Supreme Uprising Chapter 558

Chapter 558 Fury From The Skies

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The Sky Roar Tribe ranked 17th amongst the 18 Primary Tribes. Even though it was near the tail end, it was still a Primary Tribe after all.

Basically, most Primary Tribes would be supported by peak Universe-Grade powerhouses. Thus, this sort of tribe would have astonishing power.

"Dont panic. Just speak slowly. Whats going on?" said the Konghou Marquis, who was like a black wisp of smoke.

"After leaving the Bloody Space River, Boulder returned to his tribe. When the Sky Roar Tribes Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord heard about Boulders ability, he wanted to make Boulder his own subordinate. However, Boulder didnt agree."

Guilong lowered his voice. "Some time ago, after receiving Sirs invitation, I contacted Boulder. Boulder also agreed to follow His Highness Yunyang. However, just as he was about to leave the Sky Roar Tribes territory, he was captured and taken back by the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord."

The Konghou Marquis frowned. This situation was beyond what he could handle. Even though Boulder had already agreed to serve under His Majesty Yunyang, he still hadnt arrived. Plus, the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord wasnt someone easy to deal with.

"Alright, I will report this matter upwards."

After the Konghou Marquis left, Guilong was surrounded by many people. They were all asking about the situation with Boulder.

Although many people werent familiar with Boulder, they had all come from the Bloody Space River, so there was an innate form of camaraderie between them.

"The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord is really tyrannical. Boulder didnt want to follow him, so he was captured just like this."

"I heard that, among the four great Emperor Lords of the Sky Roar Tribe, the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord is the most overbearing. Its because he is the son of the supreme existence of the Sky Roar Tribe. Thus, he can just flaunt his status."

"I wonder if His Highness Yunyang will bother dealing with him."

"Things seem a little troublesome. After all, Boulder isnt an official subordinate of His Highness Yunyang yet. Going against the Sky Roar Tribe over him would be"

After half a day, a Marquis that served by the Bloody Blade Monarchs side said that His Highness Yunyang had contacted the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord. The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord hadnt treated him with respect. He had said that Boulder had stolen his stuff and that this matter had nothing to do with Luo Yunyang.

This news made many people gloomy. There were some people amongst them who were familiar with Boulder and knew that this chap wouldnt steal.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was clearly being shameless. However, if there was no evidence, they were also helpless.

"His Highness Yunyangs order is to set off. Destination Heaven Star Region!"

"His Highness Yunyangs order is to set off. Destination Heaven Star Region!"

A loud roar echoed throughout the planet. Following this shout, some people yelled, "His Highness Yunyang says that, since the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord isnt letting Boulder out, we will just retrieve him!"

"We will retrieve him. Lets go!"

The Konghou Marquis, who was standing amidst the crowd, turned into a wisp of black smoke when he heard the shouts and shot towards space.

Suddenly, his eyes were filled with fighting intent.

Even the calm Golden Bat Monarch nodded his head lightly when he saw hundreds of people gather quickly.

He knew that, regardless of whether they won, Luo Yunyang had already won over the hearts of all these people. Of course, it would be even better if they won.

Spacecrafts gathered and jumped through the void. In just 10 days, Luo Yunyangs spacecrafts and their forces had already advanced to the Heaven Star Regions main star, the Gravity Range Star!

The Gravity Range Star, which was about 3,000 times the size of the sun, was an important base of the Sky Roar Tribe. The sixth factor there was extremely dense, and innumerable treasures of all shapes and sizes could be found in the area.

As one of the four great emperor lords, the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord oversaw the Gravity Range Star. His reputation was so great that it could be said that the entire Heaven Star Region considered the Gravity Range Star a hallowed place.

The Murky Cloud City, which was thousands of meters high, covered many thousand miles. Practically everyone who first saw it thought that this wasnt a city, but a sacred mountain.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords residence was at the highest point of this city. The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord liked the feeling of overlooking everything and having the power to trample what was below his feet.

"Emperor Lord, the Dragon Field Emperor Lord hopes that you will reconsider. Luo Yunyangs status isnt ordinary. There really isnt any need to have an acrimonious fallout over just one subordinate!" a man with a dragons head who was clad in black scale armor said in a low voice.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord, who was wearing a suit of golden scale armor, appeared to be glowing majestically. He glanced at the man in the black armor and said icily, "He is trying to steal my subordinate. Why should I release him?"

Who did he think he was?

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords willfulness gave the man in black a bad filling. He was all too familiar with the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords character. Ever since his birth and up until he had assumed the position of Emperor Lord, this person had always had the protection of his tribes Patriarch.

This journey had been as smooth as flowing water. He had never encountered the slightest setback. After becoming an Emperor Lord, he had become more overbearing and started doing as he wished. If something was not aligned with his way of thinking, he would send troops for an armed suppression.

