Supreme Uprising Chapter 538

Chapter 538 The Number One Person In The Divine Union

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The Celestial World Supremacy was no different from when Luo Yunyang had first seen him. He watched the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord without saying anything.

On the Demigod Tribe Spaceship, many people were looking at the Celestial World Supremacy fearfully at the moment.

After all, this was a top existence in the entire Divine Union.

So what if they were Demigod Tribesmen? Although they thought that they ranked high in the Divine Union, their arrogance was gone as they faced the Celestial World Supremacy.

The Celestial World Supremacy was a top existence in the whole Divine Union.

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord, who was still bent over, wanted to straighten up. However, if the Celestial World Supremacy did not say anything, he didnt want to disrespect him in any way.

"Do you know who Luo Yunyang is?" the Celestial World Supremacy finally said. There was no mention of dispensing with the formalities.

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord, who was not given permission to ditch any formality, could only continue to bow. However, he was no longer very afraid following the Celestial World Supremacys question.

There was even a hint of unyielding toughness in his tone as he replied, "Luo Yunyang is your disciple in name. However, he is also a martialist under the Divine Unions flag, so he should make the Divine Union his priority, no matter what he does!"

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lords words allowed the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others to lift their heads a little higher.

The Demigod Tribe was indeed the leader of the Divine Union. Even the Celestial World Supremacy couldnt break the Divine Unions laws at will.

"These are your words?" The Celestial World Supremacy wasnt angry at all. Instead, he smiled calmly at the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord.

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord had a look of staunch resolution on his face. "This is the Shenluo Supremacys order!" he said firmly.

The Shenluo Supremacy was the Demigod Tribes number one man, so his words had an extraordinary impact in the Divine Union.

"Rubbish!" the Celestial World Supremacy said coldly.

His words made all the Demigod beings stiffen up. They felt insulted.

If it had not been for the Celestial World Supremacys great reputation, someone would definitely have called him out.

"Supremacy, the Shenluo Supremacy has always treated you with respect. Isnt criticizing him like this too much?" People like the Brilliant Sun Sage could remain silent in this sort of situation, but the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord could not.

He looked directly at the Celestial World Supremacy, as if that was the only way he could express his resolution.

"I wasnt referring to that," the Celestial World Supremacy said nonchalantly. "What Im saying is that the Shenluo Supremacy is very trashy!"

The whole Demigod spaceship nearly went blank. They all felt that the situation had exceeded their cognitive limit.

Even though the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord had been trying to use the Shenluo Supremacys name to pressure the Celestial World Supremacy, the Celestial World Supremacy had just slapped the Shenluo Supremacy in the face.

This wasnt even an average slap; it was like repeated slapping with the sole of a shoe!

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord was stunned. He had a bad feeling about this. He actually felt that things wouldnt get better in any way.

Causing two Supremacies to be on bad terms was an unforgivable deed in itself.

Both the Shenluo Supremacy and the Celestial World Supremacy were important individuals in the Divine Union. If news that the two of them were at odds were to spread, the whole Divine Union would shake or even disintegrate.

Godd*mnit! Luo Yunyang was just a freaking troublemaker!

As the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord glared at Luo Yunyang, he felt the urge to rip Luo Yunyang to shreds.

He felt like he was going crazy at the moment. However, he knew that he needed to stay calm, especially when emotions were surging during a big event like this.

"If the Supremacy says Im trash, then I must be trash. However" The Holy Extermination Emperor Lords brain was working at a high speed.

He knew that if he switched the focus to himself, his reputation would be damaged. However, as long as the confrontation between the two Supremacies was averted, he could accept it.

Being called trash by someone like the Celestial World Supremacy was in a way a form of honor.

The Brilliant Sun Sage and the Soliciting Moon Maiden heaved a large sigh of relief. The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord must have thought what they thought as well. Although this matter did not really involve them, they were present after all.

If someone challenged them for the position of the Sage or Maiden and tried to use this against them, they probably would not be able to explain.

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord drained this cup of humiliation and solved everyones biggest problem. The martialists who were evacuating the Bloody Space River all seemed relieved and relaxed.

This matter was going to be resolved.

Luo Yunyang was undoubtedly the most relaxed person around. The Celestial World Supremacys overbearing manner made Luo Yunyang a bit more like his in-name master.

Although he knew that the Celestial World Supremacy wasnt doing this for him, he still felt delighted deep inside.

One day, hed make it this far in the Divine Union too.

