Supreme Uprising Chapter 532

Chapter 532 Blood And Darkness

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Luo Yunyang had come!

The Primeval Underworld Monarch’s lips curled when he saw Luo Yunyang. However, this was a cold grin rather than a happy smile.

It was the coldest smile one could form!

Although he did not reject the battle against the Brilliant Sun Sage, it was Luo Yunyang he held a vendetta against, so it was Luo Yunyang whom he wanted to kill.

The Soliciting Moon Maiden’s expression was ugly. The subordinates who had been sent to intercept Luo Yunyang were obviously trash!

Actually, they were even more detestable than trash. They had initially vowed to intercept Luo Yunyang, yet they had failed in the end. Having them around was completely useless!

Although her heart was burning with hatred, she tried her best to restrain herself. How could she handle such a difficult chap?

The Brilliant Sun Sage, on the other hand, still had a tranquil expression on his face. He continued to advance like a king, without taking Luo Yunyang into any consideration.

He was, after all, a sage of the Demigod Tribe. He was not far away from becoming a lord of the Demigod Tribe.

He could even be considered one of the people wielding power within the tribe now. He probably was one of the top 10 fighters in the tribe.

Compared to the arrogant younger generation, he was too far ahead in terms of skill.

That was why even the tribe leaders of the 18 Primary Tribes treated him with considerable respect when they dealt with him.

He always did whatever he said he would do. Everyone else had to give in to him, regardless of who they were.

That was why he did not mind!

The Bloody Blade Monarch and the others signaled at Luo Yunyang, hinting to the situation by using their eyes. In their opinion, Luo Yunyang did not stand a high chance in this battle, so it was better that he did not take such a risk.

It would definitely be good if the Brilliant Sun Sage won the battle. However, even if he lost, it would mean that the Primeval Underworld Monarch had consumed a large amount of energy during the battle. Either way, Luo Yunyang would be at a disadvantage.

Luo Yunyang had seen the looks the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others were giving him. However, he couldn’t care less. He continued to traverse in his spaceship at his original speed, moving towards the Blood Source Mountain.

The Brilliant Sun Sage’s expression changed. He had thought all along that Luo Yunyang would back down and not risk offending him in his attempt to enter the battle. He would never have expected that this young chap would not appreciate the kind gesture bestowed unto him.

“Return this instant!” the Brilliant Sun Sage said as he turned his head towards Yunyang.

His arrogant, bossy attitude made it seem like he was giving orders to his subordinate. This tone was usually used to berate the servant before him.

Luo Yunyang remained expressionless. He just ignored the Brilliant Sun Sage completely and continued advancing on the spaceship.

The Brilliant Sun Sage’s expression turned ugly!

He glared coldly at Luo Yunyang like a ferocious tiger ready to devour its prey. It seemed as though he was going to charge towards Luo Yunyang at any moment.

“Luo Yunyang, you were unable to get here on time, so the Brilliant Sun Sage replaced you to save the Divine Union’s reputation!”

“Instead of repaying his kind gesture with gratitude, you are causing trouble here. Return this instant!” said the Soliciting Moon Maiden.

The Soliciting Moon Maiden’s words garnered the support of various young people from the Demigod Tribe, as well as the other Primary Tribes. Of course, they all wanted to get into the good books of the Soliciting Moon Maiden and the Brilliant Sun Sage. However, they also thought that Luo Yunyang had gone too far this time.

After all, the Brilliant Sun Sage’s participation had been mainly caused by the taunting members of the Purgatory.

Although Luo Yunyang was not late to the battle, it still felt like he was being completely ungrateful despite what had been done for him.

“He he! What did you say?” Luo Yunyang shouted as he took to the sky. The layers of black rays around him made him look like a divine being.

When he glanced at the Soliciting Moon Maiden coldly, she felt a slight sense of fear.

She was afraid indeed!

This trepidation made the Soliciting Moon Maiden feel ashamed and angry at the same time. How could she fear a guy who didn’t even know his own limits?

Just as the Soliciting Moon Maiden was pondering the reason behind her fear, she glanced at Luo Yunyang’s surroundings. Suddenly, her expression changed for the worse.

Her expression was now a mixture of anger, fear, and terror.

Everyone else saw the same thing the Soliciting Moon Maiden had seen. As Luo Yunyang rose up, layers and layers of black whirlpool-like rays formed shadow-like figures behind him.

She was no stranger to these shadows. These shadows were, after all, the arrogant disciples of the Demigod Tribe she had sent to stop Luo Yunyang from participating in this deadly match!

However, these people were no longer spirited. All of them gritted their teeth, while their faces were filled with defeat. They all wore expressions of anger, shame, and fear.

This fear came from the deepest recesses of their hearts.

“It is Yatalong!” one of the Demigod Tribesmen said in astonishment when he recognized his comrade.

Yatalong was one of the arrogant geniuses of a clan of the Demigod Tribe. He had already received an elder position within his clan at a very young age, so one could say that he had the ability to decide whatever he wanted to do.

