Supreme Uprising Chapter 543

Chapter 543 Great Changes And Galaxy Moves

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What was a Galaxy-Grade? Galaxy-Grades were meant to rule! Upon reaching the Galaxy Grade, ones cultivation base increased tenfold and one was also able to influence the Origin Source Laws in the surroundings through ones cultivation path.

For example, a top exponent that practiced a metal cultivation path could make the Metal-Based Origin Source Laws in the surroundings extremely powerful, which could be a huge blow to a martialist at or below the Nebula Grade.

The reason Luo Yunyang could handle Galaxy-Grades while he was still at the Nebula Grade was due to his powerful body, as well as the Great Chaotic Hole Path.

The Great Chaotic Hole Path could absorb various Origin Source Laws. Naturally, this sort of dominating Origin Source Law techniques wouldnt be very useful against him.

However, it would be an absolute calamity for any ordinary Nebula-Grade that faced it. As long as a Galaxy-Grade thought about it, no ordinary Nebula-Grade martialist would have any way of resisting.

Similarly, advancing from the Nebula Grade to the Galaxy Grade wasnt something easy. Many powerhouses tried all sorts of methods in hopes of breaking through to the Galaxy Grade.

For example, among the Human Tribes Nine Paths, only one out of every 100 Nebula-Grades would be able to become a Galaxy-Grade.

According to the Divine Union, each and every Galaxy-Grade martialist had the right to watch over a region.

There were even some third-grade tribes that relied on a single Galaxy-Grade martialist. Once a tribe no longer had a Galaxy-Grade martialist, it would immediately be expelled from the Divine Union.

This expulsion wouldnt mean that a tribe would die out, but that it would lose out on various important resources and wouldnt be able to keep up with the other tribes.

Thus, Galaxy-Grades were really important.

Based on what Luo Yunyang knew, there were only between 100 to 200 Galaxy-Grades in the entire Human Tribe. This had been a crutch that had helped the Human Tribe advance to a second-grade tribe.

The accomplishments of each of their Galaxy-Grades were celebrated by the Human Tribe. Even in the Nine Paths, the emergence of every Galaxy-Grade was a cause for pompous celebration.

This sort of celebrations were rumored to only occur once in 100 years.

There were many benefits to becoming a Galaxy-Grade, including longevity and body evolution.

It could be said that these sort of benefits could make one go crazy. However, thanks to Luo Yunyang, who could battle against a Celestial Domain-Grade while he was at the Nebula-Grade, the advancement of the human powerhouse with the most potential made quite a number of people knit their brows.

For example, Lu Qubings eyes widened when he was the first to hear the news about Luo Yunyangs advancement. He gazed firmly at Luo Yunyang and said, "You You didnt mean something else, right? Or are my ears playing tricks on me?"

Lu Qubing had a look of slight worship in his eyes as he spoke.

The Flame Emperor, the Eagle King and the others also felt numb as they stared at Luo Yunyang, hoping that the news theyd heard was false.

Had he broken through to the Galaxy Grade?

This was a great upgrade to Luo Yunyangs cultivation base that also gave the entire Human Tribe more confidence within the Divine Union and made their position among the second-grade tribes rise considerably.

However, even though there was a whole wealth of benefits, there was still a drawback. This drawback was related to the Divine Martial Hall. Luo Yunyangs advancement meant that the difficulty of the Divine Martial Hall would increase considerably.

Hadnt the reason Luo Yunyang had obtained the favor of the Celestial World Supremacy been because he had gotten through the first six halls of the Divine Martial Hall?

Thanks to the accumulated experience of the Bloody Space River, he would complete the latter four halls practically without any effort.

Luo Yunyang would become a formal disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy without much difficulty. Thanks to the Celestial World Supremacys favor, anyone within the Divine Union that wished to provoke Luo Yunyang would have to reconsider. However, this advantage had now vanished.

Would a Galaxy-Grade Luo Yunyang be able to pass through the Divine Martial Hall? And how would the Celestial World Supremacy react when he found out that Luo Yunyang had reached the Galaxy Grade?

This was the first question that Lu Qubing and the others thought of. Not only would Luo Yunyang determine the fate of the entire Human Tribe of the Milky Way, but the existence of the Da Alliance also relied on him.

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly at Lu Qubing. "You havent heard wrongly, Viceroy. I am now at the Galaxy Grade."

Deadly silence spread all around. Practically everyones eyes were fraught with shock and worry.

"Alas, why couldnt you have broken through a few years later?" Lu Qubing exclaimed loudly after a few moments of silent thought.

As Lu Qubing and Luo Yunyang were speaking, the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others heard this news. The Bloody Massacre Path Master had been in seclusion before receiving this news. This had been a very important secluded cultivation for him.

However, now that Luo Yunyang had ascended to the Galaxy Grade, the Bloody Massacre Path Master couldnt care less about his cultivation. He came out right away before contacting Luo Yunyang along with the other eight Path Masters.

"You How Have you?" the Bloody Massacre Path Master had always been very polite to Luo Yunyang. However, this time, there was clearly some agitation in his tone.

