Supreme Uprising Chapter 528

Chapter 528 Condensing Four Divine Sources Entering The Nebula Grade

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"Yunyang, I think that you should not decline the goodwill of the Emperor Lord," Linlong, who was next to Luo Yunyang, said solemnly.

There were many others who had said this before, yet Linlong was the most sincere of them all.

Luo Yunyang looked at Linlong and said in all seriousness, "Why is that?"

"The Demigod Tribe is continuously evolving and their rate of evolution is about a hundredfold the Human Tribes rate. It is not only easy for them to engage in training, but their combat power is also much stronger than ours. Even with the same techniques and cultivation, a typical team of three from the Human Tribe is usually no match for an individual fighter from the Demigod Tribe."

There was a faint struggle in Linlongs tone by this point. "I am not trying to say that the Human Tribe should also follow the Demigod Tribes way of evolution, but right now, the enemy that you are up against is the Primeval Underworld Monarch!"

As he watched Linlong get all worked up, Luo Yunyang gently patted his shoulder and said, "Brother Lin, I know that you have my best interests at heart, but do not worry. I have this whole situation under control. Just rest assured!"

Linlong stared intensely at Luo Yunyang, as if he was trying to decide if Yunyang was lying. Luo Yunyang was much stronger than he was. However, he was still somewhat apprehensive. Thus, he cautioned him, "Yunyang, right now, you are the pride and joy of the Human Tribe. You alone are our defender against any sort of danger. I have already reported this matter to the other Path Masters and they will contact you about it."

"I do not know your reasons for turning down this goodwill, but if you did so just to upkeep a certain image, then I think that you should not decline. After all, this is a battle of life and death!"

After sending Linlong off, Luo Yunyang slowly settled down. He would not listen, despite Linlongs continuous nagging. However, there was one point that had hit the nail on the head. This was a battle of life and death.

It would be a battle to the death for either him or the Primeval Underworld Monarch!

Although he had declined the chance offered by the Demigod Tribe, it was unknown whether the Primeval Underworld King had access to other resources. After all, the valuable assets of the Purgatory were no less precious than those of the Divine Union.

Luo Yunyang thought a lot. In his opinion, there were only two ways to increase his combat power right now. The first one was to make use of the Golden Divine Sky Source to increase his own basic attributes so that he could use the two-layered black hole just by relying on his own cultivation base. The second method was to increase the cultivation level of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was still at the Star Grade. Once it was able to reach the Nebula Grade, the shortcomings of his own abilities would naturally disappear.

Furthermore, it was actually not difficult to increase the cultivation level of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast from the Star Grade to the Nebula Grade. On the whole, this could be summarized in four words huge quantities of resources!

Just like the Demigod Tribe, the initial stages of advancement of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast were not too difficult to achieve.

As long as one had a massive amount of resources, one could increase the cultivation level of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast just by cultivating.

Although there were plenty of resources in the Bloody Space River, requesting too many resources would definitely attract other peoples attention.

The best way for the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to advance to the Nebula Grade would be to temporarily leave the Bloody Space River to accumulate a large amount of resources from the area and rely on the techniques embedded in the bloodline memory of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to condense four major Master Divine Stars.

Luo Yunyang eventually made his final decision.

When he returned to the Human Tribe to participate in the declaration regarding the Sky Books of the Nine Paths, the rejected Emperor Lord did not pressure him in any way. He merely told Yunyang that he would definitely be able to make it back in time.

The Bloody Blade Monarch, the Divine Monarch, and all the other Monarchs and formations came together to bid Luo Yunyang farewell. Although he had yet to defeat the Primeval Underworld Monarch, Luo Yunyang was someone that the martialists respected deeply.

"Yunyang, the Nine Sky Books of the Human Tribe fit you, but the Divine Mountain Sky Division also encompasses knowledge of a similar power," the Bloody Blade Monarch said while giving a piece of jade to Luo Yunyan. Then, he added, "This is my token. I have already passed my instructions down to my family. You can go down once to take a look."

The Divine Mountain Sky Division of the Bloody Blade Monarchs tribe was like the Sky Books of the Nine Paths. No outsider ever got a chance to browse through this content.

The fact that the Bloody Blade Monarch was now willing to generously give Yunyang the opportunity to view this item definitely showed how much Yunyang meant to him.

Upon seeing the actions of the Bloody Blade Monarch, the Divine Ax Monarch immediately made eye contact with the Wave Breaker Monarch and they both unanimously made a decision to do the same for Luo Yunyang.

Everyone else, including a few Monarchs from the Demigod Tribe, the Golden Bat Monarch, as well as the Green Scale Monarch, hesitated for a moment and said nothing.

Thanks to his current elevated status, Luo Yunyang was able to borrow a high-grade spaceship and use that spaceship to return to the Milky Way in just a months time.

This time, Luo Yunyang was not too flamboyant about his return. After a short meeting with his family, he had the Bloody Massacre Path Master take him to the deepest part of the treasury in the Blood Spirit Sky.

