Supreme Uprising Chapter 542

Chapter 542 Abandoning The Past Reaching The Galaxy With A Step

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This was practically the most humiliating day for any Sky Vault Path disciple. It was so bad that if anyone mentioned this day, their eyes would burn with anger.

100,000 people were suppressed so forcefully that it was difficult to even use any techniques!

Some Sky Vault Path disciples even felt an impulse to make a kamikaze attack. They wished to use this method to break the suppression of that godly figure.

Unfortunately, in the face of those layers of Chaotic Hole Light Waves, they couldn’t even do as much.

Some people felt like they didn’t have a single ounce of strength left.

“Alright, we concede!” said the wizened elder, who watched the thoroughly-crushed disciples.

A flicker of delight appeared in the Celestial World Supremacy’s eyes. He was fully satisfied with Luo Yunyang’s performance.

“Thanks for the graciousness!” As Luo Yunyang smiled at the wizened elder, the layers of chaotic hole waves rapidly gathered behind his back, finally forming a black circle of light that suspended high above his head.

“Kill!” some Sky Vault Path disciples shouted maniacally at Luo Yunyang the instant they were released.

Quite a number of them were bloodthirsty and livid. Some of them felt such a maniacal rage that they couldn’t care less about anything else.

In their opinion, the Sky Vault Path disciples wouldn’t be disgraced if they surrounded Luo Yunyang and attacked him together. However, they didn’t even get the chance to make a move before they were forced to the ground by their opponent.

“Can’t accept defeat? All of you get down. There is always someone more talented than yourselves in this world. Return and write this sentence 100,000 times!” The wizened elder scoffed as his majestic aura thoroughly suppressed the disciples that were about to rush out.

After the Sky Vault Path disciples dispersed, the Celestial World Supremacy chuckled heartily. “Your cultivation training went very well this time. I wanted to take you to a few more places, but it seems like there is no longer any need. This is for you!” While he spoke, the Celestial World Supremacy casually swung his hand back and tossed something. A weapon that looked like a long sword flew towards Luo Yunyang.

Then, the Celestial World Supremacy turned to the wizened elder and said, “I am very satisfied this time around. The Sky Vault Path can use my name once.”

Using his name once didn’t sound like something inconceivable. However, the wizened elder and the others appeared ecstatic.

The Sky Vault Path’s top brass, who were standing behind the wizened old elder, looked particularly happy. Their eyes were literally glowing when they heard this.

“Thank you, Supremacy!”

The Celestial World Supremacy’s gaze returned to Luo Yunyang as he said, “In 30 days, the power of the Divine Martial Hall will weaken. I will be waiting for you at the Divine Martial Hall. Oh, I forgot. You aren’t to cultivate during this period. You must find a balance between work and rest. Take some time to relax properly!”

Once he said that, the Celestial World Supremacy vanished into nothingness.

Luo Yunyang was slightly surprised when he heard the Celestial World Supremacy’s instructions. After all, this didn’t seem like the Supremacy’s style.

However, thanks to his own many years of experience, Luo Yunyang knew that what the Celestial World Supremacy had said was very true. At this stage, it really wouldn’t benefit Luo Yunyang to cultivate.

“Young friend, the Sky Vault Path has a solar system used totally for entertainment. How about I get some of the younger disciples to accompany you and have fun?” the wizened old man said, trying his best to flatter Luo Yunyang.

The elder knew Luo Yunyang’s identity. Although Luo Yunyang was only an in-name disciple, he would officially become the Celestial World Supremacy’s disciple once he came out of the Divine Martial Hall.

Given the Celestial World Supremacy’s status, any disciple of his definitely wouldn’t have a low status in the Divine Union.

As far as the danger of the Divine Martial Hall was concerned, the wizened elder reckoned that this simply wouldn’t be a problem given the might displayed by Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang pondered this for a second before speaking. “Thank you for your kind offer, elder. However, I still want to return and visit the Milky Way. I wonder if Your Honor knows of any paths that lead back to the Milky Way.”

The Grand Elder, who really didn’t know the answer to that question, hurriedly instructed his subordinates to find out. Soon, they discovered that a channel that led straight back to the Milky Way existed on a huge star in a system not too far away from the Sky Vault Path.

Thanks to this channel, as well as the help of the Milky Way Nine Path’s top brass, Luo Yunyang returned to the Da Alliance within two days.

Luo Dong’er, Yunxi and his own mother were cultivating in seclusion, so Luo Yunyang didn’t contact anyone when he arrived back in the Da Alliance.

In no time, he returned to Donglu Town after many years.

Compared to other areas of the Da Alliance, Donglu Town was the place where Luo Yunyang had made the most memories. After all, his youth had been spent in Donglu Town, so this was where many of his dreams and aspirations had been created.

