Supreme Uprising Chapter 52

Chapter 52


Luo Yunyang didn’t bother taking the corpse of the Black Ring Snake. It was only worth 100 points, so he wasn’t interested in it. This wasn’t the city district after all.

As he moved on, Luo Yunyang raised his Mind Attribute to 10 and his Constitution to 30.

This way, his defense would improve, and his sensitivity to his surroundings would increase substantially.

Ever since the incident with the Ardent Sun Group and Yang Yirui, the newcomers had been striving to obtain points even more passionately. As he walked on, Luo Yunyang came across small teams of two and three.

Joining a team with too many people wasn’t effective. Not only would the team members not be able to hunt much, but there was also the possibility that their prey would flee in another direction.

“Greetings, Big Brother Yunyang!”

“Have you come to gather points? How about we go together?”

“I am Luo Xiaomeng, Big Brother Yunyang. I come from the ancient city of Jinling. Do you have the time to join us?”

Luo Yunyang smiled and politely turned down their kind invitations. These people would not be able to help out with the things he wanted to hunt, and there might even be a possibility of extreme danger. How could Luo Yunyang take them along when he knew this?

“Did you see the martial master badge on Big Brother Yunyang’s chest? He has already become a martial master!”

“He defeated Bai Yushui, so of course he would become a master master. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that Bai Yushui was a martial master!”

“I heard that Big Brother Yunyang doesn’t have a girlfriend. I wonder what sort of girls he likes!”

These discussions took place after Luo Yunyang left. However, Luo Yunyang’s Mind was really strong right now, so even though the girls of the Ardent Sun Group were whispering, he could still hear them clearly.

Luckily for him, the closer he got to the fringes of the D-grade dire beast region, the less people he came across. When he reached the border of the C-grade dire beast region, he no longer came across any Ardent Sun Group members.

He had already consumed a Purple-Gold Ginseng once, so eating one again might not have that great of an effect.

Luo Yunyang’s target was the Gold Bohdi. In theory, the effects of this herb weren’t that different from the Purple-Gold Ginseng’s. Plus, the guidelines on the map said that if one thought they were fast enough, they could try to gather it.

His speed was something that Luo Yunyang had always been proud of.

As he walked through the D-grade dire beast region, he came across some D-grade dire beasts from time to time. However, when he stepped into the C-grade dire beast region, he realized there were a lot less dire beasts around.

He suddenly heard a faint rustling sound about 30 meters ahead. It had to be a dire beast. Luo Yunyang controlled his speed as he inched his way in the direction of the sound carefully.

What he saw was a four-meter long bright red snake as thick as an arm. The Scarlet-Scaled Python was a C-grade dire beast with frightening strength that could spit out poisonous flames.

However, its liver was very valuable. A Scarlet-Scaled Python’s liver could be exchanged for 2,000 points, which was twice as much as a normal C-grade dire beast’s value.

If this had been a while back, Luo Yunyang might have hunted down the Scarlet-Scaled Python, but now he wasn’t really that interested.

Luo Yunyang raised his Speed slightly and slipped soundlessly past it. The snake didn’t even notice him.

When the sun set and night fell, Luo Yunyang finally reached the place where the Gold Bodhi grew.

However, he unfortunately wasn’t ready to steal it. His movements throughout the entire day had left him exhausted, so he chose a big tree and leapt on a large branch gently.

The grade-seven energy bar that Luo Yunyang had bought tasted ordinary, but it contained lots of calories, which helped replenish his strength quickly. As he sat on the tree branch, Luo Yunyang quietly pondered over his plan for the next day.

Suddenly, mosquitos the size of a baby’s fingers came from the forest. There were so many of them that they seemed to cover the sky and hide the ground.

What big mosquitos! Luo Yunyang had originally thought that the mosquitos outside Base 7, which were the size of soybeans, were already big enough, but those actually paled in comparison to these!

The big mosquitoes, the powerful wild beasts, the shrinking size of the moon and the poisonous fog kept restricting the areas where humans could live.

Even the use of weapons, which humans had been relying the most on, was becoming less and less effective.

Luo Yunyang couldn’t help but shudder as he thought about this issue.

Although humanity was becoming stronger, humans weren’t improving as quickly as all these common organisms.

Mosquitos had already become extremely big. If they really came and covered the sky…

Luo Yunyang shouldn’t be thinking about this right now, as there was a more pressing issue to take care of. He had forgotten to bring along a repellant. When he sensed that the mosquitos were about to surround him, Luo Yunyang sighed miserably.

Was he really going to let all these mosquitoes bite him? As he looked at the spot where the Black Ring Snake had tried to bite him, Luo Yunyang felt somewhat confident.

Such a big number of mosquitoes was a nauseating sight, but what else could be done?

Actually, his Mind Power had reached a total of 58 points, so pushing away those mosquitos shouldn’t be a problem for him.

Luo Yunyang immediately adjusted his attributes, saving a small portion of points for his Constitution, Power and Speed before raising his Mind to 55.

He was instantly able to perceive everything within a 50-meter radius clearly!

The buzzing sound of the mosquitos was particularly annoying. Luo Yunyang used his imagination and mind power to create a mental barrier around his body. Suddenly, the mosquitos rushing towards him seemed to lose their target.

They split up in different directions and started drifting away into the forest.

“Let’s rest here for a bit, Big Brother Changjian. The forest is much more dangerous at night than it is during the day!” a voice suddenly rang out. It sounded as if it was right next to Luo Yunyang’s ear.

“Okay, let’s take a break. Gathering the Gold Bodhi is no easy task. We will need all our strength!” Lin Changjian answered.

“We are lucky that Big Brother Changjian is helping out this time. If it was just the few of us, the Gold Bodhi wouldn’t be as easy to obtain,” someone said flatteringly.

“That’s right. The last time Big Brother Changjian wasn’t here, we felt powerless and incompetent. Now everything is different. Thanks to Big Brother Changjian’s speed, the White-Jade Gem Elephant is not going to be a problem.”

“Big Brother Changjian, this is Firefox Meat from the Evil Spirit Imperial Palace. Try some!”

Luo Yunyang could see Lin Changjian and the others in his mind.

It was a group of four martialists led by Lin Changjian. Although there was no campfire, they had lit some sort of incense that warded off mosquitos coming from every direction.

“Bai Yushui is a fool. To think that he couldn’t even defeat a junior that had yet to awaken a source core!” someone grumbled as they chatted. “I didn’t even get any points for obtaining the Purple-Gold Ginseng.”

“Yeah, what an idiot!”

“That Purple-Gold Ginseng didn’t even belong to him completely. If he hadn’t been lying in bed unable to get up, I wouldn’t have let him off as easily.”

Lin Changjian snorted. “Although it is true that Bai Yushui is an idiot, we should still not underestimate Luo Yunyang.”

“I will give the Newcomer King a chance. I will wait for him to awaken his source core before I kick his butt.”

“Some people should only exist to serve others!”