Supreme Uprising Chapter 541

Chapter 541 A Godly Figure

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Luo Yunyang didnt pay any attention to the Sky Vault Paths circumstances. He was currently looking at the attribute regulator in his mind.

While he was satisfied when he viewed the figures displayed on the attribute regulator, he was also feeling some regret.

Power: 9,824

Mind: 4,210

Speed: 2,541

Constitution: 5,012

Origin Source Law: 6,241 (Wind: 1,625, Earth: 1,531, Fire: 1,619, Water: 1,421)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1.7 (Space-Time Eye: 1.7)

The blood-colored Divine Sky Source had helped Luo Yunyang make massive progress. Given his current boundary, he would be able to hold off the Primeval Underworld Monarch without relying on his attribute regulator.

What made him feel disappointed was that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts stats hadnt changed much on the attribute regulator. Even the Primeval Underworld Monarchs various stats hadnt appeared on the attribute regulator.

Power: 121,558

Mind: 32,596

Speed: 5,423

Constitution: 25,460

Origin Source Laws: 10,214 (Wind: 2,725, Earth: 2,841, Fire: 2,019, Water: 2,541)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 10 (Chaotic Hole Transference: 5, Heaven-Earth Engulfing: 5)

Innate Mystic Ability: (Four-Origin Clone: 10)

Besides the golden-purple words of the Innate Mystic Talent, the other attributes didnt seem to have undergone any changes. What Luo Yunyang had been anticipating most was the appearance of the derived clone of the Primeval Underworld Monarch on the attribute regulator.

This would have been a massive leap for him in terms of strength. However, what Luo Yunyang had hoped for obviously hadnt happened.

As he was thinking about this, a sea of blood flew out of the top of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts head. A white bone throne rose from within that sea of blood. Seated on it was a body clad in a suit of white bone armor.

Luo Yunyangs consciousness was in this body. Thus, he could sense the massive power within the body. He sensed the profound mystery of the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas as well as the utilization of the White Bone and Blood Sea swords.

Thanks to the support of the Nebula-Grade Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, Luo Yunyang sensed that the strength of this clone wasnt much weaker than the actual Primeval Underworld Monarchs.

However, he couldnt sense the presence of the attribute regulator on this body or make any adjustments to the attributes.

Luo Yunyang pushed aside the Primeval Underworld Monarchs clone before letting the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast resume its deep slumber within his own body. It was only afterwards that he had any time to survey his current circumstances.

Then, he saw some stuff that looked like molted skin. Luo Yunyang thought for a second before he waved his sleeves and blazes reduced all of it to nothing.

The Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone had cracked into nine pieces!

When Luo Yunyangs gaze fell on the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone, his heart shuddered for a bit. He was well aware of the usefulness of the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone. He also had an idea of what the value of a precious treasure like this was.

He had destroyed this precious treasure. Thus, he could imagine what the entire Sky Vault Path was going through.

As he picked up a piece of Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone, Luo Yunyang shook his head. He had already sensed that this Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone was just an ordinary piece of rock. Any mysterious powers that could aid the comprehension had already vanished completely.

After casually chucking the fragmented rock aside, Luo Yunyang tidied up his appearance and walked out of the cave he had been holed up in.

Outside the cave were two pairs of vicious eyes that were staring at Luo Yunyang. They looked like two ravenous wolves waiting to rip him to shreds.

Ultimately, the two angry men didnt throw themselves at him. Instead, the person who seemed like a Thunder Ray man in his 40s said, "Luo Yunyang, the sect master wishes to see you. Come!"

As he said this, the two men turned and moved towards the tallest peak. It seemed as though just uttering that sentence had made them extremely miserable.

Luo Yunyang shook his head, but he felt more at ease deep down. It seemed like the Celestial World Supremacy really hadnt been exaggerating. He did indeed have the power to terrify the entire Sky Vault Path.

Otherwise, no matter how good the temperament of the Sky Vault Path members was, they would have gone all out when their sects ultimate treasure had been destroyed.

In a short while, Luo Yunyang had already reached the spot where the Celestial World Supremacy was playing chess. The wizened Sky Vault Path elder was still holding a chess piece with a pained expression on his face. Based on his appearance, it seemed like he really didnt know what to do next.

When Luo Yunyang walked over, the Sky Vault Path grand elder turned to look at him in a slightly strange manner.

He had interacted with the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone for many years, so he could sense the breath of the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone on Luo Yunyangs body.

The Celestial World Supremacy glanced at Luo Yunyang very calmly, as though he didnt really care that Luo Yunyang had arrived.

"Luo Yunyang, you destroyed the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone. I just spoke with the Sky Vault Path. If the Sky Vault Paths Celestial Domain-Grade and lower-grade martialists can take 10 moves from you, I will compensate them with a treasure of equivalent value to the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone."

"You mustnt disappoint me!"

The Celestial World Supremacys voice was light and gentle, but it contained an unquestionable hint.

