was naturally no fool. He knew that the possibility of Luo Yunyang showing up thanks to his methods was very slim.

He was helpless, though. He couldnt think of any better ideas to lure Luo Yunyang there. At the very least, his current method would allow him to vent his frustration.

"Curse him! Expand all your energy and curse him! I want to hear who hates him the most. Ill reward that person with a day of reprieve!"

Although many scorned the Blaze Titan Monarchs words, there were also a lot of Divine Union martialists who could not stand this torture. In order to lessen their suffering, they cursed Luo Yunyang loudly.

A ringing tone was suddenly heard from the Blaze Titan Monarchs body. His brows twitched slightly before he connected his communication device.

On the communication device was a weird-looking winged mechanical robot that was about 100 meters tall and had three pairs of wings on its back.

"Ha ha ha! Listen to this, Big Brother. Pleasant music, aint it!" The Blaze Titan Monarch pointed to the columns of the star pillars.

The big, tall purple machine man snorted coldly and said, "Its useless for you to do this."

"What a waste of time After this matter is over, the powerhouses of the Divine Union will be hostile to you. You may not know this, but I heard that the Divine Ax Monarch of the Divine Union has already appeared. Youll be in deep sh*t if he decides to look you up."

The Blaze Titan Monarchs face fell when he heard the name of the Divine Axe Monarch. They had exchanged blows in the past and he had ended up losing.

"Let him come at me then! Ill make sure he suffers a tragic end if he appears before me!" the Blaze Titan Monarch bellowed furiously.

"Big Brother, dont you know that hes a freaking sewage rat? Hes just a rat. If he appears, Ill guarantee that more than 10 Monarch-Level martialists go looking for him."

The purple machine man did not say anything else. After a minute, he said, "Youre on your own then."

The Blaze Titan Monarch hung up. At the moment, he felt some loathing for his Big Brother.

How could he be so apprehensive about the Divine Union, which was facing so much suppression from all fronts?

The Divine Union wasnt the only alliance with powerful support. The Machine Empire had its own support too. How could being a scaredy-cat that acted way too cautiously convince the masses?

The Blaze Titan Monarch knew the powerful supporter of the Machine Empire very well. He knew that no matter what happened, this supporter would definitely take responsibility for him.

The Blaze Titan Monarchs eyes flashed with anger as he stared at the figures struggling on the star pillar. When he glanced at the 10 struggling martialists, the flames around them instantly flared up.

If those guys were reluctant to speak, they could go to hell!

As the Blaze Titan Monarch silently enjoyed watching the twitching, writhing bodies, the detection apparatus in his body notified him that a spaceship was fleeing over frantically.

Although this wasnt a big deal, that spaceship was carrying a Divine Union martialist.

The detector even told him that this was a Divine Union martialist from the Human Tribe and showed him the persons face.

It was a member of the Human Tribe, damn it!

Without hesitation, the Blaze Titan Monarch flew directly towards that spaceship. Although the spaceship was traveling really fast, it couldnt hold a candle to the Blaze Titan Monarchs speed.

His hands acted like the sharpest blade in the world as they tore through the spaceship, revealing the body of the human man.

The man wasnt very tall. In his eyes, he was just a small bug that could be easily squashed.

The Blaze Titan Monarchs eyes glowered even more. He wanted to walk over to the human slowly to intimidate him and make him crumble in fear. It would be even better if this person went crazy.

One step, two steps, three steps

The Blaze Titan Monarch was 10 meters behind the human. The human suddenly raised his guard and turned his head over.

The man hadnt turned his head very quickly. The Blaze Titan Monarch was slightly disappointed. He also didnt see any signs of fright, anger or despair when the human turned his head.

The Blaze Titan Monarch saw a forehead and a pair of eyes. That fellow gave him a rather charming smile.

It was a charming smile indeed. The Blaze Titan Monarch had sensed it the moment the man had turned his head.

The Blaze Titan Monarch also felt that this face was rather familiar.

However, just as he had this thought, he suddenly realized that his surroundings had come to a standstill.

While time and space were at a standstill, he was also unable to move. He finally remembered who this man was.

He was Luo Yunyang! The fellow he couldnt forgive, the guy he had always wanted to catch, the person who had made him very angry

Six of his Divine Marquises had been killed by this man, who had actually just fallen in his trap!

Although he had heard about Luo Yunyangs ability to freeze time, he wasnt too concerned, as he had great confidence in his bodys defensive abilities.

Luo Yunyang couldnt kill him. Once the Blaze Titan Monarch took the initiative, Luo Yunyang would meet his end. He was sufficiently confident that this would happen, so he felt no fear. Luo Yunyang would definitely be killed by him that day.

However, just as he was locked in his spot, a black ring and a white ring of light appeared in Luo Yunyangs hand. When Luo Yunyang threw the two rings of light, a terrible, frightening power was condensed within them.

He wouldnt have been afraid of this power if there had only been one. However, there were two of these overwhelming powers.

He wanted to evade them, but his body wouldnt budge an inch. Thus, he conjured the armor inside his body to take the hit head-on.

As the blow struck his body, the Blaze Titan Monarchs body started to crumble within the void. A vast origin source turned into a bright light and shut off into the distance.

He couldnt be bothered capturing Luo Yunyang, neither could he be bothered dealing with those star pillars. His physical body had collapsed, so survival was much more important!

As Luo Yunyang watched that vast amount of origin source try to escape frantically, he shook his head. Then, he reached out and called back his Yin Yang Rings.

Luo Yunyang wanted to kill the Blaze Titan Monarch, but he was too powerful. Thus, he had adjusted his attribute regulator to execute these two attacks, which had resulted in him overloading the rest of his powers.

Without this, he wouldnt even have been able to break the Blaze Titan Monarchs body.

Four seconds was the limit of his Space-Time Eye. It was also Luo Yunyangs limit. According to his estimations, it would take him a few days to recover from using the Space-Time Eye.

Without hesitation, Luo Yunyang hurriedly absorbed the Blaze Titan Monarchs broken physical body and metallic storage bracelet into his own storage bracelet.

Of course, his main focus was the storage bracelet. Luo Yunyang discovered that there were nine Gold Divine Sky Sources in the bracelet.

These were the treasures the Blaze Titan Monarch had accumulated over the years!

Luo Yunyang laughed heartily. He believed that, thanks to the silver little tower, it had all been worth his time and disguise.

Without further ado, Luo Yunyang went ahead and collected most of the loot before rushing towards the star pillars.

A day later, the news that the Blaze Titan Monarch had been ambushed spread throughout the entire Bloody Space River.