The treasury had a total radius of about three million miles, and there were many large mountains made of books of different source origins. Looking at the sheer size of the treasury made one dizzy.

Surrounding these mountains was a river made out of different gemstones in liquid form. The gemstones followed a structured flow through the river courses, making the whole place bustle with life source.

"This is one of the places where the Human Tribe gets its knowledge from!" the Bloody Massacre Path Master said solemnly. "If you still do not have sufficient training resources, I can go ahead and borrow some materials from the other eight paths!"

Luo Yunyang noticed that there were hundreds of Fundamental Planetary Sources in the sky.

He recalled staking his life in order to acquire just one Fundamental Planetary Source. Right now, he could use these hundreds of Fundamental Planetary Sources at will.

"I just want materials on the four elements, earth, water, wind and fire!" said Luo Yunyang before adding, "Path Master, if you do not object, I would like to close out this area so I can use it exclusively."

The Bloody Massacre Path Master laughed and said, "Alright, this treasury belongs to you alone from now on. Please do not decline. Based on your contributions to the Human Tribe, it would not mean much even if I gave you a few more treasuries."

Luo Yunyang considered this silently for a moment. He knew that if he wanted to lead the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast to the next grade, he would definitely need all the materials he could find over there.

"Thank you, Path Master!"

Before leaving, the Bloody Massacre Path Master patted Luo Yunyang heavily on the back and said, "Yunyang, I know something is definitely wrong with the Divine Nine-Crystal Transformation Stone. However, if the need really arises, maybe you should use it. After all, preserving your own life is more important. The people who have used this stone over the years did not suffer many side effects besides becoming slightly more loyal to the Demigod Tribe."

Luo Yunyang glanced at the Bloody Massacre Path Master. He could tell that every single word he uttered came from the bottom of his heart.

"I should be alright, Path Master."

After the departure of the Bloody Massacre Path Master, only Luo Yunyang was left in this land of massive treasures.

As he studied the heaps and heaps of precious treasures that formed mountains, as well as the many Fundamental Planetary Sources, Luo Yunyang immediately activated the galaxy within his body and started absorbing these items into his body.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast that resided in Luo Yunyangs body slowly began to notice this influx of foreign resources and immediately took the chance to have a go at it.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast possessed a portion of Luo Yunyangs consciousness. That explained why Luo Yunyang did not have to use the spirit division control when using the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

After the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast consumed a number of Fundamental Planetary Sources, Luo Yunyang went on to retrieve a Golden Divine Sky Source from his pouch.

Given that he now had sufficient Divine Sky Sources, the most important thing at this point in time was to ensure that he could use the two-layered black hole independently.

This was not his first time using a Divine Sky Source, so Luo Yunyang did not hesitate. He immediately integrated the Divine Sky Source into his body.

Earth-shattering sensations stirred in Luo Yunyangs heart. The pain that each Divine Sky Source brought about no longer mattered much to him.

One, two, three Divine Sky Sources

As Luo Yunyangs mind power increased, so did the nature of the four established laws. However, the one that improved the fastest was Luo Yunyangs comprehension of the Chaotic Hole Path.

The different scenarios across the Sky Books of the Nine Paths helped along the comprehension of the Divine Sky Sources, which continually validated themselves in Luo Yunyangs mind. Every single validation was a decent improvement for Luo Yunyang.

However, there were diminishing returns with the use of every good item. When Luo Yunyang had used up the 30 Divine Sky Sources, the earth-shattering and sky-shattering sensations he had felt earlier did not seem like a big deal now.

The best thing Luo Yunyang could do now was take everything he had learned over the years and combine it with his memories of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.


While Luo Yunyang was in the midst of serious cultivation, he heard a sound. Luo Yunyang awakened from his cultivation and found out that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had grown about 10 times.

It was about 30 meters tall and had a body length of about 300 meters!

Although the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast still remained in Luo Yunyangs body galaxy, a majestic might began emanating from its body.

Its scales became more unadorned, yet its decorative design began developing into an array formation that even Luo Yunyang did not understand.

Its large rigid claws, as well as the bones growing on its back, were

Even Luo Yunyang felt a faint feeling of terror while watching the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast at the moment.

That was right, he felt terrified!

However, in comparison to the exterior of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, what made Luo Yunyang truly terrified was the space within the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Right now, inside the space of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast were four massive stars of the earth, water, wind and fire elements. Their rays of light radiated and illuminated each other throughout the body of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, not giving way to any of the others.

According to the memory of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, this was the last step needed before it could advance from the Star Grade to the Nebula Grade.

Once this step was taken, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast would be able to break through to the Nebula Grade!

Thanks to his own memories of breaking through to the Nebula Grade, as well as the bloodline memories of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, Luo Yunyang knew that the timing was drawing nigh.

When he mouthed the word "condense", many layers of rays of four different colors began joining within the body of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. These rays started transforming into four mini shadow projections of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast in the void.

Four colored rays shot out of the mouths of the mini Chaotic Four-Origin Beast projections, instantly becoming just like a scorching sun that illuminated all four directions!