Supreme Uprising Chapter 518

Chapter 518 The Chaotic Four Origin Beast

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Monarch-Level elites were amongst the best in the Bloody Space River. After all, the big names of the four factions basically wouldnt even lift a finger or engage in lowly matters. Hence, Monarch-Level existences were the strongest in most cases.

However, the Blaze Titan Monarch had suffered a huge loss.

Although Luo Yunyang had managed to kill off a Divine Marquis while being pursued, he could only flee when he encountered a Monarch-Level entity.

However, the Blaze Titan Monarchs physical body had just been destroyed and his origin source had escaped. Although the Blaze Titan Monarch insisted that he had been ambushed, nobody could determine the truth.

Furthermore, only another Monarch could ambush a Monarch.

Luo Yunyang had become a Monarch!

This was a problem that many people were aware of. Although there were many similar rumors, no one had actually verified this. However, ever since the news of the Blaze Titan Monarchs incident had spread everywhere, no one weaker than a Divine Marquis had attempted to pursue Luo Yunyang.

Although the Primeval Underworld Monarchs promise was comforting, one still had to remain clear-headed and weigh the pros and cons when it came to a life-and-death matter.

For example, the Blaze Titan Monarch had failed to obtain the Primeval Underworld Monarchs promise, and his precious body, which he had painstakingly built over so many years, had been smashed to bits.

This was an outcome that the Blaze Titan Monarch had never expected. This time, he had paid a heavy price for his misjudgment.

Although Luo Yunyang had been following closely the news on the outside, he knew that it was more important that he digest the Gold Divine Sky Sources that he had obtained from the Blaze Titan Monarchs body.

Nine Gold Divine Sky Sources would definitely allow his Great Chaotic Hole Path to form a two-layered black hole.

Once this two-layered black hole was formed, he would be able to prevent opponents like the Blaze Titan Monarch from escaping.

After traversing through several solar systems, Luo Yunyang decided to stop in an uninteresting system. This time, he chose a deep sea trench as his hiding spot.

There were all sorts of fierce-looking marine creatures inside this trench. It was a pity that these marine creatures were too weak to pose a threat to Luo Yunyang. Without making a sound, Luo Yunyang entered the deepest area of the trench.

Unlike last time, Luo Yunyang was way more careful. He set the tiny tower down on the trench floor before entering the training center of the silver cultivation base.

When all the preparations were finished, Luo Yunyang took out a Gold Divine Sky Source and fused it into his body.

Thanks to his prior experience, Luo Yunyang was ready the moment the Gold Divine Sky Source was integrated into his body.

When the Divine Sky Source entered his body, Luo Yunyang felt like his body was on the verge of being torn apart. Compared to his previous experience, the power of the Divine Sky Source was much more intense this time.

In the Divine Union, quite a number of people had died because they had abused the usage of Divine Sky Source. There had also been a few elites among the people who had perished.

According to the Divine Unions research, the people who had died after using Divine Sky Source were classified into two groups. The first group were the ones that couldnt take the energy brought forth by the Divine Sky Source and had died because of self-implosion, while the other group had had their minds destroyed.

Luo Yunyang had not paid much attention to these two situations sometime ago, as there had been no threat at all when he had used the Purple Divine Sky Source.

Besides, he had only had half a piece of Gold Divine Sky Source at the time, so he hadnt been too concerned.

The violent pain made Luo Yunyang feel as though his own blood was on fire. The image of the birth of the primordial chaos that was reflected in his mind became more and more distinct by the second.

The absorption of Divine Sky Source had a massive effect on improving the mind and constitution. However, based on research conducted in the Divine Union, the person absorbing should only absorb one aspect.

If a person was required to attend to both aspects, it might not be possible to obtain either one. On the contrary, this could result in a loss of life. Focusing on just one aspect was much easier.

Although Luo Yunyang hoped to focus on both aspects simultaneously, he had already made a decision by the time this unbearable pain appeared.

He wanted to first comprehend the scene contained within the Divine Sky Source, which showed the birth of primordial chaos, and use it to hopefully attain the Consummate Boundary of his cultivation path.

If he reached the Consummate Boundary, he would be able to execute the two-layered black hole and face Monarch-Level opponents without fear.

However, just as Luo Yunyang started to comprehend the scenario of this creation, a vortex appeared inside his mind.

The vortex was spinning rapidly towards the image of the primal chaotic creation while trying to absorb it.

The image struggled mightily against this vortex before being torn into pieces and getting absorbed by the vortex.

Only after most of the image was absorbed did Luo Yunyang realize what the vortex was.

