Supreme Uprising Chapter 548

Chapter 548 The Fabled Last Stand

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Thanks to the virtual realms, the Divine Unions speed of transmitting messages could be considered 1,000 times quicker than the Da Alliances. By using the virtual realms, reality and virtual reality had already been integrated in some aspects.

Although this integration hadnt broken through the barrier between reality and virtual reality, it could allow people within the virtual realm to enjoy some sensations that were almost real.

One of them was the Divine Unions campaign to punish the Human Tribe.

At the Divine Unions command, forces of more than 100 million were sent to administer justice. However, in the virtual realm, close to 100 billion people had gone along with the Divine Unions forces.

Although these people were residing in the virtual world, through the technology that made virtual reality seem real, they were actually accompanying the Divine Unions forces as they suppressed the Milky Way.

Actually, they could clearly see everything that the Brilliant Sun Sage saw. Every command and action of the Brilliant Sun Sage could be seen the very moment he issued it.

On the virtual realms forums, discussions regarding this battle had already livened up. Most of these discussions originated from some people known as the Gifted Sons Group.

This group admired and praised the Brilliant Sun Sage greatly. In their opinion, the Brilliant Sun Sages strategy and tactics were really impressive

This power felt like Mt. Tai crashing down on the evil-doers. This was an invincible atmosphere, a might that could crush the nine heavens

Any discussions directly related to Luo Yunyang were shot down by the members of the so-called Gifted Sons Group.

"Flatten the Milky Way in three days and exterminate the entire human race in 10 days!" This had already become a resounding chant in the virtual world.

Because they were in the virtual world, every member of the Divine Union watching had seen Luo Yunyang at practically the same time as the Brilliant Sun Sage.

Many people found it inconceivable that Luo Yunyang was actually beaming as he greeted the Brilliant Sun Sage.

"Damn, could I be witnessing the fabled last stand?" someone posted as soon as he saw Luo Yunyang through the virtual realm.

He had just posted this, when it was discovered by a member of the Gifted Sons Group and some people replied. "Last stand? Just relying on Luo Yunyang alone? He he!"

"He he Does he think that he is still the Nebula-Grade Luo Yunyang?"

"Ha ha ha! Other people might get stronger as their cultivation base improves. However, the weaker Luo Yunyangs power gets, the greater his influence will be. Ha ha! He really leaves people speechless!"

All sorts of mockery filled the entire virtual realm as the discussions livened up again.

Anyone who entered the virtual realm and found out that Luo Yunyang was unaccompanied could draw a conclusion.

"Damn it, Luo Yunyang has really appeared! I have seen him before, but it seems like he is even stronger now."

"Yeah, back in the Divine Union, he possessed the Supremacys seal, so he had been able to throw his weight around! Look at the state he is in now How miserable!"

"Whats so miserable about him? At least, he is a Galaxy-Grade powerhouse. Plus, he slew the Primeval Underworld Monarch in the past. This means that he definitely isnt weaker than an ordinary Celestial Domain-Grade now!"

"What does a Celestial Domain-Grade represent? All you fools are still spouting nonsense!" Someone flew into a rage and undermined Luo Yunyangs status.

Immediately, everyone who was having a lively discussion fell quiet. Becoming a Celestial Domain-Grade was a height that most people could never hope to reach.

Luo Yunyang had already surpassed this height!

"Although Luo Yunyang is extraordinary, he will still die in the end!" posted a member of the Gifted Sons.

As a verbal war started erupting in the virtual realm, in the real world, the Brilliant Sun Sage gestured with his large hand. "Seize him!"

There werent any pleasantries, greetings or condemnations. The moment he met Luo Yunyang, the Brilliant Sun Sage issued a command.

Over 100 Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses released their own auras simultaneously, acting like a ferocious tiger ready to lunge at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyangs expression remained unchanged as he watched these powerhouses. He only said calmly, "Lets see who dares!"

The moment he said that, Luo Yunyang drew out a seal.

This seal belonged to the Celestial World Supremacy. Although the Celestial World Supremacy had announced his seclusion, he hadnt taken back this seal.

Every single one of the powerhouses from the various tribes stopped in their tracks when they saw the Celestial World Supremacys seal.

In their eyes, the Celestial World Supremacys seal was something they absolutely couldnt go against. If they went against the Celestial World Supremacy, then nothing in the world would protect them.

Although they knew that the Celestial World Supremacy was in seclusion, they didnt dare challenge his seal. Even though it was just a small risk, they were still afraid.

All eyes turned to the Brilliant Sun Sage. Everyone was awaiting his next order.

After all, the Brilliant Sun Sage was their Commander-in-Chief.

The Brilliant Sun Sage gritted his teeth when he saw Luo Yunyang hold up the seal. He felt the urge to ask Luo Yunyang exactly how shameless he could be.