Boulder wasnt someone they had to keep at all costs. Falling out with Luo Yunyang over this insignificant character wasnt worth it in the black-armored mans opinion.

However, he wouldnt advise anymore, as losing the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords trust over an insignificant character wasnt worth it either.

Just as he was pondering deeply whether he should explain this to Luo Yunyang in the future, the space they were situated in shuddered.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords expression changed dramatically. Given his cultivation base, the entire Gravity Range Star should have been shrouded by his consciousness.

However, using his consciousness to envelop everything would consume a lot of mind power. The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord had never believed that anyone would dare attack him in his own lair.

"Who dares to try and attack our Sky Roar Tribe?" the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord bellowed furiously as he rose into mid-air. Suddenly, the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord saw thousands of stars crashing downwards.

These stars, which had always been suspended all around the Gravity Range Star, had been an important defensive strength.

It was inconceivable that all these stars would actually come crashing down on the Gravity Range Star.

Stars rained down like hellfire. The Gravity Range Star was shaking due to the power of this bombardment.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord didnt fear these stars. He waved his hand towards the void and a layer of dusky boundary flew out of his hand and headed towards the falling stars.

Right now, he wanted to collect all these stars in his hand.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord, who had a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base, wanted to use his own realm to replace the Origin Source Laws in the surroundings and absorb the stars within his own boundary.

This movement might have seemed effortless in theory, but it was impossible to pull off without the cultivation base of an Emperor Lord.

The Sky Roar members, who had panicked over the falling stars, jumped in joy. Their spirits were lifted while they simultaneously shouted, "The Emperor Lord is mighty!"

However, as Heaven and Earth powers were using these boundary powers to envelop the surroundings, two beams of light, one scarlet-red and one ice-blue, shot out from the sky. These two lights shrouded the stars and charged towards the Heaven and Earth powers boundary powers.

This was a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse!

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords face stiffened when he saw the fire and water powers. He knew that he had met his match this time.

However, it was already too late for him to unleash any other techniques. In a moment of desperation, he roared, "Sky Roar People, hurry up and take cover!"

While the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord shouted, the two types of boundary powers clashed and the thousands of stars situated in between shattered abruptly.

In a moment, blazes filled the sky and the ground split apart. The Gravity Range Star, which had originally been like a sacred realm, was now peppered with countless cracks. Meanwhile, the deepest crevice nearly split the Gravity Range Star into two.

The Gravity Range Star was somewhat special to the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord, as this was his base of operations.

Unfortunately, the Gravity Range Star had been severely damaged at the outset. This made the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords eyes burn with anger.

Aboard the spacecraft, the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others were looking at Luo Yunyang sort of fearfully. Although they had followed Luo Yunyang and arrived in a grandiose fashion, they had originally thought that there would be a negotiation.

They had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would batter the Gravity Range Star with countless stars the moment he arrived.

Wasnt this too vicious?

A massive star was already in bits and pieces. Although the Sky Roar Tribe could still restore the Gravity Range Star by making a great effort, one could imagine the amount of resources that would require.

"Who is it? You will be a lifelong enemy of the Sky Roar Tribe!" the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord roared furiously as he charged upwards, straight towards where Luo Yunyangs forces were.

"How dare you steal my man! Damn it, granddaddy shall chop you up today, you wretched grandkid!" After experiencing the wonderful use of the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldron, Luo Yunyang wasnt the slightest bit afraid. Thus, he rushed towards the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldron.

At Luo Yunyangs command, the Bloody Blade Monarch led his over 500 subordinates and charged towards the Murky Cloud City.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord finally saw Luo Yunyang, whose might seemed even stronger than his own. Shaking, he pointed a finger and shouted, "Luo Yunyang, you you actually dare wage war against the Sky Roar Tribe?"

Luo Yunyang glanced at the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord, who was already turning pale in the face, and sneered, "Grandkid, it was clearly you who declared war on me. Why are you making false accusations when I am right here?"

"If a tiger doesnt bare its fangs, you will mistake it for a sick kitty! Today, I will smash up your Gravity Range Star. Dont think that Granddaddy Luo is easy to bully!"

As he spoke, Luo Yunyangs finger jabbed gently and the Universe-Breaking Snap was unleashed. A massive power seemingly contained in that finger shot out.

There were many powerhouses amongst the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords subordinates who understood now. Although they were all angry, deep down they blamed the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord had clearly known that Boulder was Luo Yunyangs man. Instead of treating him with respect, he had actually captured him. Was there a need to provoke such an individual?

Now, he had come knocking on their door and destroyed the Gravity Range Star. Was this worth the trouble?

War was on the verge of breaking out. As they were facing the four monarchs, as well as the 500 other Bloody Space River elites, the Sky Roar Tribe powerhouses kept retreating.

"Quick, quick! Ask the other Emperor Lords for help!" some Sky Roar Tribe powerhouses shouted in stern voices.