Supreme Uprising Chapter 53

Chapter 53: The Crazy Mosquitoes

Lin Changjian's haughtiness made the other three martialists flatter him even more. One of them even said, "Big Brother Changjian, I could deal with a kid one grade below us who has yet to awaken a source core! There is no need for you to do it personally."

Lin Changjian nodded his head lightly, but didn't say anything. He clearly didn't take Luo Yunyang seriously.

Luo Yunyang was very displeased. Just as he was about to explode from anger, he suddenly felt a little sick.

What was happening? He hadn't sustained any attacks, so why was he feeling unwell?

It felt as if his entire body had used up all its strength in a short period of time.

His Constitution had to be too low to support his Mind Power, which was really strong right now.

Similar incidents had occurred before, but back then, when he had used his power to the max, he had adjusted his attributes back as soon as possible, so the change hadn't been that evident.

When his Constitution was raised to 10, his Mind dropped to 45. As soon as this adjustment was finished, Luo Yunyang felt his earlier unease disappear.

He took a deep breath and reminded himself to be more careful when adjusting his body's attributes in the future, so he would not make this sort of unexpected mistake again.

Damn it, Lin Changjian has to be punished for his pretentiousness. However, there was no way that Luo Yunyang would defeat him, even if he went over.

Plus, they were in the middle of the C-grade dire beast territory, so it would be difficult to receive assistance from the base. Many elite martialists lost their lives in this wilderness every year.

If these four harbored any evil intentions concerning him, even if Luo Yunyang eventually managed to escape, he probably wouldn't do so unscathed.

He was still unwilling to give up just like that, though.

The mosquitos, which were the size of a baby's fingers, made Luo Yunyang's eyes light up. He used his mind power to cover a bunch of mosquitos that were flying in circles around him.

As soon as the mosquitoes were enveloped, they all seemed to forget how to move. Luo Yunyang used his mind power to prompt the mosquitos to rush towards Lin Changjian and the others.

"Big Brother Changjian, I actually believe that our group's number one spot should have been yours all along. The only time you lost was when you went easy on the fairer sex!"

"Do you think Big Brother Changjian is as inconsiderate as you are? In my opinion..."

Although their flattery was over the top, Lin Changjian seemed to enjoy it. As the few of them were talking happily, a swarm of mosquitoes suddenly descended on them. There were at least 1,000 mosquitoes, so as they descended, it seemed as though they were everywhere.

The fella who had been speaking felt at least 10 mosquitos fly into his mouth.

As soon as he swallowed them, he used all his strength to retch the mosquitos out. Unfortunately, it was easy to eat something, but hard to vomit it out.

He was still trying to retch while Lin Changjian and the others were frantically swatting at the mosquitoes that had come rushing over. Although the mosquitoes hadn't done much damage, getting bitten still wasn't a pleasant experience.

Their palms danced around as the mosquitoes scattered in all directions. Except Lin Changjian, each of the other three martialists had about eight bumps all over their faces.

"Damn it! Where did all these mosquitoes come from?" the fella who had been trying to retch asked. He seemed thoroughly annoyed.

The other two were just as furious. Although these bloodsucking mosquitoes hadn't posed much of a threat to them, they were still somewhat irritated.

"Could someone be doing this to annoy us?" One of the martialists, who had large bumps on his eyelids, asked.

"Why don't you try controlling them?" Lin Changjian was clearly unhappy. Although he had driven the mosquitoes away as soon as they had come rushing over, he still looked sullen.

The four of them remained quiet for a bit before someone eventually broke the silence. "Perhaps our mosquito repellent is defective."

"That's possible!"

The four martialists racked their brains, but were unable to figure out what was going on. All they could do was shut their eyes helplessly and rest.

Luo Yunyang, who had been monitoring their activities, felt slightly displeased when he realized that Lin Changjian hadn't even gotten bitten once. However, he didn't urge the mosquitoes over again. Instead, he waited until the men had closed their eyes to rest before he sent them over once more.

In that big forest, the sound of the grass moving in the wind was a very common noise.

The buzzing of the mosquitoes was very soft, yet this time, Luo Yunyang had prepared over 1,000 mosquitoes for Lin Changjian and the others.

