Supreme Uprising Chapter 537

Chapter 537 The World Flower Blooms The Supremacy Arrives

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Although the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord looked slightly younger than the Brilliant Sun Sage, he was actually already over 20,000 years old.

The instant he appeared, the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord seemed to be overlooking everyone. Practically everyone subconsciously lowered their heads beneath his intense gaze.

When the Brilliant Sun Sage looked up at the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord, his gaze was filled with respect. The Soliciting Moon Maiden also slowly bowed politely.

However, the focal point of the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord was Luo Yunyang!

His glare felt like frosted icicles as he looked at Luo Yunyang. It could even be said that there was the intent to exterminate something in his eyes.

The object of this intent was naturally Luo Yunyang.

“Hand it over!” The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord got unhappier as he met the gaze of Luo Yunyang, who was still standing proudly with his chest puffed. The killing intent around him intensified.

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord was already very displeased that Luo Yunyang had rejected his kind offer. This obstinate fellow had actually obtained that Divine Sky Source. In the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord’s opinion, this should be even stronger than the various Divine Sky Sources that had been obtained from the Blood Source Mountain in the past.

He absolutely couldn’t permit such a Divine Blood Source to fall into Luo Yunyang’s hands.

Luo Yunyang remained really calm despite this penetrating stare that seemed to contain a furious intent to exterminate him. “You can’t take away what is mine!” he said nonchalantly.

There was no anger whatsoever in his tone. Actually, he sounded as though he was just having a normal conversation.

Upon seeing Luo Yunyang act opinionated, as though he was in the right, the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord got really mad. In the Bloody Space River, his word had always been the law. He hadn’t felt too humiliated when Luo Yunyang had declined his offer because he had let Luo Yunyang make a choice at the time.

However, things were different this time. Luo Yunyang had actually dared disobey him publicly. Furthermore, he had done so without even batting an eyelid!

This thought caused a blaze to stir in his heart. Although he was on the verge of exploding, he only mouthed one word. “Die!”

At just this one word, the void in a 1,000-mile radius around Luo Yunyang started to break down. Every organism within this space vanished within the void.

This was the Single Word Extermination of the Annihilation Path.

Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses could use their own cultivation paths to substitute the Origin Source Laws in their surroundings. Causing an area of the void to fragment was easy for them.

However, as this expanse of void was breaking down, layers of black light rapidly emanated from Luo Yunyang.

The power of the Annihilation Path was quickly absorbed by that black glow.

A black circle about 30 meters wide appeared around Luo Yunyang. It was like some sort of magical dirt that just couldn’t be removed from the void.

The fire in the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord burned even brighter. Although he knew that killing Luo Yunyang with one word was simply impossible, Luo Yunyang remained unmoving, as though the fact that they were equals thoroughly displeased him.

“You might have some techniques, but just relying on them won’t be enough!” As he said this, two black blazes shot out of the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord’s eyes.

The blazes streaked forward and lengthened before converging into two long, massive rivers of fire that started to wrap themselves around Luo Yunyang.

The Bloody Bat Monarch, the Golden Bat Monarch and the others scowled when they saw those rivers of black flame. Their bodies also started trembling slightly.

As the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord’s subordinates, they weren’t unfamiliar with these techniques. Back in the Bloody Space River, the Eight Galaxy Monarchs had actually initially been the Nine Galaxy Monarchs. The reason they had become the Eight Monarchs was because one of them had fallen.

The Monarch in question had fallen because he had offended the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord. The blazes that shot out of the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord’s eyes had turned him into ash instantly.

Luo Yunyang’s expression turned extremely grave as he faced the surging rivers of black flames. Although the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord was very relaxed now, based on the might of those black flame rivers, Luo Yunyang felt that these flames weren’t inferior to the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s Bloodied Sea and Pale Bone swords.

This Celestial Domain-Grade entity was worthy of his title.

Luo Yunyang practically had no other choice at the moment. He rapidly made some adjustments to his various attributes in order to reach his peak state.

His finger gently tapped the void before he used the Dream Crusher!

Under the circumstances, Luo Yunyang had no other choice. He had to use the move which had defeated the Primeval Underworld Monarch right away. The black screen of light enveloped the rivers of black flame and flew towards the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord.

The shroud of black light converged with the two rivers of black flame in an instant. Then, it rushed on towards the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord.

The Brilliant Sun Sage and the Soliciting Moon Maiden turned pale with fright as they shouted out nearly simultaneously, “Emperor Lord, be wary of his Dream Crusher!”

