Supreme Uprising Chapter 545

Chapter 545 The Eagle Soars In The Sky

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On the Sacred Eagle Tribe’s Sacred Mountain, over 100 Sacred Eagle experts were gathered. Every one of their golden eyes had a maniacal glow.

“We have already taken over 13 Star Systems belonging to the Human Tribe. Ha ha ha! They crumble the moment we start fighting. Without any sort of fighting strength, this kind of tribe can only serve as food for the Sacred Eagle Tribe!”

The person speaking was a peak Galaxy-Grade Sacred Eagle powerhouse. He waved his arms as he said with vigor, “I suggest that we stop nibbling away at them, move out right away and exterminate the Human Tribe. Perhaps we would have the capability to ascend to a grade-one tribe then.”

“You’re right, Golden Eagle Tribe Leader. I agree!” a middle-aged man with a pair of silver wings echoed.

His cultivation base was also peak Galaxy-Grade. Then, he added, “Isn’t the current status of the Human Tribe solely based on the Supremacy’s seal?”

“Now that Luo Yunyang has offended the Celestial World Supremacy, how could the Celestial World Supremacy help them?”

“Furthermore, the Thunder Ray Tribe and the Electric Awn Tribe have a bone to pick with the Human Tribe. If we don’t act fast, there won’t be much of that rich, fertile territory left for us.”

Immediately, quite a number of Sacred Eagle big shots came forward. They were also tribe leaders of the Sacred Eagle Tribe’s factions. Thus, now was the best time to strive for some power.

“Ha ha ha! I don’t care how you all fight. But there is one thing you need to do. Our Blood Eagle Tribe wants at least half!” A blood-red powerhouse from the Blood Eagle Tribe spoke. “We need fresh meat and blood.”

“If anyone dares fight with the Blood Eagle Tribe, they will become a lifelong enemy of our tribe!” These words resonated loud and clear.

The other various tribe leaders showed hints of anger when they heard these words. However, nobody ultimately said anything.

Not only were the Blood Eagles stronger, but others also had no way of dealing with them.

“Alright, we will decide how to split the spoils later. At present, what is most important is how we will attack the Human Tribe.” An elder seated above that seemed like a king spoke up.

“You must all remember that the Sacred Eagle Tribe won’t be able to take away all the benefits of the Human Tribe or finish taking them away.”

The elder’s tone then became slightly stricter. “More than half of the riches have to be given to the Thunder Ray Tribe’s lord. Understood?”

The crowd that had been still bickering quietened down immediately. Even the Blood Eagle Tribe powerhouse no longer dared say anything.

A short while later, the leaders of the various tribes left. Only that elder remained loftily on his throne.

He was the Sacred Eagle Tribe’s leader, as well as a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse. However, he wasn’t the strongest member of the Sacred Eagle Tribe. That honor belonged to the Sacred Eagle Tribe’s Grand Elder, who was currently in seclusion.

The reason why the Sacred Eagle Tribe enjoyed so many benefits as a second-grade tribe within the Divine Union was because they had two Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses.

Furthermore, the Sacred Eagle Tribe Grand Elder was at the peak of the Celestial Domain Grade.

As the elder was pondering this, the jade pendant on his body suddenly lit up. The Sacred Eagle Tribe leader frowned upon seeing the jade pendant and muttered to himself, “Seems like some people are still trying to cause trouble.”

A message had been sent by the Sacred Eagle Tribe’s Grand Elder. The Sacred Eagle Tribe leader, the Unrivaled Eagle, felt a little displeased upon hearing the voice of the Grand Elder with the superior cultivation base who was currently in seclusion.

However, even though he was displeased, he still had to listen. After all, he wasn’t the strongest member of the Sacred Eagle Tribe.

A pair of golden-red wings emerged behind the Unrivaled Eagle’s back in an instant. As soon as his wings started beating, he rushed into space in just a moment.

When a divine eagle spread its wings, it covered thousands of miles in a blink.

Even ordinary spacecrafts weren’t as quick as the Unrivaled Eagle. Therefore, the Unrivaled Eagle and the majority of Sacred Eagle Tribesmen weren’t willing to use spacecrafts. Instead, they relied on their own flight speed.

A short while later, the Unrivaled Eagle appeared above a lone star. He frowned as he surveyed the blazing flames.

He didn’t like the circumstances there. He wasn’t a fan of too many flames.

Just as he was about to land, he suddenly sensed an immense danger. This sensation astonished the Unrivaled Eagle greatly.

This was the Sacred Eagle Tribe Great Elder’s secret cultivation location, so even if the Unrivaled Eagle didn’t like him, he wouldn’t do anything to him here.

Some thoughts rapidly went through his mind. Although he felt that this didn’t make much sense, he still quickly took some precautions.

