Supreme Uprising Chapter 554

Chapter 554 The Five Element World Tree

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He chose the Entry Voucher into the Sky Worm Nest.

Luo Yunyang picked that voucher right away. The old man standing on top of the Heavenly Cycle Parting Star Cauldron had a slightly approving look on his face.

Although this entry voucher wouldnt improve his offensive capabilities like a weapon, it would allow him to enter the Sky Worm Nest.

According to the folklore of the Bug Race, the Sky Worm Nest was a place where the Bug Race cultivated bug queens. The entire Sky Worm Nest was like a newly-established cosmos. The larva there could only emerge fully from their cocoons after absorbing enough nutrients.

However, the quantity of bug queens coming out of the Sky Worm Nest was very small. Many larvae would vanish without a trace or sound in the Sky Worm Nest.

With this voucher, one could experience the process whereby all larvae went through and became bug queens. Thus, there wouldnt be any danger.

This was a gift bestowed by the Bug Race upon the members of the race who had made great contributions. However, the Celestial World Supremacy had one.

After choosing that voucher, Luo Yunyang looked at the old man above the cauldrons. He had an astute look on his face.

"Third, you wouldnt be thinking about this set of cauldrons, right? I can tell you this much. Among all these items, this set is the most expensive one. However, you must remember that, although your masters items can be used, you cannot take these items and sell them."

"Given your current cultivation base, you are still a long way from being able to use this set of treasured cauldrons. However, once you enter the Universe-Grade Realm, these cauldrons will be rather ineffective."

Luo Yunyang hesitated slightly as he looked at the 3,650 cauldrons. Using these cauldrons would consume too much power. Even with the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, it was still

Luo Yunyang had a hunch that this Heavenly Cycle Star Cauldron wasnt that simple. After all, nobody would put in so much effort just to create some treasured cauldrons that wouldnt have much of a use.

Even if he was wrong, as long as the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast could reach the Galaxy Grade, by relying on his own strength, he would be able to use that Heavenly Cycle Star Cauldron once.

Luo Yunyang reckoned that the one-time attacking strength of that Heavenly Cycle would definitely be extraordinary.

"I choose the Heavenly Cycle Star Cauldron!" Luo Yunyang said with resolve.

"Kid, it probably wasnt easy gaining your masters permission to pick a treasure from his treasury. Those two brats, the First and Second, only got the opportunity to pick one treasure back then," the old man with the huge wings said sympathetically. "Your Master is a stingy fellow."

"There arent that many items here, but if you wish to obtain anything else in the future, you would have to bring an item of similar value to exchange it. You better think carefully. The consequences will be great if you mess up here."

Of course, Luo Yunyang wasnt someone who would second-guess himself after making a decision. Thus, after hearing the old mans advice, he said, "I have already decided. You dont have to advise me!"

"He he I originally thought that the Eldest was an arrogant fool and the Second was a dumb fool. However, even though the Third might have seemed quick-witted, he is actually a bigoted fool as well," the old man said while shooting a disdainful glance at Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyangs gaze landed on the White Bone Sword. If the Primeval Underworld Monarchs sword was changed to this White Bone Sword, then the cultivation base of the Primeval Underworld Monarchs embodiment would experience a massive leap.

However, even though the white bone sword was good, as long as Luo Yunyang could seriously refine it, he would definitely be able to make the Primeval Underworld Monarchs white bone sword reach the level of this sword in the treasury.

Furthermore, refining the white bone sword on his own would still involve the possibility of further evolution.

Luo Yunyang made up his mind. His gaze skipped past the tattered picture scroll and landed on that tree branch.

This unknown tree branch was comparable to all the ultimate treasures around it. Thus, it was easy to imagine how valuable the Celestial World Supremacy considered it.

Everything else aside, just the vitality within the tree branch made Luo Yunyang feel a rush of excitement. If the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast absorbed this item, perhaps it could evolve much faster.

"I want this!" Luo Yunyang said firmly as he picked up the tree branch.

The old man curled his lip as he saw Luo Yunyang pick up the tree branch and said, "You have picked a really good item. However, you simply cannot use it."

"Alright, I will tell you about the origin of this tree branch. This is a branch from the Five-Element World Tree. It could be considered an ultimate treasure of the Five-Element Origin Source Laws. If an apex individual acquires it and refines it, it could also become a very strong offensive treasure."

At this point, the old man lamented softly, "However, your attributes are not compatible with it. Five-Elements engender mutually, while all living things are nourished. Still, your Great Chaotic Hole Path is a black hole that turns all living things into nothing."

"Even if you hold on to this Five-Element World Tree branch, it would be very difficult for you to unleash its full powers."

