Supreme Uprising Chapter 521

Chapter 521 Anger Fills The Galaxy

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“This lad has a nasty tone!” the Celestial World Supremacy said in a frosty tone while watching Luo Yunyang from the shattered world.

Mo Lin, who was attending to the Celestial World Supremacy, realized that his master wasn’t in a bad mood. Thus, he replied instantly. “Supremacy, His Highness Yunyang is in a very dangerous situation right now. I think that His Highness’s cultivation must have improved. It would be a pity if he died this way.”

The Celestial World Supremacy shot a cold glance at Mo Lin before saying, “He will only obtain that item for me if he manages to escape from the Bloody Space River. Why would I need him if he can’t even do that?”

Mo Lin wanted to continue, but eventually chose to shut his mouth. He wanted very much to speak up for Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang had limitless potential after all. If he spoke up on Luo Yunyang’s behalf at such a crucial moment, Luo Yunyang would definitely remember him!

Of course, he had to do so while also looking out for his own interests.

Now that his Master had already expressed his attitude towards this situation, whatever he said would no longer be beneficial. Besides, his Master would feel uncomfortable. As a servant, he shouldn’t talk too much or criticize the decisions his Master made.

It seemed like Luo Yunyang was doomed this time!

Even Mo Lin would find it hard to dodge a combined attack from 22 Monarchs, let alone Luo Yunyang, who hadn’t even become a Monarch yet.

Meanwhile, the Primeval Underworld Monarch, who was situated in a sea of blood in the Ninth Successive Galaxy, had a cold expression on his face.

The image of Luo Yunyang was reflected in the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s eyes through a display before him.

If looks could kill, then the Primeval Underworld Monarch would have killed Luo Yunyang a dozen times by now.

“Impudence!” The Purple Metal Titan Monarch was the leader of all the Titan Monarchs in the Machine Empire. Actually, in terms of status, he was not much lower than the pre-peak Primeval Underworld Monarch. However, the gap between them had widened after the Primeval Underworld Monarch had reached the Extreme Boundary.

The Purple Metal Titan Monarch wasn’t happy about acting on the behalf of the Primeval Underworld Monarch.

An insolent brat that he had wasted so much effort searching for had actually dared speak to him in such an impudent manner! This made him boil with anger

“You must have a death wish!” The Purple Metal Titan Monarch raised his fist and blasted a punch towards Luo Yunyang.

Compared to the attacks of the elites from the Purgatory and the Divine Union, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch’s punch didn’t seem all that mighty.

However, those in the know were aware the one should never compete with someone from the Machine Empire who was at the same level.

The Machine Empire had a different cultivation path, so its members’ improvement relied heavily on high-grade ores.

For example, unlike the martialists of the Divine Union, they could not cultivate a galaxy in their bodies. Hence, they would use pieces of star cores to form a galaxy within their bodies.

Although it was difficult for them to cultivate, this way, they were still much stronger than self-cultivated Galaxy-Grade martialists in terms of power.

After all, a machine was much stronger than a human most of the time.

Luo Yunyang looked on as the Purple Metal Titan Monarch swung his fist. Without hesitation, he threw a punch that met the Purple Metal Titan Monarch’s punch head-on.

The combined power of Luo Yunyang and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had a total of more than 16,000 attribute points. All these points were contained in the punch that Luo Yunyang had blasted out.

Power was the strongest when concentrated. Both Luo Yunyang and the Purple Metal Titan Monarch knew this theory. Hence, they didn’t hold back.

However, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch’s fist was the size of a small mountain, while Luo Yunyang’s was only the size of an ordinary human fist.

Shockwaves rippled when the two fists collided.

However, when they collided, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch felt his body get pushed by an enormous force. He was immediately sent flying back at a high speed.

The sensors on him were rapidly sending information about his body back.

His power was inferior, and the galaxy core in his body had cracked. Although he did not have any human emotions, he still found it hard to believe that this was happening.

He was obviously an elite of the Machine Empire who had a clear advantage. How had things turned out this way?

The Purple Metal Titan Monarch wasn’t the only one who was in shock. The 20 other Monarchs had wanted to act on behalf of the Purple Metal Titan Monarch when he had been about to throw his punch.

Despite their intention, they hadn’t dared snatch away this opportunity from the Purple Metal Titan Monarch.

After all, Luo Yunyang had been scouted out by the Machine Empire’s Invincible Satellite and the Machine Empire had suffered the most losses.

Everyone believed that Luo Yunyang was overestimating himself. However, when his fists collided with the Purple Metal Titan Monarch’s, Luo Yunyang only fell back five steps, while the Purple Metal Titan Monarch was blasted away.

The spectators, who were confused, wondered if their eyes were playing tricks on them.

“He made the Purple Metal Titan Monarch fall back! He has the strength of a Monarch!” the Bloody Blade Monarch said in a trembling voice.

