Supreme Uprising Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Secret Deeds and Names

Daylight broke. The mosquitos that had wreaked havoc the entire night seemed to have spent all their energy and happily returned to their lairs.

The swelling on Lin Changjian's forehead hadn't subsided much, though. Any mosquito enhanced by Luo Yunyang's mind power was several times more ferocious than an ordinary mosquito.

The protruding bump on his forehead and his bloodshot eyes made Lin Changjian seem extremely unapproachable.

Lin Changjian had the air of a demented person.

"Have some water, Big Brother Changjian!" The younger brother, who had been beaten until his face had swollen up, handed Lin Changjian some water respectfully.

Lin Changjian snorted coldly, but accepted the water. As he drank, he instructed the others, "We will go gather the Gold Bodhi later on. Scrawny, you are the fastest one, so you will be responsible for attracting the attention of the White-Jade Gem Elephant. Got it?"

Although the guy called Scrawny seemed rather unwilling, he didn't dare say no. He just nodded his head vigorously as he said, "Leave this to me, Brother Changjian. You just have to run when the time comes. Old Qin and I will create a diversion so that the White-Jade Gem Elephant does not return quickly."

Lin Changjian's ruthless gaze landed on the unfortunate soul who had given him the water. "As for you, you better hurry and gather the Gold Bodhi! Remember, you will only have one minute! If you don't collect at least eight Gold Bodhis under one minute, you will suffer the consequences!"

The unfortunate man knew that gathering the Gold Bodhi was the most difficult job, as the White-Jade Gem Elephant could return at any time. In the past, this task had always been assigned to someone else.

However, this time Lin Changjian had assigned it to him.

"Don't worry, Big Brother Changjian. I can guarantee that I will accomplish this mission!"

Although the skinny man seemed a little unwilling, all he could do was clench his teeth and accept it.

"Alright, move out!" Lin Changjian proclaimed loudly as he drained the last drops of his water.

Luo Yunyang had used his high Mind Attribute to hear Lin Changjian's plan, so Lin Changjian hadn't discovered him.

The White-Jade Gem Elephant wasn't too far away, so 30 minutes later, they were already able to see the Gold Bodhi.

The Gold Bodhi was like a dazzling jewel tree that stood slightly over three meters tall. Its trunk seemed to be made of gold, and luxuriant dark green leaves that looked like jadeite covered its crown densely. The entire thing looked like an umbrella made of precious gemstones.

Over 30 gold-colored Bodhi fruit were hanging between the tree's leaves.

Although he was still some distance away, Luo Yunyang could already sense the six factor contained within that jeweled tree by using his Mind Attribute.

Under the tree, a huge pure white elephant that stood over two-meters tall was pacing around.

The White-Jade Gem Elephant was a top-tier C-grade dire beast with astonishing stamina that could shoot out blasts of air as a way of attacking.

People who had managed to escape the White-Jade Gem Elephant had shared their experiences with others. If one tried to run away from the beast, they should not run in a straight line.

If one ran straight ahead, they were doomed. Anyone who ran in a straight path got hit by the elephant's air blasts.

"Big Brother Changjian, Chief Instructor Lu is really powerful. Why doesn't he just kill the White-Jade Gem Elephant outright and move the Gold Bodhi tree to the base?" the younger brother who would act as bait asked.

"Do you think Chief Instructor Lu doesn't want to raze this whole forest to the ground? There are A-grade dire beasts in the deep recesses of this forest, you idiot. If someone as strong as Chief Instructor Lu doesn't make a move, the A-grade dire beasts won't either. If Chief Instructor Lu attacks them, then the dire beasts will retaliate!"

Lin Changjian's gaze was meaningful. "There are even S-grade dire beasts in this tiny space! We are only in the outer boundaries of the forest right now."

Scrawny's expression changed. For people like them, S-grade dire beasts only existed in television and books. They had never expected that the deep recesses of this luxuriant forest actually contained such formidable existences.

"I thought this tiny space wasn't very dangerous, Big Brother Changjian," another one of the brothers said.

"I do not know much myself, but I have heard that the space barrier is becoming increasingly unstable. I'm sure I don't have to explain what would happen if those colossal source beasts broke through the barrier."

"When that time comes, only the best of the best will be able to survive. What we have to do In the meantime is get stronger."

Although Luo Yunyang didn't like Lin Changjian much, deep down he agreed with his words.

Everything was futile. Only power was absolute.

"You should get over there. Be quiet and don't make any unnecessary movements. Wait until the White-Jade Gem Elephant is lured away before you..." Lin Changjian gestured towards the unfortunate younger brother who had been forced to stand guard overnight as he instructed him.

The younger brother nodded his head tragically. This wasn't a simple or easy task after all.

As he silently and carefully inched his way towards the Gold Bodhi tree, a bird flying in the sky suddenly dove down head-first and struck him.

The younger brother couldn't help but let out a cry of surprise. Everything had happened too suddenly.

His cry startled the White-Jade Gem Elephant, who in a flash turned into a white blur and charged in a straight line towards Lin Changjian and the others.

When Lin Changjian heard the cry, he realized that things were not looking good. He didn't even stop to think before he turned around and started running.

Luo Yunyang, who had already used his mind power to accomplish his goal, adjusted his attributes quickly and raised his Speed to 45.

Out of his remaining 13 attribute points, 10 were added to his Constitution, 2 to his Mind and the last one to his Power.

Luo Yunyang moved like a flash of lightning. It took him less than 10 seconds to cover a distance of a few hundred meters.

The gold-colored Bodhi fruits were only about the size of a fist, so even though he had to hold on to his bag, Luo Yunyang was still able to gather them relatively quickly.

In the blink of an eye, all the Gold Bodhi fruits were in his bag. As soon as he accomplished that, Luo Yunyang started to dash frantically in the opposite direction.

"The White-Jade Gem Elephant won't stray too far away from the Bodhi tree. It will stop chasing us after three kilometers at the most!" Although Lin Changjian was extremely annoyed by his younger brother, who kept screwing up, he stifled his anger and tried to encourage his comrades.

The White-Jade Gem Elephant appeared to have some sort of reaction when Lin Changjian mentioned the Bodhi Tree. The beast turned its head and looked in the direction of the tree.

The shimmering gold tree trunk and the glossy green leaves were still there, but the golden fruit had vanished!

The intelligence of a B-grade dire beast was not inferior to the average human's. As soon as it realized what was going on, the White-Jade Gem Elephant went crazy.

It jumped to the conclusion that Luo Yunyang was in cahoots with Lin Changjian and the others and immediately started trumpeting angrily and charging relentlessly towards Lin Changjian's group.