Supreme Uprising Chapter 539

Chapter 539 The First Embodiment

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Luo Yunyang sat in a lotus position on a green rock. As he sat there, he felt his spirit become very distinct.

Actually, his spirit was extremely calm, extremely comfortable and extremely clear!

The Origin Source Laws all around him seemed like chains in the void. As long as Luo Yunyang wanted, those chains would be clearly displayed in his mind.

The Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone was the ultimate treasure of the Sky Vault Path, one of the five great sects of the Divine Union.

It was a cultivation treasure the first Sky Vault Path sect master had obtained when he had stumbled into an inhabited expanse of space.

Usually, the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone was kept in the depths of the Sky Vault Path. Even the top brass of the Sky Vault Path could only get the opportunity to cultivate on the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone in exchange for contributing to the sect.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t from the Sky Vault Way, and neither was the Celestial World Supremacy. However, when the Celestial World Supremacy had brought Luo Yunyang to the Sky Vault Way and asked to use the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone, the sect master of the Sky Vault Path had actually agreed right away.

On top of that, he had interrupted a Celestial Domain-Grade Elder who had been at a crucial juncture of his cultivation and made him come out of the cultivation chamber.

Being treated with such great respect made one feel good. Luo Yunyang, who was puzzled, also asked the Celestial World Supremacy in secret whether he was the benefactor of the Sky Vault Path.

The Celestial World Supremacy smiled and casually remarked, “Yes, I have really saved them. A long time ago, they angered me, but I did not exterminate them!”

This imperious reply left Luo Yunyang flabbergasted. The Celestial World Supremacy really wasn’t a good conversational partner.

However, the effects of the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone hadn’t been exaggerated. After sitting on the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone and replaying the battle and various technique exchanges with the Primeval Underworld Monarch in his mind once, Luo Yunyang could vaguely feel that he had already gained some new understanding concerning the four-layered black hole.

As it acquired more layers, the black hole would become even stronger. In the end, it would be extremely powerful. However, the various sorts of Origin Source Laws required would increase more.

This sort of increase wouldn’t be a simple addition. Otherwise, given Luo Yunyang and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s power, he could have forcibly used the three-layered black hole already.

Various mystic arts that Luo Yunyang had studied before kept appearing in his mind as different cultivation methods and techniques flashed through his head quickly.

Many aspects experienced an upgrade while he sat on the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone.

Power: 7,061

Mind: 1,523

Speed: 1,919

Constitution: 3,542

Origin Source Law: 4,825 (Wind: 1,225, Earth: 1,209, Fire: 1,417, Water: 1,001)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1.6 (Space-Time Eye: 1.6)

Luo Yunyang was delighted when he opened his attribute regulator and saw the changes. Even though the changes to his Mind and Constitution were limited, his Origin Source Laws had actually risen by over 600 points.

However, Luo Yunyang believed that the best benefit of this comprehension was that he was able to link up and comprehend some of the things he had learned and experienced before.

Some techniques that had been used by his opponents could also be studied. Luo Yunyang thought that he would be able to use these techniques as he pleased in battle.

After sucking in a deep breath, he pushed aside the attribute regulator and entered the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s body in his mind.

The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was within Luo Yunyang’s internal cosmos. Due to the protection of the black holes, even the Celestial World Supremacy wasn’t able to sense the existence of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

It could be said that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was Luo Yunyang’s strongest fallback.

As Yunyang’s consciousness entered the body of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, he saw a drop of blood with a crimson glow.

This was the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s essence blood that Luo Yunyang had kept when the Primeval Underworld Monarch had been slain.

This drop of essence blood might not be of much use to an ordinary martialist. However, it was very useful to Luo Yunyang.

Its powerful physical quality aside, a Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was able to become an apex star beast due to an innate mystical ability contained within the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s body.

This innate mystical ability was the Evolution Clone!

As Luo Yunyang understood more about this innate mystical ability, he felt that he had been extremely lucky to have acquired the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Every Chaotic Four-Origin Beast could give rise to four clones that would grow along with the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. As long as the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast didn’t die, those four clones wouldn’t die either.

