Supreme Uprising Chapter 520

Chapter 520 A Furious Blade

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Divine Ax Monarch, Bloody Blade Monarch, Wave Breaker Monarch

Both in the Divine Union and their own tribes, anyone bestowed with the Monarch title was considered a powerhouse.

The Divine Union valued Monarchs a lot and believed that they were bound to reach the Celestial Domain-Grade.

Their tribes valued them even more, because they would become the people who would fly the tribes flag high.

However, the three proud people were currently standing emotionless beneath a shattered star, watching the huge silver satellite looming in space.

In fact, this was Invincible No.3!

"Damn it, I cant take this anymore! If that big shot hadnt given me an order, I would have gone all out with them!" the Wave Breaker Monarch said. He was from the Tian Wa Tribe, which was one of the 18 Primary Tribes.

The Wave Breaker Monarch, who was a very proud man, now felt like an arrested hooligan awaiting his trial. How was one supposed to feel good about this situation? Right now, he was seething with rage.

The Bloody Blade Monarchs gaze was as incisive as a blade. He shot a cold glance at the Wave Breaker Monarch before retorting, "Do you want to die?"

His rebuttal was brutally awful to listen to, but it was surprisingly effective, as the Wave Breaker Monarch quickly settled down.

The Wave Breaker Monarch didnt want to die. However, this darn Invincible No.3 had eliminated any escape options hed had.

"No point thinking too much about this. The current situation isnt very favorable for the Divine Union!" the Divine Ax Monarch said before adding coldly, "Do not assume that they wouldnt try anything on us."

While the three of them were conversing, a loud roar erupted from afar. "Yuan Tongming, you are abusing power!" screamed a Divine Marquis from the Divine Union who was very famous in the Human Tribe.

Yuan Tongming was a Purgatory martialist who looked very much like a human if one ignored the pair of black bone blades that grew out of his hands.

"So what if Im abusing power? Marquis Jiang Yun What an impressive name! Do you remember berating me and telling me to scram? I bet you must have been elated back then!" Yuan Tongming said scornfully. "However, youve landed in my hands now."

"Ive heard that a captured phoenix is nothing more than a chicken. Besides, you werent a phoenix to begin with. If I said that you couldnt even be compared to a sow, I would actually be insulting the sow!"

Yuan Tongming roared with laughter. "Skin him! I suspect that bandit Luo Yunyang is hiding under his clothes! Anyone that dares defy me will die!"

Yuna Tongming cackled hysterically along with the hundreds of martialists that came from the three factions, causing everyone to tremble.

"This is going too far!" The Wave Breaker Monarch snorted as he was about to step forward. However, before he could, a huge menacing pressure enveloped him.

"Move and youll die!" said a voice that came from the huge satellite. The Wave Breaker Monarch shivered momentarily in fear upon hearing that voice.

He could sense the killing intent of over 10 other Monarchs on him. If he made a move, he would only initiate a fight he was bound to lose.

To do something, or not to do something?

"Endure, Wave Breaker Monarch!" the Divine Ax Monarch bellowed as he rushed over. Theyd had a rather friendly relationship in the past, so he did not wish to see his comrade die in vain.

However, the Wave Breaker Monarch was unable to swallow this down. His eyes blazed with killing intent.

"Im going to kill you, you piece of trash!" Marquis Jiang Yun screamed as he wielded his blade and slashed towards Yuan Tongming.

Although he knew that this was a trap, he had no regrets at the moment.

A smile appeared on Yuan Tongmings face. It was a sly smile, a smile that made it seem like everything was in his palms.

His goal was to anger Marquis Yun Feng and make him take action before killing him like a dog.

He didnt have to fear anything. Although he knew that he wouldnt be able to dodge Marquis Jiang Yuns attack, there was no need to dodge either.

There was quite a number of Divine Marquises around, so they would definitely save him.

They had already discussed this beforehand. Given the cultivation base of those martialists, he believed that they would be able to rescue him in time.

However, as he was feeling pleased with himself, the blade had already reached his neck and severed it along with the galaxy within his body in two.

He couldnt believe this, yet it was all true

How could this be?

Why had everything turned out this way? Why hadnt everything gone according to plan? He had been supposed to be safe!

Marquis Jiang Yun was shocked. Although he regretted making a move and not trying hard, he also knew that his chances of success had been really small.

He had never expected that he would succeed when there was such a small probability.