Just as he was pondering this, the Unrivaled Eagle felt a vast bloody aura surge towards him.

The bloody aura congealed in the void and ultimately formed countless sword-shadows that shot down.

It was the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas!

The Unrivaled Eagle felt terrified when he saw these magnificent lights. He had seen the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas before during the battle between Luo Yunyang and the Primeval Underworld Monarch. Thus, the instant that he saw the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas, the Unrivaled Eagle’s first thought was that he was finished.

The Purgatory and the Divine Union were going to war, and this was the first place that the Purgatory was attacking. As his hands moved and his Golden Wings flapped rapidly, countless sword-lights shot furiously towards the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas.

Although these lights weren’t brighter than the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas, the sword-lights were over 10 times more than the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas.

108,000 swords! By combining his own wings with his cultivation path, the attack the Unrivaled Eagle used wasn’t much weaker than the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas.

Most importantly, this method was considered an imitation of the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas. Nevertheless, the 108,000 swords of the Unrivaled Eagle had won him much acclaim.

Now, the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas had finally met the 108,000 swords. The Unrivaled Eagle reckoned that if the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas were at the same level as his own attack, his attack would crumble.

However, he had never imagined that the two sets of sword-lights would cancel each other out when they clashed. No, it seemed like he had the upper hand.

What was going on? The power level of that sneaky attacker seemed to be below his own. Just as the Unrivaled Eagle heaved a huge sigh of relief, the Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas converged and formed a blood-red long sword and another white bone long sword appeared in the hands of his attacker.

It was the Blood Sea and the White Bone!

The Unrivaled Eagle’s heart shuddered when he saw those two swords. However, what shocked him even more was actually seeing the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s appearance.

The Unrivaled Eagle didn’t sympathize with this fallen genius much. He actually believed that the Primeval Underworld Monarch was really useless if he had been defeated by the Human Tribe.

However, when he saw these two swords and the Primeval Underworld Monarch, who was already deceased, the Unrivaled Eagle felt perplexed. With a thought, his 108,000 swords formed a ring of swords and went to parry the White Bone and Blood Sea swords.

As his attack flew forth, he suddenly felt the void behind him tear open. When he turned his body in astonishment, he saw a person.

Actually, he saw a finger. A finger that tore the void.

The finger tapped tightly against the void and a layer of black light enveloped him.

He was no stranger to this move. This was Luo Yunyang’s Dream Crusher. Luo Yunyang’s Dream Crusher was much stronger than when he had used it during the battle with the Primeval Underworld Monarch.

Before the Unrivaled Eagle could react, the glow coming from the Dream Crusher had already wrapped more than half of his body.

The Unrivaled Eagle watched Luo Yunyang’s cold sneer and turned his head to see the Primeval Underworld Monarch amidst the roiling sea of blood. He felt really confused. What exactly was going on?

“Luo Yunyang, Primeval Underworld Monarch, why have you two” The Unrivaled Eagle had just shouted out before he was completed covered by the Dream Crusher. Although he was a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse, his physical body wasn’t as strong as the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s. In just an instant, his body was turned to dust.

Luo Yunyang also stopped after that finger tap. However, he didn’t seem to be in good shape.

After glancing in the direction of the Primeval Underworld Monarch, Luo Yunyang spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

“Ambushing two Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses really isn’t easy,” Luo Yunyang muttered as he wiped away the blood from the side of his mouth.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch didn’t say anything. He quickly retracted his attack and fused back into Luo Yunyang’s body in an instant.

Although the Unrivaled Eagle King’s body had been crushed, his storage bracelet had still fallen. Luo Yunyang’s eyes glowed when he saw the items stored within.

“Move out!” Luo Yunyang spoke into his communication device before taking to the sky and flying towards the distant space where the Unrivaled Eagle had come from.

Although the Unrivaled Eagle and the Sacred Eagle Tribe’s Grand Elder had already been slain by him, the Sacred Eagle Tribe still had quite a number of powerhouses.

If the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others were sent to engage these powerhouses, they wouldn’t necessarily lose. However, it would be a life-and-death struggle.

Although Luo Yunyang wasn’t prepared to handle everything, he still had to first help the Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others gain the upper hand.

In just a short time, he appeared on the Sacred Eagle Tribe’s Sacred Mountain. As he appeared, the sacred mountain was engulfed by a sea.

A day later, the news that the Human Tribe had slain the Sacred Eagle Tribe’s two Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses circulated among the whole Divine Union.

By now, it wasn’t just the Thunder Ray Tribe, but the entire Divine Union that was shocked!

They had been waiting to hear that the Sacred Eagle Tribe had taken over the Human Tribe. However, they had never imagined that the Sacred Eagle Tribe would be routed by the humans.

Upon receiving this information, the Thunder Ray Tribe’s leader thought that this message was wrong.

However, this was the total truth!