Donglu Town retained its original state. However, the surroundings of this small town were filled with martialists with high cultivation bases.

Luo Yunyang saw at least 10 Planet-Grade martialists, as well as three martialists that had recently reached the Star Grade, in Donglu Town.

However, these martialists didn’t discover his presence.

While walking leisurely down Donglu Town’s main street, Luo Yunyang transformed his armor into the Da Alliance’s most common clothes. This way, he looked like just an ordinary youth going out for a stroll.

“Hurry up, in two minutes we will be able to reach the former residence of Martial Empress Luo!” A youth with hair dyed in three colors enthused.

Walking alongside this youth were two boys and three girls. They all had excited expressions on their faces after hearing what the other youth had said.

Luo Yunyang thought about this for a second. He already knew the place they were talking about. It was the place where he had lived back then. Although his former home had been destroyed by the great cataclysm, an exact replica of the house had been constructed where his house had been previously.

Luo Yunyang felt some nostalgia when he saw the reconstructed house.

Although the house had been reconstructed, the builder had been very diligent. Every part and item in the house was at exactly the same spot as he remembered.

This was either the work of his mother or his younger sister.

“Martial Empress Luo, bless me so that I will pass this exam and manage to enroll at the Great Snow Mountain Martial Academy!” The youth with the tri-colored hair knelt on the ground and prayed piously.

No one was surprised by these actions. Actually, some other youths joined the kneeling and kowtowed as well. “Martial Empress Luo, please bless me to get into the Great Snow Mountain Martial Academy!”

“I won’t be trying to get into the Great Snow Mountain Martial Academy. It is too difficult. Great Martial Empress Luo, letting me get into the Chang’an Sacred Martial Academy will do!” a chubby youth said with gusto.

Then, some other kids hit the little fatty jokingly while others said, “Fatty Zhu, you are asking for this. Don’t you know what sort of place the Chang’an Sacred Martial Academy is?”

The ruckus these kids made put a smile on Luo Yunyang’s face. Although he hadn’t returned for years, he knew that the Chang’an Sacred Martial Academy was the best academy in the whole Da Alliance.

The little fatty’s words were really deserving of a spanking.

As he watched this bunch of kids, who were brimming with youthfulness, Luo Yunyang’s spirits started to rise. He felt as though he had returned to the Donglu Town of the past, back when he had been cultivating the Heaven-Battling Ape-Dragon Chart…

That wretched train and Zhu Yan had brought him to Chang’an City. Gu Qianqian, who was as sweet as a flower…

Thoughts and scenes flashed back in Luo Yunyang’s mind. In just a moment, he felt as though he had traversed through the void, traversed through time, traversed through space, traversed through everything.

Everything emerged in Luo Yunyang’s mind. As all these things went through his mind, some of the things he was recalling mentally appeared in his surroundings and made them very weird.

The sky and the earth were changing. Meanwhile, countless laws appeared within the void. These laws were like a storm that revolved around Luo Yunyang.

“What’s going on?” someone shouted in panic.

The countless experts standing guard all around Donglu Town rushed frantically towards Luo Yunyang’s position.

However, when they were within 300 meters of him, they felt as though they were being obstructed by an impenetrable wall.

All the figures that had been originally around Luo Yunyang were expelled far away by mysterious waves of power.

In just a minute, experts at other places had already received this information. The message was simple. They were to immediately evacuate everyone within 3,000 miles of Donglu Town.

Although no reason was given, many people could guess that something had happened. The Flame Emperor, the Eagle King, Lu Qubing and the others, who were god-like figures within the Da Alliance, had all come.

They wished to welcome Luo Yunyang, yet they now discovered that the distance between them and Luo Yunyang was great.

“Although Yunyang hasn’t distanced himself from us, he is actually a long way ahead of us. All these layers are collapsible space,” said Lu Qubing.

Meanwhile, the Flame Emperor and the others were thinking of all sorts of methods to awaken Luo Yunyang. However, they ultimately discovered that any methods they thought of didn’t seem to have the slightest bit of use.

Ultimately, Lu Qubing and the others gathered on a spacecraft within the void and waited quietly for Luo Yunyang to wake up himself.

The news of Luo Yunyang’s return had been quashed by Lu Qubing. Even the strange happenings were blamed on a large-scale array formation.

21 days later, Luo Yunyang slowly opened his eyes. He glanced at Lu Qubing and the others, who were on the spacecraft, and joined them with a single step.

What Lu Qubing and the others felt upon seeing Luo Yunyang was something that could be seen clearly but could never be touched.

“Yunyang, what is this?” Lu Qubing asked Luo Yunyang carefully.

“Nothing much. While I wasn’t paying attention, I broke through to the Galaxy Grade!” Luo Yunyang flashed a faint smile as he met Lu Qubing’s gaze.