Supreme Uprising Chapter 559

Chapter 559 Really Overbearing

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Thousands of people were busy on a huge suspended palace in the sky of a massive planet surrounded and protected by tens of thousands of stars.

Some of these people were cultivating, while others were going about their duties. However, no matter what they were doing, all of them couldn’t help eyeing the center of that majestic palace from time to time.

The owner of this huge palace was the Field Dragon Emperor Lord, one of the four great emperor lords and the supreme authority of the Sky Roar Tribe.


The palace shook. The many people throwing furtive glances at the large palace withdrew their gazes.

“Fool! The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord is a fool. The idiot has really been pampered too much. Of all the people he could have offended, he had to provoke Luo Yunyang. Offending such a fellow would simply mean endless trouble!” The Field Dragon Emperor Lord snarled as a dark cloud shrouded the palace and blocked out all the sunlight.

Inside this palace that many people envied, dozens of Sky Roar Galaxy-Grade rulers were kneeling. They knew very well that it wasn’t their place to make any sound when the Emperor Lord was furious.

Otherwise, they would face the wrath of the Field Dragon Emperor Lord. Furthermore, the trifles between two emperor lords weren’t something these people could participate in.

“Emperor Lord, this is not good. Luo Yunyang has attacked the Gravity Range Star. The entire Gravity Range Star is about to be shattered!” A Sky Roar powerhouse rushed into the palace.

The Field Dragon Emperor Lord’s fury-laden eyes calmed down in an instant. He glared at the men kneeling on the ground and grabbed the nearest person. “What’s going on?”

“Luo Yunyang attacked the Gravity Range Star. The Gravity Range Star can’t hold on anymore.” The elite calmed himself down before saying, “Emperor Lord, the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord requests your aid!”

Although the Field Dragon Emperor Lord had just been cursing the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord, when the entire Sky Roar Tribe was in danger, he didn’t dare delay.

“Open the fastest channels. I want to reach the Gravity Range Star as fast as possible.”

In just half an hour, the Field Dragon Emperor Lord had already appeared in the air above the Gravity Range Star. Although the star system he was situated in was very far, he was able to arrive within half an hour by using that high-grade channel.

Of course, opening such a high-grade channel required far too much expanse, so even the Field Dragon Emperor Lord couldn’t bear to use it under ordinary circumstances.

“Luo Yunyang, you you have gone overboard!” the Field Dragon Emperor Lord, who was furious when he saw the ruined Gravity Range Star, roared angrily and waved his hands. A silver spear appeared in an instant.

When facing martialists with lower cultivation grades, a Celestial Domain-Grade could release their boundary and immediately suppress them.

However, when facing a martialist of the same grade, using boundary powers for suppression purposes was nothing more than a joke. One would be scattering too much power by doing that. Thus, a fight between the two would be based on their mystic techniques and usage.

The fight between Luo Yunyang and the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was like wildfire as they were locked in battle. Perhaps it could be said that the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was currently being suppressed by Luo Yunyang.

Although the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord wasn’t weak, he was still inferior compared to Luo Yunyang in various aspects, especially when his Celestial Domain-Grade boundary power wasn’t of any use.

Luo Yunyang’s moves were simple. He used the Chaotic Hole Light Wave, the World-Engulfing Finger, and the Universe-Breaking Snap. However, these simple techniques made the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord suffer terribly.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord had currently transformed into his three-headed and six-armed form. Each of his arms wielded an ultimate treasure. Even so, he cut an utterly sorry figure. That gorgeous armor of his had already turned soot-black, and he had a bloodied eye socket.

Before Luo Yunyang’s attack, the Field Dragon Emperor Lord had thought of beating the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord to this state. However, upon seeing the sorry figure of the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord, he couldn’t help but burn with anger.

His conflicting views with the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord were disagreements that stayed within the Sky Roar Tribe. However, Luo Yunyang’s vicious actions were simply a provocation to the entire Sky Roar Tribe.


The silver spear split the sky like a meteorite. Although it seemed ordinary, it harbored the full force of the Field Dragon Emperor Lord’s internal boundary.

The destructive ability of gathering boundary powers in one point was easily imaginable. More importantly, its might wouldn’t show when this attack was released.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord couldn’t help but cry out when he saw the Field Dragon Emperor Lord. As an Emperor Lord that oversaw a region, he had really been worried.

Actually, he had been suffering. He had been constantly suppressed during this entire fight.

If he had not become a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse and his internal boundary hadn’t been extinguished, he would have already died. He might not even have been able to preserve his consciousness against Luo Yunyang!

Now that the Field Dragon was here, he would get a chance to take revenge.

Luo Yunyang, however, didn’t seem the slightest bit flustered. The instant the Field Dragon Emperor Lord unleashed his attack, he noticed it and the black Chaotic Hole Light Wave enlarged and became even denser.

