Supreme Uprising Chapter 556

Chapter 556 Star Linking Cauldrons Water Fire Formation

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When Luo Yunyang opened his eyes, he realized that he was still standing in that treasury and the old man was staring at him in a way that seemed sort of fearful.

"Kid, seems like you have comprehended something very impressive. Damn it, the glow in your eyes is really terrifying!" the old man who watched over the treasury said while patting his own head.

Luo Yunyang took a deep breath. Although time didnt follow the same rules inside the Sky Worm Nest, Luo Yunyang had still gone through 1,000 years there.

Although these 1,000 years had been spent cultivating, 1,000 years was still 1,000 years. Luo Yunyang felt like his soul had gotten much older during that long cultivation.

"Senior, how long has passed over here?"

"Just the blink of an eye!" The old man chuckled. "The Sky Worm Nest is a really good item. Damn it, the Bug Race hasnt seen a queen in who knows how many years. I wonder how the Bug Race will go on after this generation of Celestial Queens dies out."

The old man sounded slightly rueful.

Bug Queens Although there werent a lot of Bug Queens, Luo Yunyang had still encountered quite a few. How could their race have no way of continuing?

"Senior, the Bug Race has many queens!"

"What do you know, kid? The Bug Race does have many queens, but those queens arent nurtured from the Sky Worm Nest." The old man chortled on. "The Bug Race has only one Sky Worm Nest. Only a queen nurtured out of the Sky Worm Nest is a queen among queens. As for those you have seen, the majority are nurtured from ordinary bug nests."

"Although they are also queens, they are a far cry from the genuine queen."

Luo Yunyang instinctively thought about Bubbles when he heard the old mans words. Bubbles seemed to have become a queen without any problems.

However, Luo Yunyang wasnt going to mention how he had influenced the situation in the Sky Worm Nest. He also didnt open his attribute regulator to check on his current state, as the old man was a little strange.

Although the Celestial World Supremacy hadnt discovered the attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang still felt the need to be prudent.

After all, the attribute regulator was too important to him. Although he now had a number of trump cards, the most reliable one was still his attribute regulator.

"Alright, Third. Take the items you selected and go!" The old man smacked his lips and gazed longingly at the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldrons before exhorting stiffly. "Take care of this set of treasured cauldrons. They are good stuff!"

Naturally, Luo Yunyang didnt object to the old mans request. Based on the old mans reaction, Luo Yunyang felt that this set of Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldrons wouldnt be as simple as he thought.

It would probably have some other ingenious uses!

In a moment, Luo Yunyang was back at his own palace. However, he no longer had any connection to the world where the treasury had been located.

Molin, who was still in the large palace hall, smiled kindly when he saw Luo Yunyang return once more. "Your Highness, congratulations on obtaining these treasures."

Luo Yunyang returned the smile. "Thank you, Mr. Molin. Its all thanks to you for bringing the jade charm over."

After exchanging some pleasantries, the topic veered away from the subject of the treasury realm. Molin didnt ask Luo Yunyang which treasures he had received, as he was well-practiced in etiquette.

"Your Highness, besides familiarizing yourself with the obtained treasures over the next few days, you must also check out the state of affairs in Samsara Star City."

Molin passed Luo Yunyang an item made of jade and told Luo Yunyang, "This is some information about Samsara Star City. Go through it properly. It will be beneficial for you."

Luo Yunyang accepted it right away and Molin bade him farewell.

After sending off Molin, Luo Yunyang once again returned to his last palace hall. He ignored the treasured cauldrons and opened his attribute regulator instead.

However, this time, the attribute regulator didnt immediately pop up. Instead, he saw the following words: "Respecter owner, the changes to your attributes are really drastic. To make it more convenient to display them, the current gold font will change to a red-gold one. Do you accept this change?"

It was just a change in font color. Why wouldnt he accept it?

Luo Yunyang discovered that the attribute regulator seemed to be increasingly polite to him. In the past, it wouldnt even have cared whether he agreed. It would have changed things right away.

When Luo Yunyang accepted the change, another line appeared on the attribute regulator. "Respectable owner, the various attributes on the attribute regulator have already become red-gold. The conversion value of red-gold to gold is 1:1,000."

Power: 91

Mind: 101

Speed: 17

Constitution: 34

Origin Source Laws: 12.4 (Wind: 2.7, Earth: 3.5, Fire: 3.9, Water: 2.1)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 1.7 (Space-Time Eye: 1.7)

Luo Yunyang was ecstatic when he saw the changes on his attribute regulator. If his Mind Attribute had still been displayed in gold value, it would have been over 10,000 points. After using the Sky Worm Nest entry voucher, it had increased by about two-thirds.

