Supreme Uprising Chapter 55

Chapter 55: The Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The cannon-like trunk of the White-Jade Gem Elephant shot out ripples of air. Any trees that were struck by the elephant's blasts snapped in half.

Lin Changjian was the strongest among the four, so the White-Jade Gem Elephant paid the most attention to him. Waves of air blasts were continuously sprayed in all directions.

Crash! A falling tree nearly smashed into Lin Changjian. Lin Changjian was able to dodge the trunk, but he was unable to evade the tree's branches.

A tree branch swept across his face, leaving lines of blood in its wake!

"Big Brother Changjian, the beast has already It's already chased us really far! Why is it still pursuing us this relentlessly?" one of the younger brothers said as he panted in an effort to keep up his speed.

Lin Changjian was just as desperate. He could sense that there was something strange about this situation.

"Let's split up and flee. If that doesn't work, then we'll return to the base. Damn it, we wasted our efforts this time around!"

Luo Yunyang didn't have any time to pay attention to the group's tragic state. He didn't stop anywhere inside the C-grade dire beast area as he ran fast towards the D-grade dire beast area.

He was moving extremely quick in a different direction, so he soon put a huge distance between him and Lin Changjian's party, who were busy fleeing for their lives.

There was nothing in the D-grade dire beast area that could pose a threat to Luo Yunyang, so he decided to hide under a thick tree in the forest and inspect the Gold Bodhi.

The Gold Bodhi contained a similar amount of sixth factor with the Purple-Gold Ginseng. As he inspected the dazzling golden fruit, Luo Yunyang couldn't help but eat one ravenously.

The taste of the sixth factor was incomparably sweet. As soon as the Gold Bodhi entered his mouth, Luo Yunyang felt a wave of heat form in his stomach.

This region was not dangerous, so Luo Yunyang used the Ape-Dragon Blueprint's seventh diagram, the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique, to absorb the energy contained within the Gold Bodhis.

He no longer needed to lower his Mind Attribute when he used the Howling-Ape Roaring-Dragon Technique. Thanks to the technique's vibrations, the surging heat dispersed throughout Luo Yunyang's body.

However, when Luo Yunyang opened the attribute regulator in his mind, he found out that his attributes hadn't improved much.

Power: 26.5

Speed: 5.1

Mind: 3.1

Constitution: 22.3

Luo Yunyang was extremely disappointed. The sum of his attributes had only increased a little.

This was the Gold Bodhi. It was supposed to work the same way as the Purple-Gold Ginseng!

Should he have waited until he had obtained the source fluid and formed a source core before he made even greater progress? Did he really have no way of increasing his strength until it reached the basic level required to cultivate the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques?

He could use the attribute regulator to cultivate the Eight Mountain-Splitting Techniques, but if he did, how would he be able to cultivate Martial God Luo Kai's Heaven Splitter?

As he pondered this, Luo Yunyang's gaze suddenly became resolute.

If a precious object like the Gold Bodhi could not help him progress much, then he could only rely on the Ape-Dragon Blueprint's eighth and ninth diagram.

If someone had been able to create those two diagrams, then he would surely be able to cultivate them!

Keep the essence of the moon in your mind and train with it until your divine self is born...

Luo Yunyang looked at the diagram of the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape as he silently recited this chant. As he chanted, a trace of comprehension appeared in his mind.

Comprehending the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move wasn't difficult. The difficult part was withstanding the cold sensation the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape brought with it. When Luo Yunyang pondered it, he was able to think of a safer method to do it.

The most crucial factor in withstanding cultivation techniques was one's constitution. Luo Yunyang could reduce his Power, Mind and Speed to the levels of an ordinary person and increase his Constitution as much as he could.

Power: 1

Speed: 1

Mind: 1

Constitution: 54

As soon as he completed the adjustments, Luo Yunyang felt full of vigor. He suddenly felt as though he could travel hundreds of miles.

Would cultivating there be safe? Luo Yunyang's eyes darted around before he eventually decided to cultivate the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move there.

He had already cleared the area around him once, so he had thoroughly gotten rid of some possible hazards.

Plus, if he returned to the base and a strange phenomenon occurred as a result of the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape, Xu Zhong would stop him out of concern for his safety.

The sun was shining intensely overhead. Although it was seperated by the space barrier, the sun's energy still shone true. This was the best time and place to cultivate the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape.

Besides, practising before the real moonlight came out would be beneficial.

As Luo Yunyang recited the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape chant silently, he rotated both his arms and legs like the colossal ape who swallowed the moon and gobbled up the essence of the sun.


Just as Luo Yunyang thought that his posture was proper, he suddenly felt a shiny round moon appear in his mind.

The round moon was as cold and desolate as a jade plate. The instant that it appeared far away, a beam of pure white light shot towards him.

Wasn't the moon affected when the world experienced a period of upheaval and great changes? Didn't people only get to see a deficient moon then?

Could there still be a bright round moon? That was impossible. The luster of this bright moon was many times brighter than any photographs of the moon before the cataclysm.

However, this wasn't something Luo Yunyang could investigate right now. When that pure cold beam of light struck and entered his body, Luo Yunyang felt as if he had been placed inside an ice cube. That dense eerie chill made him feel as though his soul was going to freeze up.

This was the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move!

No wonder ordinary people were prohibited from cultivating this diagram.

Would Luo Yunyang die while doing something he was supposed to be proficient in? No, no, I cannot die! I have too many dreams that I have yet to realize! I don't want to die, nor can I afford to! If I die, what will happen to my mother and little sister?

Thus, Luo Yunyang tried his utmost to endure and resist. He was aware that he couldn't let himself be obliterated by this biting cold, so he decided to adjust his attributes by doubling his Mind Attribute.

The two extra Mind Attribute points shook his consciousness for a tiny bit before the soul-freezing pain pushed him to the verge of exploding.

The frigid sensation was like a snake hiding beneath his skin, sinking its fangs into his bones and staying there. Ice-cold tendrils slowly crawled up his body inch by inch. A moment later, Luo Yunyang felt as if every cell in his body had been thoroughly invaded by the bitter cold.

He immediately increased his Mind Attribute.

As his Mind increased, his Constitution decreased. The more Luo Yunyang raised his Mind Attribute, the more unbearable the pain became. However, unless he wanted to die, the only thing he could do was keep raising his Mind Attribute.

Luo Yunyang increased it repeatedly.

After an indefinite amount of time, the frigid sensation started to slowly fade away. However, a trace of that sensation remained in Luo Yunyang's body.

Although Luo Yunyang couldn't see or feel the cold sensation, he could still sense its existence.

The moment the cold sensation vanished, Luo Yunyang stood up quickly. He didn't feel any unease in his body anymore.

However, all the cells in his body felt crammed with an immense vitality he had never experienced before.