Supreme Uprising Chapter 524

Chapter 524 Borrowing Strength

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The people that were bestowed the title of a Monarch were considered the highest level of existence in their factions. Each and every one of them had the ability to slaughter hundreds and thousands of elites of the same grade.

Even some of them that were of a higher grade might not have ample confidence in dealing with them. However, one of the Monarchs of the Purgatory had just fallen.

Although the Blaze Titan Monarch had been smashed into pieces. Most people believed that it was because he had been ambushed.

However, the fallen Monarch from the Purgatory had shocked the people pursuing Luo Yunyang, as well as those who were watching the battle.

"The Blood Cloud Monarch has actually fallen! This is unbelievable!" the Golden Bat Monarch lamented while watching the Divine Unions broadcast.

The Golden Bat Monarch was rather familiar with the dead Blood Cloud Monarch. It could even be said that they were old pals.

Of course, they were old pals who had fought a lot! During their fights, they had been equally matched.

Yes, this was the proper way to describe their fights.

However, an evenly-matched opponent like him had actually been killed by Luo Yunyang. Hence, not only was the Golden Bat Monarch shocked, but he also sympathized with his old pal. They were rather similar after all.

The Blood Cloud Monarch had died. Didnt this mean that he would be no match for Luo Yunyang either?

Linlong and the other people who had accompanied Luo Yunyang in the search for Divine Sky Sources were both shocked and ecstatic.

Luo Yunyang had killed a Monarch. This meant that he was a Monarch as well. However, he was a Monarch that had yet to enter the Galaxy Grade.

There was now a greater probability of him surviving an attack from the Monarchs.

The watching Primeval Underworld Monarch instantly stood up when he saw the Blood Cloud Monarch die.

The shadow projection glowing behind him had already disappeared without a trace.

The Divine Union martialists in charge of monitoring the Ninth Successive Galaxy could only see a shadow of the Primeval Underworld Monarch before he disappeared into the void.

"The Primeval Underworld Monarch has left. Hes heading towards the battlefield." Although the martialists cultivation was much lower than the Primeval Underworld Monarchs, he was pretty quick-witted.

In a few seconds, he managed to deduce and send out the viable direction and route in which the Primeval Underworld Monarch would probably be heading in.

Luo Yunyang, who was currently in battle, was also able to receive the information right away.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch had left the Ninth Successive Galaxy!

The news made the weary Monarchs from the three factions who were pursuing Luo Yunyang more determined.

Given the Primeval Underworld Monarchs speed, he would be able to arrive soon. Once he did, it would be much easier to kill Luo Yunyang.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang had also received the news through his own communication device. This news had exceeded his expectations.

The reason the Primeval Underworld Monarch was in the Ninth Successive Galaxy was because he wanted to prevent Luo Yunyang from escaping back into the Divine Unions base camp. If that happened, even though the Primeval Underworld Monarchs cultivation was sky high, it would still be useless.

However, Luo Yunyang was currently surrounded by 20 Monarchs. Thus, not rushing over would be a big blunder.

"Break!" Luo Yunyang looked at the shrinking space and jabbed his finger hard towards it.

This jab was the Universe-Breaking Snap. All his attributes had already been adjusted.

Thanks to the power of the two-layered black hole, the space-severing technique executed by the six Monarchs of the Worm Tribe started to crack.

However, this power was also causing Luo Yunyangs body to shake violently.

If he used brute force and smashed through the severed space, he would have to pay a hefty price for it. Thus, Luo Yunyang decided to dash towards the Purple Metal Titan Monarch in a flash.

"Purple Metal Titan Monarch, youll never get to see the Primeval Underworld Monarch! Die!"

The Purple Metal Titan Monarch turned rigid when he saw Luo Yunyang dashing over. He very much wanted to delay this until the Primeval Underworld Monarchs arrival. However, Luo Yunyang was eager to kill him.

He also did not have a lot of confidence in fighting Luo Yunyang single-handedly. Therefore, he shouted at his fellow comrades, "Six In One, Titan Extermination!"

Following the Purple Metal Titan Monarchs roar, five other Titan Monarchs took flight. As they did, their bodies started to release a devastating killing intent.

This killing intent gathered in the void before tunneling towards the Purple Metal Titan Monarch.

Suddenly, a purple ray of light shot from the top of the Purple Metal Titan Monarchs head and instantly became one with the killing intent within the void, forming a robot nearly as large as the confined space.

"Go to hell!"

The robot waved his huge, mountain-like fists and blasted them towards Luo Yunyang.

The Bug Races severed space had also started shrinking even more furiously as the Purple Metal Titan Monarch began to attack.

