Supreme Uprising Chapter 549

Chapter 549 Reversing A Huge Power

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Countless people watched Molin. The news about Molin had also circulated throughout the Divine Union immediately via the virtual realm.

The Celestial World Supremacy’s emissary would represent the Supremacy wherever they went.

This alone was enough to make people feel deep veneration for him. On top of this, there were even more people who watched with eager anticipation.

They wished to know how exactly Molin would reply.

“Yunyang, His Supremacy is in seclusion. While he is secluded, everything else has nothing to do with him!” Molin said in a calm yet firm manner.

The Brilliant Sun Sage, as well as the people beside him, all heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

Although they had already known that the venerable Celestial World Supremacy wouldn’t get involved in this matter, they still felt a little uneasy. Hearing Molin say this was like a huge weight being lifted off their hearts.

The Brilliant Sun Sage’s face brightened. The Celestial Domain-Grades that had been prepared to seize Luo Yunyang were now eager to act.

Meanwhile, countless humans felt sad in the Milky Way.

Although many members of the Human Tribe were prepared to fight to their last breath, having their last hope fail made them feel desperate.

“Does His Supremacy no longer want that item? My clone has already passed the third hall of the second stage of the Divine Martial Hall and is preparing to take on the fourth hall!” Luo Yunyang feigned surprise when he noticed that Molin was about to end the call.

Molin, who was flabbergasted upon hearing Luo Yunyang say this, glared at Luo Yunyang. “What did you say?”

Molin’s authority came from the Celestial World Supremacy. When the Celestial World Supremacy’s life reached its end, Molin would run out of luck.

When that happened, who would the people that had been bullied by the Celestial World Supremacy in the past vent their anger on?

Molin was similarly unhappy with Luo Yunyang’s advancement. However, he was clearly shocked when he heard Luo Yunyang say this.

“What did you say? Your clone?” Molin asked skeptically.

“My clone has already entered stage two of the Divine Martial Hall. Why don’t you check out the situation in the Divine Martial Hall, Brother Molin?”

Molin eyed Luo Yunyang before immediately checking. A minute later, he spoke up anxiously. “Don’t do anything for the time being. I will inform the Celestial World Supremacy!”

By now, he was about to end the call.

“Brother Mo, I am currently in a dire situation. Many people are waiting for an opportunity to move and attack. If I get captured, then the clone will…” Luo Yunyang implored in a pitiful manner.

Molin glared coldly at the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others before saying, “I am now representing His Supremacy and informing everyone. Anyone who dares try anything on Luo Yunyang before I report to His Supremacy will be provoking His Venerable Supremacy! Anyone who provokes His Supremacy will become our sworn enemy!”

Molin’s words terrified all the Celestial Domain-Grades, who really didn’t have the guts to become a lifelong enemy of the Celestial World Supremacy.

Besides, what sort of person was the Supremacy? A person that destroyed his plans would be better off dead than alive.

The Brilliant Sun Sage’s eyes were filled with hatred. He felt that his power, which had been like Mt. Tai, had fallen into the vast ocean.

It was now about to vanish into the ocean. Perhaps some water splashed on the surface, but no substantial damage had been done.

“Everyone, I still have to control my clone, so please do not make me angry. If my clone doesn’t come out of the Divine Martial Hall, then it will be difficult to explain this to the venerable Celestial World Supremacy!”

Luo Yunyang’s words made the powerhouses that surrounded him retreat immediately. They didn’t fear Luo Yunyang, but if the responsibility of failure was pushed onto them, the Celestial World Supremacy’s wrath wasn’t something they were willing to face.

The Brilliant Sun Sage hesitated for a bit before slowly backing off. However, as he retreated five steps, Luo Yunyang gestured to him and said, “Sun Sage, are you looking down on me? Is that why you are leaving now?”

What the f*ck! You just asked everyone to back off. I have already distanced myself. What more do you want? The livid Brilliant Sun Sage felt an urge to kill Luo Yunyang.

However, he knew that he couldn’t offend Luo Yunyang.

“How could I look down on you? Didn’t you ask us to distance ourselves?” The Brilliant Sun Sage clenched his teeth and forced out a weak smile.

“Ha ha ha… I was talking about those disgusting-looking fellows. You are so handsome and elegant… How can you be on the same level as them?” Luo Yunyang smirked at the Brilliant Sun Sage. “What’s wrong, Sun Sage? Do you think speaking to me is beneath you?”

Daddy really isn’t in the mood to talk to you!

The Brilliant Sun Sage had already reacted. This matter had exceeded the threshold of his control.

If Luo Yunyang once again received the protection of the Celestial World Supremacy, then this campaign to punish the Human Tribe would be just a big joke.

