Supreme Uprising Chapter 519

Chapter 519 The Invincible Grade Satellite

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There were currently two displays in Luo Yunyang’s mind that made him feel like he was bursting with joy. One of the stats displayed belonged to him, while the other belonged to the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast!

Power: 6,124

Mind: 1,102

Speed: 1,721

Constitution: 3,140

Origin Source Law: 3,451 (Wind: 815, Earth: 800, Fire: 1,000, Water: 710)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1.3 (Space-Time Eye: 1.3)

Although his original attributes, Power, Constitution and Speed had increased greatly, his Origin Source Laws hadn’t improved.

Nine Gold Divine Sky Sources had been enough to raise three of Luo Yunyang’s attributes by almost 1,000 points. In the past, Luo Yunyang would never have been able to improve so greatly, unless he had made a breakthrough in his cultivation base.

His Constitution and Power had already surpassed those of ordinary Nebula-Grade martialists. Thus, every upgrade was very difficult.

However, the nine Divine Sky Sources had helped Luo Yunyang achieve what could be described as a massive leap.

Unfortunately, this kind of leap still couldn’t compare to the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast nurtured by the nine Gold Divine Sky Sources that contained the power of primordial chaotic creation.

Power: 10,032

Mind: 4,256

Speed: 1,024

Constitution: 12,358

Origin Source Law: 4,125 (Wind: 1,021, Earth: 1,001, Fire: 1,087, Water: 1,024)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 3 (Chaotic Hole Transference: 1.5, Heaven-Earth Engulfing: 1.5)

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was indeed a top-notch beast that was valued greatly by the Four Supreme Saints. Although it only had a Star-Grade cultivation at birth, its various attributes had already crushed Luo Yunyang’s Nebula-Grade ones.

The power of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast would be unimaginable if it were to mature.

Furthermore, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast still had its bloodline memory intact. Although the bloodline memory had only been aroused, its defensive constitution technique called Supreme Chaotic Body and its offensive Chaotic Ripping Strike both seemed to contain infinite mysteries.

Of course, this was only the start of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s bloodline memory. Deeper memories would only awaken after it went through further evolution.

However, compared to the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s powers, Luo Yunyang was mostly excited about his attribute regulator.

He had discovered that he was able to adjust his attributes interchangeably with the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast by using his attribute regulator, even though the adjustments were limited to the same attribute.

In other words, Luo Yunyang’s Power Attribute could only transfer points to the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s Power Attribute, not to its Constitution or any other attributes.

Similarly, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s Power Attribute could only transfer points to Luo Yunyang’s Power Attribute.

Luo Yunyang was a little dismayed by this limitation. However, simply possessing the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was still like having a wonderful treasure trove of limitless uses.

His Power, Mind, Constitution and everything else could have a super-upgrade.

However, for now, Luo Yunyang’s priority was to get familiar with switching between himself and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and quickly familiarize the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast with the surrounding world.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had quickly become Luo Yunyang’s ultimate trump card, one that was not inferior to the attribute regulator.

Three days later, Luo Yunyang, who was standing shoulder to shoulder with the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast in the cultivation center, made a tap with his finger towards the sky.

Although the tap wasn’t very fast, a black light appeared soon.

Actually, it was a black hole. However, this black hole had two layers.

Not only had the two-layered black hole’s power been doubled, but its might had also improved tenfold.

Even Monarch-Level elites would find it hard to evade this two-layered black hole.

At first, it had been difficult to execute the two-layered chaotic hole by relying on just Luo Yunyang’s own strength. However, thanks to the addition of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s origin source laws, Luo Yunyang was able to execute the two-layered black hole directly.

Because of his two-layered black hole, Luo Yunyang felt more confident about facing a Monarch-Level, Galaxy-Grade martialist. However, he still decided to let the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast familiarize itself with its surrounding for 10 days before heading out to hunt some Purgatory Monarch-Level elites to replenish his stash of Divine Sky Source.

Although Luo Yunyang could already execute the two-layered black hole, he would never miss out on the opportunity to improve his cultivation methods.

While Luo Yunyang was training in seclusion, the huge Bloody Space River was bubbling with commotion. The reason was the Blaze Titan Monarch.

The higher-ups of the Machine Empire had given a direct response after the severe injury of the Blaze Titan Monarch. They were going to send out the only three invincible grade satellites of the Machine Empire, which had a search range that could cover the entire Bloody Space River.

Luo Yunyang had killed a dozen Divine Marquises, crushed the Blaze Titan Monarch’s body and gone back to hiding in the shadows, which made it extremely hard to guard oneself against him.