Luo Yunyang met the Celestial World Supremacys gaze and said at once, "Dont worry, Master. This disciple definitely will not let you down."

The Celestial World Supremacys temper was difficult to discern. Luo Yunyang didnt dare make him lose an ultimate treasure because of him. As far as the Sky Vault Path was concerned, now that the Celestial World Supremacy was here, Luo Yunyang didnt really take it seriously.

The wizened elder gazed at Luo Yunyang carefully for a bit before shaking his head. "Forget it. This time, the Sky Vault Path concedes!"

Fury filled the eyes of the two martialists that had led Luo Yunyang there. The two of them exclaimed almost simultaneously, "Sect Master, we are willing to challenge him!"

"Even if I have to die 1,000 times, I definitely wont back off!"

The crisp sound of a bell resonated throughout the mountain range. As soon as it did, many Sky Vault Path disciples rushed over from all directions and gathered beneath the mountain.

The Celestial World Supremacys smile brightened slightly as he saw this. Then, he told Luo Yunyang gently, "Dont think that they are strong just because there are so many of them. Not a single one of them will be able to deal with 10 moves from you. However, if you can defeat them all with three moves, I will give you a weapon no inferior to the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone!"

The Celestial World Supremacys promise made Luo Yunyang feel a rush of excitement. Even though the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone had already been destroyed, he knew the sort of value a treasure like this had.

Although the Celestial World Supremacy wanted to use Luo Yunyangs strength to obtain an item from the Divine Martial Hall, Luo Yunyang still didnt reckon that the Celestial World Supremacy would magnanimously give him a weapon.

"Thank you, Master. It would be impolite of me to refuse." Luo Yunyang cupped his fist and saluted the Celestial World Supremacy.

Beneath the Sky Vault Path Mountain, 100 Sky Vault Path disciples were glaring at Luo Yunyang furiously.

Most of them werent unfamiliar with him. After all, they had all seen the battle between the Primeval Underworld Monarch and Luo Yunyang through the broadcast.

Many people actually revered Luo Yunyang deep down. However, by destroying the Returning Origin Enlightenment Stone, Luo Yunyang had given them all an important opportunity!

This had made a large number of them hate Luo Yunyang to the very core. The conversation between him and the Celestial World Supremacy had only riled them up.

At the moment, practically everyone was thinking the same thing. They had to show off the entire might of the Sky Vault Path by using the weapons in their hands.

"Fight, fight, fight!"

Although it wasnt clear who shouted out first, countless cries soon echoed from the mouths of all the Sky Vault Path disciples. Besides fury, their voices also contained a strong fighting intent.

The wizened great elder appeared gratified upon hearing all these furious roars. Although deep down he really didnt dare offend the Celestial World Supremacy, the fighting spirit of his sects 100,000 disciples was like a united will that was heartwarming.

"Young friend Luo, please be careful when you make your move," the elder told Luo Yunyang after thinking for a bit.

Luo Yunyang watched the wizened old man, whose cultivation he wasnt able to determine, and replied respectfully, "Thank you, elder."

As he spoke, he turned his gaze towards the young martialists who were itching to devour him. He could sense the unbending will of these martialists, as well as their anger.

However, he now needed the Celestial World Supremacys reward.

Therefore, without the slightest bit of hesitation, layers of black light waves emanated from his body when he took his first step. These layers were like a massive black net that covered everything below the mountain peak.

The furious Sky Vault Path disciples werent inexperienced fighters. Thus, they sensed that something wasnt right the moment Luo Yunyang took his first step. Bravery alone wasnt enough when one faced someone stronger than oneself.

In practically a split second, a sweet voice instructed, "Luo Yun and the other 10 Senior Brothers will meet the enemy head-on. The rest of us will use the Sky Vault Divine Breaker together!"

As this was said, 10 glowing figures rushed up from the base of the mountain. Every single one of them possessed a peak Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base.

It could be said that they were the core of the Sky Vault Paths combat strength.

As these 10 rushed up, layers of black chaotic hole light waves enveloped their bodies. The 10 peak Celestial Domain-Grades that streaked through the sky like lightning all looked as though they were wading through swampland as they faced Luo Yunyangs Chaotic Hole Light Waves.

The Chaotic Hole Light Waves diverged, increased and sped up. In the end, layers of Chaotic Hole Light Waves formed a black screen of light that trapped the 100,00 Sky Vault Path disciples inside the black Chaotic Hole Light Wave net.

The Sky Vault Path disciples who had been using their techniques felt layers of formless power make their bodies weak. Some of them couldnt even stand up straight, even if they tried.

The 10 peak Celestial Domain-Grades kept falling. Meanwhile, the martialists who were preparing to unleash the Sky Vault Divine Breaker crashed to the ground one after another.

As she watched her fellow disciples fall in succession, the beautiful lady that had commanded the joint strike struggled to stay upright, despite the support of her sword, which was stuck into the ground. However, her eyes were filled with respect and admiration for the godly figure that was leisurely walking down step by step.