Supreme Uprising Chapter 560

Chapter 560 The Four Sky Roar Soul Helmets

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The Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lord was stunned. He reckoned that when hed asked for an explanation, Luo Yunyang should have given him one.

Shouldnt he have said that the cause of this whole incident had been the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords provocation and insult? How could he have made such a bold, self-righteous justification?

At the moment, even the Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lord didnt know how to reply.

"My three brothers, Luo Yunyang went overboard against the Sky Roar Tribe. How can our tribe have any dignity left if we dont kill Luo Yunyang?" The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was agitated. His eyes were currently burning with anger and he no longer had the poise of an Emperor Lord.

The Gravity Range Star was destroyed, and half his subordinates had been slain. It could actually be said that the strength that belonged to him within the Sky Roar Tribe had diminished by two thirds.

The hatred he felt was too great. How could he not be furious or mad?

However, as he tried to egg on the other three emperor lords, the Field Dragon Emperor Lord glared at him repulsively and said, "Are you going to explain to the Celestial World Supremacy why you killed Luo Yunyang?"

The Field Dragon Emperor Lord had used an ability to say this. Besides the four great emperor lords, no one else had heard him.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was at a loss for words when he heard what the Field Dragon Emperor Lord had said. How could he explain this to the Celestial World Supremacy? Even his own father wouldnt dare justify his actions to the Celestial World Supremacy.

"Then Then are we just going to let it be?" The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was extremely indignant, but he was also helpless.

The Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lord and the other two emperor lords were equally unresigned. However, as they looked at Luo Yunyang, they couldnt agree to this either.

The person before them wouldnt agree!

"Luo Yunyang, we already know the reason behind this incident. How about this? You lead your people away and Boulder stays!" The Thousand Bell Emperor Lord, who had stayed silent all this while suddenly took a step forward.

"Thousand Bell Emperor Lord, you are crazy!" the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord bellowed with rage.

The Thousand Bell Emperor Lord, who was the most calm-headed among the four, glared icily at the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord and said, "Do you have a better way?"

Letting Luo Yunyang leave after he had destroyed the Gravity Range Star and killed countless Sky Roar Tribe elites implied that the Sky Roar Tribe had surrendered.

Retaining Boulder would actually just save the last bit of the Sky Roar Tribes dignity.

The Field Dragon Emperor Lord and the Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lords faces flashed with anger and ultimately turned dim. The fact that they had become emperor lords meant that they werent dumb. Given the present circumstances, they were helpless to face Luo Yunyang. Thus, submitting to this humiliation was the most reasonable option.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was livid. He had been toyed with until now. Not only had he suffered great losses, but he also feared that after this matter was over, his position within the Sky Roar Tribe would plummet.

Fighting over a small, insignificant person like Boulder really wasnt worth it.

While the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was filled with indignance, Guilong and the others had ugly looks on their faces.

The man standing by Guilongs side scowled. His body seemed like it was made of rocks, yet there was a slightly sad look in his eyes.

The arrival of the Sky Roar Tribes four great emperor lords had already exceeded their expectations. If this fight dragged on, who knew how many more people would die.

Letting Boulder go to allow the others to return safely was a good option.

Even the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others were slightly tempted.

"Your Highness, Boulder is really grateful that you were willing to break the Gravity Range Star for me. This time, I see"

Boulder stepped out and knelt on the ground as he spoke to Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang smiled slightly as he watched Boulder. "This matter is for me to decide. Who said it was time for you to speak up? Get back in place!"

As he said that, he stared at the four emperor lords and said in a menacing manner, "Did you not hear my conditions clearly? I want the head of the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord. If I am not satisfied, this wont be over!"

Although he had been berated by Luo Yunyang, Boulder and the others knew deep down that Luo Yunyang was protecting Boulder. Although Boulder got up slowly, his eyes were wet with tears.

The Bloody Blade Monarch and the others were even more stirred-up now.

After all, everyone needed to rely on others. Finding a master that could shelter them from harsh conditions was something most people hoped for.

"Ha ha ha! Thousand Bell Emperor Lord, you already heard what he said. He wont let this end. I am not the one who isnt willing to give in!" The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord roared with laughter.

As the expression of the other three emperor lords fluctuated, their anger rose. They had already suffered in silence, yet Luo Yunyang wasnt satisfied with their concessions.

After mulling this over for a moment, the Thousand Bell Emperor Lord said coldly, "Seems like Your Highness Yunyang thinks that the Sky Roar Tribe can be pushed around. In that case, I would like Your Highness to witness the Sky Roar Tribes God-Startling Roar!"