Obviously, the two factions were cooperating to ensure that they would take Luo Yunyangs life!

Luo Yunyangs expression turned grave. Although he already planned to deal with this, he was still surprised by the combined efforts of the Purple Metal Titan Monarch and everyone else.

However, his attack was already in motion. There was no turning back anymore.

"World-Engulfing Finger!"

With a tap, the collective attack that contained the power of six Titan Monarchs entered the black hole formed at Luo Yunyangs finger.

At first, that mass of energy wasnt able to do anything to Luo Yunyang. However, after absorbing two-thirds of it, cracks started to show on the black hole.

The eyes of the Purple Metal Titan Monarch and the fellow Titan Monarchs beside him turned red. At the moment, they all wanted to kill Luo Yunyang in one joint attack.

However, despite the cracks forming on it, the black hole still remained intact.

After all the energy had entered the black hole, Luo Yunyang swiftly changed the direction of his finger and jabbed at the severed space.

This jab had expanded all of Luo Yunyangs power. All the power that came from the Purple Metal Titan Monarch and the others was redirected onto that severed space.


When the walls of the severed space cracked, the Monarchs who had conjured the barrier spat out a mouthful of blood. Meanwhile, the bug-like beings that had been summoned by these Monarchs all disappeared.

Their bodies were reduced to ashes before they were scattered away into the darkness.

Luo Yunyang finally escaped from the confined space and managed to adjust his Speed to the maximum. In an instant, he ripped through the void.

"Luo Yunyang is trying to escape!" one of the Monarchs from the Purgatory screamed. Compared to the two other factions, the martialists from the Purgatory were undoubtedly the ones who yearned to kill Luo Yunyang the most.

After all, the Primeval Underworld Monarch was from the Purgatory!

However, they suddenly saw Luo Yunyang appear behind a Bug Race Monarch.

The Monarchs of the Bug Race were very skilled in expelling insect swarms during a battle and they even used these bug hordes as a form of attack.

However, they had suffered greatly when Luo Yunyang had broken out of the confined space. Besides, they simply hadnt thought that Luo Yunyang would do anything to them before the Primeval Underworld Monarch arrived.

"You cant" Before the Monarch from the Bug Race could finish his sentence, Luo Yunyangs finger had already landed heavily on his body.

The Monarchs of the Bug Race were not skilled in battle to begin with, so their physical defense was rather weak. Hence, this finger was enough to make the Monarchs body crumble in an instant.

Luo Yunyangs bloodthirst had been awakened. He did not wish for it to be wasted, so he jabbed with his finger again.

"World-Engulfing Finger!"

This sequence of actions merely took a few seconds to execute. During those few seconds, Luo Yunyang broke the severed space of the Bug Race and slaughtered one of their Monarchs.

"You How dare you kill our Monarch! We. Well fight you till our last breath!" One of the elites of the Bug Race began to conjure his queen nest, summoning tons of fighting beetles around him and his partners while screaming hysterically at Luo Yunyang.

"Till your last breath? This is your last breath!" As he spoke, Luo Yunyang glanced in the direction of the Ninth Successive Galaxy.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch was approaching. After pondering this for a moment, Luo Yunyang made a decision. He took flight and dashed towards the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others. The light waves of his chaotic hole scattered, suppressing the people who were attacking the Bloody Blade Monarch and his comrades.

"You guys return first! Ill be here!"

The layers of light wave from the chaotic hole had improved along with Luo Yunyangs cultivation. At the moment, Luo Yunyang was capable of conjuring 6,400 layers of chaotic hole light waves. Although the Monarchs could still move despite the influence of the chaotic hole light waves, their movements were as slow as if they were walking in a swamp.

The Bloody Blade Monarch, the Divine Ax Monarch, and the Wave Breaker Monarch all glanced at Luo Yunyang at the same time and told him to take care.

Then, the three of them shot off into the distance like arrows released from a bow.

They were three of the eight Monarchs of the Divine Union, so they were naturally very fast. In the blink of an eye, they had vanished into the void.

Suddenly, a dark cloud appeared in the endless void. Meanwhile, a crack appeared at the end of this expanse of space.

What an extraordinary speed!

While Luo Yunyang had this thought, his finger pointed towards the void. With a gentle stroke, a crack appeared before him in space.

Luo Yunyang took a step and vanished into the crack.

The Purple Metal Titan Monarch and the rest of the Monarchs from the Bug Race had hateful looks on their faces. At the moment, none of them dared do anything to Luo Yunyang or try to prevent him from leaving.

When Luo Yunyangs space crack disappeared, a piece of white bone appeared where it had just been.