He even faintly felt that this whole thing was a big ruse set up by Luo Yunyang.

“How can I be? If I wasn’t worried about disturbing you, Brother Luo, I would be more than happy to have a chat with you.” The Brilliant Sun Sage felt his heart twisting as he said this.

The Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses present were all big shots in their own tribes. Some of them even ruled over large regions.

Nobody would dare say that they were repulsive even behind their backs, let alone straight to their faces. However, even though they were itching with rage, all they could do was remain silent.

“Do you not have a partner, Sun Sage?”

“Your appearance isn’t too bad, but I think that you are an insincere brat!”

“Let me tell you a secret, Sun Sage. I think the Soliciting Moon Maiden has the hots for you. Let me tell you something, though… You shouldn’t have that woman!”

Luo Yunyang’s voice was like some sort of devilish chant that kept invading the Brilliant Sun Sage’s ear and made him feel like he was going insane.

Do we have a close friendship? Whether I like the Soliciting Moon Maiden or not has nothing to do with you. What right do you have to pass judgment?

All sorts of grumbles and grievances gathered in the Brilliant Sun Sage’s mind. The Brilliant Sun Sage knew that Luo Yunyang was simply saying all this to agitate him.

Right now, he needed to maintain his poise and stay calm. Regardless of what Luo Yunyang said, he couldn’t show any emotion. Remaining indifferent was the best counteroffensive.

However, the Brilliant Sun Sage discovered that he simply couldn’t do so. As he watched Luo Yunyang, he really felt an urge to turn this despicable fellow into dust.

Because of the virtual world, countless people could listen to the conversation between Luo Yunyang and the Brilliant Sun Sage clearly.

Although nobody was currently discussing anything, deep down, everyone thought that the Brilliant Sun Sage was really pitiful.

The Brilliant Sun Sage no longer had the awe-inspiring might of a powerful force after these simple words. As Luo Yunyang teased him, he acted just like a young maiden being bullied.

Actually, it wasn’t just the Brilliant Sun Sage who felt horrible. Other powerhouses, such as members of the Thunder Ray Tribe and the Electric Awn Tribe, were feeling just as miserable.

They were the main force behind this matter. If Luo Yunyang once again received the Celestial World Supremacy’s protection, it would be very frightening.

It would be best if Luo Yunyang was lying. If he was, then they wouldn’t be in too much trouble. However, they knew clearly that the probability of Luo Yunyang telling a fib like this was extremely low.

A short while later, a streak of light appeared within the void. Molin had created a projection of himself by using the virtual world.

Although this projection didn’t have any combat prowess, it could allow Molin’s voice to be heard by everyone.

“Greetings, Your Highness Yunyang!” Molin bowed respectfully the moment he saw Luo Yunyang.

Molin had never been so deferential when he had seen Luo Yunyang in the past. However, he was acting as though he was facing his master now.

The Brilliant Sun Sage’s heart sank. He could sense that the situation had become slightly thorny. A Thunder Ray Tribesman even felt like crying.

Practically all the forces sent out by the different tribes had an ominous feeling.

“No need for formalities.” Luo Yunyang smiled at Molin. “Has Master come out of seclusion?”

“Your Highness, Sir Supremacy was very pleased when he received your news. He has already ended his seclusion.”

Then, Molin added, “He wants you to be prudent. You mustn’t let all your previous efforts go down the drain now that you are in the final hall of stage two.”

Molin’s words completely vaporized whatever thoughts everyone had about this being a fluke. At the moment, almost everyone turned their attention to the Brilliant Sun Sage.

Luo Yunyang had once more regained the Celestial World Supremacy’s trust. Now, how would they go about exterminating the Human Tribe with such a massive force?

The Brilliant Sun Sage was like an ant on a hot pan. He could already tell that this situation was no longer under his control.

He was just an insignificant being in the face of the Celestial World Supremacy. He actually did not qualify to even speak with the Celestial World Supremacy. What he could do now was report up and ask those powerful big shots to make a decision.

Just as the Brilliant Sun Sage started feeling really uneasy, a message was transmitted. When he heard it, the Brilliant Sun Sage felt really miserable.

“Due to misinformation, all forces are to pull back!” the Brilliant Sun Sage ordered with gritted teeth.

Withdraw all forces? A great commotion ensued when this order was issued.

After all, this overbearing campaign to exterminate the Human Tribe had turned out to be a failure. The reputation of the Demigod Tribe had received a huge blow.

However, the various powerhouses leading their individual forces heaved a sigh of relief. They had hoped that this situation would not escalate.

“Want to leave? Nobody is allowed to leave!”