Supreme Uprising Chapter 550

Chapter 550 The Samsara Bodhi Seal

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The Brilliant Sun Sage was still gritting his teeth. This had been a crushing defeat! Although the Celestial World Supremacys involvement had made it an honorable defeat, this was still a loss.

He had already become a stepping stone for Luo Yunyangs reputation.

Right now, the maniacal Luo Yunyang wouldnt let them leave! He really wasnt in the mood to bother with this fellow. As everyone turned towards him, he could ultimately only choose to turn around and look at Luo Yunyang.

"What do you want? One mustnt go overboard, Luo Yunyang!" the Brilliant Sun Sage bellowed.

Upon seeing the livid Brilliant Sun Sage, who seemed on the verge of going berserk, Luo Yunyang spread his hands apart, put on an insulted expression and appealed to Molin. "Mr. Molin, he threatened me! You know that I am timid. If my clone isnt careful, the outcome might be disastrous"

Molin was also speechless. However, regardless of the situation with Luo Yunyang, this matter was really too important to the Celestial World Supremacy. Of course, it was also very important to Molin. After all, Luo Yunyangs clone had already passed three halls of the second stage of the Divine Martial Hall in just half an hour.

( Box novel.c om ) Even though Luo Yunyang hadnt advanced his cultivation, he would be considerably weaker.

This could be considered the last hope of the Celestial World Supremacy to obtain that item. Therefore, Molin knew what he had to do without any hesitation.

"Brilliant Sun Sage, are you trying to provoke His Supremacy?"

Molins tone was icy. To be precise, this was a clearly unadorned threat.

The Brilliant Sun Sages eyes were burning with rage. His teeth were clenched as he glared at Luo Yunyang. "What else do you want, Luo Yunyang?"

"You just threatened me. Dont you think you should apologize first?" Luo Yunyang replied.

"Im sorry, Mr. Luo. I was wrong. I apologize to you!" the Brilliant Sun Sage said right away.

Luo Yunyang felt a bit more admiration for the Brilliant Sun Sage when he swallowed his anger. However, right now, what he wanted wasnt an apology.

"It is a great virtue to know when you are in the wrong and be willing to change. You have done well. However, I wish to ask you something, Sun Sage. Isnt leaving after coming to the Milky Way to fight and kill unfair?"

Luo Yunyang then added in a cold tone, "Those in the know might say that you respect my Master. However, outsiders might misunderstand and think that your Demigod Tribe doesnt think highly of my Master and can insult him wherever and whenever you want!"

The Brilliant Sun Sages lips quivered. Who was insulting whom?You have clearly smacked my entire face so much that its swollen. What more do you want?

"Sun Sage, calm down!" a voice beside him said. "You absolutely mustnt make a mistake now."

The person speaking was one of the Brilliant Sun Sages most devoted subordinates. The existence of the Brilliant Sun Sage concerned his own survival. The Brilliant Sun Sage also really valued his counsel.

( Box novel.c om ) "I have only respect and admiration for the Celestial World Supremacy!" The Brilliant Sun Sage then inhaled sharply. "I am prepared to compensate you regarding this matter, Brother Luo. What do you think?"

"I dont want compensation, bur reparation. The treasures I kept on those star systems have been completely stolen by the likes of your plunderers. If you dont compensate me a hundredfold, dont even think of leaving this place!" Luo Yunyang, who had realized that the occasion was right, acted like he was seeking justice for a great wrong.

The big shots of the various tribes all heaved sighs of relief when they heard that Luo Yunyang wanted compensation. They had been afraid that he wasnt going to let go of the matter, but since he had mentioned compensation, everything would be alright.

However, when Luo Yunyang listed out the compensation he wanted, even the Brilliant Sun Sage, who had been authorized, felt like he was on the verge of going crazy.

"Luo Yunyang, asking for 100 billion No. 9 Steel Essence is a little insane. Even if you add up all the planets that belong to the Human Tribe, you wont even get 100 million No. 9 Steel Essence!" the Brilliant Sun Sage said.

Luo Yunyang felt that 100 billion also seemed a little too much. However, he needed his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast clone to advance to the Galaxy Grade, so the resources he needed were way too much. He couldnt afford to be soft-hearted now.

When he had first realized that the Primeval Underworld Monarchs embodiment could enter the Divine Martial Hall with a Nebula-Grade cultivation, his first thought hadnt been that the Human Tribes crisis was over. Instead, he had thought about getting a huge volume of resources.

The advancement of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast from Star-Grade to Nebula-Grade had already consumed about half of the entire Human Tribes accumulated resources. If it were to continue ascending to the Galaxy Grade, then all of the accumulated resources of the Human Tribe wouldnt be enough. Luo Yunyang still felt that there was a long way to go.

He believed that he wouldnt be able to accumulate that many resources just by relying on himself, even after several thousands of years.

How would Luo Yunyang take it if the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast didnt continue to ascend? The issue wasnt its cultivation base, but rather the various mystic techniques embedded in its bloodline memory.

