Supreme Uprising Chapter 522

Chapter 522 The Ninth Level Heaven Quivering Waves

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Linlong sat in his room, watching the siege on Luo Yunyang through the huge image displayed by his communication device.

Although he was separated by the screen and looking at only a projection, that galaxy-cleaving blade made Linlong feel extremely uncomfortable.

Linlong spat out a mouthful of blood.

He suddenly realized that he had unconsciously adjusted the playback quality of the broadcast to the medium setting.

People of his level should be watching the broadcast at the lowest setting.

He was upset. He knew that the Purple Metal Titan Emperor was also a Galaxy-Grade entity like him, but there was a huge difference between Galaxy-Grade entities.

This was like comparing a rabbit and a tiger that had both lived for 10 years. Although they had been alive for the same amount of years, they were miles apart.

Plus, Luo Yunyang was also a human. How did he cultivate?

One would never know how much they lacked in cultivation if they never stepped foot into the Bloody Space River. One would also never know that there were plenty of outstanding figures if they never stepped foot into the Bloody Space River.

Although Linlong had always felt this sentiment, it only erupted now.

However, he was more anxious and worried about how Luo Yunyang was going to avoid the blade.

If he were the one facing the blade, he might not even be able to retaliate before being severed into pieces by that blade-light.

However, Luo Yunyang was different.

He had killed the Primeval Underworld Monarchs younger brother, which already made Linlong feel like this was a dream. However, he knew very well that if hed had the necessary power and been aware of the consequences of killing the Primeval Underworld Monarchs younger brother, he would have gone ahead with it as well.

Not because he liked to kill, but because he had no other choice.

The blade-light was still shining brightly. Linlong didnt feel good about watching the blade-light, yet he continued to eye the display closely.

Luo Yunyang seemed tiny before the galaxy-like blade-light. However, just as that mighty, void-rending blade-light came crashing down, Luo Yunyang stuck out a clean white finger.

When his finger jabbed gently towards the void, a hole of dark light appeared.

The enchanting purple galaxy gushed toward the black light hole. Although it was overwhelming at first, as it rushed to the light hole, it started to rapidly shrink at the front.

Linlong was not surprised by Luo Yunyangs move. However, he still started to sweat.

"Is that the World-Engulfing Finger?"

Luo Yunyang had executed this move before him in the past. Unfortunately, he had failed to break the move, and so had some Divine Marquises.

Would the World-Engulfing Finger still be effective in the face of a way stronger existence than him, especially an overwhelmingly stronger existence?

Just as Linlong got confused, someone in the platform he was connected to had started to discuss this.

Linlong didnt dare rebut the person who posted, as it was the Golden Bat Monarch.

"Luo Yunyang is going to lose. He is paying the price for messing with the wrong person!" The Golden Bat Monarchs voice was slightly resentful, as hed had high hopes for Luo Yunyang.

"His World-Engulfing Finger is really mysterious. Basically, as long as an attack does not exceed 10 times his own power, he will be able to devour it directly. However, the blade-light that he is fighting against is simply too strong. Yunyang is basically holding a container that is invincible against Divine Marquises."

"However, against even stronger existences, or an elite who is multiple times stronger, his move will only feel like a restriction or nuisance to the opponent."

As the Golden Bat Monarch was speaking, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch bellowed, "These are puny little tricks! Take my Ninth-Order Heaven-Quivering Wave!"

With a loud roar, the blade-light that had originally looked like a long galaxy turned into nine layers of huge waves.

The blade-wave, which was both forceful and extremely incisive, surged.

The Golden Bat Monarch, who had been commenting, stopped. Obviously, this meant that he was no longer optimistic about Luo Yunyangs chances.

Luo Yunyangs body looked like a small boat floating in a turbulent ocean of rolling blade-waves.

It was extremely difficult for Linlong to watch Luo Yunyangs condition. He hesitated for a moment but ultimately still chose to improve the playbacks quality.

When he saw Luo Yunyangs clear and crisp expression, he felt as though there were countless huge hammers crashing down on his spirit.

These massive hammers made him so uncomfortable that he felt like crumbling to pieces.

The exceptionally strong power of this great path, which contained an unceasing energy, struck peoples spirits right away.

The Bloody Blade Monarch and the other two individuals outside the roiling galaxy sea were quiet. They all stared at the Purple Metal Titan Monarch in awe and fear.

Although they had all been bestowed the Monarch title, only now did they discover the large gap between them and the Purple Metal Titan Monarch.