Just as Luo Yunyang was thinking that, the Celestial World Supremacy spoke again. "You arent fit to be called trash by me! The trash I was referring to was the Shenluo Supremacy. Isnt that right, respected Shenluo Supremacy?"

The Shenluo Supremacy was already there?

The Holy Extermination Emperor Lord felt his entire body tremble when he heard this.

He had initially wanted to resolve this matter, but he had never imagined that the situation would get out of his control. What made things worse was that the Shenluo Supremacy was also there!

A fight between the two Supremacies could be triggered at any moment. If they did fight, regardless of whether the Shenluo Supremacy was victorious or not, the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord would not be able to avoid getting blamed.

After all, it had been his clever idea to push a Supremacy onto another Supremacy.

"Ha ha ha! Brother Celestial World, whats the point in making things difficult for a junior? He did make some mistakes on this matter, so Ill punish him strictly when I return." A gentle voice was heard as someone from the Demigod Tribe appeared in the void.

This person, who had Demigod Tribe wings on his back, had a light blue hue. If one carefully observed these wings, it would appear as though each feather concealed a block of space.

Although this persons facial features were half-identical to the Brilliant Sun Sages, he was much stronger than the Brilliant Sun Sage.

Emotion flashed across the Brilliant Sun Sages eyes when he saw this figure, whom he could only see in the ancestral hall.

This was his ancestor! Although he was just a number in the Shenluo Supremacys memory, the Brilliant Sun Sage was still incredibly emotional.

"Im just asking you, are you trash or not?" the Celestial World Supremacy asked unyieldingly, not leaving the Shenluo Supremacy any dignity at all.

By now, many people felt that the Shenluo Supremacy would certainly have been extremely furious if he hadnt been a pushover. A battle between the two Supremacies was inevitable.

Luo Yunyang was looking forward to this battle. He might have seen Supremacy-Level existences fight before in the Bloody Space River, but that had been too dangerous, so he had only taken a rough glance.

Now that the Celestial World Supremacy was present, the battle probably wouldnt be too dangerous for him.

While Luo Yunyang was eagerly anticipating it and the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord was terribly afraid, the Shenluo Supremacy laughed out loud. "This is just a trivial matter! Why say this when there are so many young people over here?"

"Ha ha ha! Celestial World, the Bloody Space River was destroyed this time, and your disciple gained the most benefits. You must educate him well. If you do, maybe he could become your successor."

As the Shenluo Supremacy spoke, he eyed the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others, waved his sleeve and said, "Disperse."

Getting involved in the feud between the two Supremacies would be a catastrophe for the Demigod Tribe martialists.

However, they did not dare hide. They would only relax when they heard the Shenluo Supremacys words.

Without any hesitation, everyone rushed off in different directions.

The Celestial World Supremacy watched the Demigod Tribesmen scattering and said coldly, "Shenluo, I hope you keep this in mind. Dont let there be a next time."

"Yes, there absolutely wont be a next time," the Shenluo Supremacy said with a hint of fury.

Then, he left rapidly with the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord and the others. The Celestial World Supremacy turned to Luo Yunyang. "Do you know why the Shenluo Supremacy doesnt dare fight with me?"

"The Divine Union is part of the reason. However, the main reason is that, although the Shenluo Supremacy is good, he isnt on par with me. Thus, he can only wag his tail between his legs before me!"

Luo Yunyang hadnt expected the Celestial World Supremacy to tell him this. As he pondered how to reply, the Celestial World Supremacy said, "I have already seen you perform this time."

"When you enter stage two of the Divine Martial Hall, you will probably have a 70% certainty of completing it. Unfortunately, that isnt enough. You will need to visit some places with me and observe some things. After you digest all this, it will be time for you to enter the Divine Martial Hall."

"If you succeed in getting that thing for me, you will become my personal disciple. When that happens, you will have an exceptional status in the Divine Union, as well as among the Four Great Factions."

Luo Yunyang, who had been prepared to re-enter the Divine Martial Hall, realized that he could not avoid it when he heard the Celestial World Supremacys words.

However, he hadnt expected that the Celestial World Supremacy would say that he only had a 70% chance of completing it. He had thought that he should at least have a 100% probability.

"You must have gained a lot from the battle with the Primeval Underworld Monarch. What you need most right now is to find a place and comprehend what you learned from the battle in seclusion."

"Come with me!" The Celestial World Supremacy waved his sleeves and the two of them disappeared into the void in an instant.