How could he actually bring out the Celestial World Supremacys seal at such a time? Did he not know that this Celestial World Supremacys seal no longer was of any use?

As he considered the circumstances, the Brilliant Sun Sage realized that he couldnt hide from this problem.

It wasnt just these subordinates who were watching him now. Who knew how many other people were watching this scene in the Divine Union?

There would be a serious crisis if he lost face now. This might even threaten his own status.

"Luo Yunyang, you should have a better understanding of that seals effectiveness than me. Who are you trying to deceive here? Now, I shall give you one last chance. Surrender immediately!"

When the Brilliant Sun Sage said this, many supporters in the virtual realm started to *ss-kiss in succession. Some people even hurriedly posted, "Impressive, my Sage!"

"The Sun Sage is mighty, outstanding and assertive!"

"Ha ha ha! Luo Yunyang must have used up all his options already if he is actually trying to pull such a small trick now. Doesnt he know that these methods will make him a laughing stock?"

"Even if that Supremacy protects Luo Yunyang, he will still be punished by the Divine Union. After all, there isnt just one supreme entity within the Divine Union."

Luo Yunyang wasnt aware of the discussions taking place in the virtual realm. However, he wouldnt have been bothered anyway. He was currently smiling as he watched the Brilliant Sun Sage. "Your Holy Sageness, do you mean to say that this seal is useless? If you think so, perhaps I should just let the Supremacy speak to you!"

The Brilliant Sun Sages heart shuddered when he heard Luo Yunyangs reply. He didnt have the ability to speak face-to-face with the Celestial World Supremacy.

It wasnt just him. Even the big shots of the Demigod Tribe wouldnt dare do so.

However, the Brilliant Sun Sage relaxed a little when he remembered that the Celestial World Supremacy was in seclusion. Meanwhile, a projection that came from Luo Yunyangs communication device took shape in the void.

All the powerhouses from the different tribes that had followed the Brilliant Sun Sage to the humans territory inhaled sharply. They were afraid. If the projection of the Celestial World Supremacy appeared on Luo Yunyangs communication device, then

That scenario wouldnt be pretty. At the moment, they didnt even dare think about it. Even the Brilliant Sun Sage had frozen up.

Damn it! Luo Yunyang was actually still able to speak with the Celestial World Supremacy.

However, what appeared on the light screen projection wasnt the Celestial World Supremacy, but Molin.

Most members of the Divine Union wouldnt recognize Molin. After all, Molin always followed behind the Celestial World Supremacy, and most people never had the qualifications to see the Supremacy.

"Is this the Supremacy?"

"How can that be? I have seen a drawing of that magnificent Supremacy. This definitely isnt him. I have no idea who this is. Perhaps its some trick Luo Yunyang is trying to pull off."

Mili, who stood by the Brilliant Sun Sages side, had already recognized Molin. Worried that the Brilliant Sun Sage would make a mistake, she said, "Sun Sage, that is Sir Molin, a subordinate of the Celestial World Supremacy."

The Brilliant Sun Sage didnt really care much about Molins cultivation base. However, he had no choice but to take Molins status seriously.

"Greetings, Sir Molin!" Although the Brilliant Sun Sage didnt think too much of Molin, he still cupped his hands together and saluted him.

Naturally, Molin recognized the Brilliant Sun Sage. Before Luo Yunyang had contacted him, Molin had already been aware of what was happening.

He had originally decided not to waste any time on Luo Yunyang. However, upon recalling that Luo Yunyang was still the Celestial World Supremacys disciple in name, Molin had decided to see Luo Yunyang, even though he didnt wish to.

"No need to stand on ceremony, Sun Sage." Molin smiled slightly and said gently, "Long time no see. Your cultivation has improved by yet another level."

The conversation between these two gave rise to more discussions in the virtual realm. After some heated discussions, the Gifted Sons added posts to drive the conversation up.

"I reckon that Luo Yunyang is about to cry. The person he turned to for help is actually the Brilliant Sun Sages friend."

"He he I reckon that he wont even be able to find a place to cry. I cant wait for what will happen next!"

"Luo Yunyang, you should have cooperated and fought with the Brilliant Sun Sage. Why dont you take a good look at yourself now?"

As many people were posting disdainful replies, Molin turned to Luo Yunyang and asked, "May I know why you have called, Your Majesty?"

"Molin, His Supremacy said that this seal could be used to represent him. However, these people claim that the seal is completely useless. Dont you think this should be reported to His Supremacy? This really isnt good for His Supremacys reputation," Luo Yunyang, who acted like he hadnt noticed Molins indifferent attitude, said seriously.

Molin shook his head. Deep down, he thought to himself,"Why do you always make others worry?"Regardless, he decided that he needed to clarify things for Luo Yunyang.