"Its the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead!"

Luo Yunyang had been awaiting the birth of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast for a long time. Unfortunately, there had been no movement within the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead after it had entered his mind.

Luo Yunyang had checked a lot of ancient books, but he had found no record of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

This naturally meant that he could get no help with regards to the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

However, in the blink of an eye, the image of this creation had flowed into the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead swiftly.

Unfortunately, the devastating pain was still present. Luo Yunyang, who felt helpless about it, decided to switch his focus to cultivating his power by using the Divine Sky Source.

Small blazes sprouted up continuously on Luo Yunyang, further strengthening his body, which was already stronger than Star Alloy.

However, as Luo Yunyang started to appreciate the pain inflicted by the Divine Sky Source, a fervent sense of hunger filled his thoughts over time.

This feeling of hunger made Luo Yunyang extremely uncomfortable.

If the pain caused by his physical enhancement felt like having his bones scraped, then this hunger felt like a bunch of worms digging into his bones. He felt itchy and numb, yet he couldnt scratch this itch. He really felt like drawing a blade and cutting into his own bone.

Beads of perspiration dripped down Luo Yunyangs forehead. He felt as though he had really bitten more than he could chew.

Actually, this was an unexpected misfortune. He should have focused solely on his comprehension of Origin Source Laws, yet he had unexpectedly activated the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead.

Luo Yunyang had originally wanted to fight this deeply-rooted nagging pain. However, after enduring it for a while, he eventually had to choose an easier approach.

He took another piece of Gold Divine Sky Source out of his storage bracelet, swallowed it like a famished ghost and focused on the mental aspect this time.

One, two, three Divine Sky Sources

Luo Yunyang felt increasingly famished. Meanwhile, he also felt his resistance weakening. He had swallowed nine Gold Divine Sky Sources, yet when the last piece entered his body, the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead acted like a greedy little kid that had eaten to its limit and no longer wanted to move.

However, Luo Yunyang had just satiated this side, so every cell in his body felt like it was being bombarded with countless wind swords, flaming blades, frost, and thunder.

The power of the nine Divine Sky Sources had been applied to his body. When things reached this point, Luo Yunyang realized that he had no other choice.

Hence, he quickly turned on his attribute regulator and allocated all his attribute points to his Constitution.

Power: 1

Mind: 10

Speed: 1

Constitution: 7,651

Origin Source Law: 3,451 (Wind: 815, Earth: 800, Fire: 1,000, Water: 710)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1.3 (Space-Time Eye: 1.3)

The golden number beside his Constitution Attribute had been adjusted to the highest level. If his Origin Source Law Attributes and Origin Source Mystic Attributes had not been different from his Constitution, he would have converted them over as well.

After doing all this, Luo Yunyang just lay there quietly, submitting to his fate. He believed that he might be the first person ever to be stuffed to death by incorporating so many Divine Sky Sources.

The 7,000 Constitution Points did lessen his pain and suffering. The reduction of his Mind Attribute also meant that he would not be able to sense the changes on the outside. At the moment, he could only lie down on the cultivation ground within the silver pagoda and wait in silence.

He would either get overwhelmed by the massive evolution energy, or he would survive it.

While Luo Yunyang struggled between life and death, he was also struggling with himself. As a result, after a long time, he felt the pain in his body slowly weaken.

Although he still didnt relax, this sensation made him realize that he had survived.

After a quarter of an hour, Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator again and slowly adjusted the various attributes of his body, particularly his Mind Attribute. Ever since he had familiarized himself with the usage of mind power, he had never liked dropping his mind power to such a low level.

Just as Luo Yunyangs mind power started to return to normal, he suddenly felt as though something in his mind had broken.

When he was about to determine what it was, his mind went blank for a second. Then, a ray of black light shot out.

The ray of light expanded rapidly on the cultivation ground. In an instant, the black light transformed into a huge, 30-meter tall beast covered in purple scales. The beast also had four large claws.

However, the most attractive thing about this behemoth was not its power, which could tear the void with a wave of its claws, but rather its eyes.

It had a pair of eyes that contained four colors red, yellow, blue and green. These four glowing colors spun rapidly in the beasts eyes, eventually forming a massive vortex.

"Its the Chaotic Four-Origin Bead!"

When Luo Yunyang saw this huge beast, he immediately determined its origin. However, when his eyes met the beasts, he suddenly sensed that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was actually a person!

Actually, it was a whole entity!

"Delighted to meet you. Im also Luo Yunyang!" the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast said with a gentle swing of its claw.