Supreme Uprising Chapter 552

Chapter 552 Willing To Foster Relations But Not Willing To Be Barked At And Bitten By A Dog

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Yun Rushuis expression changed immediately when she heard this. Although she was longing for Luo Yunyang to agree, she knew that his decision couldnt be forced. After all, it was every man for himself. Luo Yunyangs ambiguous answer was already very valuable.

She had never imagined that her own Junior Brother would actually say such a thing!

Yun Rushui was regretting her decision to bring her Junior Brothers along. Not only would impulsively criticizing Luo Yunyang bring no benefits, but it would also offend him.

Thus, after being stunned, she immediately dashed over to the young man and chided him, "Shut your mouth, Junior Brother!"

The young man simply didnt care about Yun Rushuis berating. He pointed his finger at Luo Yunyang and said impolitely, "Luo Yunyang, you think that you are our Grand Masters personal disciple, right? But you are well aware of how you came to be his personal disciple!"

"My father did not bring out the Heaven-Shattering Divine Spear to treat you respectfully, but the Grand Master. Otherwise, how could you be given any say in this matter?"

There was a cold glint in Luo Yunyangs eyes as he glared at that handsome Cloud Mist young man. After becoming the Celestial World Supremacys disciple, Luo Yunyang had hoped that there would be no misunderstandings between him and anyone under the Celestial World Supremacys wing.

However, respect was shown mutually. If Luo Yunyang chose to shrink back, then he wouldnt be able to raise his head under the Celestial World Supremacys wing.

"You wretched being!" Luo Yunyang bellowed. His body flickered like lightning before strangely appearing before that Cloud Mist man and using the World-Engulfing Finger.

That young man had never imagined that this Uncle-Master would actually attack without giving him any notice.

He was a Celestial Domain-Grade, so not only did he have immense power, but he could also create his own realm to replace the Origin Source Laws all around.

Thus, in an instant, the entire large hall was enveloped by an icy, misty glow. When that man put his hands together, 99 streaks of Ice Mist shot out towards Luo Yunyang.

"Junior Brother, show some mercy!" Yun Rushui exclaimed in shock as she saw those 99 streaks of Ice Mist.

She had only wanted to get Luo Yunyang to agree to exchange a treasure with her. Now that Luo Yunyang had attacked, the senior would basically be teaching the junior a lesson.

However, the moment Luo Yunyang got beaten by her Junior Brother, only hatred would blossom between the two sides.

Although her teacher wouldnt necessarily mind, there really wasnt a need for this fight. She wanted to do something, but was helpless to do so in time!

That young Cloud Mist man simply didnt have any intention of stopping. As those 99 streaks of Ice Mist shot at Luo Yunyang, countless strange vein-like patterns linked up mysteriously in the air.

Suddenly, the strength of the attack increased tenfold!

Luo Yunyang remained calm in the face of these Ice Mist streaks. This young mans attack wasnt weak, but it was still slightly weaker compared to the Primeval Underworld Monarchs Three Thousand Swords Of Bloodied Seas.

Luo Yunyang was no longer the person he had been back then!

His finger remained unmoving as the black light moved to meet the 99 streaks.

In just a moment, all the Ice Mist streaks had entered the black hole formed by Luo Yunyangs finger. Even the Ice Mist that covered the sky all around them had disappeared within Luo Yunyangs body.

The young Cloud Mist Tribesmans face stiffened slightly. This situation had been unforeseen. He had never imagined that his full attack would actually be unsuccessful.

Although Luo Yunyang could match a Celestial Domain-Grade, based on this performance, he had clearly stifled himself.

While he was shocked, Luo Yunyangs finger jabbed forth again.

This was the Universe-Breaking Snap!

However, what flew out of Luo Yunyangs hand wasnt the turbulent power of his fingers. Instead, 99 black streaks of Ice Mist full of immense might surged towards that young man.

Yun Rushui had heaved a sigh of relief when Luo Yunyang had absorbed the attack of her Junior Brother. However, the 99 strange streaks that contained the power of the Ice Mist now made her eyes widen.

"Please show some mercy, Uncle-Master!" Yun Rushuis hands moved as she exclaimed. Meanwhile, a boundless cloudy mist gathered and formed a white jade bell that fell in front of Luo Yunyang.

When that white jade bell took form, it seemed to become the central point of everything. Veins of Origin Source Laws gathered towards it.

This snow-white bell was the core of all these Origin Source Laws.

Luo Yunyangs eyes flickered. He knew clearly that if his Universe-Breaking Snap struck the white jade bell, the ultimate outcome wouldnt be good.

This bell had to be an ultimate treasure created within Yun Rushuis internal galaxy!

If he hadnt ascended to the Galaxy Grade, Luo Yunyang would only have been able to stay as far away from Yun Rushui as possible. However, he now opened his attribute regulator and rapidly made all sorts of changes.

Soon, Luo Yunyang had already raised his power to the max.

When the Dream Crusher was unleashed with a slight tap of his finger, that white jade bell was shrouded by a black glow.

The bell reverberated. Although the black lights shattered in layers, as they continued to revolve, the glow of the white jade bell started to diminish.