Every Chaotic Four-Origin Beast could freely choose what sort of clone to create. As long as a drop of the target’s essence blood was obtained, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast could create the person chosen.

Of course, the person created wouldn’t have the memories of the original person. Naturally, the clone formed by the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast would possess all the chosen person’s innate talent, their full cultivation base, and their every mystic ability…

This meant that by using this drop of essence blood, Luo Yunyant could create a Primeval Underworld Monarch in the body of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast.

Although this Primeval Underworld Monarch wouldn’t have the memories and emotions of the original Primeval Underworld Monarch, any cultivation techniques, innate skills or anything else the Primeval Underworld Monarch had possessed would be a part of this clone’s body.

This mystic ability could even defy natural order. It was also because of this that, even though Luo Yunyang longed to create clones, he had to choose meticulously.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch was the first clone Luo Yunyang had selected.

When that drop of essence blood was swallowed by the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, Luo Yunyang started to use this innate mystic ability. Because this was the first time he was doing so, Luo Yunyang was very careful.

When that drop of blood entered the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s, Luo Yunyang felt a turbulent void appear in its abdomen. When the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s essence blood entered that void, it quickly became a scarlet gemstone.

Although that scarlet gemstone was only about the size of a finger, Luo Yunyang could faintly see a vast sea of blood within this essence blood, as well as a white bone mountain.

However, even though the gemstone had already taken shape, it would still take at least 36 days before the first clone was completely formed.

After leaving behind a strand of consciousness to observe the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, Luo Yunyang’s consciousness returned to his own body. He pondered this for some time before drawing out the blood-colored Divine Sky Source.

When he withdrew this Divine Sky Source from storage, Luo Yunyang actually shuddered atop the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone. It felt as if the blood-colored Divine Sky Source was greeting him.

The blood-colored Divine Sky Source hadn’t undergone any changes. As Luo Yunyang studied it, many thoughts went through his mind.

This blood-colored Divine Sky Source was definitely much more powerful than the Golden Divine Sky Source. Otherwise, the Holy Extermination Emperor Lord wouldn’t have tried to seize it without a thought for his own reputation. Luo Yunyang would use this blood-colored Divine Sky Source straightaway.

The Bloody Space River naturally hadn’t been a good place to use it. However, this was the secret domain of the Sky Vault Path and he had the protection of the unrivaled Celestial World Supremacy, so he was extremely safe.

Thanks to the effect of the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone, this was naturally the best opportunity to use it.

Luo Yunyang made a cut on his skin and incorporated the blood-colored Divine Sky Source into his body.

Although he felt that his constitution was many times stronger than before, it still hurt as though 10,000 knives were continuously slicing through his body as the blood-colored Divine Sky Source entered his blood.

Every inch of skin and muscle, every single cell, every particle was furiously swelling!

When all his swelling parts gathered together, he felt a ripping, immeasurable pain. As he experienced this pain, Luo Yunyang realized that he had been a little impatient.

To put it bluntly, he should have prepared properly. However, this thought was just tossed to the back of his mind.

Luo Yunyang kept a slight hold on his consciousness so that he would not pass out from the pain. Thanks to this bit of clear-headedness, Luo Yunyang felt his body continuously crumble and reform.

Each crumbling motion and each formation were very clear. His blood vessels were burned to dust by a massive power each time new blood vessels were formed.

After an indefinite amount of time, Luo Yunyang finally felt this pain slowly weaken. However, he suddenly felt a little disappointed deep down.

This blood-colored Divine Sky Source had allowed Luo Yunyang’s body to evolve by leaps and bounds. However, what he wanted most was the True Intent contained within that blood-colored Divine Sky Source.

Although his body was evolving, he hadn’t obtained any comprehension yet, which made Luo Yunyang feel somewhat disappointed deep down.

Just as he was wondering whether there had been some kind of problem, he suddenly felt his vision turn dark. Then, a scroll with a picture appeared in his mind.

As this scroll unfurled, it revealed thousands of tentacles that were 10,000 fathoms long. In its center was something that looked like a ball before an organism.

Luo Yunyang stared through the eyes of that organism as the picture unfurled slowly.