Supreme Uprising Chapter 540

Chapter 540 Shattering Heavens

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It was powerful! Astoundingly powerful!

There was a slight hint of fear in Luo Yunyangs eyes when he saw the organism that looked like a ball.

In Luo Yunyangs opinion, the Celestial World Supremacy was already a peak existence. However, he felt his own heart shudder as he looked at this unknown organism.

If Luo Yunyang wasnt able to slightly withstand the Celestial World Supremacy, then he believed that he wouldnt even be able to withstand a glare from this monster.

One glare would be enough to turn him into ash.

Stepping into the Nebula Grade and obtaining the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had made Luo Yunyang think that, even though he wasnt considered a peak existence, he would at least have his own place in the world.

However, he now realized that his scope of imagination had been too naive!

Although there were existences even more powerful than the Celestial World Supremacy, he hadnt seen any before.

Had the Celestial World Supremacy seen any before?

These thoughts went through Luo Yunyangs mind before they vanished completely. What was important was that Luo Yunyang viewed the scene depicted.

Anything else could wait a little.

There wasnt any sky or land in the picture scroll, only something that seemed like a black ball of primal chaos. By using the unknown beasts eyes, Luo Yunyang saw that ball of primal chaos crumble. As it did, countless light rays shot out in all directions and headed into the void.

These rays were as quick as shooting stars!

Some rays were scarlet like fire, some were filled with killing intent, some were thick and heavy like mountains, and some as illuminating as a brilliant sun.

Various powers of laws formed long lines in the void. When these lines collided frantically and the various source powers clashed, countless cracks appeared in the void.

Everything was crumbling. Every creature was

Upon seeing this, Luo Yunyang only had one thought in his mind. This was extensive, broad and powerful. This was something that couldnt be

As countless thoughts flashed through his mind, Luo Yunyang suddenly felt many things appear in his head.

He was watching the void crumble through the eyes of that beast when the beast suddenly raised its head.

As it did, a massive light-shadow appeared within the void.

A light-shadow was being shattered!

This light-shadow was formed with mind power, the power of the light-shadow that simulated destruction and creation.

As Luo Yunyang watched the light-shadow, he understood what this was. It was a method that monster came up with to observe the crumbling heaven and earth.

This method used mind power to simulate the destruction.

Luo Yunyang didnt know how this method got so powerful so fast, yet he could tell that this technique wasnt normal.

He quickly remembered whatever he comprehended at the moment. He had a feeling that the most useful thing contained within this blood-colored Divine Sky Source was this cultivation technique that used mind power to simulate the shattering cosmos.

The instant Luo Yunyang memorized this cultivation technique, he felt his body leave the beasts body. Then, the picture scroll in his head crumbled right away.

When he was awakened from the power of the Divine Sky Source, Luo Yunyang realized that he was still seated on the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone. However, everything around him was a mess. Things were strewn all over the place.

All sorts of items were laying all around him in a haphazard fashion. However, his flesh and blood felt like a baby, and his various senses surpassed an ordinary beings by far.

Although he hadnt checked the information on his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang could tell that he had experienced yet another evolution.

This had been an incomparably pivotal evolution!

Golden body and jade bones, immortal flesh and blood

Luo Yunyang instantly thought of many words to describe this. However, he didnt open his attribute regulator to check his bodys progress. Instead, he quickly pondered over the comprehension of the supreme mind technique that the mysterious beast had comprehended while witnessing the destruction of the sky and earth.

That creature didnt seem to have given this technique a name. Thus, Luo Yunyang simply named it Shattering Heavens.

An hour, a day, two days, 10 days passed

As time ticked by, Luo Yunyang remained seated on the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone, neither speaking nor moving. Meanwhile, the glow coming from the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone kept getting brighter and brighter.

The Celestial World Supremacy and a white-haired Demigod elder were playing chess on the tallest mountain peak of the Sky Vault Path. Although the Celestial World Supremacy had a calm expression, the wizened Demigod elder would subconsciously turn his head to glance at the mountain peak on his left from time to time.

The mountain peak on his left had a green glow that lit up the sky and land.

This green light made people feel as if that mountain peak had already fused with the void.

"Supremacy, it has already been more than 40 days. If you let him rest, you could teach your disciple this way!" the elder said as he put down the chess piece in his hand.

However, as soon as he said this, he felt beads of perspiration appear on his forehead.

Although there was a cold glint in the Celestial World Supremacys eyes, it quickly disappeared and was replaced by a smile.

"Why? Cant bear to?"

