Supreme Uprising Chapter 544

Chapter 544 Supreme Fury

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What could make one most angry in life? Feeling all excited while entering the bridal chamber and preparing for the passionate throes all night, only to discover that ones wife had run away with someone else!

Even the most tolerant person wouldnt be able to keep his cool in such a situation. At the moment, the Celestial World Supremacy felt even worse than that.

In the Celestial World Supremacys opinion, Luo Yunyangs attempt at the second stage of the Divine Martial Hall with his Nebula-Grade cultivation base would have at least a 90% chance of success. If Luo Yunyang was careful, there wouldnt be any mishaps.

His long-awaited dream of so many years was about to come true! This was something extremely important to the Celestial World Supremacy.

However, before this was accomplished, just as the Celestial World Supremacy was in high spirits, Luo Yunyang ascended into the Galaxy Grade.

The Celestial World Supremacy understood how Luo Yunyang had ascended to the Galaxy Grade. This was an enlightenment of a sort. This kind of breakthrough was natural.

For a martialist, this sort of breakthrough was extremely important, as it could improve a martialists cultivation base tremendously.

However, for the Celestial World Supremacy, this was simply a merciless blow. It was a blow indeed

The Celestial World Supremacy was absolutely furious.

If Luo Yunyangs success rate if he were to enter the Divine Martial Hall had been 90% previously, it had now dropped to 10%.

10% was also quite considerable. However, compared to 90%, the difference was just too great. An item he had yearned for for so long had been within his grasp before this mistake had occurred. As he thought about it, the Celestial World Supremacy felt an impulse to kill someone!

He wanted to murder someone, he wanted to vent his fury, he wanted to dismember Luo Yunyang. In his fury, he took to the skies.

Molin and the other servants of the Celestial World Supremacy all acted like frightened animals. They were so afraid that they prostrated themselves on the ground in fear that the Celestial World Supremacy would turn his fury onto them.

It had been many years since the Celestial World Supremacy had exhibited this sort of temper. Molin had followed the Celestial World Supremacy for so many years that he had lost track. According to his memory, the Celestial World Supremacy had only lost his temper similarly once during the last 100,000 years.

At the time, a Primary Tribe had been exterminated directly and a vast domain of space had been turned into a region of death and stillness.

Countless geniuses and elites had fallen like shooting stars. Even some powerful beings from the Demigod Tribe had only trembled when faced with this fury.

Luo Yunyang was really good at provoking people.

As Molin and the others panicked and guessed what frightening things were going to happen, the fury that scared them witless slowly dissipated.

Then, the Celestial World Supremacys voice reverberated. "Inform everyone that I will be entering seclusion for 20 years. During these 20 years, anything that happens in the Divine Union will have nothing to do with me!"

Molin had never expected that, despite his thunderous fury, the Celestial World Supremacy would actually decide to head into seclusion.

Of course, Molin didnt have the right to say anything regarding a decision his Master had made. However, he couldnt help but shiver as he thought about the Celestial World Supremacys decision to enter seclusion.

"Supremacy, if Luo Yunyang"

Molin didnt finish saying what he wanted to say. However, the Celestial World Supremacy understood what his stuttering words meant. Although the Celestial World Supremacy didnt appear, Molin felt an immense fear, as though the world was about to crumble.

"This has nothing to do with me!" the Celestial World Supremacys voice echoed once again.

Molin didnt have any objections against Luo Yunyang. Upon hearing the Celestial World Supremacy say this, he couldnt help but sigh.

This matter had already exceeded his capabilities. Without the Celestial World Supremacys support, the things he could hope to accomplish were too limited.

Luo Yunyang could only rely on himself and his luck. This was the fury of a Supremacy. This was the price Luo Yunyang had to pay for suddenly breaking through to the Galaxy Grade.

Molin quickly issued the Celestial World Supremacys decree. If Luo Yunyang hadnt advanced to the Galaxy Grade, this decree would just have been an ordinary message. However, due to Luo Yunyangs advancement, the meaning of this decree gave people many ideas.

Back at the Demigod Tribe, the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others howled with laughter. They all hated Luo Yunyang. However, they didnt take action immediately upon receiving the news, as they already knew about the plans of the Thunder Ray Tribe and the other tribes.

All they needed to do was wait!

The Thunder Ray Tribe, the Electric Awn Tribe and the other Primary Tribes kept pushing others down. It felt as though storm clouds were approaching and troubled times lay ahead for the Divine Union.

Normally, if certain parties were at odds, the Divine Union would quickly mediate in order to prevent a fight from festering into a big calamity. However, this time, it was only a small tribe that spoke up.

As far as the Demigod Tribe and the other 17 Primary Tribes were concerned, nothing had happened and nobody was bothered.

Luo Yunyang had received the Celestial World Supremacys seclusion decree straightaway. He didnt get upset over the Celestial World Supremacys notice. He silently remembered the following saying: One should not be afraid of being used by others, but only of being useless.