If Luo Yunyang wanted to gather huge quantities of resources, he would need to rob a large tribe. Luo Yunyang was well aware of his own strength. Thus, this plan had come into motion.

"This is not much. If you are dawdling over this, maybe you think that my Masters reputation isnt worth this small quantity of metal and other items"

Luo Yunyang was simply yet forcefully calling them out. In any case, the Celestial World Supremacy needed him right now. There was no better time to use his Masters name than the present.

Indeed, upon hearing this, the Brilliant Sun Sage no longer said anything. He just passed on the list of requested resources to the Demigod Tribes big shots.

Although the Demigod Tribe was able to provide massive amounts of resources, even this amount would make their hearts ache.

Therefore, the senior figures of the Demigod Tribe reported this matter to the Supremacies of the Demigod Tribe. After talking with these few Supremacies, the Demigod Tribe decided to agree to Luo Yunyangs compensation terms. However, these items wouldnt be solely compensated by the Demigod Tribe.

The Thunder Ray Tribe, the Electric Awn Tribe and the other Primary Tribes that had taken part in this campaign would all contribute a large part of this compensation.

When this decision was made, it caused an uproar. However, every tribe still dispatched someone to deliver the compensation items.

By the time the compensation was delivered, they heard that Luo Yunyangs clone had already completed the four halls of stage two of the Divine Martial Hall.

His objective for entering the Divine Martial Hall had been to help the Celestial World Supremacy obtain that object. Thus, Luo Yunyang didnt hesitate. He redeemed the object named the Samsara Bodhi Seal and had his clone leave the Divine Martial Hall.

The Celestial World Supremacy was waiting outside the Divine Martial Hall. His expression became strange when he saw Luo Yunyangs clone.

Then, his gaze turned to the damaged stone seal that Luo Yunyang was holding.

It was the Samsara Bodhi Seal!

Although Luo Yunyang had obtained the Samsara Bodhi Seal, he didnt know exactly how it could be used. He hadnt studied what it could do yet.

"Greetings, Master!" Luo Yunyang said as he presented the Samsara Bodhi Seal to the Celestial World Supremacy with both hands. "I havent let down the great trust of my Master. I have finally obtained the Samsara Bodhi Seal."

The Celestial World Supremacy didnt decline. He moved his hand and put the Samsara Bodhi Seal into his sleeve. At the same time, he studied Luo Yunyangs body and said, "Yunyang, you havent let Master down. From this day on, you shall be my third personal disciple. You can choose three items to aid your cultivation from my treasury."

He then paused before adding, "Also, as your master, I shall present you a gift for officially becoming my disciple. From this day onward, you are the 19th City Lord of Samsara Star City."

After saying that, the Celestial World Supremacy didnt wait for Luo Yunyang to speak. With a wave of his sleeves, he vanished into nothingness.

Based on the Celestial World Supremacys expression, Luo Yunyang could tell that the Celestial World Supremacy wished to speak with him. However, the Samsara Bodhi Seal took up too much of his attention, so he wasnt in the mood to talk much.

As the Celestial World Supremacy left, all the martialists cultivating on the steps outside the Divine Martial Hall stared at Luo Yunyang with strange expressions.

Besides envy, there was also clear jealousy on their faces. When Luo Yunyang looked at them, practically everyone quickly bowed in his direction.

Some of them even stepped forward quickly to speak with Luo Yunyangs clone. After all, the current Luo Yunyang had already reached a height that they could never hope to reach.

He had become a Supremacys personal disciple. In the Divine Union, such existences could do as they pleased.

Even outside the Divine Union, Luo Yunyang would also do as he pleased. He would even qualify to do so in the territory occupied by the Bug Race and the Machine Empire.

Luo Yunyang had no intention of dealing with the people trying to get close to him. In an instant, he activated the spaceship he always kept with him and flew off in the direction of his original body.

The fact that the Celestial World Supremacy had accepted Luo Yunyang as his personal disciple spread very quickly throughout the Divine Union, the Purgatory, and the Bug Race.

However, compared to this news, what was more shocking was the position the Celestial World Supremacy had given Luo Yunyang.

He was now the 19th City Lord of Samsara Star City!

Upon hearing this, the Brilliant Sun Sage raised a hand and turned everything before him into pieces.

A raging murderous intent filled his eyes. However, he could ultimately only hide away his fury in the depths of his heart.

He knew all too well that he couldnt deal with Luo Yunyang anymore!

However, he felt really miserable, because the position of City Lord of Samsara Star City had always been the goal he had been working so hard towards.

"What? The person dispatched by the Divine Union to oversee Samsara Star City isnt a Sage from our Demigod Tribe? How can that be?" a large Demigod man said coldly in an expanse of space filled with chaotic energy.

Before him was a Demigod powerhouse that prostrated on the ground, not daring to say a word.

"The Celestial World Supremacy is really mighty. However, so what if his disciple comes?" the tall and large Demigod man said icily. "This isnt the Divine Union!"