Luo Yunyang had never heard of the Five-Element World Tree before. However, when he thought about the special characteristics of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, his resolve became firmer.

This simple tree branch was viewed highly by the Celestial World Supremacy. If Luo Yunyang could produce a whole Five-Element World Tree, then

"Thank you for the reminder, elder, but I have already decided on this tree branch."

The old man looked at Luo Yunyang and shook his head before finally saying, "Alright. since you have already decided, I cant stop you. However, this entry voucher for the Sky Worm Nest has to be used as soon as you leave this place!"

Luo Yunyang, who glanced at the old man with a puzzled look, was given an explanation in an unquestionable tone. "Your Master does not allow this entry voucher to appear in the Divine Union. You should know that."

Luo Yunyang naturally understood. The relations between the Divine Union and the Bug Race werent very good. If a token that could allow entry to the Sky Worm Nest were to appear in the Divine Union, anyone with authority would not even know how to react.

"But I heard that nurturing a Bug Race Queen takes at least 1,000 years. Am I going to stay there for more than 1,000 years?"

Naturally, Luo Yunyang wasnt willing to just stay there for over 1,000 years. After all, he still had many things he needed to do.

"Ha ha ha The flow of time within the Sky Worm Nest is different than it is here. It is a special place beyond space and time. 1,000 years there would be nothing more than the blink of an eye in our world."

"Alright, telling you all this is useless. Enter it personally and you will find out for yourself!" The old man beamed.

1,000 years lasted as long as the blink of an eye? In that case, shouldnt the Bug Race be called the grand cosmos? Luo Yunyangs heart was filled with doubt. However, the old man said nothing else. Luo Yunyang suspected that the Sky Worm Nest of the Bug Race would probably have some limitations.

After pondering this for a bit, he decided to go to the Sky Worm Nest. After all, he had no other choice right now.

Of course, Luo Yunyang listened to the old mans request. When he urged his consciousness into the Sky Worm Nest, he discovered that his consciousness had already appeared in a place shrouded by a chaotic aura.

There was no sky or land over there. The only thing present was a chaotic aura. Luo Yunyang was enveloped by it.

When he extended his consciousness in all directions, he didnt find any sky above him in this expanse of space, neither could he find any earth beneath him. This was just an expanse of formless chaos.

Unresigned, Luo Yunyang used his mind power to probe in every direction. However, his mind power was eventually obstructed by a formless wall that couldnt be broken.

As Luo Yunyang started feeling a little disappointed, a strand of mind power appeared in his mind. "Big Brother! Its you, Big Brother!"

Luo Yunyang froze when he heard this sound. It wasnt the first time he was being called Big Brother. However, this voice wasnt Luo Dongers.

It was a crisp, melodious voice that sounded young. After he momentarily froze up, Luo Yunyang used his mind power to look in the direction the sound came from.

The previous barriers that had seemed impossibly sturdy were rapidly broken by Luo Yunyang as that sound was transmitted. Luo Yunyang sensed another formless area similar to the domain he was in, as well as a green worm about three meters long.

This green worm looked like a caterpillar, while its entire body was jade-green and beautiful. As though it had sensed Luo Yunyangs thoughts, the large worms mind power shot towards him.

"Big Bro, Big Bro, you are finally paying attention to me! I am delighted!" This puerile voice was once again heard in Luo Yunyangs head.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang took notice of his own body. In this area of formlessness, his body also looked like a caterpillar-like worm. However, compared to the jade-green worm, Luo Yunyang sensed that his own body seemed like a scarlet blaze.

Could he have a bug body while he was experiencing this life in the Sky Worm Nest?

Just as Luo Yunyang was mulling this over, the green worms consciousness once again appeared in his mind.

"Big Bro, dont sleep anymore. We have to cultivate. If you continue sleeping, you wont be able to wake up ever again." The young voice that sounded like a seven-year-old continued to echo in Luo Yunyangs head.

"This is a method that needs to be developed. We just have to follow this method to be able to quickly hone our power. Once our power is strong enough, we will be able to leave this place."

The contents of this method seemed a little puerile to Luo Yunyang. However, what it formulated seemed to be showing a way that made lots of sense.

This was a high-level method for honing Mind Power. Furthermore, it was a method extremely suitable for tempering Mind Power in this domain.

Luo Yunyang didnt hesitate. He quickly went through this method in his own head. In just an instant, he realized that the chaotic aura by his side had actually started to separate.

Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Space, Time, Wind, Thunder, Electricity

It seemed like the world was going through evolution. Luo Yunyang felt his own Mind Power change as he sensed this process.

Although these changes were tiny, they were extremely useful to Luo Yunyang.