Could the Divine Marquises that had surrounded Yuan Tongming have been going easy on him?

However, the chance of something like this happening wasnt high. Marquis Jiang Yun knew that someone must have been supporting Yuan Tongming. Otherwise, he wouldnt have been acting in this manner.

The person who supported Yuan Tongming would never allow him to be killed, or their reputation would be gone.

Sure enough, Divine Marquis Jiang Yun was right. The Divine Marquis martialists who surrounded Yan Tongming appeared angry when they witnessed Yan Tongmings death.

The anger they felt came from the depths of their hearts. It was a rage that stemmed from humiliation. It was unresigned fury.

Could the trapped Monarchs have made their move at the same time? Divine Marquis Jiang Yun shifted his gaze to the Divine Ax Monarch and the others.

He had been aware of the position of the Divine Ax Monarch and the others all along. He also knew that, although the Divine Ax Monarch and the other monarchs looked like they had more freedom, their position was much direr than his.

They were being detained by the Invincible No.3 and over 20 Monarchs, so they were in a way worse situation.

If they made a move, perhaps

"Beep, beep, beep! Luo Yunyang has been detected, Luo Yunyang has been detected!" A sharp piercing sound echoed across the void.

Then, paths of light shot out of the huge tower and formed a huge cage-like shape with an incisive point.

Marquis Jiang Yun, who was outside this prison-like light encirclement, saw a figure inside.

He felt regretful when he saw the figure inside smiling at him.

If Luo Yunyang hadnt made a move, he wouldnt have been exposed so soon. If he had been exposed, then

As these thoughts went through Marquis Jiang Yuns head, 22 massive auras came flying down from that huge silver satellite.

They were all staring at Luo Yunyang.

The overwhelming atmosphere was like a torrential wave. When all of them arrived at the same time, it felt like countless shadow projections had appeared in the void.

Although these 22 auras couldnt compare to the Primeval Underworld Monarchs Bloodied Sea of Bones, their powers were also pretty impressive.

Some of them were from the Purgatory, some from the Machine Empire, while there were also some giant worms that dwarfed stars. The power gathered within these shadow projections was earth-shaking as they all headed towards Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyangs expression was exceptionally calm. He acted as though these boundless waves of energy werent heading towards him.

"Luo Yunyang, this is indeed the first time that someone with your Divine Marquis abilities was treated in such a manner in the entire Bloody Space River," said one of the Titan Monarchs, who was clad in full purple armor.

He was the leader of the rest of the Titan Monarchs and the commander-in-chief of this operation. Because of the Primeval Underworld Monarch, the Purgatory was the strongest force around. However, no one dared refute what the Purple Metal Titan Monarch said.

Luo Yunyangs appearance in the sky was quickly broadcasted to the Ninth Successive Galaxy by Invincible No.3.

As the Primeval Underworld Monarch looked at the proud Luo Yunyang, his eyes flashed with a glimmer of light. According to his own intuition, Luo Yunyang was slightly different from when he had first seen him.

However, he couldnt really tell what was different about him.

Just as the Primeval Underworld Monarch activated his clones and made them move towards Luo Yunyangs location, the Human Tribes martialists also saw Luo Yunyangs situation, which was broadcast by Invincible No.3.

The Golden Bat Monarch, the Green Scale Monarch and the others were glowering at the Purple Metal Titan Monarch. In the past, they had been opponents who had fought against each other. However, there was a huge feeling of defeat in their hearts at the moment.

Luo Yunyang had been found!

Although they knew that Luo Yunyang would be found sooner or later thanks to the appearance of Invincible No.3, they hadnt expected it to happen so quickly.

It didnt seem like there would be any disadvantages for the Divine Union if Luo Yunyang died. After all, this temporary alliance would be dissolved with his death.

However, after Luo Yunyang died, the entire reputation of the Divine Union would be tarnished.

"Lets go find Sir and ask him to act!" the Green Scale Monarch shouted at the Golden Bat Monarch.

Although the Golden Bat Monarch appeared calm, his voice was gloomy. "Theres no use in going. If Sir acted, the top powerhouses of the other three factions would make a move too. Eventually, it would be a futile attempt. We wouldnt even get past the Primeval Underworld Monarchs defense."

While the two of them were conversing, on the screen, Luo Yunyang eyed the Purple Metal Titan Monarch and said nonchalantly, "Is it just the few of you? Youre still far from succeeding!"