Supreme Uprising Chapter 531

Chapter 531 A Crushing Power At This Age

Chapter 531: A Crushing Power At This Age
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He had reached the Extreme Boundary at just the Galaxy Grade. After 10 years in isolation, his use of the Three Thousand Swords of Bloodied Seas could actually be considered on par with a Celestial Domain-Grade entity!

The Primeval Underworld Monarch had become a legend among the four great factions.

One of the reasons for the huge turnout of people this time was the Blood-Colored Divine Sky Source produced by the Blood Jade Flower. However, a second reason was that everyone wanted to watch the Primeval Underworld Monarch.

He was a martialist who had attained the Extreme Boundary of his cultivation path. Although he was not a Celestial Domain-Grade entity, he could take on one.

As the Primeval Underworld Monarch entered this void, countless eyes turned towards him. The vast majority of them watched him with respect, awe and a slight dose of fear. However, there were also some gazes of clear dislike.

Amongst these people stood a tall, big-sized man whose entire body was sky-blue. He was a martialist from the Machine Empire. Beside him stood the Purple Metal Titan Monarch, as well as other powerhouses from the Machine Empire. However, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch and the others just stood there as if they were the tall mans aides.

"Tell me, if I were to use the light beam obliteration, would I be able to get rid of him?" asked the sky-blue Machine Empire powerhouse as he turned to face the Purple Metal Titan Monarch.

The Purple Metal Titan Monarch did not know how to respond to this question. Although he was at the Galaxy Grade, this matter was entirely out of his scope of control.

"I am not sure," the Purple Metal Titan Monarch said after hesitating for a moment.

Suddenly, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch felt a crushing pressure fill his heart. This was due to a strong killing intent. This intent made his whole person crumble to the ground.

That pressure came from making eye contact with the Primeval Underworld Monarch. As he thought about crumbling under this strong pressure, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch felt his heart tremble.

Meanwhile, he also felt a sense of sorrow. After all, the Primeval Underworld Monarch used to stand side by side with him in terms of power. However, he had already improved by leaps and bounds and surpassed him by far.

"He he This is quite something!" said the giant sky-blue titan from the Machine Empire haughtily.

The Purple Metal Titan Monarch didnt just feel a sense of fear. He also felt slight jealousy for this azure-blue giant robot.

That was right, he felt jealous!

The underlying foundation of the Machine Empire involved evolving their bodies, as well as using various precious treasures to help upgrade themselves.

For example, the body of the Purple Metal Titan Monarch had been made by carefully forging precious purple gold, while the body of the sky-blue giant robot had been made from a Divine Blue Gold about 100 times stronger than his own.

This was because when he had been born, he had actually been slightly lower on the ability list compared to this sky-blue lifeform.

That was why the sky-blue mechanical giant always received the best forms of training. Basically all the best resources were invested into his development.

For example, he would have to fight with his life and win at the Bloody Space River before he could have access to the Golden Divine Sky Source. However, the Sky Blue machine giant just got to use it without doing anything.

The only way he could beat the Sky Blue Giant in this lifetime was by following the footsteps of the Primeval Underworld Monarch and undergoing a drastic transformation from a caterpillar into a butterfly.

This kind of transformation was extremely difficult. However, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch clenched his fists tightly.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch pulled his eyes off the mechanical giant and instead looked at the Blood-Colored Blood Jade Flower, which was about to bloom.

The Blood-Colored Divine Sky Source produced by the Blood Jade Flower was the true treasure of the Bloody Space River. It was a treasure that was only produced once in one million years.

In the past, whenever the Blood Jade Flower had been about to bloom, the martialists from the four factions across the Bloody Space River would all gather together and have a massive battle. Most of the time, less than half of the participating martialists would survive.

Right now, due to the power and rise of this fellow, this opportunity had fallen into his lap.

He would avenge his younger brother and earn this one-of-a-kind opportunity!

The Primeval Underworld Monarch took one step forward and landed right in front of the layers of Origin Source Laws.

Only by crossing over these Origin Source Laws would the Primeval Underworld Monarch be able to scale the Blood Source Mountain and go up the Sky Cliff.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch, who did not have any inhibitions, began scaling across the Origin Source Laws. As he did so, layers and layers of bloodied whirlpools began forming behind his back. These whirlpools were about nine meters in total. Basically all the Origin Source Laws that rushed towards these whirlpools disappeared due to his strong power.

One step, two steps, three steps

Following the arrival of the Primeval Underworld King on the Blood Source Mountain, the strength of the Origin Source Laws gradually increased. However, despite this increase, the surroundings of the Primeval Underworld Monarch remained unchanged.

The many eyes watching the Primeval Underworld Monarch suddenly turned serious. There were even some people who were stunned by just looking at him.

"Amazing! He is actually able to substitute the Laws in the void. This is a power only a Celestial Domain-Grade entity should possess," said a unique lady with six pairs of transparent wings.

Although her words were full of praise, her eyes were filled with a longing for battle.

Standing beside the lady werent any other monarchs from the Bug Race like her, but six other massive bugs at the peak Galaxy Grade.

Although these bugs appeared lifeless and sluggish, they were just tools at the disposal of this lady.

The Soliciting Moon Maiden and Princess Medusa from the Purgatory also had their eyes fixed on the Primeval Underworld Monarch. The two of them had aloof expressions on their faces, so nobody was able to guess their thoughts.