As Master and disciple, Luo Yunyang and the Celestial World Supremacy had always had a relationship based on mutual benefit. The Celestial World Supremacy wanted to use him to obtain that item from the Divine Martial Hall, while Luo Yunyang wanted to use the Celestial World Supremacys might to give the Human Tribe a lifeline.

However, he had accidentally broken through to the Galaxy Grade. In the Celestial World Supremacys eyes, his usefulness had decreased a hundredfold.

Luo Yunyang had not expected that the Celestial World Supremacy would not turn his rage onto him or punish him. If the Celestial World Supremacy really made a move, perhaps Luo Yunyang would only be able to hide in his small silver tower.

Luo Yunyang could understand what this announcement implied. This was the Celestial World Supremacys punishment for him. In the process of becoming a second-grade tribe, the tribe and Luo Yunyang had offended quite a number of other tribes.

In the Bloody Space River, Luo Yunyang had offended the Demigod Tribes Brilliant Sun Sage and the Soliciting Moon Maiden.

This had been no problem while the Celestial World Supremacy had been around. However, without the Celestial World Supremacys protection, these people would jump out.

Luo Yunyang wasnt too afraid. He actually felt a little eager to give this a try. Advancing from the Nebula Grade to the Galaxy Grade in one go through natural enlightenment had given him many advantages.

Furthermore, he still possessed the little silver tower and the Obliteration Cannon!

"Yunyang, we have a problem. Quick, enter the virtual space!" The Bloody Massacre Path Masters message was quickly transmitted to Luo Yunyangs communication device.

Luo Yunyang used his communication device to enter the virtual space. The location he logged into had already become a huge palace.

This majestic palace exhibited the style of the Human Tribe. The large palace was the Human Tribes most important place within the virtual realm for discussing matters. Thus, there were less than 100 people who had access to this place.

When Luo Yunyang appeared at his spot, he discovered that there were no other empty seats. As soon as he appeared, many gazes turned towards him.

"Yunyang, a message just arrived. The Sacred Eagle Tribe has already started provoking us on Star System 9. They have already occupied it and killed our 100,000 defenders."

The Sacred Eagle Tribe was a top second-grade tribe. The territory they held neighbored with the Human Tribes territory. In the past, the two tribes hadnt had any problems. They had actually gotten along. There were even many times when the Sacred Eagle and the Human Tribe had had good relations.

However, the Sacred Eagle Tribe had actually occupied the Human Tribes Star System 9. This was practically a declaration of war.

Within the Divine Union, big and small tribes werent prohibited from starting a war. Still, according to the laws of the Divine Union, higher-grade tribes couldnt randomly take action against lower-grade tribes.

A fellow second-grade tribe would have been too apprehensive. In fact, according to Luo Yunyangs studies, an open war between similar-grade tribes was sort of vaguely encouraged by the laws of the Divine Union.

Luo Yunyang believed that the Demigod Tribe and the other large tribes probably employed these methods to weaken the smaller tribes and drill their troops.

After all, warriors that never experienced battle werent qualified warriors.

"I think that the main reason behind is that we lost the protection of the Celestial World Supremacy." A man with glowing blue eyes seated not far away spoke up. "At present, it is crucial for us to recover the Celestial World Supremacys favor. Otherwise, huge calamities await us."

These words gave rise to resonant opinions.

After all, most of the people present agreed with this mans reasoning. If Luo Yunyang hadnt lost the Celestial World Supremacys protection, the Human Tribe wouldnt have encountered such a problem.

However, even at this time, that man didnt dare point a finger at Luo Yunyang, not only because of Luo Yunyangs relationship with the Celestial World Supremacy, but also because of Luo Yunyangs cultivation base.

"Right, Military Master Suoluo is right. Our priority is to recover the Celestial World Supremacys protection. This is the only solution. I think that we should come up with a plan to achieve this."

Many voices rose and fell. It seemed like at least half of the people present approved this notion. Military Master Suoluo appeared slightly pleased.

Upon hearing the title Military Master Suoluo, Luo Yunyang quickly recalled some information he had come across regarding this person. Although the Nine Paths of the Milky Way were the masters of the Human Tribe, the Nine Paths were mainly used to train disciples. When it came to external expeditions, military forces needed to be assembled.

Thus, the Nine Paths had assembled nine military branches, each led by a Military Master. Military Master Suoluo, who originated from the Dark Shadow Path, had lost when he had competed for the position of the Dark Shadow Path Master and become a Military Master afterward.

"If you have any ideas to change the Celestial World Supremacys mind, then go ahead and do it yourself." Luo Yunyang, who noticed that the Bloody Massacre Path Master was about to speak on his behalf, spoke up instead.

His words left many people flabbergasted and speechless.

Even Military Master Suoluo didnt know what to say.

His suggestion had seemed correct, but this was actually the Celestial World Supremacys opinion. It simply wasnt their place to make him change his mind.

"Then what do you suggest we do?" Military Master Suoluo finally spoke up after a short period of silence.

"What should we do? We can only go to war! Do we have another choice right now?" Luo Yunyang replied resolutely.