If the Purple Metal Titan Monarch was determined, his single blade strike would be enough to defeat the three of them.

"I want to see how this brat is going to die!" One of the opposing Monarchs watching gloated.

Elites from the Purgatory and the Bug Race watched the Purple Metal Titan Monarch intently, wondering how they would have dealt with his move if they had been the ones in that spot.

As all sorts of thoughts went through their minds, the first layer of blade-waves entered the black hole formed by Luo Yunyangs finger.

In most peoples opinion, even if Luo Yunyangs black hole was able to devour the blade-light, it would have a problem devouring the first layer of blade-waves.

Cracks would either appear on the black hole, or the blade-waves would penetrate it directly.

However, when the first layer of blade-waves was sucked into the black hole conjured by Luo Yunyangs finger, Luo Yunyang was unaffected. There were also no changes on the black hole.

The expressions on a number of peoples faces turned somewhat stiff.

However, shortly thereafter, everyone thought that maybe because this was just the first layer of blade-waves. The strongest level of that rolling galaxy river blade was the ninth layer.

This was just the beginning after all. The waves would arrive in succession, and when nine layers of waves had gathered, the strength would increase ninefold.

Second layer, third layer, fourth layer

The brilliance in the Purple Metal Titan Monarchs eyes started to change. The Purple Metal Titan Monarch was confident in himself.

After all, Luo Yunyangs cultivation base was only at the Nebula Grade. However, as the seventh level of waves entered Luo Yunyangs black hole without any reaction, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch started to feel that something was amiss.

He no longer had any other means to use. Thus, he could only hope that the next two levels of blade-waves would break Luo Yunyangs defense.

"The eighth level blade-wave is coming. This chap is really" The Bloody Blade King, who did not know what to say, could only admire Luo Yunyang.

Just as the Bloody Blade King lamented, the last level of blade-waves was absorbed by Luo Yunyangs black hole.

Luo Yunyangs expression was as calm as ever. Meanwhile, that black hole didnt seem to have changed at all.

It seemed as if the purple galaxy river had never appeared.

However, even though Luo Yunyang appeared relaxed, this had been by no means effortless for him. The furious blade-waves that had entered the two-layered black hole conjured by his fingers were crashing about like a raging tsunami within.

However, even though they were very powerful, they couldnt break the constraints of the two-layered black hole.

"Lets attack and kill Luo Yunyang together!" roared a dark-looking mechanical powerhouse who was standing afar.

His voice immediately elicited agreeing replies from others. Almost all the Monarch-Level elites from the three factions rushed toward Luo Yunyang at the same time.

They werent fools. Luo Yunyangs performance had terrified them. Being able to perform at such a level despite having a lower cultivation base was astonishing. If they let Luo Yunyang attain the Galaxy Grade, then

The Primeval Underworld Monarch alone was already too much to handle. They would never allow a new peak-level existence to surpass them.

The first who rushed towards Luo Yunyang was the Dark Shadow Monarch from the Purgatory. His speed wasnt very fast, but his attack was extremely precise.

In an instant, the Dark Shadow Monarch had already appeared before Luo Yunyang. The long black sword in his hand transformed into countless shadows in the void and slashed towards Luo Yunyang.

Actually, the Dark Shadow Monarch had found the perfect opportunity to strike, as Luo Yunyang had just absorbed the ninth level of blade-waves of the Purple Metal Titan Monarch and was unable to react in time.

Just as the Dark Shadow Monarch started having a good feeling about his attack, Luo Yunyangs finger, which had just suffered the blade-wave of the Purple Metal Titan Monarch, suddenly flicked towards him.

Although his movement wasnt very fast, with a flick of his finger, a trail of purple galaxy river shot directly towards the Dark Shadow Monarch.

Thanks to the nine levels of blade-waves, each one much stronger and faster than the previous one, it was much faster than the Purple Metal Titan Monarch.

The Dark Shadow Monarch wanted to employ other means, but it was too late. In an instant, the purple blade-waves had already broken through all his sword shadows and started closing in on him.

The Dark Shadow Monarch retreated hurriedly. Although he was quick, the blade-waves were faster. Thus, they quickly crashed into his body!

However, as a Monarch, the Dark Shadow Monarch had very powerful means of life preservation. When he waved the long sword in his hands, it transformed into a halo that enveloped his entire body.

Because of it, his body formed a ball that bounced away upon touching the blade-wave.

Just as Luo Yunyang was preparing to take advantage of the moment, dozens of attacks began pouring in from all directions.

The most dangerous part of this fight was only starting now!