He was an object of envy for many others, so a lot of people wanted to just get a chance to rub shoulders with him.

At least one out of four Demigod spectators could recognize Yatalong. This was a young man who had managed to step to the top of the hierarchy. However, right now, he was kneeling at the feet of a mere mortal.

“Big Brother, what happened to you?” a female Demigod martialist shouted as she hurriedly ran towards her brother, who was kneeling on the floor.

The louder she shouted, the lower her brother’s head moved.

The other people who were kneeling down were also quickly recognized by many people. Some Demigod Tribesmen even charged out towards Luo Yunyang, shouting, “Release them now!”

The Demigod Tribe was considered the most reputable of all tribes. Although many people felt that the Demigod Tribe had been humiliated this time, most people still chose to remain silent.

“Ha ha ha! The Demigod Tribe was actually subdued by a human!” a guy from the Purgatory shouted.

Although it was really vulgar of him to taunt the Demigod Tribe in that manner, he still managed to successfully provoke the Demigod Tribesmen.

The elite fighters of the Machine Empire and the Bug Race did not say anything, yet their disdainful looks left the Demigod Tribe feeling uncomfortable as well.

“Soliciting Moon Maiden, don’t you think that you should explain why these people actually ambushed me on my way here?” Luo Yunyang said coldly.

The Soliciting Moon Maiden looked terrible. Although she had always been eloquent, she just did not have a suitable excuse to justify herself at the moment.

Could she refuse to admit this? How would the people on the ground perceive her if she did? Wouldn’t that be tantamount to getting rid of them once their use expired? However, what if she did admit to it? How would she answer to the Divine Union then? There were just too many repercussions involved!

The Brilliant Sun Sage’s expression was cold as ice as he stared at Luo Yunyang with undisguised killing intent.

Luo Yunyang continued to ignore the Brilliant Sun Sage as he kept heading in the direction of the Blood Source Mountain.

“Rescue me, Brilliant Sun Sage!” pleaded a Demigod Tribesman who was kneeling on the ground.

Although this was a disgrace to him, it was still much better than getting forced to kneel there.

The Brilliant Sun Sage, who was watching those elites, hesitated for a moment before speaking. “Release them now.”

“So you are saying that these people were sent by you! What if I do not release them?” Luo Yunyang met the Brilliant Sun Sage’s gaze.

“You…” A wild rage engulfed the Brilliant Sun Sage as he charged towards the summit of the mountain. Instantly, layers and layers of golden rays rose up from his surroundings.

“Scram!” A cold voice rang out before the Brilliant Sun Sage even reached Luo Yunyang.

The voice belonged to a being with a giant face who had strangely appeared in the void and shouted at the Brilliant Sun Sage.

It was the Golden Armor Emperor Lord!

The member of the Bug Race who had announced the battle between Luo Yunyang and the Primeval Underworld Monarch was also there to witness the battle.

This berating word left the Brilliant Sun Sage looking worse than ever. As a peak Galaxy-Grade martialist, he should not have needed to fear the Golden Armor Emperor Lord, who was at the Celestial Domain Grade.

However, he had no chance of defeating the Golden Armor Emperor Lord. After all, the Golden Armor Emperor Lord was also considered a strong martialist among the Celestial Domain Grade martialists.

Most importantly, if he engaged the Golden Armor Emperor Lord, the other witnessing martialist would definitely retaliate. This would mean certain death for him.

The Brilliant Sun Sage finally decided to take several steps back.

These few steps made him feel very ashamed. However, he could only endure this great shame.

Luo Yunyang simply flew past the Brilliant Sun Sage. He just could not be bothered dealing with the already furious sage.

Based on the attitude of the few Demigod Tribesmen, Luo Yunyang already knew that, unless he really bowed down to the Demigod Tribe and became one of its lackeys, he would always be suppressed by the Demigod Tribe.

Rather than remain a coward, he preferred to show who was stronger right from the start.

Upon entering the Blood Source Mountain, Luo Yunyang immediately released the punks from the Demigod Tribe. Although he did not want to let them go, the Blood Source Mountain would not allow them to enter.

“Luo Yunyang, you certainly do not disappoint!” the Primeval Underworld Monarch said while glaring frostily at Luo Yunyang.

At his words, the initially 10-meter Blood Sea immediately grew in size and transformed half of the Blood Source Mountain into an ocean of blood.

The eyes of the Primeval Underworld Monarch, who was standing in the midst of the Blood Ocean like the embodiment of Poseidon, were filled with murderous intent.

Luo Yunyang said nothing. He just took another step forward.

When he did, the boundless Chaotic Hole Light Waves formed a blanket of black light that enveloped the remaining half of the Blood Source Mountain.

In a moment, black and red engulfed the entire Blood Source Mountain. The Origin Source Laws released into the atmosphere by the blooming of the Blood Jade Flower were compressed into a tiny area with a radius of just three meters!