In the Bloody Space River, every Monarch was extremely important to their race.

Despite Luo Yunyang’s brilliant battle statistics in the past, he hadn’t been a Monarch. However, he had just displayed powers that had been able to suppress a Galaxy-Grade Monarch.

“This guy is sick! He’s only a Nebula-Grade martialist, yet he defeated the Purple Metal Titan Monarch by using his strength!” The Wave Breaker Monarch’s voice trembled as he said, “If he were to become a Galaxy-Grade”

Although the Wave Breaker Monarch didn’t finish his sentence, it was easy to understand what he meant.

Almost immediately, the Wave Breaker Monarch turned on his communication device, ignored his situation and directly sent out his thoughts.

“I, the Wave Breaker Monarch, strongly urge that Sir rescues Luo Yunyang. If he reaches the Galaxy Grade, he definitely won’t be any weaker than the Primeval Underworld Monarch! He is a peak-level existence that could bring enormous benefits to the Divine Union!”

The Wave Breaker Monarch’s request was broadcasted rather than sent individually.

When the Bloody Blade Monarch saw the message, he turned his head at once and reprimanded him angrily, “You’re crazy!”

“I’m not crazy. I know what I’m doing. However, if the great Sir doesn’t act, I won’t bear to watch helplessly while Luo Yunyang dies!”

While the Wave Breaker Monarch was speaking, another message appeared. This time, it was from the Divine Ax Monarch.

“It’s time to let Master know what we’re thinking,” the Divine Ax Monarch told the Bloody Blade Monarch resolutely.

The eight Galaxy Monarchs were the pillars of the entire Divine Union in the Bloody Space River and thus acted in the manner that they should.

While the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others presented their plea to their Master, the elites from the Purgatory and the Bug Race were staring at Luo Yunyang in disbelief.

“He’s a Nebula-Grade martialist with a Monarch’s power. He has to die!” said an elite Monarch from the Purgatory.

The few Titan Monarchs standing behind the Purple Metal Titan Monarch were also staring at Luo Yunyang coldly.

Their eyes, which were made up of various gemstones, would change color according to their gaze.

“Boss, are you okay? If you’re not, we can attack together and kill this brat” the Thick Earth Titan Monarch told the Purple Metal Titan Monarch.

Before the Thick Earth Titan Monarch could finish his words, he and the other Titan Monarchs received a signal at the same time. The signal was actually a message.

The message stated that the Purple Metal Titan Monarch should be allowed to have one more shot at attacking. If the Purple Metal Titan Monarch couldn’t kill Luo Yunyang, then he should stop being willful and accept reality.

“Luo Yunyang, you must die today!” the Purple Metal Titan Monarch said emotionlessly. However, as he spoke, he put his hands together.

When his palms separated again, a shining purple blade had appeared in them.

“It’s Purple Aura Galaxy!” When the Bloody Blade Monarch saw the purple blade-light, he tensed up like a panther ready to pounce.

The Bloody Blade Monarch was a Monarch who used the word “blade” in his name, so he was well aware of the power of Purple Aura Galaxy. He was afraid that Luo Yunyang would be unable to handle a blade strike, so he prepared to take action.

However, just as his body started to produce a trace of intention to accumulate power, seven or eight other auras engulfed him.

The auras had come from the Monarchs of the Purgatory and other Titan Monarchs from the Machine Empire. Although they had yet to make a move, they would be ready to intervene if the Bloody Blade Monarch attacked.

“Do not be reckless!’ The Wave Breaker Monarch grabbed hold of the Bloody Blade Monarch, hinting at him to keep waiting. Luo Yunyang remained the epitome of calmness, even after the purple blade-light had appeared.

As Luo Yunyang faced the purple blade-light directly, instead of appearing afraid, it seemed like he was excited.

He felt excitement indeed.

His strength wasn’t inferior to the Purple Metal Titan Monarch’s, so he was now able to use his two-layered blade hole. Hence, one could say that he had sort of reached the Extreme Boundary.

He had nothing to fear under the circumstances. He just wanted to see the difference in power between him and the Purple Metal Titan Monarch.

Therefore, when that dozen-feet-long purple blade-light appeared, instead of falling back, Luo Yunyang actually stepped forward.

“Die!” The moment Luo Yunyang stepped forward, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch made his move. The purple blade-light in his hand moved along with him and turned into a purple galaxy of massive length.

Stars shone within the galaxy, each one flashing in the void as if it was real.

Everyone watching felt like there was indeed a galaxy sweeping down from the void.

The Bloody Blade Monarch’s eyes were staring at the overwhelming blade-light. However, his eyes dimmed rather quickly.

Although he refused to admit it, this blade-light had already surpassed his abilities.

He would be injured seriously if he was on the receiving end of that blade-light.

Luo Yunyang’s cultivation base was only at the Nebula Grade. Could he handle it?