Upon seeing the smiling Celestial World Supremacy, the elders heart trembled and he quickly waved his hands dismissively. "No, sir. Thats not what I meant. The Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone is a mysterious treasure of this world! Letting it get destroyed like this would be a big pity!"

After saying this, the elders expression became fear-stricken. There was even a slightly imploring touch in his tone.

The Celestial World Supremacy smiled faintly and said, "Its just an object, thats all there is to it. If it is destroyed, then so be it. If you really find that so heartbreaking, I have an idea that could stop your heartache. Dead men dont have any feelings, after all!"

The wizened elder immediately begged for forgiveness. "Supremacy, your humble subject is at fault. I admit as much!"

The Celestial World Supremacy eyed the fearful elder and said nonchalantly, "If you put it this way When this disciple of mine comes out, anyone below the Celestial Domain Grade can challenge him."

"If someone can withstand 10 moves from him, I will compensate them with a treasure not the least bit inferior to the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone."

The wizened elders heart trembled violently. The Celestial World Supremacy was going to give away an item? Was he tired of living?

"Sir, I was wrong. If that that Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone is destroyed, then so be it. I am to blame for not being broad-minded enough. I implore you to forgive your humble subject!"

The Celestial World Supremacy waved a hand. "Alright, I wont take your words to heart. However, what I just said still counts."

As the wizened elder studied the Celestial World Supremacys serious manner, he knew that he could no longer decline.

If he declined, then this temperamental big shot might just raise his hands and obliterate the Sky Vault Path.

Although the Sky Vault Path had a lofty reputation in the Divine Union, this reputation depended on whom they were dealing with. In the face of an unrivaled entity like the Celestial World Supremacy, the Sky Vault Path didnt really amount to much.

"Yes, sir!" The wizened elder made the right choice. Suddenly, the green light rushing to the sky intensified. In a second, the light had already turned into a column of light as dazzling as day.

The elder watched this illuminating green light with a grieving expression.

Meanwhile, in the Sky Vault Path, the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone that had been handed down for who knew how many years emitted its strongest glow. After the glowing light rays passed, what awaited this Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone was destruction.

Just as the elder felt gloomy deep down, that green light suddenly disintegrated and turned into countless light spots that shot out in all directions.

The moment the green light disintegrated, a shattering layer appeared above the mountain peak. It was a void that looked like actual space.

There was a hint of delight in the Celestial World Supremacys eyes when he saw that shattering void. "Oh, not bad Not bad indeed!"

When the wizened elder first saw the shattered void, he was shocked. Then, a layer of perspiration formed on his forehead. He had already sensed how tremendous this shattered space was.

"Ha ha ha"

Hearty laughter reverberated all around. The Celestial World Supremacys smile grew brighter when he heard this.

The wizened elder, on the other hand, had a pained expression on his face. However, he still sent a voice transmission to his sect. "Due to cultivation requirements, the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone has already been damaged by this friendly little newcomer. Now, the Sky Vault Path has a chance to obtain compensation."

"Any martialists below the Celestial Domain Grade can try to withstand 10 moves from our little friend, who damaged the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone, to gain compensation."

The elders tone wasnt high-pitched. Actually, his words were gentle and subdued. However, his intent was quickly transmitted to the entire Sky Vault Path.

Most Sky Vault Path disciples were from the Demigod Tribe. Although they had originally had a sort of high and mighty attitude, it now felt like they had been bullied and could only suffer miserably.

Thus, the moment the elder finished his message, someone announced loudly, "Sect Master, this humble disciple wishes to take on this challenge!"

"Sect Master, this disciple will definitely make the person who destroyed the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone compensate us!"

"Uncle-Master, please permit this disciple to fight. The Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone was the Sky Vault Paths treasure. We cant just let it be destroyed like that."

"Teacher, this disciple is willing to fight to the death"

Many people immediately voiced their willingness to fight in succession. The more resounding their voices were, the harder the wizened elders heart trembled. He was afraid that the disciples would utter even more impassioned words.

After all, the Celestial World Supremacy was still sitting there.

Luckily, the Celestial World Supremacy didnt seem to be the slightest bit angry about these challenges. Actually, he seemed somewhat contented.

Did he have a well-thought-out plan? When the wizened elder studied the Celestial World Supremacys manner, a sense of fighting spirit was stirred up in him. Even though he knew that this youngster would surely be way out of everyones league, he didnt feel that the entire young generation groomed by their sect wouldnt be able to take even a single blow!

How could that even be possible?