Supreme Uprising Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Fractured Voids And Fallen Monarchs

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Luo Yunyang could not be allowed to live!

This was the thought on the mind of every Monarch who participated in this operation. They were all very afraid of the consequences after seeing Luo Yunyang’s performance.

Hence, every strike thrown his way was one of their most adept techniques. They used boundless blade-mountains, heaven-splitting sword strikes, and domineering punches that could shatter voids

Luo Yunyang appeared even more relaxed as he faced all these various attacks. He knew that he couldn’t allow himself to be caught up in this multi-directional siege.

If that happened, even his two-layered black hole would suffer severe pressure while facing attacks from all sides.

Hence, the moment the countless attacks approached, Luo Yunyang quickly made some adjustments by using his attribute regulator.

Of course, his priority was to adjust most of the attribute points, especially the Speed Points, of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to the max.

Luo Yunyang went all out with his Wind Origin Source Law.

Although he did not systematically learn any top-level movement technique, his understanding of Wind Origin Source Law had already made him much faster than the average person, let alone someone who also used an attribute regulator.

The first impression of the people attacking Luo Yunyang was that he was very fast.

Before their attacks could close in on him, he had already disappeared without a trace.

Those overwhelming attacks actually collided. Although they were all Monarchs and the control of their attacks had reached its peak, the fact that their attacks hit and canceled out each other was somewhat infuriating.

“Where do you think you are running to?” The Dove Roc Monarch from the Purgatory instantly transformed into his first form and thundered towards Luo Yunyang.

As the acclaimed fastest Monarch of the group, his mission was to bog Luo Yunyang down.

He didn’t think that would be too difficult.

The Dove Roc Monarch’s wings flapped incessantly while they cracked the void, constantly using this means to seal the space around Luo Yunyang.

In an instant, they both transformed into streaks of light in the void. As their speed increased, their movements started to blur.

The Dove Roc Monarch, who felt that he was getting closer to Luo Yunyang, was prepared to execute his strongest attack once Luo Yunyang was in range.

He definitely had to receive the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s promise!

However, just as he was about to claw at Luo Yunyang, he suddenly realized that Luo Yunyang had disappeared completely.

A bad premonition instantly crept up the Dove Roc Monarch’s spine. He couldn’t believe this.

How could that strange Luo Yunyang be faster than him?

As the Dove Roc Monarch was staring ahead in disbelief, a fist appeared eerily behind him and a finger jab struck him.

It was the Universe-Breaking Snap!

The Dove Roc Monarch was instantly torn apart by the two-layered black hole. If the few powerhouses flying behind him had not been protecting his soul, he might have perished due to Luo Yunyang’s attack.

“Void-Severing Secret Technique!’

The moment that Luo Yunyang struck the Dove Roc Monarch, several Monarchs from the Bug Race waved their hands at the same time, conjuring numerous half-human, half-bug beings with white wings that rushed out of a queen’s nest.

These bug-like beings did not seem built for battle, as there were no armor plates on their bodies.

However, they flapped their six pairs of wings at the same time upon appearing, forming a strange energy.

Luo Yunyang sensed the strange energy and took flight in a split moment. However, even though his speed was fast, he met a thin golden wall after traversing a few thousand miles.

From the outside, it seemed like the thousands of miles of space between Luo Yunyang and the others were separated by a thin layer of golden light.

“Ha ha ha! Where are you trying to run to?” the Purple Metal Titan Monarch roared while rushing towards Luo Yunyang.

It could be said that the Purple Metal Titan Emperor had failed completely when he had fought with Luo Yunyang. When Luo Yunyang increased his speed, he did not even get the chance to face him again.

Luo Yunyang’s speed advantage made the Purple Metal Titan Monarch extremely sullen. He felt like a cornered beast that was still trying to fight. However, the several Monarchs from the Bug Race had separated an area of space and confined Luo Yunyang’s movements. This undoubtedly delighted the Purple Metal Titan Monarch.

He understood such boundary-severing techniques, so he knew that the space available would be compressed further.

When that happened, the space that Luo Yunyang could use to evade would decrease as well.

The Purple Metal Titan Monarch and the elites from the Purgatory were rushing over at Luo Yunyang frantically. They already had the advantage, so they wanted to kill Luo Yunyang when the confined space got smaller.

The Bloody Blade Monarch and the others had solemn expressions on their faces, especially the Bloody Blade King and the Wave Breaker King.