As the petals of the Blood Jade Flower blossomed, the Blood Source Mountain had already turned blood-red. Standing right outside these blood-red rays was the Primeval Underworld Monarch, who looked resplendently divine at the moment.

"Where is Luo Yunyang? The Primeval Underworld Monarch is already here, yet he still isnt. If he is afraid, then he should just surrender!" shouted someone from the Purgatorys viewing terrace.

"Actually, he should first offer his head before surrendering!"

These words were yelled towards the Divine Unions viewing terrace. The crowd on the Divine Unions side now looked towards the Human Tribe.

Now that the Human Tribe had become a second-grade tribe, it had the right to get two seats on the viewing terrace.

However, there was nobody currently there.

There was a faint look of delight on the Soliciting Moon Maidens face. Although she didnt speak, she believed that those people would have definitely gotten the job done.

However, she wasnt too sure if the Brilliant Sun Sage could actually beat the power of the Primeval Underworld Monarch. Still, the Soliciting Moon Maiden began to feel that her fears had been groundless after all.

The Brilliant Sun Sage had been personally groomed by the Demigod Tribe for many years. In fact, he was well-poised to lead the next generation of leaders of the tribe.

The thought of the Brilliant Sun Sage gave the Soliciting Moon Maiden more confidence in him. Her face broke into a gentle smile.

"Are the people from the Divine Union fearful? He he If you are, then you can just kneel on the ground and surrender!" shouted another martialist from the Purgatory.

The powerhouses from the Machine Empire and the Bug Race didnt react. However, they also looked in the direction of the Divine Union.

"Ha ha! It looks like they really are scared. Damn, that is why I said that the people of the Divine Union are just a bunch of spineless cowards!" said a blazing giant who was covered in rocks from head to toe. His voice sounded as sturdy as his body.

"Luo Yunyang obviously knows that he is no match for the Primeval Underworld Monarch, so he must have decided to back out!"

"He he In his place, I would not dare come either. This is the Three Thousand Swords of Bloodied Seas we are talking about. How would Luo Yunyang even be able to handle a blow like that? Even if he managed to dig a hole to hide underground, he would at most be able to survive for a couple more days."

"He might have been able to hide this time, but what about the subsequent future? He killed the younger brother of the Primeval Underworld Monarch. How could the Primeval Underworld Monarch ever forget that?"

Many different voices shouted in the direction of the Divine Union. The various tribes of the Divine Union felt kind of hurt by all those comments.

The Soliciting Moon Maiden slowly stood up, cast her eyes towards the highest point of the viewing terrace, and said solemnly, "Senior Brother Brilliant Sun, the Divine Unions reputation is going to be destroyed if Luo Yunyang does not show up for this event. I hope that you will participate on his behalf, Senior Brother!"

The dozens of Demigod Tribesmen standing behind the Soliciting Moon Maiden also faced the high stage and echoed respectfully, "We sincerely hope that Senior Brilliant Sun Sage will participate!"

Suddenly, more than 30 martialists from the 18 Primary Tribes also called out simultaneously, "We sincerely hope that the Brilliant Sun Sage will participate!"

Although the high stage was huge, unlike the other cramped viewing galleries of this height, it only contained one person.

Standing atop the high stage was a Demigod Tribesman who looked just like the Sun God.

This was a perfect martialist from the Demigod Tribe who stood at about 30 meters and had perfect features that made one feel divine upon seeing him.

His appearance caused many people from the Divine Union to cup their hands towards him and say, "Please enter the fight, Brilliant Sun Sage!"

"We really hope that the Brilliant Sun Sage can help the Divine Union!"

"Brilliant Sun Sage, we definitely must not lose our dignity!"

There was still no contestant from the Human Tribe at this point in time. As a human from the Bloody Space River, Linlong tried very hard to keep everything in order.

The Brilliant Sun Sage had felt some anxiety about Luo Yunyang after the remarks of the Purgatory. However, now that he was asked out of the blue to participate in this battle, he did feel slightly unprepared.

Objectively speaking, Linlong also felt some sense of confusion. If Luo Yunyang chose not to participate eventually, then naturally there wouldnt be that much danger. However, Luo Yunyangs reputation might just be


While Linlong was pondering all this, the Brilliant Sun Sage turned to the Primeval Underworld Monarch and said, "I will fight you!"

Many of the martialists from the Purgatory recognized the Brilliant Sun Sage. Although they had faith in the Primeval Underworld Monarch, the new opponent made them feel slightly uneasy.

After all, this was the Brilliant Sun Sage.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch also cast his sight unto the Brilliant Sun Sage before saying blandly, "As you wish!"

The Primeval Underworld Monarchs words angered the Brilliant Sun Sage. He was, after all, a distinguished fellow in the Demigod Tribe. How dare the Primeval Underworld Monarch reply in such a casual manner!

Waves after waves of pure white flames began rising out of his body. The initially high stage that he had been standing on immediately got reduced to ashes.

Then, he began advancing slowly into the open skies.

However, he had merely taken a few steps and approached the perimeter of the Blood Source Mountain when a voice said, "The Blood Jade Flower has not even fully bloomed yet. What is the rush?"

Following these words, a Human Tribe spacecraft flew over. Luo Yunyang stood calmly on top of it!