Now, the Ninth Successive Galaxy was blockaded by the Primeval Underworld Monarch, while the other exits of the Bloody Space River were also blockaded by the Machine Empire and the other factions.

Once the invincible grade satellites’ signals covered the entire Bloody Space River, Luo Yunyang would be found, even if he tried to hide in the dust.

The Machine Empire’s seven Titan Monarchs had already gathered!

The Purgatory’s nine great Monarchs had gathered!

The Bug Race’s six great Monarchs had also gathered!

Countless Divine Marquises from all over had also gathered along with the Monarchs. They used to fear Luo Yunyang’s unpredictable movements and sightings, so they had not dared make any moves against Luo Yunyang. However, the gathering of more than 20 Monarchs gave them hope about killing Luo Yunyang.

Although they might not necessarily be the first to get the job done, being able to participate in this mission itself was already a form of glory for most people. Besides, during the showdown between these elites, one might be able to luck out and obtain something nice.

“One of the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s clones is already on its way here. We must present ourselves in front of him!”

“That’s right. Although we may not necessarily be able to kill Luo Yunyang, as long as we present ourselves in front of the Primeval Underworld Monarch, say a few words and let him know that we are concerned about our elders, I believe that he will definitely remember this good karma.”

“Ha ha! Yes! If we were to see him while traveling in the Bloody Space River, he would definitely not kill us.”

More and more people had similar intentions. As they were talking about killing Luo Yunyang, they were also watching the pyramid, which was as large as ten stars combined.

The signals of this invincible grade satellite covered the entire Bloody Space River. Aside from its exceptional searching and scouting abilities, it also had astonishing offensive capabilities.

22 Monarchs had gathered atop the invincible satellite, ready to strike whenever Luo Yunyang appeared.

“I heard that the satellite signal covers this entire expanse of space! Is it true?” asked the warrior from the Purgatory while speaking to the elite from the Machine Empire.

The elite from the Machine Empire, who was very proud of his own empire’s invincible grade satellites, replied haughtily, “Ha ha The signal enveloped the entire expanse three days ago. This is only the first level of scouting.”

“According to my friend, who is working on the invincible satellite, the scouting is only at the second level, which is still pretty far away from the ninth level that it is capable of.”

“However, we have already located the position of all the Divine Marquises and the weaker martialists of the entire Divine Union. The Monarchs just issued instructions to all the elites of the Divine Union through the invincible satellite. They ordered them to come over and await further investigation.”

The elite from the Purgatory inhaled violently. Although he did not have a favorable impression of the Machine Empire under normal circumstances, the silver giant satellites still frightened him.

How much power was this if it could control an entire galaxy?

The Machine Empire Elite was just about to speak again when the originally calm satellite was heard. “Bloody Blade Monarch, we have discovered your position. Report immediately to our location within three days. Otherwise, you will be executed with no chance of parole!”

The mechanical voice was very stiff, yet its tone was overbearingly oppressive.

The Bloody Blade Monarch, who was a Monarch of the Divine Union, was also the person with the highest status in the entire Bloody Space River.

Although he could not return to the base camp of the Divine Union, he undoubtedly represented the face of the union. The fact that the Machine Empire had used such a method to notify him was undoubtedly a heavy smack across his face.

The Bloody Blade Monarch did not say anything. He understood the situation he was in. However, soon after this announcement, the stiff voice came again from the huge pyramid.

“Divine Ax Monarch, we have detected your location. Please do not hide in that small meteorite. It is useless. From now on, your actions are under our supervision. You have three days to report to us. Otherwise, you will die!”

The Divine Ax Monarch, who was atop a meteorite, was fuming. When was the last time he had suffered such a humiliation?

The current situation was dire, so he had no other choice. Although he was reluctant, he knew that he ultimately would be the one to suffer if he resisted.

If he had known that this was coming, he would have returned to the Divine Union’s territory when the eight Monarchs had attacked the Ninth Successive Galaxy.

“Remain calm. Especially in a situation like this!” The Bloody Blade Monarch’s voice was heard over the Divine Ax Monarch’s communication device.

As the names of the Divine Marquises of the Divine Union were called out in succession, the extent of the invincible satellite’s scouting seemed to intensify. Eventually, even a Divine Marquis who was exceptional at hiding was found in the abyss of a star.

However, there was still no news about Luo Yunyang!

Although many people were being scouted, there was still no news about him. However, everyone in the Bloody Space River knew that if the scouting intensified, Luo Yunyang would eventually be found!