After pondering this for a moment, they both took flight almost simultaneously and dashed towards the Bug Race. They were both seasoned veterans who understood that, in order to free Luo Yunyang, they would have to break this space-severing technique.

However, as the three of them charged out, six figures appeared in the void, stopping them in their tracks.

“Bloody Blade Monarch, are you trying to help? Die!” shouted a Monarch from the Purgatory, who was 100 feet tall and drenched in magma, as he wielded a giant pillar about 10 feet thick and rushed towards the Bloody Blade Monarch.

The Bloody Blade Monarch’s face stiffened up when he faced this opponent.

He had suffered significantly the last time he had faced off against the Giant Magma Monarch.

However, he still dashed towards the Giant Magma Monarch without a second thought after seeing the trapped Luo Yunyang.

“Ha ha! You must have a death wish, Bloody Blade Monarch!” Just as the Bloody Blade Monarch’s Blood Blade, which was full of boundless blood-light, was sent flying towards the Giant Magma Monarch, someone appeared strangely behind him.

It was a Monarch from the Machine Empire, whose physical body was vastly different from the Purple Metal Titan Monarch’s.

If the Purple Metal Titan Emperor had been a giant, then he would have been a speck of dust in comparison. The Soaring Shadowless Titan Monarch, who was only a foot tall, laughed hysterically as he zipped like a streak of lightning towards the Bloody Blade Monarch’s blood-light.

The Bloody Blade Monarch’s blood-light moved like a thread, blocking off the Soaring Shadowless Titan Monarch, who was approaching. However, the Giant Magma Monarch’s flame-filled pillar was sent crashing towards Luo Yunyang.

In the blink of an eye, the Bloody Blade Monarch got involved in a tough battle.

This battle wasn’t limited to the Bloody Blade Monarch. The Wave Breaker Monarch and the Divine Ax Monarch were also held back by others. Thus, it was equally difficult for them to assist Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang did not show any form of anxiety, despite the increasingly tightening space. On the contrary, he was excited. His body zipped around constantly, evading the attacks of the Purple Metal Titan Monarch and the others time and time again.

However, the six Monarchs from the Bug Race were constantly reducing the space they had severed. In 15 minutes, the 100,000-mile radius of space was reduced to only a 10,000-mile radius.

A radius of 10,000 miles was very large for ordinary people. However, elites like Luo Yunyang found it rather difficult to dodge anything in such a small space. The combined barrage of attacks of the Machine Empire were particularly difficult for Luo Yunyang to dodge.


A Monarch from the Purgatory with a triangular face, three feet and four hands swung his four blood-colored blades in a frenzy.

His blades were moving at astonishing speed. In an instant, they all transformed into a blade-rain that descended on the void.

Every drop of blood-red blade-rain contained a deadly killing intent, while the blade-rain covered a radius of 30,000 feet around Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang, who had been fighting with his back to the wall, came to a stop before an eye suddenly appeared between his brows.

It was the Space-Time Eye!

The Monarch from the Purgatory had never thought that Luo Yunyang would suddenly stop in his tracks.

What was this guy up to?

Although he was distracted for a split moment, Luo Yunyang’s eyes quickly locked on to the martialist’s body. At the moment, Luo Yunyang could stop time for four seconds.

In the past, the attribute regulator had only been used on Luo Yunyang himself. Even if he exhausted the Origin Source Laws in his body, he could only manage to freeze his opponent for three seconds.

However, Luo Yunyang would also be under enormous restraints while freezing his opponents. For example, he wouldn’t be able to use his strongest attacks.

Now, Luo Yunyang didn’t even need to use his origin source laws, as he was using the attributes of his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Thus, he naturally wouldn’t face the restrictions he had faced before.

The moment the eye froze the Purgatory Monarch, Luo Yunyang had already appeared near him.

His finger gently jabbed forward, using the Universe-Breaking Snap!

If his body hadn’t been frozen, the Monarch from the Purgatory would have blocked the attack, he would have dodged, he would have

However, his body was frozen in place, so he could only look on helplessly as Luo Yunyang jabbed a finger into his body.


His body shattered into pieces. The Monarch’s eyes were filled with hatred. However, just as he was thinking of how to take revenge on Luo Yunyang in the future, Luo Yunyang jabbed his finger towards him again.

This time, he used the World-Engulfing Finger!

As the black hole appeared on the tip of Luo Yunyang’s finger, the shattered pieces of the Monarch’s body were devoured by the black hole.

A Monarch had fallen!