Ascending to the Galaxy Grade had allowed Luo Yunyangs Mind Attribute to increase by quite a bit. However, that increase during his ascension was nothing compared to how much Luo Yunyang had gained this time.

The progress of the Origin Source Law aspects was just as astonishing. The gains within the Sky Worm Nest might be lower than the increase of his Mind Attribute, but the comprehension of Origin Source Laws had almost doubled.

Luo Yunyangs eyes then checked out the digits displayed on the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. Compared to Luo Yunyangs own body, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts improvements werent especially great.

Power: 151

Mind: 38

Speed: 8.9

Constitution: 31

Origin Source Laws: 14 (Wind: 3, Earth: 3.9, Fire: 3.5, Water: 4.1)

Origin Source Mystic Ability: 10.5 (Chaotic Hole Transference: 5.2, Heaven-Earth Engulfing: 5.3)

Innate Mystic Ability: (Four-Origin Clone: 10)

As he looked at the red-gold and purple digits, Luo Yunyang seemed to sense the barrier between Origin Source Laws and the four basic attributes.

If that barrier could be broken, then it would be a tremendous breakthrough for Luo Yunyang. Unfortunately, this sort of breakthrough wasnt easy.

After checking his cultivation base, Luo Yunyang then turned his attention to the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldrons. Based on the expression of the old guardian, Luo Yunyang could tell that they werent ordinary.

They surely contained some sort of secret.

With a thought, the 3,650 cauldrons appeared inside Luo Yunyangs treasury. As those huge cauldrons appeared, Luo Yunyang felt layers of star power rushing from all over the place towards each treasured cauldron.

This was automatically-absorbing starlight!

Although this wasnt something too shocking, it also wasnt something that any ordinary treasure could do. As Luo Yunyang carefully studied this set of cauldrons with his mind power, he finally understood why the old man had appeared reluctant to part with it.

Using this set of huge cauldrons required boundless energy. Even the current Luo Yunyang would be exhausted after using it just once. However, this set of Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldrons didnt entirely rely on the users power.

It could automatically absorb starlight from the heavenly cycle and store it. When it was required, it could release this stored heavenly cycle starlight and unleash the strongest power of this set of huge cauldrons.

An attack comparable to a Universe-Grades most powerful strike could be released as long as there was enough energy stored in it.

This alone gave Luo Yunyang yet another method of self-preservation. These treasure cauldrons also had another extremely important function. When gathered together, they could form a large array composed of water and fire. The boundary formed by this large array could replace the worldly boundary around the user.

This meant that when the set of treasured cauldrons was absorbed by the users body, it could grant the user a power of an extra world.

Worth it! This was really worth it! Luo Yunyangs lip curled into a grin when he recalled the short old mans pained expression when he had indicated that he wanted this set of cauldrons.

Although his cultivation base allowed him to resist the boundary suppression of Celestial Domain-Grades, suppression was still suppression. By using this Water-Fire Boundary, he could even match a Celestial Domain-Grade Emperor Lords boundary suppression.

If he were to encounter some ordinary Celestial Domain-Grades, he could immediately begin suppressing them just like a Celestial Domain-Grade Emperor Lord.

Luo Yunyang hadnt thought that the value of these cauldrons was very high. However, he now reckoned that this set of cauldrons had been among the top three most valuable objects in the Celestial World Supremacys treasury.

In a moment, the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldron was absorbed into the internal world within Luo Yunyang. Because Luo Yunyangs internal galaxy only had a black hole, when these Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldrons entered Luo Yunyangs body, they took a form.

While passing through the internal galaxy in Luo Yunyangs body, each huge cauldron rapidly absorbed the power of stars. Via the 3,650 linked cauldrons, the power of stars was changed into the purest power of water and fire residing within each huge cauldron.

As these huge cauldrons were activated, the 3,650 huge cauldrons formed an individual world in Luo Yunyangs internal galaxy.

"Sir Yunyang, the Bloody Blade Monarch requests an audience." Just as Luo Yunyang was prepared to inspect the branch of the Five Element World Tree, his communication device rang. The voice he heard belonged to the Bloody Blade Monarch.

Although Luo Yunyang didnt have a close relationship with the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others, he still couldnt avoid them when they were seeking him out. Thus, Luo Yunyang said immediately, "Come on in."

The Bloody Blade Monarch, the Divine Ax Monarch and the Green Scale Monarch walked in quickly. Their eyes widened when they entered the large hall.

"Sir Yunyang, you you have already ascended to the Celestial Domain-Grade! How How is that possible?" the Bloody Blade Monarchs voice was quivering.

Luo Yunyang chuckled and recalled the boundary aura emitted by the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldrons back into his body.