As he said that, a purple-gold helmet appeared in the hands of the Thousand Bell Emperor Lord. On top of this helmet was a creature that seemed to have a birds head and a beasts body. When this helmet appeared, Luo Yunyang sensed a form of oppression being projected from it.

This was an ultimate treasure no weaker than the Heaven-Shattering Divine Spear!

As the Thousand Bell Emperor Lord put on the helmet, the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord, the Field Dragon Emperor Lord and the Thousand Bell Emperor Lord each produced a helmet as well.

Even though they were different in color, these three helmets were otherwise exactly the same. However, the aura emanated by each of them was different.

Heavy, incisive, berserk, tranquil

As the various auras interwove, the Sky Roar Tribe members all around looked at the four helmets with fervent gazes. Someone even yelled passionately, "Its the Four Soul Helmets left by the first ancestor!"

"In the past, Id thought those legends were false. I never imagined that they would actually be true. The Four Soul Sky Breaking Divine Helmets Ha ha ha! They really exist!"

"Lets see how unbridled Luo Yunyang can continue to be now!"

All sorts of shouts and cries came from the Sky Roar members. The oppression Luo Yunyang and his forces had exercised on them had been too great. Now, they could finally heave a sigh of relief.

"My lord, I heard that this set of helmets are ultimate treasures left behind by the first ancestor of the Sky Roar Tribe. If the four Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses used them, the sound wave formed could handle a Universe-Grade powerhouse."

The Divine Ax Monarch approached Luo Yunyang and said solemnly. "My lord, this cant be forcefully resisted!"

Luo Yunyang waved his hand dismissively and said, "Instruct our men to stay close to me. It will be fine!"

Even though Luo Yunyang said so, the Divine Ax Monarch and the others still couldnt help but feel apprehensive. After all, the reputation of this set of helmets had been spreading for a long time.

"Luo Yunyang, how dare you refuse our overture and demand more! Although the Sky Roar Tribe dares not kill you, all these subordinates of yours will be left behind!" With his golden helmet, the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord looked like a holy figure.

Although the Field Dragon Emperor Lord and the other two frowned at the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lords words, they also knew that they had no other choice right now!

Luo Yunyang watched the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord and sneered, "If you have treasures, what makes you think I dont have some too? Im a virtuous person. I had no intention of using treasures to bully you all. However, if you have a death wish, dont blame me for granting it!"

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang visualized this and 3,650 cauldrons rushed forth from his internal realm. In an instant, those cauldrons formed a large array that surrounded Luo Yunyang and his forces.

As these large cauldrons appeared, boundless fire and water energies started to emerge within them. The cauldrons started to move and form a Yin Yang circle of fire and water.

Luo Yunyang stood right in the center of that Yin Yang circle.

The four Emperor Lords sensed the boundless surging power within these cauldrons. Meanwhile, the four helmets they wore started to wail in the face of this majestic power. Their souls had clearly already sensed a threat.

Luo Yunyang had a slightly delighted expression on his face as he sensed that seemingly boundless power. Although this power didnt belong to him, it still made him excited.

"Today, you all shall try my strike first!"

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord and the other three had extremely unsightly looks on their faces. They all knew that it was impossible to even retreat now.

If these two opposing forces of Universe-Grade power collided, this expanse of space might very well disintegrate.

Ultimately, the biggest loser would be the Sky Roar Tribe. However, making them concede to Luo Yunyang right now was also impossible.

Immediately, their eyes filled with determination.

"Young friend, I dont know whether you are willing to show some respect for an old chap like me. Lets end this matter as it is. It also wasnt easy for the Sky Roar Tribe to find a place to dwell," a Sky Roar Tribe elder said calmly as he walked out slowly.

This elder didnt appear very different from an ordinary Sky Roar Tribe member. However, the scales on his body looked somewhat transparent. As he moved, the scales on his entire body fluctuated constantly.

Although this was the first time he was seeing this person, Luo Yunyang could immediately determine that this man was probably the Sky Roar Tribes old Patriarch.

Was he a Universe-Grade entity? Luo Yunyang opened his attribute regulator in his mind and started to observe the old man.

In an instant, red-gold digits appeared in Luo Yunyangs mind. When he saw these digits, Luo Yunyang felt his throat dry up.

The four fundamental attributes of the Sky Roar Tribe Patriarch were all in the thousands. That meant that he surpassed Luo Yunyang in terms of comprehensive strength by far.

No wonder the power of all the fire and water gathered was only akin to one attack from a Universe-Grade powerhouse. The difference between Universe-Grades and Celestial Domain-Grades was just too huge.

"Father, Luo Yunyang ruined the Gravity Range Star and destroyed a quarter of the Sky Roar Tribes strength. We just cant take this lying down!" the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord shouted as he looked at the old man.