19,000 light waves pressed towards the Field Dragon Emperor Lord, cutting his speed down by 60%.

The Field Dragon Emperor Lord realized that his previous attack’s effectiveness had now dropped to a tenth.

Luo Yunyang’s body passed through those light waves. As if omnipresent, it appeared right beside him. Without waiting for the Field Dragon Emperor Lord to react, Luo Yunyang moved his arms.

His left arm, which possessed the power of fire, was like a blazing sun overhead; his right arm, which contained the power of water, was calm yet full of immense surging power.

The Field Dragon Emperor Lord could only forcefully ward off this combined blow. However, as the two fists crashed onto the Field Dragon Emperor Lord’s spear, the Field Dragon Emperor Lord was sent flying.

He flew many thousands of miles before he was able to stop. However, before he could prepare a counteroffensive, Luo Yunyang’s Chaotic Hole Light Wave had already bound him up like a spider web.


The Field Dragon Emperor Lord was extremely disgusted with these Chaotic Hole Light Waves that were like layers upon layers of spider webs. He felt as though he was a massive giant being bothered by countless tiny cobwebs. He was able to only use 30% of his full strength.

Just as he was feeling irate, Luo Yunyang strangely rushed over to his side. A finger stretched out and the Universe-Breaking Snap was unleashed on his body.


In a moment, the Field Dragon Emperor Lord’s body shattered within the void. Although his boundary powers rapidly reconstructed his body, the Field Dragon Emperor Lord looked livid.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord rushed over from a distance. The two exchanged glances and came to a consensus. The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord would defend, while the Field Dragon Emperor Lord would attack. Even so, Luo Yunyang still held the upper hand as he suppressed the two of them.

In terms of strength, the Field Dragon Emperor Lord’s subordinates were at a higher level than the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord. However, even so, they weren’t much before the Bloody Blade Monarch and the other powerhouses of the Bloody Space River.

“Die!” the Bloody Blade Monarch shouted before his thousands of blade-shadows converged into a blade-light and cut through space, immediately killing a Sky Roar Tribe Galaxy-Grade Marquis powerhouse.

In the beginning, the Bloody Blade Monarch was still a little apprehensive. However, as the fighting intensified, he realized that this was no longer a time to be merciful.

Many powerhouses who were thinking the same way as the Bloody Blade Monarch were worried that they would face the wrath of the Field Dragon Emperor Lord and the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord if they went berserk.

The people the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others were pursuing were the aides of those emperor lords, as well as many top individuals of the Sky Roar Tribe that had been groomed for many years. If all of them were slain, then the Sky Roar Tribe might possibly fall out of the 18 Primary Tribes.

“Your Highness Yunyang, stop for the time being!” A voice echoed through the sky as the Field Dragon Emperor Lord’s body was once again shattered by Luo Yunyang’s Universe-Breaking Snap.

Two large Sky Roar Tribe powerhouses appeared in the void alongside that voice. Countless more Sky Roar Tribe elites were flocking behind them.

“It’s the Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lord. We are saved!” some miserably-fleeing Sky Roar Tribesmen shouted when they saw the two arrivals.

“Ha ha ha! The Thousand Bell Emperor Lord has arrived too. This time, we definitely have to completely exterminate these people who dared offend our Sky Roar Tribe!”

Among all these cries and exclamations, some people shouted loudly, “Emperor Lord, you must definitely avenge us. My 13 brothers have all died at their hands.”

Relief and delight showed in the eyes of the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord and the Field Dragon Emperor Lord. The current turn of events was a huge relief to them.

Luo Yunyang had suppressed the two of them on his own. Besides being sullen, they had also suffered serious injuries.

Now, the four great Emperor Lords that wielded power in the Sky Roar Tribe had gathered. They had the strength to not leave a single one of Luo Yunyang’s troops alive!

Thus, the two exchanged a look and shot towards the Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lord. The Bloody Blade Monarch and the others also rushed over to Luo Yunyang.

The Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lord glanced at the two other miserable Emperor Lords before surveying the damaged Gravity Range Star. “Your Highness Yunyang, I require an explanation,” the Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lord said in a very grave manner.

Luo Yunyang eyed the Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lord but remained unperturbed. “You are the Tiger Splitter? You want an explanation? Alright Today, I must cut off the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord’s dog head. Otherwise, there will be no end to this matter!”

The Bloody Blade Monarch, the Divine Ax Monarch and the other people standing behind Luo Yunyang all appeared astonished when they heard what Luo Yunyang had said.

Soon, their astonishment faded. However, despite their relaxed attitudes, there was still a hint of worry in their faces.

Could Luo Yunyang withstand the Sky Roar Tribe’s four great Emperor Lords gathered there at once?