The two of them realized that they had lost a little of their self-control after shouting out. They had made a big fuss over a minor issue. After all, the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord must have witnessed the battle between Luo Yunyang and the Primeval Underworld Monarch.

Thus, he would definitely have the most appropriate response.

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord sneered. Just as the black glow covered his body, a fist blasted out towards the black glow.

This strike contained an immense annihilation intent. Everything touched by this fist-light was fragmented in an instant.

The black power of the Dream Crusher also crumbled. However, as the Dream Crusher crumbled, the black fragments once again rushed towards the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord and enveloped him.

“The Emperor Lord is in danger!” a Demigod Monarch exclaimed in alarm.

Even though the person before their eyes was the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord, this was also a Celestial Domain-Grade entity who could substitute the Origin Source Laws around with his own power.

How could this sort of powerhouse be defeated? However, they had witnessed Luo Yunyang’s Dream Crusher and knew how truly frightening it was.

The skies and earth shook as the void trembled. Cracks appeared on the massive Demigod spaceship that had stopped a big distance away.

“You vile being! You are asking to die!” With that explosive, furious roar, the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord charged out of the black glow. However, he was now missing half his left ear.

Although an ear wasn’t that important for a Demigod being, missing an ear hurt the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord’s dignity.

Having half his ear chopped off by a subordinate who wasn’t even a Galaxy-Grade martialist was a humiliation even worse than death for the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord.

There were many people here, so he knew that word of this incident wouldn’t be contained. This would be something people would laugh about for the rest of his life.

As he flew into a rage fuelled by humiliation, the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord moved his hands quickly and light filled with an explosive force gathered rapidly before him.

Some of these explosive rays rushed out straight from the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord’s body. However, more of them came from the void, moved in all directions and converged within the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord’s hands.

All these lights gathered into a dense red cloud in the void. On top of this red cloud was a purplish-black flower.

The instant this flower appeared, Luo Yunyang felt his heart tremble. Although he hadn’t reached the Celestial Domain Grade, he knew what was most important for a Celestial Grade entity.

Celestial Domain-Grade entities could already use their own path to create a world that belonged to them, which was also known as a celestial domain. However, when this celestial domain was derived, every Celestial-Grade powerhouse would form a World Flower.

Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses considered the World Flower their whole life. Once the World Flower fell apart, their cultivation base would be destroyed and there would be an extremely high chance that their lives would also be forfeit.

Therefore, even if they met a sworn enemy, they would rarely use their World Flower. However, once they used the power of the World Flower, their following attacks would be shockingly powerful.

Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang raised all his attributes to the max by using his attribute regulator.

He focused particularly on his Constitution. Luo Yunyang also adjusted all the attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and transferred them into his own body.

The World Flower didn’t attack Luo Yunyang right away, as a small imprint was slowly taking shape above the purplish-black World Flower.

The moment that little imprint appeared, it seemed like a seal of supreme authority. The imprint had countless veins on it, which all seemed to contain a strand of destructive Origin Source Laws.

“Do not look at that imprint!” the Bloody Blade Monarch shouted when he noticed some of his subordinates looking at the small imprint.

However, his shout didn’t stop them in time. A subordinate on a Demigod spaceship crashed to the ground before going limp.

This was Soul Extinguishing!

The Brilliant Sun Sage and the Soliciting Moon Maiden now had very solemn looks on their faces. Although deep down they didn’t feel any pity for Luo Yunyang for facing that small imprint, their fear for the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord and the admiration they felt for Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses intensified.

Luo Yunyang, who had already made some preparations with his attribute regulator, was ready to move at any moment.

In his heart, he knew that he would have to fight for his life!

Just as Luo Yunyang got ready to unleash yet another Dream Crusher, a voice reverberated throughout the void. A snort was heard as many cracks started to appear on the black imprint above the floating purplish-black flower.

Cracks had even started to appear at the top of the purplish flower. A few powerhouses who were near the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord realized that some scars were also forming on the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord’s forehead.

“Greetings, Celestial World Supremacy!” the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord exclaimed deferentially into the void, even though his tone was reluctant.

“Do you still consider me a Supremacy? What is this? Are the strong bullying the weak?” A figure stepped into the void at a leisurely pace.

When this person appeared, the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord’s furious manner dissipated immediately.

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord actually bent his back and bowed straightaway. “The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord pays his respects to the Celestial World Supremacy!”

Although Luo Yunyang felt relieved upon seeing the Celestial World Supremacy, he still instinctively turned to look at him.