Luo Yunyang could understand where the Bloody Massacre Path Master was coming from. Thus, he replied with a gentle smile, "I sort of had a feeling and realized that I advanced when I worked up."

This reply left the Bloody Massacre Path Master stumped. He understood that this sort of natural ascension was one of the best methods of ordinary cultivation and advancement.

However, in the Bloody Massacre Path Masters opinion, this breakthrough had come at the wrong time. Many things had come to his mind when hed heard this news.

"Are you still able to make up for it?" he asked Luo Yunyang somewhat urgently.

Luo Yunyang replied calmly, "Even if I self-sever my cultivation, the Divine Martial Hall will still be based on my Galaxy-Grade cultivation base."

This reply made the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others become increasingly solemn. This was a big deal after all.

Before this had happened, Luo Yunyang had already been more or less at the peak of the Nebula Grade and had been capable of beating almost everyone who was at the same grade.

However, he had now advanced to the Galaxy Grade. Although this was an extremely huge improvement, the Bloody Massacre Path and the others believed that the opponents that Luo Yunyang would face would have even higher cultivation bases.

"Then Has the Celestial World Supremacy already heard this news?" The Bloody Massacre Path Master felt his mouth going dry after he said this.

Luo Yunyang shook his head. "I dont know."

Luo Yunyang wasnt lying. He really didnt know. Given the massive distance between him and the Celestial World Supremacy, the Celestial World Supremacy shouldnt have heard the news of his advancement. However, an existence of the Celestial World Supremacys level would definitely possess some magical abilities.

Perhaps before leaving, the Celestial World Supremacy might have left a little something on his body.

If that were the case, he would probably know.

"That If you went to the Divine Martial Hall now, would you be confident about succeeding?" the Acute Metal Path Master, who was standing next to the Bloody Massacre Path Master, asked.

The Acute Metal Path Masters words were blunt and straight to the point. Luo Yunyang didnt get angry. He understood what the Acute Metal Path Master was trying to imply. He wanted to emphasize the future difficulties or situations that might occur.

Luo Yunyang pondered this for a bit before replying decisively, "It wont be a big problem!"

Luo Yunyangs reply made the Acute Metal Path Masters expression lighten slightly. Without any reservations, he said, "Yunyang, this matter concerns the rise and fall of the entire Human Tribe. You mustnt have any reservations."

"Please do not worry. I can say this because I have sufficient confidence," Luo Yunyang also replied earnestly.

The Nine Path Masters exchanged a look but didnt say anything. When the communication was ended, they all frowned.

"A storm is coming" said the Deep Earth Path Master. The wrinkles on his forehead were already profound from all that frowning.

The news of Luo Yunyangs breakthrough was like a whirlwind that enveloped the entire Divine Union.

Luo Yunyang was a rather well-known figure in the Divine Union, perhaps because he was the in-name disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy, or because of the massive battle between him and the Primeval Underworld Monarch. It could be said that the entire Divine Union knew the reason why the Celestial World Supremacy favored him.

Who knew how many people wished they could be Luo Yunyangs substitute and enjoy this sort of treatment? However, they knew that no one at the Nebula Grade could measure up to Luo Yunyang.

Now, it seemed like things were no longer the same.

Although Luo Yunyang had gained plenty of accumulated experience at the Nebula Grade, he was still a newly-ascended Galaxy-Grade. The success rate of a newly-ascended Galaxy-Grade who wanted to enter the Divine Martial Hall was really low.

Meanwhile, in the Demigod Tribe, the Brilliant Sun Sage roared with laughter and the Soliciting Moon Maiden smiled deviously when they heard the news of Luo Yunyangs advancement.

The Thunder Ray Tribe, the Electric Awn Tribe, the Evergreen Tribe, the Giant Slab Tribe and the other large tribes among the 18 Primary Tribes all received the news in the quickest time possible. The Evergreen Tribes reaction was rather calm, whereas the Thunder Ray Tribes special envoy in the Divine Union had already started watching the Human Tribes envoy with a murderous look.

In the Thunder Ray Tribes domain, a tall burly Thunder Ray Tribesman with a head full of grizzled white hair was kneeling respectfully on a planet of thunder. There was some excitement in his voice as he said, "Great Ancestor, this is the best chance for us to wash away our humiliation!"

"Luo Yunyang is going to lose the Celestial World Supremacys protection. The humiliation we suffered will be washed away immediately. This time, we will make the Human Tribe fall back to being a third-grade tribe and never give them a chance to rebound!"

The elder muttered for quite a long while as a vast sound of thunder echoed all around. While the thunder blustered, a faint look of delight emerged on the elders face.

"Dont worry, Great Ancestor, this disciple knows what to do!"

In the Electric Awn Tribes territory, an old Electric Awn man was having a conversation with an old man with a mans head and an eagles body. "You wont have any territory soon. Ha ha But the Human Tribe does. Your territory is close to the Human Tribe. You can go and get it!"

"Arent you a first-grade tribe? Luo Yunyang has already ascended to the Galaxy Grade. Do you think that they will still be able to receive the protection of the Celestial World Supremacy? How can one let this opportunity slip by?"

The being with the eagle-like body nodded his head at the old man. "Your subordinate understands!"