The blanket of mosquitoes instantly woke up the three martialists, who had fallen into a deep slumber. Lin Changjian's anger bubbled up when he saw the mosquitoes. He immediately unsheathed the long sword strapped to his back.

The azure blue light rays of his sword created a curtain of light mid-air. The mosquitoes within the light's range fell one after the other.

The other upper-class martialists, who had been swatting mosquitoes like crazy, suddenly decided to use all their strength. In an instant, the mosquitoes surrounding them started to escape frantically in all directions.

Lin Changjian slapped one of the upper-class students across the face. In the blink of an eye, the student's cheek started to swell.

"Big Brother Changjian! Why Why did you hit me?"

"Take a look at the mosquito repellent that you bought! When you buy stuff, you should get the good kind. Is this how you repay me?" Lin Changjian was unable to restrain his anger.

The upper-class student who had been hit was really proud, yet as he listened to Lin Changjian's snarling words, he didn't dare make a squeak.

Firstly, he was afraid of Lin Changjian, and secondly, he had indeed done something wrong when he had purchased that mosquito repellent.

He was supposed to purchase special-grade repellent, but he had bought A-grade repellent instead.

"I might not have bought the best kind of repellent, but this one had the best ratings. Besides, everyone says that this type of repellent is very effective."

Lin Changjian had initially slapped this fella just to vent, but as he listened to his younger brother admit his mistake, the rage in his heart was re-ignited.

Lin Changjian had always been very vain, so he couldn't stand having a large bump on his face because of a mosquito bite!

No, this was just utter humiliation!

"You won't go to sleep tonight. As long as there are mosquitoes around, you will stay up and swat them away!" Lin Changjian said darkly.

Although his younger brother felt aggrieved, he didn't dare disobey. "Okay."

After they applied mosquito repellent randomly, Lin Changjian and the other two martialists went back to sleep. Although they felt uncomfortable because of the mosquito bites, they were still martialists, so it didn't take them long to fall asleep.

The younger brother who had been assigned to keep watch kept his eyes wide open in the beginning, afraid that mosquitoes would come rushing over again.

However, after he had been keeping watch for quite a long time, he realized that, thanks to the mosquito repellent, there were no more mosquitoes heading over.

The mosquito repellent was effective after all. What exactly had happened then? Unless this sort of mosquito repellent was split into different categories? As he silently cursed Lin Changjian for being picky, the young martialist drifted off to sleep.

Luo Yunyang kept an eye on Lin Changjian's party as he cultivated the Basic Telekinesis Cultivation Techniques. When he sensed that Lin Changjian and the others had all fallen asleep, his mind power took control of a mosquito that had been flying about frantically.

This time, he sent only one mosquito at a time. He was afraid that sending a whole bunch would arouse Lin Changjian and the others' suspicions.

When mosquitoes flew, they would normally produce a buzzing sound, However, under the effect of Luo Yunyang's mind power, the mosquito didn't make any noise.

As it got close to Lin Changjian, the mosquito extended its mouthpiece and stung the man on the forehead. However, the skin on his forehead was too hard, so the mosquito wasn't able to pierce it.

Luo Yunyang couldn't help but feel anxious for the mosquito as he increased the mind power surrounding it. Although he could not feel it, if someone had been watching, they would have been able to see a silvery shine on the mosquito's mouthpiece.

"ARGHHHH!" An earth-shattering shout came out of Lin Changjian's mouth. As he shouted, the others saw a large bump form on his forehead.

The bright red lump was nauseating!

"That damn mosquito!" As soon as the mosquito had accomplished its mission, Luo Yunyang retracted whatever mind power he had used on it, so Lin Changjian caught the mosquito that had given him that large bite easily.

"Arghh!" As Lin Changjian pulverized the mosquito, his own blood spurted all over his head. He was furious as he stared maliciously at the younger brother who had been supposed to stand guard and drive away the mosquitoes.

"Big Brother Changjian! You really can't blame me. I was really..." The younger brother had an ominous feeling as he looked at the large bump on Lin Changjian's forehead and tried to explain himself as if his life depended on it.

"F*ck! Why don't you go and die!" Lin Changjian raged as he sent the younger brother flying with a kick.