In a moment, the white jade bell had already disappeared beyond the darkness.

However, just as Luo Yunyang was about to put down the bell, a booming, thunder-like sound was heard and the white jade bell flew out of the darkness.

However, the bell no longer had its previous luster. There were now clear cracks on it.

The man who called himself a disciple of the Cloud Sea Saint spit out blood. Although he had frantically retreated, the 99 streaks had still blasted towards him and struck him.

Even though his body was surrounded by a misty glow that would help him ward off the might of the 99 mist streaks, he still couldnt help but cough out a mouthful of blood.

"Luo Yunyang, you How dare you actually attack me! I will" The man struggled to speak before he was interrupted by a few more mouthfuls of blood.

Calmness was once again restored in the large hall. However, following the techniques of those three disciples, the entire hall was close to turning into ruins.

Practically all the array lines were already damaged and the floor made of Brilliant Black Sky Stone was riddled with holes.

"You shut your mouth, Junior Brother!" Yun Rushui rapidly reached the side of that man and checked on the extent of his injuries before telling Luo Yunyang, "I admire your abilities. Given that you have already taught Junior Brother Yun Bolong a lesson, I hope that you wont take offense anymore, Uncle-Master."

Luo Yunyangs cultivation base had thoroughly shocked Yun Rushui. Although he was only at the Galaxy Grade, he had already suppressed her peak Celestial Domain-Grade techniques. If Luo Yunyang were to become a Celestial Domain-Grade, then

She didnt dare think of the outcome. The only thing she could think of was that this Uncle-Master was someone who mustnt be offended at all costs.

Luo Yunyang was equally astonished by Yun Rushuis cultivation base. Yun Rushuis cultivation base wasnt weak. If it had not been for the combination of his attribute regulator and the Dream Crusher, Luo Yunyang wouldnt have been able to suppress her. If an Uncle-Master couldnt match up to an Apprentice-Niece, then he really would have a hard time in the future.

"He was disrespecting his elders and shooting his mouth off. Take him and give him 100 lashes with the dragon whip!" Luo Yunyang told the guards, who werent standing too far away.

Although these guards were loyal and devoted to Luo Yunyang, this level of fighting had already far surpassed their scope of control, so they had stood aside.

However, upon hearing Luo Yunyangs instructions, 10 men immediately rushed over and shackled Yun Bolong with metal chains.

"Uncle-Master, Junior Brother Bolong is our Masters only child. He has always been pampered by the Master and Mistress ever since he was young. You have already punished him. If he is beaten, then the Masters dignity will" Yun Rushuis injuries werent light after dealing with Luo Yunyangs Dream Crusher either.

She didnt dare provoke Luo Yunyang. Thus, she used the Cloud Sea Saints name.

Luo Yunyang waved his hands dismissively. "If it was not for the Senior Brother, I wouldnt let this wretched being leave this place!"

"100 lashes of the dragon whip, not a single strike less. Take him away!" Luo Yunyangs aura reached its peak as he said this and a black hole appeared behind his back.

When she saw this black hole, Yun Rushui realized that no matter what she did, her every move would be blocked by Luo Yunyang.

Ultimately, she also gave up on any ideas of making a move and said feebly, "Uncle-Master, I will report this entire matter to the Master truthfully."

Luo Yunyang didnt pay attention to Yun Rushui. Meanwhile, Yun Bolong had already been carried beneath the large hall, where a Deep Earth Path martialist flogged him with the dragon whip.

This sort of flogging generally wouldnt be able to hurt Yun Bolongs body. However, after Luo Yunyang had sealed his entire cultivation base, every lash hurt Yun Bolong with full force.

"Luo Yunyang This isnt over. In the future, you and I" Even though he was being given a whipping, he still talked tough and spouted all sorts of cuss words.

"Remember, 10 more lashes for each time he speaks!" Although Luo Yunyang wasnt petty, he still would not allow this sort of disrespect.

Yun Rushuis heart shuddered when she heard this. She knew that imploring Luo Yunyang wouldnt be of any use, so she hurriedly advised Yun Bolang, "Dont say anything."

Yun Bolang had originally wanted to persist. However, as the lashes stacked up, he ultimately shut his mouth. When the flogging was over, his body was littered with whip marks.

"Uncle-Master, we are bidding you farewell." Yun Rushui still maintained some poise as they were leaving.

Luo Yunyang didnt say anything. He only waved his hand nonchalantly.

"Master, you should foster good relations with your fellow disciples who work for the Celestial World Supremacy. Now that you and the Cloud Sea Saint have been through this, I fear that" The Bloody Massacre Path Ruler tried to warn Luo Yunyang softly.

Luo Yunyang chuckled. "I am willing to foster relations, but Im not willing to be barked at and bitten by a dog! Fellows that dont know how to behave have to be handled appropriately. Either you are weak, or he is strong. In the future, he will at least have to reconsider if he wishes to cause trouble again!"

Midway through this conversation, Luo Yunyangs communication device rang. It was Molin. When the call was put through, he said, "Your Highness Yunyang, the Supremacy invites you to the treasury to select your reward."